Disability and Abuse Newsfeed

Week of February 16 to February 22, 2018

Articles Compiled by Jennifer Palmer

Editing and Commentary by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., 

Posting by Thomas F. Coleman


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Laws & Legislation, Studies & Statistics, Improved Supports, International, and sometimes, Miscellaneous.


Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article. 


Emotional/verbal abuse: 7

Financial abuse: 6 (misuse of grant money)

Murder: 22, 59

Neglected: 2, 3, 6, 12

Physical Abuse:   1, 4, 70

Restraint: 8

Seclusion: 55

Sexual Assault: 5, 9, 10, 72

Studies & Statistics: 32, 42, 57

Related to law enforcement: 11, 59

Related to special education: 1, 7, 8, 10


WHO DUN IT (listed by article number):

Family: 3, 4, 12

Carer: 2, 3, 5, 6, 12, 22

Men:  2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 22

Women: 1, 3, 4, 8, 12


WINNER of most egregious award: 15: OK to discriminate against people with disabilities; 25: Woman with MRSA court ordered to solitary confinement for 189 days, referring to it as a “special needs facility,” apparently a common practice in this area; 42: Majority of injuries at group homes are not reported, according to research report.

Good News: 17: No longer OK to pay less than minimum wage to workers with disabilities; 18 Settlement offered in case where police used stun gun to shoot at Deaf 12-year-old boy; 38: people with disabilities benefitted significantly from Affordable Care Act; 43: New Special Education Director uses “Whatever works” as work motto; 76: Sweden banned corporal punishment.


Bad News:  16: Proposal to reduce ADA accessibility requirements; 30: Lack of assessments of depression in those with autism; 32: Study finds average life span of those with autism to be 36 years; 43: Lack of services for those with autism; 57: 97% of sidewalk ramps are inaccessible per ADA requirements in Oregon.


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1.    “Bay Area school bus driver suspected of abusing special needs student.” Police in the San Francisco Bay Area say they arrested a school bus driver after she forcibly removed a special needs student who did not want to get off the bus. --- pressdemocrat.com, February 16 (California) https://is.gd/EaDzEK


2.    “Pueblo caregiver guilty of neglect causing injury; he let disabled cousin wane to 60 pounds.” After more than eight years, a man accused of neglecting and abusing a disabled man he was in the care of was found guilty of one felony count and two misdemeanor counts Thursday following a jury trial. --- chieftain.com, February 16 (Colorado) https://is.gd/IbQ521


3.    “Husband of elderly exploitation suspect arrested.” The husband of an Augusta woman arrested last week on charges connected to a suspected unlicensed personal home was arrested Wednesday. --- chronicle.augusta.com, February 21 (Georgia) https://is.gd/FXg2tQ


4.    “A mom in Indiana turned to a controversial “treatment” for her daughter’s autism — feeding her bleach.” A father in Indianapolis last week accused his wife of feeding their child bleach to help cure her autism – something his wife had read about in a Facebook group. --- denverpost.com, February 14 (Indiana) https://is.gd/tQK7Df


5.    “After Brockton Housing master key recovered, expert calls system ‘a security nightmare’.” The investigation into John E. Beals, Sr., 59, who was arrested on Feb. 7, has led residents at the Brockton Housing Authority’s 16 housing developments to question the practice of maintenance man possessing master keys, allowing them access to the 2,100 units throughout the city, including 1,600 for the elderly and disabled. Beals was arrested last week by Brockton police and was charged with rape and indecent assault and battery on an intellectually disabled person. --- enterprisenews.com, February 17 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/OXetbm


6.    “$8 million grant on hold amid investigation into Michigan autism therapy provider.” An $8 million state grant awarded to a Michigan autism therapy provider is on hold amid an investigation by the state attorney general's office into alleged Medicaid fraud. --- crainsdetroit.com, February 16 (Michigan) https://is.gd/Tx9Jvp


7.    “Parent blames Code Red incident on school bullying.” "The system is failing to protect my son," says Franklin Brooks. --- kolotv.com, February 16 (Nevada) https://is.gd/x25yNp


8.    “Arbitrator finds ‘just cause’ in firing of Concord special education teacher.” An arbitrator found there was “just cause” to dismiss a former Broken Ground special education teacher. --- concordmonitor.com, February 19 (New Hampshire) https://is.gd/7anGWD


9.    “Hamilton man accused of sexually assaulting a disabled person.” Bond was set today at $100,000 for a 69-year-old Hamilton man accused of sexually assaulting an intellectually challenged person. --- journal-news.com, February 16 (Ohio) https://is.gd/9Ydww3


10.“Creswell School District, classroom aide sued over alleged sexual assault of developmentally disabled child.” The court-appointed guardian for an elementary school student with developmental disabilities is suing the Creswell School District and a classroom medical aide who allegedly sexually assaulted the youngster inside a school bathroom. --- registerguard.com, February 16 (Oregon) https://is.gd/Rnr56l


11.“Richland Borough seeks appeal to ruling allowing autistic boy to keep therapy ducks.” Despite a zoning hearing board ruling allowing him to keep his pet ducks, a Richland boy’s family is being taken to court by the borough in an effort to appeal the decision. ----ldnews.com, February 21 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/GQ8AfK


12.“Two charged with abuse and neglect.” Two Readsboro residents were charged Friday with abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult who attends a day program in Wilmington, police said. --- rutlandherald.com, February 18 (Vermont) https://is.gd/3yMAIJ




13.“Bill to update guardianship laws clears Senate panel.” A bill aimed at easing the state's growing burden as guardian of vulnerable elderly and disabled people moved a step closer to clearing the legislature Wednesday. --- bgdailynews.com, February 21 (Kentucky) https://is.gd/fsEOGM


14.“Guardianship reform bill goes to governor.” Legislation to improve New Mexico’s troubled guardianship system through transparency and greater involvement of family members is headed to the desk of Gov. Susana Martinez. --- abqjournal.com, February 15 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/O1GkO5



15.“Activists Say 'Shame' to the 12 Democrats and House GOP for Disabilities Bill.” The bill, passed in the House on Thursday, makes it easier for employers to discriminate. --- alternet.org, February 16 https://is.gd/PKrnB7


16.“Controversy surrounding proposed ADA changes.” Controversy is swirling around a proposed new law that would give businesses written notice and more time to improve access for the disabled. --- whec.com, February 17 https://is.gd/MRpXDy


17.“Alaskans experiencing disabilities to be paid minimum wage.” Alaskan employers will no longer be able to pay less than the minimum wage to employees who experience disabilities, following the repeal of a decades-old regulation. --- ktuu.com February 16 (Alaska) https://is.gd/VX18rg


18.“West Hartford To Offer Settlement in Lawsuit Alleging Excessive Force on Deaf Student.” Town councilors this week voted to settle a 5-year-old federal lawsuit that accused two police officers of using excessive force against a 12-year-old deaf student with disabilities at the American School for the Deaf when they shot the boy in the back with a stun gun. ---- courant.com, February 16 (Connecticut) https://is.gd/yQme5p


19.“When accessible doesn’t equal convenient for wheelchair users.” A sandwich board blocking the sidewalk. Straws and utensils placed at the back of the counter. --- orlandosentinel.com, February 16 (Florida) https://is.gd/ET3Lmc


20.“Pledge at the capitol.”  A unique honor was bestowed upon Amanda Oswald of Onslow Feb. 15. Oswald traveled with her family and other members of the Iowa Special Olympics to the Capitol as part of the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, with the goal of raising awareness to stop the use of the word retarded when referring to people with special needs. --- journal-eureka.com, February 22 (Iowa) https://is.gd/SYGtTI


21.“Students with Asperger’s are Disadvantaged by Title IX, Says Lawyer.” Male students with Asperger's and high-functioning autism are especially disadvantaged by the campus Title IX system, argues one disability rights lawyer. --- pjmedia.com, February 20 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/AbGrfg


22.“Disability Rights Lawsuit Seeks Answers in N.H. Inmate's Death.” Late last year, a 34-year-old man died alone in his cell at the state prison for men in Concord. He was in the prison's residential treatment unit, which houses inmates with a mental illness who are unable to function in the general inmate population. Now the Disability Rights Center New Hampshire has filed a lawsuit in federal court trying to get access to Phillip Borcuk's records and documents related to the investigation into his death. --- nhpr.org, February 21 (New Hampshire) https://is.gd/bG9CwO


23.“Ban on Abortions due to Down Syndrome Challenged in Lawsuit.” The ACLU has filed a constitutional challenge to Ohio's law prohibiting doctors from performing abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. --- usnews.com, February 15 (Ohio) https://is.gd/LYNtdH


24.“Federal judge’s order state to pay $2 million in fees in disability case.” Two state agencies have been ordered to pay more than $2 million in legal fees and costs tied to a landmark 2003 disability case. --- greenvilleonline.com, February 19 (South Carolina) https://is.gd/RXKuTa


25.“A Tennessee law intended to help vulnerable people now keeps them in solitary confinement.” It’s amazing the sorts of everyday abuses you can find in the nooks and crannies of our criminal justice system. --- washingtonpost.com, February 16 (Tennessee) https://is.gd/HpvyPK


26.“Utah Woman with Down Syndrome Hopes Lawsuit Will Lead to a More Independent Life: 'It's My Dream'.” For years, 29-year-old Staci Christensen has wondered what it would be like to go to college, have a boyfriend, drive a car, meet friends at a movie theater or go outside after midnight to look at the stars just because she feels like it. --- people.com, February 21 (Utah) https://is.gd/jenvBI


27.“Legislators drafting special education reform plans.” The House Education Committee is drafting a bill that moves on recommendations from two studies to fundamentally change the way the state funds special education. Funding would shift to a census-based grant from the current reimbursement system, meaning that districts would receive funding based on the total size of the student population, rather than all funding being tied to students identified as needing special education. --- vtdigger.org, February 19 (Vermont) https://is.gd/oPPPED



28.“Fetal Alcohol Disorder May Be Far More Common Than Previously Thought.” Most of us know that when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy, she puts her baby at high risk of developing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Now, a new study shows that the rate at which children are impacted by these life-long disabilities may be higher than previously estimated. --- clevelandclinic.org, February 16 https://is.gd/89Dsiz


29.“U.S. faces shortage of developmental and behavioral pediatrics specialists.”  A shortage of clinicians specializing in pediatric behavioral and developmental disorders is translating into long wait times for new patient appointments amid surging demand, a new study suggests. --- businessinsider.com, February 16 https://is.gd/xPWE5q


30.“Better tools needed to diagnose depression in people with autism.” Autistic adults are not being effectively diagnosed with depression due to a lack of assessment tools, a new study has found. --- medicalxpress.com, February 16 https://is.gd/RH0a4o


31.“FDA Okays First Concussion Blood Test--but Some Experts Are Wary.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week gave its first green light to a company that wants to start selling a blood test to evaluate for mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion. --- scientificamerican.com, February 18 https://is.gd/avqXMJ


32.“I’m autistic. I just turned 36 — the average age when people like me die.” On March 21, 2017, CNN published an article on a new study from the American Journal of Public Health that found the average life span of an autistic person is 36 years. --- vox.com, February 19 https://is.gd/uXqWxH


33.“Autism: Scientists take 'first steps' towards biological test.” Scientists have taken the first steps towards what they say could become a new blood and urine test for autism. Their study tested children with and without the condition and found higher levels of protein damage in those with the disorder. --- bbc.com, February 19 https://is.gd/UwSURQ


34.“UCLA Psychiatrists Discover Link Between Autism and Schizophrenia in New Study.” University of California doctors have successfully pinpointed a specific gene mutation responsible for various psychiatric disorders in a recently published study. Scientists are hopeful this discovery will lead to better diagnosis and treatment of disorders like autism and schizophrenia the near future. --- medicaldailytimes.com, February 19 (California) https://is.gd/gZB4QR


35.“New Report Reveals How Special Ed Professionals Perceive Influence of District Support/Services and Teacher Professional Development in Special Ed Classification.” Findings from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute indicate consistent influence of contributing factors of over- and under-classification --- prnewswire.com, February 21 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/WMdvs6


36.“Autism and Depth of Prenatal Ultrasonographic Penetration: Is There a Link?” Greater mean penetration depth of prenatal ultrasound was associated with increased incidences of autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay, according to findings from a study published in JAMA Pediatrics. --- psychiatryadvisor.com, February 22 https://is.gd/pIia3A


37.“Hormone Therapy May Improve Schizophrenia Outcomes.” Adding the selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) raloxifene (Evista, Lilly) to antipsychotic drug therapy can improve outcomes in men and women with schizophrenia, results of a systematic review and meta-analysis show. --- medscape.com, February 22 https://is.gd/pFmOjN


38.“WSU study finds people with disabilities benefitted from health reform.” People with disabilities benefited significantly from the Affordable Care Act through both expanded access to Medicaid and being able to purchase private insurance, a Washington State University study found. --- spokesman.com, February 22 (Washington) https://is.gd/NqRgHm



39.“'Automating Inequality': Algorithms in Public Services Often Fail the Most Vulnerable.” In the fall of 2008, Omega Young got a letter prompting her to recertify for Medicaid. But she was unable to make the appointment because she was suffering from ovarian cancer. She called her local Indiana office to say she was in the hospital. --- npr.org, February 19 https://is.gd/JLPMZz


40.“A Serious Misunderstanding About Special Education and Discipline Problems.” With the intention to bring awareness to racial inequity, over classification, and meeting quotas, apparently educators made some difficult decisions following the Obama-era rule on racial disparities in special education. --- blogs.edweek.org, February 20 https://is.gd/iXzlrW


41.“Able-bodied people should think before using services for disabled.” The editorial, “Lack of strict guidelines leaves door open for people to take advantage” (Citizen’s News, Feb. 9, 2018), about the lack of strict guidelines concerning the liberties able-bodied people take when our laws do not clearly prevent them from doing so made me think. --- mycitizensnews.com, February 17 https://is.gd/Lfz9mh


42.Majority Of Injuries & Critical Incidents At Group Homes For People With I/DD Not Reported.” A majority of injuries and critical incidents that occurred at group homes for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts were not reported to law enforcement or to state agencies, despite existing state regulations requiring such reports. --- openminds.com, February 18 https://is.gd/2LlrUS


43.“Health Centers Across Arkansas Turn Away Mother and Autistic Son.” There's a saying that "parenting is a full-time job." For one Rogers mother, it's even more than that. She's become desperate to find care for her autistic child. --- nwahomepage.com, February 21 (Arkansas) https://is.gd/85jN7V


44.“Cognoa Hits Major Milestone Towards First AI-Based Autism Diagnostic.” Following FDA determination that Cognoa’s software is a Class II diagnostic medical device, Cognoa has a clear path to fundamentally change the way patients are diagnosed and treated for behavioral health conditions --- globenewswire.com, February 21 (California) https://is.gd/CwJqHC


45.“New special education chief focused on inclusivity, classroom equity.” Jean Robertson’s leadership style is summed up by her email signature: “Wholly committed in the relentless pursuit of whatever works in the life of a child.” --- sfexaminer.com, February 17 (California) https://is.gd/gJ6BTP


46.“Better Call Behnken investigation uncovers unlicensed wheelchair transport van without safety restraints.” A Better Call Behnken investigation uncovered an unlicensed wheelchair transport van operating in Pinellas County. --- wfla.com, February 16 (Florida) https://is.gd/rQuU5U


47.“Florida fails seniors.” Florida may have the nation’s highest percentage of older residents, but a national study has found the state’s not doing a good enough job of taking care of them. --- wftv.com, February 18 (Florida) https://is.gd/x0LP0k


48.“Unicorn Children’s Foundation: Aims to empower special needs children.” The Unicorn Children’s Foundation strives to help individuals and families dealing with neurological challenges such as ADHD, Asperger’s, dyslexia, autism, bipolar and other learning disorders. --- palmbeachpost.com, February 21 (Florida) https://is.gd/deSz8n


49.“As handicapped suffer, tax breaks abound.” My daughter Leslie is 36 years old and profoundly handicapped. She is developmentally four to six months of age or “infantile.” She requires total care and can offer no assistance in any way in her care. --- theadvocate.com, February 16 (Louisiana) https://is.gd/A7KMPE


50.“MassHealth reform links ACOs to community care for people with disabilities, complex health needs.” The woman, an adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as significant mental health issues, was repeatedly in and out of the hospital emergency department. --- telegram.com, February 17 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/iY8wR8


51.“Southern Minn. school district's special education programming under investigation.” A former employee of District 218 in southern Minn. vacated her position at the same time she filed a complaint against the district with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). --- brainerddispatch.com, February 20 (Minnesota) https://is.gd/IT3nIN


52.“Most Northeast Mississippi districts see grad rates above state average.” Mississippi’s four-year high school graduation rate has reached a record high of 83 percent, and almost all Northeast Mississippi school districts followed suit with rates at or above the state average. --- djournal.com, February 18 (Mississippi) https://is.gd/DqlvRD


53.“Growing up with Asperger's Syndrome: One family's story.” A 13-year-old boy has been charged with assault in a knife-wielding incident Thursday at Pine Middle School. His father says his son has Asperger's Syndrome and was reacting to being bullied. Another local family says they know what he's going through. --- kolotv.com, February 16 (Nevada) https://is.gd/FyXXWB


54.“Beatrice State Developmental Center finds jobs for its residents.” The majority of the 109 individuals who live at the Beatrice State Developmental Center have a job to do. --- omaha.com, February 19 (Nebraska) https://is.gd/oBfIkG


55.“Area school with 'time-out spaces' discusses meaning behind rooms.” An area mom says her child was put in a padded room at his school for misbehaving. She says it happened at a school in the northern valley. She called our Whistleblower Hotline, but wouldn't go on camera with us. The school couldn't go into specifics about the case. So that’s why we spoke with a school in the F-M area that also has these rooms. --- valleynewslive.com, February 20 (North Dakota) https://is.gd/MjZ3R0


56.“Programs create partnership to enhance services for kids with special needs, their siblings.” Elsa Pensoneau spent a recent Saturday creating cards, playing games on a playground and meeting new friends who share something in common with the 10-year-old. --- newsok.com, February 18 (Oklahoma) https://is.gd/zG6bUW


57.“97% of sidewalk ramps along Oregon highways violate ADA standards, survey finds.” The vast majority of sidewalk ramps along Oregon highways violate standards outlined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a survey found. --- oregonlive.com, February 16 (Oregon) https://is.gd/hHMPEj


58.“Planet Fitness asking woman with Down syndrome to remove weight belt because it's intimidating.” A Hixson gym has issued an apology after an employee asked a woman with Down syndrome to remove her weight belt, calling her "intimidating." --- wrcbtv.com, February 18 (Tennessee) https://is.gd/ksr9Nh


59.“Mom insists police didn’t need to kill her special-needs son.” As Peggy Sue Castillo was stuck in Loop 410 traffic one night in late January, she was unaware that her son lay dead on the road just a mile ahead of her after a confrontation with San Antonio police. --- expressnews.com, February 16 (Texas) https://is.gd/lZTGKG


60.“James City County and W&M law students aim to demystify special education.” Special education can be daunting, but James City County Social Services is looking to make it easier for parents. --- wydaily.com, February 16 (Virginia) https://is.gd/IVNFIb


61.“Officers hailed as ‘heroes’ after saving handicapped man from house fire.” Four Hopewell police officers are being hailed as ‘heroes,’ after saving a handicapped man from a house fire. --- wric.com, February 17 (Virginia) https://is.gd/NGjZ0Z


62.“Mandy Weirich: PEIA changes unite teachers and all state employees.” The halls of the Capitol were filled with chants from men and women wearing red shirts that said, “I stand with West Virginia Public Employees.” --- wvgazettemail.com, February 16 (West Virginia) https://is.gd/IM4xz1


63.“New support group created for amputees in Paddock Lake.” As an amputee, Bernie Kramer knows how hard it is to find answers to questions about living without a limb. --- kenoshanews.com, February 15 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/o7t6GC


64.“Feds Investigating Huntsville City Schools.” Many parents have complained to WAAY 31 about having to fight the Huntsville school district to get proper educations for their special needs students. It’s the focus of a months-long WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation. --- waaytv.com, February 16 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/wJF0pk


65.“Bank pushes for revamp of handicap symbol in Madison.” At the urging of a relatively recent entrant to Madison’s banking market, the city is gauging whether there’s any interest in changing the 50-year-old logo used to identify parking spaces, building entrances, bathrooms or other public spaces as accessible to those in wheelchairs and those with other mobility limitations. --- madison.com, February 21 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/KE4BLw



66.“Elder abuse victims to be supported under NSW trial.” Thousands of people suffering elder abuse in New South Wales will be supported under a “groundbreaking” new trial. --- thenewdaily.com.au, February 19 (Australia) https://is.gd/DtqtCr


67.“Campaign against use of the word 'retard' targets social media.” The WA Government has helped launch a social media campaign aimed at getting people to stop using the word "retard" to demean people with disabilities. Disabilities Minister Stephen Dawson said the word appeared on social media every five seconds and was used casually and unthinkingly by people every day. --- abc.net.au, February 21 (Australia) https://is.gd/zi6DtA


68.“Perth: Men’s Shed mentoring program gives 18 intellectually disabled men important skills.” A men’s Shed mentoring program has given 18 young unemployed men living with intellectual disabilities the skills needed to enjoy a successful working life. --- communitynews.com.au, February 22 (Australia) https://is.gd/4xk4hG


69.“Glaze report signals chilling future of disability rights.” The Glaze report has received considerable criticism in recent days. As I consider its damaging implications and the Liberal government’s response to the report and its detractors, my experience as a blind university educator and activist has alerted me to a significant problem that has yet to be discussed. --- thechronicleherald.ca, February 16 (Canada) https://is.gd/zuaSXz


70.“People with disabilities stuck in Nova Scotia hospital for years: Report.” A rare look at the documented efforts of people with disabilities to leave a psychiatric hospital emerged Tuesday in Nova Scotia, with stories of beatings and deepening frustration as the years of awaiting release drifted by. --- globalnews.ca, February 20 (Canada) https://is.gd/v5VEC2


71.“Differently-Abled Children from Kolkata, Dhaka Army Schools Bridge Divide.” Three boys and two girls from Proyash School, Dhaka were in Kolkata for three days to interact with children with special from Asha School. "A bilateral exchange programme", it was officially called. --- ndtv.com, February 18 (India) https://is.gd/7vbzKD


72.“Mentally-challenged tribal woman gangraped in West Bengal.” An 18-year-old intellectually disabled tribal woman was allegedly gang-raped in South Dinajpur's Kushmandi. --- newindianexpress.com, February 20 (India) https://is.gd/Nzm63U


73.“Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities reviews the report of Nepal.” The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities today concluded its consideration of the initial report of Nepal on its implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. --- reliefweb.int, February 20 (Nepal) https://is.gd/0oJtq4


74.“Nasarawa Assembly passes Disability Rights Commission bill into law.” The Nasarawa State House of Assembly has passed into law the bill for the establishment of the state’s Disability Right Commission. The bill when signed into law by the state governor, Umaru Al-Makura, will protect the rights of disabled persons in the state. --- premiumtimesng.com, February 19 (Nigeria) https://is.gd/ivQs7R


75.“Autistic teen finds a path to independent adulthood through music.” Fifteen years ago, Nikki Furey was told her four-year-old son Liam would never grow up to be an independent adult because of his autism. --- stuff.co.nz, February 16 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/QDLxE5


76.“Sweden just banned corporal punishment. Should America be next?” In 1979, Sweden became the first country in the world to ban corporal punishment of kids. Now, senior officials in the country say the law isn’t strict enough — and they want to change that. --- finance.yahoo.com, February 16 (Sweden) https://is.gd/D8rMZM


77.“Child models with Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy join River Island’s new campaign.” Six children with disabilities have become the stars of River Island’s new children’s range in a campaign that celebrates diversity. --- inews.co.uk, February 19 (UK) https://is.gd/tRgsbA



78.“Documentary 'Dina' Follows the Life of an Engaged Autistic Couple.” Scott Levin proposed to Dina Buno at Red Robin, a place he calls “one of the most romantic places to get hitched.” Levin had ordered a Winnie the Pooh cake a week earlier in preparation for the big question. --- themighty.com, February 20 https://is.gd/HxKVA1


79.“Hockey teams raise money to send veteran, his daughter with special needs to Disney World.” A central Indiana veteran with a special needs child is getting the thrill of a lifetime, and it’s all thanks to some youth hockey teams., February 18 (Indiana) https://is.gd/4l3O9f


80.“Student with Down syndrome spells her way to S-U-C-C-E-S-S.” A second-grade student with Down syndrome will test her spelling skills in a regional spelling bee. --- wbaltv.com, February 16 (Kentucky) https://is.gd/W5QLtS


81.“A triumph of love over disability.” Charlie and Georgeanna Capito have always been a couple on the go, bucketing around town in a Toyota Corolla as they lived, worked and raised a family. --- bgdailynews.com, February 18 (Kentucky) https://is.gd/QYB3gx


82.“IMAGINING A FULLER SPECTRUM OF AUTISM ON TV.” Someday, TV will give us autistic characters who aren't all awkward savants. In the meantime, we'll keep claiming characters for our own. --- psmag.com, February 22 https://is.gd/IHoVb0