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Curriculum: First Responders to
Child Abuse Victims with Disabilities


This Curriculum, developed under a Children's Justice Act Grant in California, addresses the most important aspects of the First Response to a child abuse call, when the child has a disability. The focus is on cognitive and communication disabilities. The Curriculum is designed to be taught by a Multi-Disciplinary Team (a law enforcement officer, preferably working child abuse detail, a prosecutor, a Child Protective Services professional, and a specialist in disability with experience in child abuse cases). These four teach and model the MDT interaction. The curriculum consist of three parts: The Instructor Manual, the Participant Manual, the power point presentation. This curriculum was written for Californians, but can easily be adapted to any state or territory

To access the Instructors Manual, click here.

To access the Participant Manual, click here.

To access the Power Point Presentation, click here.



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