When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.


These data sets  are owned by Spectrum Institute.  Portions
may be quoted as long as the Disability and Abuse
Project is acknowledged as the source of the information.
Contact Dr. Nora Baladerian for permission to reproduce
or distribute any of these reports on data or narratives.
(c) 2013 Spectrum Institute

 General Disability Reports

1. People with Disabilities (all types)
2. Families of PWD (all types)
3. Disability Community (pwd & families)

4. Comparison of Disability Communities
(mobility, autism, developmental,
speech, and mental health)


Disability Community Reports
(pwd and families)

5. Autism (1054)
6. Mobility (993)
7. Blind (280)  /   8. Deaf (401)
9. Developmental (1532)
10. Speech (617)  /   11. FASD (122)
12. Mental Health (995)


Victim Communities
(pwd and families)

13. Victims Generally
14. Physical Assault  /  15. Sexual Assault
16. Bullying

Other Comparison Reports
17. Age  /  18. Gender  /  19. Racial-Ethnic
20. Disability versus No Disability

Professional Categories

21. Advocates (1234)
22. Teachers (427)
23. Administrators (1106)
24. Social Workers (446)
25. Protective Services (322)
26. Mental Health (474)
27. Government (580)
28. Direct Support Worker (490)

29. Comparison of Top 5 States


N-1. The word "disability"
N-2. What is your disability?
N-3. Your professional experience with abuse
N-4 Who is the most abused?



N-5. How often did you experience abuse?
N-6. What types of abuse did you experience?
N-7. After you reported abuse, what happened?
N-8. Where did bullying occur?
N-9. Did others observe the bullying?
N-10. Why did you not report abuse?
N-11. Did victim get therapy?
N-12. Was therapy effective?



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