Roundtable Discussion of the Survey:
Analyzing the Findings and
Implementing the Recommendations


By Invitation Only -- RSVP by October 1
or if no email access, to: (310) 473-6768




  Date:     October 11, 2013

  Time:    8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  Place:   The Olympic Collection
               Century Room
               11301 Olympic Blvd.
               Los Angeles, CA 90025


The Roundtable Speakers will focus on the findings and
recommendations of The First Report on the 2012
National Survey on Abuse of People with Disabilities. 
The morning session will provide each of the 9 invited speakers 15 minutes to comment on the implications of the survey findings and how to improve responses to abuse.
Speakers will lend their expertise or experience with a
particular aspect of the problem of abuse and disability.
The afternoon session allows audience members to interact with speakers and offer their own ideas for improvement.

Schedule and Agenda

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