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Week of October 20 to October 27, 2017

Articles Compiled by Jennifer Palmer

Editing and Commentary by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., 

Posting by Thomas F. Coleman


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Laws & Legislation, Statistics and Studies, Improved Supports, International, and sometimes, Miscellaneous.


Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  


Sexual Assault: 1, 13, 78

Physical Abuse: 2, 5, 12, 64, 75               

Kept enclosed: 5

Financial abuse: 10

Emotional/Verbal Abuse: 7, 11       


Social Media Abuse (new category: 11

Neglect: 6, 8                  

Neglected to death: 8

Murder: 3, 9                  

Related to Special Education: 22

Guardianship:  23

Access/ ADA: 15, 81


WINNER of most egregious award: #5: Child kept in specially constructed enclosed desk so she could not get out. Principal said “the teacher’s heart was in the right place.” Would be interesting to see if the teacher and principal were both forced to sit in enclosed desk areas without ability to get out.  And equal winner #34: Secretary of Education rescinds essential guidance documents that help parents and others understand the special education rights and processes.


WHO DUN IT (listed by article number):

Family: 9    

Carer: 6, 10, 13  

Stranger: 3

Co-resident: 1     

Hospital: 6

Special Education: 2, 5, 11, 12, 22, 64, 75, 78

Men: 2, 5, 10, 78           

Women: 1, 9, 13

Good News: 
24: Increased criminal background check for group home employees

31: Increased training on autism for family court attorneys/judges

32: Special education classes will have cameras in one school district in Texas

66: Right to Dignity and Respect for people with disabilities

68: Pope says “no” to eugenics efforts regarding pregnancies and disability


Bad News: 
34: Secretary of Education rescinds essential guidance documents that help parents and others understand the special education rights and processes.

35: Children with disability at high risk of abuse

36: People with disabilities get less access to and worse quality health care

45: Autistics have higher risk of suicide

59: Not enough qualified teachers of special education

80: Charity group allows sexuality between staff and those cared for


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    1.          “Patient's alleged rape at mental health facility sparks investigation.” An investigation is underway after a patient at an Orange County mental health facility was allegedly raped. ---wftv.com, October 23 (Florida) https://is.gd/P0Ewcx


    2.          “Teacher Charged with Abusing Special Needs Student.” An Escambia County special education teacher has been charged with cruelty toward a child after after allegedly flipping over a desk over while a special needs child was sitting in it. According to the arrest report, 56-year-old Donna Dixon of Cantonment is a teacher at Escambia Westgate School. She was placed on suspension a day after the alleged incident. ---northescambia.com, October 25 (Florida) https://is.gd/d3Q8KX


    3.          “‘We Have Someone Terrorizing the Neighborhood.’ Autistic Man’s Death Could Be Linked to Other Killings.” Police believe the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old autistic man who took the wrong bus home from work on Thursday night is linked to two other suspicious deaths in a Florida neighborhood. --- time.com, October 20 (Florida) https://is.gd/tcbOWB


    4.          MORE OF #3 “Here's Why Police Believe This Autistic Man Is the Third Victim of A Possible Serial Killer.” Police are heavily investigating Anthony Naiboa’s death and fear he’s the third-known victim of a possible serial killer. ---bet.com, October 23 (Florida) https://is.gd/tMWCba


    5.          “La Porte school forced girl with autism to sit at confined desk, parents claim.” The parents of a child with autism say their second grader was forced to sit at a desk designed to confine her without their knowledge. They said they were tipped-off by changes in their daughter's behavior. --- abc7chicago.com, October 23 (Indiana) https://is.gd/B7uVqL


    6.          “Quadriplegic spent hours in a dirty diaper after his Medicaid services were cut.” Throughout last summer, 25-year-old quadriplegic Louis Facenda Jr. spent as much as half of each day in a dirty diaper after his caregiver services provided through Iowa's Medicaid program were dramatically cut. ---desmoinesregister.com, October 19 (Iowa) https://is.gd/ZH8HI1


    7.          “7-year-old girl's head shaved in Massachusetts group home.” A mother is demanding answers after her daughter's head was shaved. ---masslive.com, October 20 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/WX1bnO


    8.          “Neglect cited at Peabody group home.” A state investigation found that staff and administrators at a group home for developmentally disabled adults in Peabody failed to provide proper supervision and care to a 29-year-old Rockport man, who nearly died as a result. ---salemnews.com, October 24 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/SCld6m


    9.          “Conviction in 1991 cold case involving beating death of double amputee.” A jury delivers a first degree murder conviction in a 1991 cold case, that claimed the life of a Midland County woman. Attorney General Bill Schuette is praising the dedication of local law enforcement for bringing the case to justice. ---abc12.com, October 24 (Michigan) https://is.gd/XvFaRE


10.          “Group home worker sentenced for food stamp theft.” A group home worker who stole food stamps from disabled residents was ordered to pay $2,603 in restitution and serve three years of probation. ---timesunion.com, October 26 (New York) https://is.gd/rkmy2q


11.          “Wake County mom upset after a picture of her autistic son using the school bathroom circulates online.” The mother of a Rolesville High School student with autism is furious after she said another student took a picture of her son - in the bathroom - and shared it on social media. --- abc11.com, October 26 (North Carolina) https://is.gd/PkV58V


12.          “Mom of autistic student sues school district for 'abuse'.” The mother of an autistic Sedro-Woolley boy is suing her school district over the way her son was transported to school. School district video shows the young boy in a panic as he is driven to school. ---king5.com, October 25 (Washington) https://is.gd/jgJskp


13.          “Sex assault at group home.” An employee is accused of sexually assaulting a client of a live-in facility for people with disabilities in Columbia County. 29-year-old Joel Nesler of Reedsburg was arrested Tuesday after the assault was reported the day before at the facility in the Town of Pacific. --- wsau.com, October 19 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/39DT7y




14.          “Will ESSA Reduce States' Accountability in Special Education?” As unpopular as No Child Left Behind was by the time it was ushered off the stage in 2015, advocates for students with disabilities could always point to one aspect of the law that they liked: by requiring that test scores of different student groups be reported separately, the law exposed the low academic performance of students in special education and required schools to do something about it. ---edweek.org, October 24 https://is.gd/fdBAUB


15.          “Disability Rights Advocates Aren't Happy With Kyrsten Sinema For Cosponsoring This Bill.” Phil Pangrazio spends a lot of time thinking about accessibility. As the president and co-founder of Ability 360, a group that advocates for independence for people with disabilities, Pangrazio has considered whether or not the ticket stations on the light rail platforms can be accessed by a blind person.--- phoenixnewtimes.com, October 20 (Arizona) https://is.gd/qiWjYn


16.          “Aldermen Call For Claypool’s Ouster, Accuse CPS Of Stiffing Special Needs Kids.” Calls for Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool to resign or be fired are growing louder, with some coming from city aldermen. ---chicago.cbslocal.com, October 24 (Illinois) https://is.gd/19kzus


   17.          “Iowa rule limits use of restraints for juveniles in court.” The Iowa Supreme Court has adopted new rules to prohibit the use of handcuffs, chains and other restraints for juveniles appearing in court unless a judge approves in advance. ----kwqc.com, October 26 (Iowa) https://is.gd/Su8X7P


18.          “Delgado faces discrimination lawsuit from struggling deaf students.” Delgado Community College is facing accusations of discrimination this week after two of its deaf students claimed in a lawsuit the college is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. ---nola.com, October 26 (Louisiana) https://is.gd/GC1dyG


19.          “Disabilities Group Considers Asking That Handicapped Parking Fines Be Redirected.” Questions have arisen regarding the allocation of fees generated by citations written for people who parked illegally in parking spaces designated for handicapped drivers. The Bourne Commission on Disabilities would like to see the town follow provisions in state law that allow for those funds to be allocated to their group. ---capenews.net, October 19 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/Xz4joU


20.          “Bill targets drivers who abuse handicapped parking placards.” Drivers who abuse access to handicapped parking spots could face steep fines under a bill approved by the Massachusetts House. ---seattletimes.com, October 24 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/U0cVVR


21.          “Injunction sought to screen Flint kids for special education.”  The American Civil Liberties Union is asking a judge to order tests of all Flint children who were exposed to lead to determine if they need special education services. ---wilx.com, October 19 (Michigan) https://is.gd/xwDVE8


22.          “Montana student with disabilities was moved to basement, denied education, lawsuit claims.” A teenage boy with disabilities in a rural Montana school district was segregated from other students, moved to a church basement and told to do things like watch DVDs or sort nuts and bolts instead of receiving adequate educational services, according to a lawsuit filed by Disability Rights Montana. --- helenair.com, October 24 (Montana) https://is.gd/yF91dM


23.          “With U.S. Elder Abuse in Spotlight, a Look at Guardians.” Are unsuspecting seniors around the United States being scooped up without warning from their homes, placed in nursing homes and having their possessions taken away? ---money.usnews.com, October 20 (Nevada) https://is.gd/i7H85j


24.          “Lawmaker promises group home background check crackdown.” New Jersey's top Democratic state lawmaker plans to introduce a measure to crack down on enforcing criminal background checks of workers at group homes. ---expressnews.com, October 22 (New Jersey) https://is.gd/He83Mi


25.          Parents of anorexic woman can force-feed her, judge rules.” The parents of an adult anorexic woman are now allowed to force-feed her in an attempt to save her life, a New Jersey judge ruled, according to a report. --- nypost.com, October 26 (New Jersey) https://is.gd/YG5tWT


26.          “Navajo Leader Supported Death Penalty in Case.” The Navajo Nation president Russell Begaye says he told prosecutors that the tribe would have supported the death penalty for the killer of an 11-year-old girl. ---usnews.com, October 20 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/NgmBj4


27.          Attorney exploits the blind to sue businesses: suit.” A Manhattan lawyer is shamelessly using a blind rapper and other handicapped clients to rake in “millions of dollars” for himself — while leaving them with a pittance, court papers charge. --- nypost.com, October 22 (New York) https://is.gd/X1rwov


28.          “Police train to recognize, respond to people with autism.” This fall, law enforcement officials in central Ohio are learning how to recognize and better respond to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ---nbc4i.com, October 24 (Ohio) https://is.gd/SQgPEY


29.          “Down syndrome abortion ban clears Ohio House committee.” A proposal to ban abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome has cleared an Ohio legislative panel over the objections of abortion-rights groups. ---fox8.com, October 25 (Ohio) https://is.gd/m8CGnF


30.          Proposal to ban abortions based on Down syndrome diagnosis moves forward.” A proposal to ban abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome has cleared an Ohio legislative panel over the objections of abortion-rights groups. ---ohio.com, October 25 (Ohio) https://is.gd/4E3Pn2


31.          “Town Hall Educates Judges, Lawyers On Autism For Family Court Cases.” Local judges and lawyers are learning about the needs and challenges of children with autism in family court. Montgomery County Judge Kelly Wall says over the last several years they’ve seen increased incident numbers of children on the spectrum coming into court on custody related cases. She wants to bridge the communication gap between judges and lawyers so that the judge can have a better understanding of what the child needs. ---http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com, October 25 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/mZpVyF


32.          “Policy stands between special education parents, class videos.” Parents whose students were part of the Killeen Independent School District’s special education program marked it as a victory when the district installed and activated cameras in four special education classrooms during the 2016-2017 school year. --- kdhnews.com, October 23 (Texas) https://is.gd/Z69HpQ


33.          “Ed. Dept. Sweeps Away Old Special Education Guidance and Regulations.” One of the Trump administration's first executive orders was directing federal agencies to search for—and eliminate, if possible— regulations considered to be burdensome to the American public. ---edweek.org, October 20 (Washington DC) https://is.gd/hf04W1


   34.          “Betsy DeVos Just Rescinded 70+ Guidelines That Protect the Rights of Students with Disabilities.” Now, this doesn’t change the reality of students’ rights under the law. As the Department of Education’s own website says, “Guidance documents represent the Department of Education’s (ED) current thinking on a topic. They do not create or confer any rights for or on any person and do not impose any requirements beyond those required under applicable law and regulations.” ---themarysue.com, October 22 (Washington DC) https://is.gd/qppyPA




35.          “Special Needs, Higher Abuse Risks.” Child maltreatment is a challenging issue to address in the office or hospital setting, and children with special health care needs and disabilities can be at higher risk for maltreatment. ---aappublications.org, October 26 https://is.gd/31g0aN


36.          “Disabilities tied to worse access to care, poorer health.” People may have less access to care and worse health outcomes than individuals without physical or mental challenges, two recent studies suggest. ---reuters.com, October 26 https://is.gd/zvS5c1


37.          A Massive Health Study on Booze, Brought to You By Big Alcohol.” A LITTLE BIT of booze, the conventional wisdom goes, can be good for you. But the evidence for that claim—beyond anecdotal accounts that a nip of whiskey can nip a cold in the bud—is surprisingly thin. Alcohol studies usually look backwards, comparing participants’ historical drinking habits with their health problems. ---wired.com, October 26 https://is.gd/bRkzW0


38.          “Association of antidepressants with incident type 2 diabetes among Medicaid-insured youths.” A retrospective cohort study focused on the relationship between antidepressant use in minors and risk for type 2 diabetes—a pattern already detected among adults. ---pharmacist.com, October 20 https://is.gd/qiWjYn


39.          “After skyrocketing, opioid abuse plateaus but remains too high, national U.S. analysis shows.” More than 13 percent of Americans 12 and older -- nearly 1 in 7 -- have abused prescription opioids at some point in their lives, researchers determined after analyzing the latest data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an annual survey sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. ---sciencedaily.com, October 22 https://is.gd/WEaXbL


40.          “People with Autism Represent 'Untapped Reservoir of Talent'.” Today, more people are being diagnosed with autism (1 in 68 children in the U.S. as of 2014). But as they complete college and enter adulthood, many of these individuals struggle to find work. ---shrm.org, October 25 https://is.gd/1khjs5


41.          Why Does Autism Impact Boys More Often Than Girls?” Exposures to inorganic mercury in the processed food supply might be a reason --scientificamerican.com, October 23 https://is.gd/lLhnqM


42.          Nearly a third of US white-collar workers have a disability, a new study finds.” Companies that participate in tracking programs on disabilities have reported that, on average, 3.2% of their employees self-identify as having a disability. ---work.qz.com, October 24 https://is.gd/4Oov96


43.          “People with Down syndrome get fewer cancers, but CU researchers need more funding to understand why.” Congressional hearing will address money for studying Down syndrome---denverpost.com, October 25 (Colorado) https://is.gd/0ukPt6


44.          Eliminating seclusion at mental health units 'dangerous' unless nurses better resourced: report.” Mental health nurses have described fearing for their safety and working on wards ill-equipped to safely manage violent psychiatric and drug-affected patients without secluding or restraining them. ---smh.com.au, October 25 (Australia) https://is.gd/jN7ysA


45.          “New autism study a "shocking wake-up call" for society, say academics.” People who show characteristics of autism are more at risk of attempting suicide, according to a Coventry University study whose results are being presented to a United States federal advisory committee tomorrow. ---medicalxpress.com, October 23 (UK) https://is.gd/0JxtnZ




46.          “Why Microsoft, Chase and Others Are Hiring More People With Autism.” Chargeback loves obsessive employees. The Utah-based company investigates and documents credit card disputes -- every time someone claims a card was used without their permission -- and so its analysts must be persistent and nitpicky, with a sharp eye for detail that not everyone has. ---entrepreneur.com, October 24 https://is.gd/mVqYpl


47.          Focus-group meeting identifies needs of people with disabilities.” TRANSPORTATION and assistive technology for people with disabilities are among the needs identified in a focus-group meeting at the multi-purpose center on Tuesday. ---mvariety.com, October 25 (California) https://is.gd/g4dN2b


48.          “Hollywood is talking about inclusion more than ever, but not for disabled actors.” Stories about people with disabilities are flooding the big screen this year, but nearly none feature actual disabled talent.  ---usatoday.com, October 22 (California) https://is.gd/osjXTU


49.          “Florida Aquarium hosts Halloween for children with sensory disabilities.” he Florida Aquarium is once again holding its Sensory Guppyween for children with sensory disabilities ahead of opening for Guppyween for children of all ages. ---fox13news.com, October 20 (Florida) https://is.gd/lc0WoJ


50.          “Commentary: Private school saved my autistic son's life.” I try not to judge people when I’ve never walked in their shoes. But that’s what the Sentinel did in its articles on school-choice scholarships and the schools where families use them (“Schools Without Rules,” OrlandoSentinel.com). ---orlandosentinel.com, October 23 (Florida) https://is.gd/Ck150Q


51.          “Making the Grade: Program helps special needs seniors graduate.” Five years ago, special education teachers in Cherokee County made a discouraging discovery: When it came to graduation, special needs students were lagging well behind their peers. ---ajc.com, October 24 (Georgia) https://is.gd/90g4cT


52.          “Naperville teacher encourages curiosity, respect about disabilities.” Chris Cook, a fourth-grade teacher at May Watts Elementary in Indian Prairie Unit District 204 who has cerebral palsy, speaks about his experiences and challenges with his disability during a Disability Awareness Month assembly at the Naperville school. ---dailyherald.com, October 25 (Illinois) https://is.gd/genKMg


53.          “Columbus hot dog business helping those with special needs find work.” After an unexpected medical emergency nearly lost him his daughter, Randy Lapidus has opened a hot dog restaurant to help her, and others who struggle to find an enjoyable job, work. --- fox59.com, October 21 (Indiana) https://is.gd/50qxyg


54.          “Rosario: UI autistic therapy startup promotes harmful treatment.” Abal Therapeutics will provide ABA therapy, a controversial treatment among autistic advocates. ---daily-iowan.com, October 20 (Iowa) https://is.gd/AiTg53


55.          “Church refocuses ministry on autistic children, families.” Aaron Keller’s family didn’t used to go out much in public. --- wcfcourier.com, October 22 (Iowa) https://is.gd/NxUlFy


56.          “Workers with disabilities are an untapped force for Iowa employers.” n 1941, Goodwill founder the Rev. Edgar Helms said, “Be dissatisfied in your work until every person in your community has an opportunity to develop to their fullest usefulness and enjoy a maximum of abundant living.” ---desmoinesregister.com, October 20 (Iowa) https://is.gd/6eIfni


57.          “Parents, teachers highlight flaws in Frederick County’s special education program.” After paying nearly $30,000 trying to get services for her children, Michelle Myers decided to take them out of Frederick County Public Schools. fredericknewspost.com, October 21 (Maryland) https://is.gd/pwPJXT


58.          “The history of Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis and the contributions of former students.” The Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) in St. Louis has been serving deaf children throughout the country for more than one hundred years. ---stlpublicradio.org, October 26 (Missouri) https://is.gd/mpKWuU


59.          “Special education teachers spread thin in the St. Louis region.” There’s a limited pool of people certified to teach special education in the St. Louis metro area, putting districts from St. Charles County to the Metro East in intense competition for qualified candidates. ---stlpublicradio.org. October 20 (Missouri) https://is.gd/txAWNT


60.          “Special Ed Kids Deserve a First-Class Education. Top Charter Networks Must Give It to Them.” Charter management organizations have revolutionized education in New York City. Will they do the same for special education? ---the74million.org, October 23 (New York) https://is.gd/5RNvL6


61.          “Springfield exhibit displays work of artists with disabilities.” Their art looks good enough to go on a menu and it’s being served by the Springfield Museum of Art. ---springfieldnewssun.com, October 23 (Ohio) https://is.gd/gmQ180


62.          “Legally blind man says Uber driver refused to allow service dog in car.” A legally blind Austin man said he was denied service from an Uber driver because he had a service dog with him. ---fox7austin.com, October 24 (Texas) https://is.gd/ZLgkpK


63.          “IBM giving its parents $50,000 per child for disability services.” Today, IBM let its employees know it’s expanding the benefits to its working parents. In a blog, it announced the plan Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Parenting.  --- parenting.blog.austin360.com, October 25 (Texas) https://is.gd/97So17




64.          “Townsville kindergarten closed over mouldy mattresses, smacking of special needs child.” Authorities have temporarily shut down a north Queensland kindergarten following a string of breaches including mouldy mattresses, dangerous play areas and a failure to properly report the smacking of a special needs child. ---abc.net.au, October 23 (Australia) https://is.gd/5xrmE9


65.           “Promise of universal public education unfulfilled for students with special needs.” Today, public schools enroll students who 75 years ago rarely attended school. Children who were deaf, blind, or who had developmental disabilities did not typically attend public schools. If they were educated, their education took place at home, in specialized schools or in institutions. ---vancouversun.com, October 19 (Canada) https://is.gd/h0XNFA


66.          “Adult Capacity Act: this law applies to all.” Our heads swirl daily from the symphony of people claiming their right to be treated with dignity and respect, claiming their right to equality regardless of age, disability, place of origin and so on. --- thechronicleherald.ca, October 23 (Canada) https://is.gd/xVK6mR


67.          “Vatican conference explores ways to welcome people with disabilities in parish life.” Martin Benton is in his late 60s. He’s a husband, father of two and a proud grandfather of one. He’s a lawyer, and his wife describes him as a “fun, intelligent individual.” ---cruxnow.com, October 20 (Italy) https://is.gd/vywvuH


68.          “Pope decries ‘eugenic tendency’ to eradicate people with disabilities.” Pope Francis on Saturday condemned what he called a “eugenic tendency” to prevent babies found by prenatal tests to have imperfections from being born, saying it’s part of a strong prejudice against people with disabilities. ---cruxnow.com, October 21 (Italy) https://is.gd/DwTTi3


69.          “‘I was told I would never go to college. Now, I’m a graduate’.” Trinity Centre for people with intellectual disabilities among winners of funding ---When Margaret Turley went to a special school for children with intellectual disabilities, all she recalls is being told what she couldn’t do. ----irishtimes.com, October 24 (Ireland) https://is.gd/zmOa6q


70.          “Seoul opens first public medical center for children with developmental disorders.” South Korea’s first and only hospital dedicated for children with developmental disorders will hold its official opening Friday, amid hopes for better care of some 20,000 young affected patients across the nation. ---koreaherald.com, October 26 (Korea) https://is.gd/WA1Y04


71.          “A lifeline for special school leavers.” WHO knows what goes on behind those beautiful minds? Nobody, not teachers, not parents, and there lies an untapped potential source of talent among young special people who have left school but are not suitable for formal employment due to their various disabilities--- thestar.com.my, October 26 (Malaysia) https://is.gd/97eZdd


72.          “Flashing smoke alarm wakes deaf woman, saves life.” Mihiarangi Marsters is living proof smoke alarms save lives. The 71-year-old great-great-grandmother escaped as flames engulfed the kitchen of her Tikipunga home. Deaf since the age of 7, it was the special flashing smoke alarm that woke her and allowed her to grab her 4-year-old great- granddaughter and flee before it was too late. ---nzherald.co.nz, October 23 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/VOF3Yh


73.          “Gov’t needs to address underlying issues to fix education system.” School principals say the new government won't fix the education system without addressing underlying issues. ---newstalkzb.co.nz, October 25 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/oGBs35


74.          “Minister steps in to review deportation of intellectually disabled man.” An intellectually disabled man has been granted a temporary stay in the country just hours before he was due to be deported. ---stuff.co.nz, October 26 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/1YUXHH


75.           “School apology after child restraint probe.” The family contacted a watchdog to complain that the council had failed to comply with its policy on restraint and physical intervention, without good reason. ---pressandjournal.co.uk, October 20 (Scotland) https://is.gd/utSy3h


76.          “Should people with severe mental disabilities be able to vote?” People with disabilities and placed under full guardianship are the only Swiss citizens who do not have the right to vote. This violates the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which Switzerland ratified in 2014. Experts are now committed to overturning this inequality. ---swissinfo.ch, October 25 (Switzerland) https://is.gd/MPE28W


77.          “Pro-life group ‘delighted’ UN committee opposes abortion based on disabilities.” The support group Every Life Counts has warmly welcomed the submission of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which says that allowing abortion on disability grounds violates the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. ---lifesitenews.com, October 26 (Switzerland) https://is.gd/T2ssYr


78.          “Mum-of-two teaching assistant, 41, kissed special needs pupil, 17, and accepted Haribo ring in mock proposal.” Mum-of-two Susan Ayres once texted the 17-year-old boy: "You're sexy, you taste delicious." ---thesun.co.uk, October 22 (UK) https://is.gd/2GNpDN


79.          “How coping mechanisms allow autistic people to manage their condition.” In a recent documentary, naturalist and wildlife presenter, Chris Packham, talked about having Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. It was a rare snapshot into the life of an adult with Asperger’s – and especially so as Packham only realised this in his 40s. ---theconversation.com, October 20 (UK) https://is.gd/sToT3o


80.          “LGBT charity criticised over staff guidelines allowing sex with clients.” A leading Yorkshire LGBT charity working with child abuse victims and vulnerable young adults has been criticised for allowing staff to embark on sexual relationships with clients. ---theguardian.com, October 22 (UK) https://is.gd/0FqO9M


81.          “Mum ‘kicked off packed Arriva bus because her autistic son, five, was annoying the driver by singing The Wheels on The Bus’.” Amanda Little was riding the Arriva bus into Colchester, Essex, on Saturday when the driver apparently slammed on his brakes and demanded they get off. ---thesun.co.uk, October 24 (UK) https://is.gd/ZzFiXB


82.          “Missing vulnerable people: Surrey Police launches initiative for risk reduction.” Surrey Police has announced the introduction of an initiative to help find vulnerable people, such as dementia sufferers, if they go missing. ---surreycomet.co.uk, October 25 (UK) https://is.gd/sACBBr




83.          “Actors play men with disabilities and get awards. Women never even get the chance.” “My Left Foot.” “Born on the Fourth of July.” “The Theory of Everything.” They all grabbed Oscar wins or nominations for the (able-bodied) actors who portrayed men with visible physical disabilities. In fact, disability is one of the easiest ways for men to get on awards lists, right up there with losing or gaining a lot of weight, portraying a character with mental illness or playing a gay man when you’re straight. ---washingtonpost.com, October 20 https://is.gd/gqfube


84.          “Dear Dr Jennifer: Is contraception appropriate for my intellectually disabled child?” Dear Doctor, My daughter has an intellectual disability and has never been held back by this. She's pretty independent and we are considering her living outside the home. ---independent.ie, October 25 https://is.gd/jY7K7c


85.          “Double amputee who trains for triathlons and mentors others with disabilities receives Utah’s Ace Award.” Vernal’s Sidney Smith lost his legs but not his spirit and is recognized for his contribution to people with disabilities. ---sltrib.com, October 26 (Utah) https://is.gd/SIs8MQ