Disability and Abuse Newsfeed

Week of September 1 to September 7, 2017


Articles Compiled by Jennifer Palmer

Editing and Commentary by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., 

Posting by Thomas F. Coleman


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Accident, Laws & Legislation, Improved Supports, International, and Miscellaneous.

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article. 


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Accident, Laws & Legislation, Improved Supports, International, and Miscellaneous.

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  

Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Accident, Laws & Legislation, Improved Supports, International, and Miscellaneous.

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  

Sexual Assault: 6, 9, 68, 73

Physical Abuse: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 57, 77

Missing: 63

Discrimination: 82

Attempted Murder: 10

Financial abuse: 8

Guardianship:  17, 18, 19

Related to Special Education: 12, 14, 15, 16, 24, 25, 30 39 (15 & 16 re. restraint and seclusion)

Who dun it?  

School: 7, 9       

Caregiver: 2, 3, 5, 10, 73     

Acquaintance: 6, 8

Men: 8, 10, 73    Women: 1, 7, 8, 9 


Good News: 
21 (Wrongly convicted men with ID released after 30 years, conviction overturned)

24 (Increased funding for special education)

31 (Good workplace for workers with I/DD)

38 (Maui helps Hurricane Harvey survivors with disabilities)

39 (Fully accessible preschool opens for Hard of Hearing & Deaf students)

43, 44 (Improvements to serve people with I/DD

47 (no more “face-down on the floor” restraints

55 (Improved diagnostic efforts for females with autism)

80 (Improved response to reports of abuse of people with disabilities)

Bad News: 
4 (Mixing violent and non-violent residential care residents authorized by secret legal move)

11 (Residence for adult with I/DD to be de-authorized due to new restriction of number of residents allowed per house (only four per house).

13 (Many dead, inquiry as to reason)

20 (No services for children with disabilities

23 (Possible loss of services for people with disabilities)

34 (Effect of medications on people with disabilities notes negative reactions; prior not tested on people with disabilities but regularly prescribed.)

37 (Fee to be imposed on drivers with disabilities using accessible parking)

60 (Victim with disabilities shackled when testifying in court)

76 (About 1,000 abuse reports backlogged awaiting response/investigation)


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1.     “State investigates Pelham woman who allegedly abused elderly woman, threatened with deadly weapon.” Police arrested a 54-year-old Pelham woman, accusing her of threatening and assaulting an elderly woman. ---eagletribune.com, August 31 (Alabama) https://is.gd/q7pLX7


2.     “6 more arrested in abuse probe at psychiatric hospital.” Six more staff members at a maximum-security psychiatric hospital have been arrested in connection with the repeated abuse of a patient, making it a total of nine workers charged with cruelty to persons and disorderly conduct, Connecticut State Police said. ---sfgate.com, September 6 (Connecticut) https://is.gd/RGaN8B


3.     “Horrifying Abuse Demands Agency Review.” Even one caretaker abusing a patient in the state's maximum security psychiatric hospital is cause for alarm. But the revelation that dozens of workers took part in the unspeakable treatment of a 62-year-old man over the course of many weeks is enough to justify a thorough housecleaning of any lax leadership, and a top-to-bottom review of the entire culture, at the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and specifically within the walls of the Whiting Forensic Division of Connecticut Valley Hospital. --- courant.com, September 7 (Connecticut) https://is.gd/U0r15Y


4.     “Secret legal action undermines state effort to decrease violence at facility for intellectually disabled.” The state’s strategy for keeping peace at Louisiana’s only facility caring for the intellectually disabled received a crippling blow in a legal action held behind closed courtroom doors. ---.theadvocate.com, September 5 (Louisiana) https://is.gd/DbeNQj


5.     “State finds abuse, seeks changes at Judge Rotenberg Center.” Investigators say two employees beat, whipped and spat on a restrained patient. The state recommends that the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center take a hard look at its policies after two now-former employees were charged with assaulting a patient. ---patriotledger.com, June 24 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/2Zgfl9


6.     “Female patient with brain injury raped at hospital.” A female patient with a serious brain injury was raped at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, police sources said on Sunday. ---foxnews.com, September 4 (New York) https://is.gd/7Ehiz0


7.     School therapist accused of slapping autistic boy wants job back.” An occupational therapist who was fired from her city schools job for allegedly grabbing a 9-year-old autistic student in his wheelchair, slapping him across the face and calling him a “little piece of s–t” is suing for her job back. ---nypost.com, September 5 (New York) https://is.gd/V6tA0H


8.     “Pair charged with assaulting handicapped friend.” Two people have been charged with assaulting and robbing one of their friends as they were on the way to a local restaurant. ---wbtv.com, August 31 (North Carolina) https://is.gd/ukbEUM


9.     “Grand Prairie special education teacher indicted for improper relationship.”: A Grand Prairie special education teacher arrested in March for an improper relationship between a teacher and student has now been indicted by a Dallas County grand jury. ---wfaa.com, September 6 (Texas) https://is.gd/98qeYJ


10.                        “Man tied to wheelchair by caretakers spent 3 minutes at the bottom of a lake, suit says.” A Thurston County man with the mind of a 12-month-old nearly drowned last year when he fell into Alder Lake after his state caretakers left him strapped into his wheelchair at the end of a dock, a lawsuit alleges. ---thenewstribune.com, September 3 (Washington) https://is.gd/keIft9




11.                        “LARC Ranch For Developmentally Disabled Fighting Shutdown From Federal Mandate.” LARC Ranch, which is located a little outside Santa Clarita city limits, is fighting a federal mandate that would essentially shut down the facility for the developmentally disabled in 2022. ---hometownstation.com, September 1 (California) https://is.gd/vnZgly


12.                        “These parents of special-needs students in the Whittier City School District allege years of neglect. We spoke to them all.” “He says all the time, ‘Mom, I want to go to college, but I can’t read, I can’t write,” said one mother--- whittierdailynews.com, September 2 (California) https://is.gd/9IeCCq


13.                        “Lawmakers press DHHS to explain how it failed to protect developmentally disabled adults.” A committee asks the current commissioner to answer pointed questions by Tuesday, including why the agency didn't investigate the deaths of 133 people receiving services. ---pressherald.com, September 6 (Maine) https://is.gd/rvrr5N


14.                        “Mother, school reach deal over autistic son’s schooling.” An autistic Rochester teen will receive full educational services for the first time in at least a year, thanks to a short-term deal reportedly struck Wednesday between his mother and the Rochester School Department. ---August 31 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/MyD87S


15.                        “New law limits seclusion and restraints.” Burdette Pombier has a child in Eaton Rapids schools and he's fine with teachers being able to remove problem students from his daughter's classroom. ---wilx.com, September 5 (Michigan) https://is.gd/Av881W


16.                        “Rochester Rep wants to reform school restraint policies.” A local teen’s story has inspired a state representative to pursue legislative action to change the way school districts handle the physical restraint of children with autism. ---fosters.com, September 1 (New Hampshire) https://is.gd/mJt9gZ


17.                        “Feds Close Office Of New Mexico Guardianship Firm.” Federal authorities say they are closing the offices of an Albuquerque guardianship firm whose owners have been charged with embezzling millions of dollars from their clients' trust accounts. --- krwg.org, September 6 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/6DTxd9


18.                        “Red flags should matter in NM guardianship cases.” Asleep at the wheel. That’s a polite way to describe oversight by the courts and the Attorney General’s Office of New Mexico’s scandal-rocked guardianship system over the years – a point hammered home by the revelation that independent audits of Ayudando Guardians Inc. in 2011 and 2012 pointed to clear financial impropriety. --- abqjournal.com, September 7 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/o2r0We


19.                        “Commission Reviewing Adult Guardianship.” When an adult is not able to take care of themselves because of a disability or brain injury, the courts can appoint a guardian. A commission is reviewing the state’s adult guardianship system and will be taking public comments Friday. ---kunm.org, August 31 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/6nEE8U


20.                        “NYC denies nearly 9,000 kids with disabilities the services they need.” The city is illegally denying necessary services to thousands of students with disabilities — and the poorest kids get cheated the most often, according to advocates and data the Daily News obtained. ---nydailynews.com, September 4 (New York) https://is.gd/ZQIvEV


21.                        “Three Years Free after 30 Years of Innocence in Prison.” Saturday marks the third anniversary of the biggest exoneration in North Carolina history. Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were declared innocent after serving more than 30 years in prison for a crime they didn't commit. Their story is chronicled in a report released Thursday by the Center for Death Penalty Litigation. ---themountaineer.com, September (North Carolina) https://is.gd/KOHzoy


22.                        “Case Western Reserve University to offer legal services to University Hospitals pediatric patients.” Case Western Reserve University is partnering with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital to offer non-medical legal advice to some of its pediatric patients in an effort to improve the health of children and families, according to the two institutions. ---cleveland.com, September 5 (Ohio) https://is.gd/AfKckk


23.                        “In Canton, Advocates For Disabled Plead For Resolution Of State Budget Crisis.” Fear and frustration were at the forefront as people whose children need state services for intellectual or developmental disabilities asked lawmakers to resolve a budget crisis that has cut off funding for those programs. --- courant.com, September 6 (Ohio) https://is.gd/fZo2qw


24.                        “Wisconsin special needs voucher program expanded.” The Legislature's budget-writing committee has approved an expansion of the state program extending taxpayer-funded vouchers to students with disabilities. The changes approved Wednesday are projected to double enrollment in the program that began last year. Democrats object, saying costs could go well beyond the projected $3.1 million more per year. That is because there is no cap on expenses that could be covered. --- weau.com, September 6 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/qKyobY


25.                        “DPI implements 'corrective action plan' for Unified special education.” What started as the Department of Public Instruction looking into a special education complaint at one school, has spread with a corrective action plan being implemented across Racine Unified School District. ---journaltimes.com, September 1 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/1SP6Ym




26.                        “Schools, Please Stop Locking Kids in Closets.” Veteran parents know that the best way to manage their children’s tantrums and emotional outbursts is to try to prevent them in the first place. Understanding what is likely to trigger a meltdown and watching for the signs of distress in children prone to this behavior can help to avoid the behavior much of the time. ---huffingtonpost.com, September 5 https://is.gd/ksKXeM


27.                        “Adolescents with autism need access to better sex education.” Intimacy is part of being human. There are well-documented benefits to positive relationships, from emotional security to good mental health. ---spectrumnews.org, September 5 https://is.gd/Ff5I3I


28.                        “New Study Questions Links Between Race, Disability in Students.” The findings challenge widely held belief that students of color are disproportionately identified as having disabilities. ---usnews.com, August 31 https://is.gd/pIeXRL


29.                        Abortion Supporters Defend Killing Babies For Their Disabilities.” Some time ago conservative pro-lifers came up with a clever mental exercise to pose to liberal pro-choicers: “Suppose one day scientists discover how to identify a ‘gay gene’ in unborn babies, and parents start aborting gay babies en masse to avoid having a homosexual child. What will you think of abortion then?” --- thefederalist.com, September 6 https://is.gd/Xv72of


30.                        “Special education students' test scores have little impact on school scores.” Remarks made by a state board of education member in June shined a spotlight on a long-held belief that children in special education drag down test scores overall at a school. ---al.com, September 6 (Alabama) https://is.gd/Se1IgU


31.                        “Retailer Meijer considered one of the best workplaces for people with disabilities.” Meijer is garnering national attention for creating a workplace that is supportive for people with disabilities. The Midwest retailer was recently recognized by the U.S. Business Leadership Network and American Association of People with Disabilities as one of the Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion. ---mlive.com, September 1 (Michigan) https://is.gd/KNwL79


32.                        “This antidepressant may slow Parkinson’s disease.” An antidepressant drug that’s been around for more than 50 years may slow the progression of Parkinson’s, new research suggests. ----futurity.org, September 6 (Michigan) https://is.gd/t0C4Zy


33.                        “Compound normalizes brain structure, function in mice with Down syndrome, Kyoto researchers say.” A team of Kyoto University researchers announced Tuesday that they have discovered a chemical compound that may help nerve cells grow in the brains of people with Down syndrome and improve their learning ability. ---japantimes.co.jp, September 5 (Japan) https://is.gd/hLZ2fx


34.                        “Study shows contrasting long-term cognitive effects of psychiatric drugs in schizophrenia.”  A long-term study has found that low cumulative exposure to benzodiazepine and antidepressant medications does not seem to affect cognition in schizophrenia. However, long-term high-dose use of antipsychotic drugs seemed to be associated with poorer cognition, whereas a relatively long break in antipsychotic use was associated with better cognitive functioning. ---medicalxpress.com. September 5 (France) https://is.gd/mfsXRW




35.                        “Rural Arizona School Gives Deaf And Blind Students A Place To Connect With Peers.” For years, if you were a student with a visual or hearing disability in rural Arizona, you had two choices: move to Phoenix or Tucson for school, or go to school in your hometown – where you might be the only kid with a disability. Now, a program in Prescott Valley is offering a compromise. ---kjzz.org, September 5 (Arizona) https://is.gd/RxWzsK


36.                        “Accomable creates vacation-rental market for people with disabilities.” When Alex Ghenis moved into his Berkeley apartment, he spent thousands of dollars remodeling to accommodate his wheelchair, adding a roll-in shower, accessible shower fixtures, and hardwood floors in the living room and bedroom. In the bedroom, he set up a Hoyer Lift for transferring between his wheelchair and the bed. The landlord installed an automatic door opener at the building entrance. ---sfchronicle.com, September 3 (California) https://is.gd/WMI0IH


37.                        “Citing Fraud, Hartford Charges Handicapped Drivers To Park.” When Harry Lichtenbaum points his Dodge Charger down his Wethersfield driveway toward the capital city, uncertainty rides shotgun. ---courant.com, September 5 (Connecticut) https://is.gd/DiExj1


38.                        “Mauians help out Harvey victims with special needs.” Among the hundreds of thousands of victims of Hurricane Harvey are families of special-needs children, and a few Maui parents have tapped into social media to rally help from elsewhere in Hawaii and in other states such as California, Illinois and Kentucky. ---mauinews.com, September 3 (Hawaii) https://is.gd/EVSiAI


39.                        “Idaho School to Serve Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing Preschoolers.” Borah Elementary is the first location in northern Idaho to offer a Total Communication preschool classroom that will serve deaf and hard-of-hearing children as they prepare for their educational futures. ---usnews.com, September 3 (Idaho) https://is.gd/9vzx5c


40.                        “OT Students March in Disability Pride Parade.” Students from Midwestern University's Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) participated in the Disability Pride Parade in downtown Chicago this summer. --- midwestern.edu, September 7 (Illinois) https://is.gd/UlHohI


41.                        “Daughter with Down syndrome is productive citizen.” There have been a couple of letters lately that have touched on the subject of Down syndrome. I am moved to comment on my personal experience. ---desmoinesregister.com, September 5 (Iowa) https://is.gd/UX8eUC


42.                        “For Marylanders with disabilities, help Is on the way.” For more than two decades, disability rights advocates have pushed for tax-preferred savings accounts to allow individuals with disabilities to save money without jeopardizing state and federal means-tested benefits like Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), food or housing assistance. ---marylandmatters.org, September 4 (Maryland) https://is.gd/5lWVnv


43.                        “Program helps find vulnerable persons who wander away.” The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department has been granted funds to start the Care Trak Program, which will be used to track and find vulnerable people who may have wandered from their home. ---dailypress.net, August 31 (Michigan) https://is.gd/5gTTpY


44.                        “St. Paul police become first in Minnesota to use app to help the vulnerable.” Vitals is designed to supply first-responders and officers with data about a person's diagnosis, medications and caregiver contact information, plus suggested ways to calm the person down. ---startribune.com, August 31 (Minnesota) https://is.gd/5gTTpY


45.                        “Mercy Fires Workers, Retrains Others on Patient Treatment.” A dozen employees of Mercy Hospital Springfield have been terminated after allegedly mistreating patients. --- ozarksfirst.com, September 7 (Missouri) https://is.gd/rjFC4r


46.                         “Mom of Kickapoo teen with autism pleads for kindness in Facebook post.” Cara Thulin knew she couldn't send her freshman son off to Kickapoo High School with a sign that read: "I'm autistic, please cut me some slack." Instead, the Springfield mom did what she hoped was the next best thing: She made her case on Facebook. ----news-leader.com, September 1 (Missouri) https://is.gd/m2d6kb


47.                        “Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools ban teachers’ holding students face-down on the floor.” Three more North Carolina school systems have banned the use of prone restraint on distressed students, including those with developmental disabilities, mental illness or behavior problems. ---heraldsun.com, September 6 (North Carolina) https://is.gd/C9kXAi


48.                        “Fargo-based organization for employing autistic workers expanding.” Forrest Ross, a Mind Shift "specialist" hired by Eide Bailly for process optimization, took on the job and shrunk the anticipated number of hours for the work, doing it in less than half the time. ---brainerddispatch.com, September 5 (North Dakota) https://is.gd/OZD77B


49.                        “Howland officials defend proposed group homes.” Two group homes for the developmentally disabled planned for the township have raised questions about their location in a residential area and why neighbors weren’t told. ---tribtoday.com, September 4 (Ohio) https://is.gd/wLcxYC


50.                        “What does it take to be Special Olympics PA coach of the year? 'Patience of Job'.” Baby, 3, a tiny terrier/poodle mix, strained against his “Service Dog”-imprinted leash in the gym visitors’ gallery, watching the light of his life, Nicole Veit, being taught how to play volleyball by Fran Brett, Special Olympics Pennsylvania coach of the year.--- philly.com September 4 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/JefFu5


51.                        “Hybrid team rescues handicapped man from Hurricane Harvey flooding with water, ground and air assets.” A team of National Guardsmen, Coast Guardsmen, swift-water rescue technicians and volunteers worked together to rescue and air-lift a patient needing special medical attention, from severe flooding to a safe, medical facility, in Orange, Texas, August 30, 2017. ---army.mil, September 2 (Texas) https://is.gd/Hylg9d


52.                        “Longtime sanctuary for adults with disabilities coping with flood damage.” The clients of The Center are among Houston's most vulnerable population: adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ---abc13.com, September 3 (Texas) https://is.gd/oPSZBo


53.                        “Students create hands-free door tech for people in wheelchairs.” All wheelchair users will need is a smartphone or a key fob ---good4utah.com, September 1 (Utah) https://is.gd/ReTSrN


54.                        “Floating wheelchair allows woman to feel ocean for the first time in 34 years.” Ellen Shackleford has not been to the beach since 1983, when she was injured in an automobile crash. Earlier this year, the city of Hampton made Buckroe Beach wheelchair accessible, WAVY reported. Special paths now accommodate wheelchairs, strollers and wagons. ---daytondailynews.com, September 2 (Virginia) https://is.gd/WANV4E




55.                        “National autism diagnosis guidelines to make 'big difference for women on the spectrum'.” The guidelines are the culmination of a year of research, and are designed to overcome the wide variation in diagnosis methods used between states and territories. --- abc.net.au, September 6 (Australia) https://is.gd/ddPVQR


56.                        “Survey finds adults are unaware of child abuse signs or how to report it.” A study has found one third of Australians surveyed would not immediately tell someone if they thought a child was being abused or neglected. ---smh.com.au, September 3 (Australia) https://is.gd/VEaUpC


57.                        “Autistic boy in Sydney’s west is attacked by a group of thugs.” Shocking video has emerged of a young autistic boy being savagely bashed by a gang of youths at a busy Sydney mall. ---news.com.au, September 6 (Australia) https://is.gd/TFoYii


58.                        “Ontario relaxes rules on support, medical coverage for people with disabilities.” One of the changes relaxes the rules on how much money recipients are allowed to have as assets before benefits are clawed back. Singles will see their asset limits jump from $5,000 to $40,000, while couples will see a jump from $7,500 to $50,000. ---thestar.com, September 1 (Canada) https://is.gd/MeCeyi


59.                        “Ontario family loses fight to have autistic son’s service dog in classroom.” Ontario’s human rights tribunal has ruled that a 9-year-old autistic boy can’t bring his service dog with him into class. ---thestar.com, August 31 (Canada) https://is.gd/vG5XmY


60.                        “'I'm the victim and I'm in shackles': Edmonton woman jailed while testifying against her attacker.” On a Monday afternoon in June 2015, Angela Cardinal was led into an Edmonton courtroom handcuffed and in leg shackles. Metallic rattling echoed as a sheriff escorted the 28-year-old to the witness stand. ---cbc.ca, June 5 (Canada) https://is.gd/HVMvS5


61.                        “People With Disabilities Don't Need Us To Decide What's 'Best' For Them.” Stop telling people what they need. Ask them — and then listen to the answers. --- huffingtonpost.ca, September 6 (Canada) https://is.gd/Rwwti4


62.                        “Lachute mother fights back after Quebec turns down stipend for autistic son.” Tina Chapman's sole goal this summer was getting her son Blake back on track after his difficult year in kindergarten. ---cbc.ca, September 5 (Canada) https://is.gd/1tdAa7


63.                        “The staggering number of children reported missing from Nova Scotia group homes.” The moment Greg regained custody of his 16-year-old daughter last summer, he immediately asked a social worker: "Where is she?" That's when he learned she was missing — again — from the Nova Scotia group home where she'd been living. No one had seen her for weeks. --- cbc.ca, September 6 (Canada) https://is.gd/QobRjy


64.                        “Pickering parents file human rights complaint against school board over disability accommodation.” DDSB refused to install classroom air conditioning to help with their kids' skin condition, parents claim ---cbc.ca, September 2 (Canada) https://is.gd/KXgiLj


65.                        “For those living with Down syndrome, middle age brings on new set of challenges.” In POV film set in Chile, "The Grown-Ups," friends are faced with a society that marginalizes them as disabled ---salon.com, September 3 (Chile) https://is.gd/yx0JRG


66.                        “5 districts to benefit from PWDs inclusion project.” VOICE GHANA, a disability rights, advocacy and capacity building organization has commenced a project in five selected districts to strengthen the participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in local level development. --- myjoyonline.com, September 7 (Ghana) https://is.gd/yoK8IT


67.                        “Model kids show the way in fashion show for the differently-abled” he sashays down the ramp gracefully, draped in a designer ensemble and a cheerful smile. Tamana Chona, 46, is not a model like any other. Born with cerebral palsy, she spoke her first word and took her first step at the age of nine. ---indiatoday.intoday.in, September 9 (India) https://is.gd/hP4TFA


68.                        “Iran: Mentally retarded woman sexually assaulted in a government center.” The news of repeated rape of a mentally retarded woman in a government welfare center has shocked and outraged the public.
The director of the center only intends to transfer her to another center.
The 30-year-old woman has lived in this rehabilitation center for several years. An aid worker who wants to remain anonymous said that the young woman was being repeatedly raped by one of the facility workers. ---
iran-hrm.com, September 5 (Iran) https://is.gd/z7kvfv


69.                        “Concern over vulnerable man’s ‘fatal attraction’ to online dating.” A vulnerable intellectually disabled man’s “fatal attraction” to internet dating sites, including one used mostly by teenagers, has lead to court orders requiring him to engage with a programme on appropriate social media use. ---irishtimes.com, September 4 (Ireland) https://is.gd/YLc4Xg


70.                        “Meet the boy with Down syndrome who saved a girl from drowning.” At the age of 3, Valerio Catoia took up swimming because his family wanted him to develop muscle strength and learn how to fend for himself in the water. ---aleteia.org, August 22 (Italy) https://is.gd/sDFtLY


71.                        “Special education wait times 'appalling'.” Some under-five-year-olds with disabilities and behaviour problems are waiting up to a year to get help - and, in Wellington and Porirua, average waiting times are double the average for the rest of the country, Education Ministry figures show. ---radionz.co.nz, September 4 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/uz58hN


72.                        “Patchy progress for people with intellectual disabilities.” A new snapshot on quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities has found many still struggling for education, good health care and above all the ability to earn money. ---scoop.co.nz, September 4 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/jakYti


73.                        “Caregiver guilty of raping disabled young in his care.” Gasps were heard in a courtroom today as guilty verdicts were delivered for a host of sex charges against vulnerable young and disabled females. ---nzherald.co.nz, September 1 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/I5NjiK


74.                        “‘Sweethearts Foundation’ Providing Basic Human Rights, Wheelchairs To the Needy.” For those requiring enhanced mobility, the wheelchair is one of the most commonly used devices — yet many people the world over go without such necessary equipment. ---newyork.cbslocal.com, September 1 (South Africa) https://is.gd/6244dq


75.                        “UN panel criticises UK failure to uphold disabled people's rights.” Charities say report is grim reality check and Labour says it highlights how disabled people are bearing brunt of austerity August 31 (UK) https://is.gd/vqoutz


76.                        “Backlog of 1,000 alerts about adults at risk of abuse comes to light.” One thousand concerns reported about adults at risk of abuse went uninvestigated by Bradford Council’s social services, it has emerged. Council bosses said they were only alerted to the major backlog of alerts after a new strategic director, Bev Maybury, took over the department in October last year. ---ilkleygazette.co.uk, September 1 (UK) https://is.gd/yjhSrg


77.                        “Teenagers filmed stamping on head of man with special needs.” The disturbing footage, which has been widely shared on social media, appears to show a teenager initially shoving the vulnerable man to the floor. ---metro.co.uk, September 1 (UK) https://is.gd/4G6H7d


78.                        “Norfolk autism assessment wait time 'up to two years'.” Some children are having to wait two years to be fully assessed for autism in Norfolk, an NHS report has revealed. ---bbc.com, September 1 (UK) https://is.gd/27gzsM


79.                        “Car dealer launches foundation to help people with autism find employment.” But for people who have been diagnosed with autism, help is at hand thanks to the Glyn Hopkin Charitable Foundation. It has teamed up with autism charity Sycamore Trust UK to help people from Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering into long-term employment with local businesses. ---barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk, September 4 (UK) https://is.gd/edj7ep


80.                        “New hub opens next month to protect vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect or exploitation.” A new hub is being set up where authorities can join forces to protect vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect. The hub, which will open in Bradford Council’s city-centre office Britannia House next month, is based on a trailblazing hub set up in the city five years ago to protect children from abuse. ---thetelegraphandargus.co.uk, September 3 (UK) https://is.gd/h8CkuQ


81.                        “Young disability rights campaigner from Hereford takes message to Parliament.” A young disability rights campaigner from Hereford has taken his message about encouraging acceptance to Parliament. ---ledburyreporter.co.uk, September 5 (UK) https://is.gd/Kc7Nw4


82.                        “Wheelchair-bound Lib Dem peer barred from boarding bus after driver refused to ask parent to move buggy.” Baroness Sal Brinton, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, said the bus was “fairly empty” and that the driver was not aware she should be given priority. ---standard.co.uk, September 5 (UK) https://is.gd/MqVmZ0


83.                        Basildon company offering in-home care to vulnerable adults ordered to improve after inspectors find legal breaches.” The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said it identified multiple legal breaches during a ’comprehensive inspection’. ---yellowad.co.uk, September 4 (UK) https://is.gd/rdPMfd


84.                        “Taxi drivers facing huge bills for wheelchair cabs.” Local authority officers have urged members of the licensing committee to push forward with implementing a controversial policy which would require a 100% wheelchair accessible taxi fleet by June 6 next year. ---pressandjournal.co.uk, September 6 (UK) https://is.gd/nCdw89


85.                        “Rotherham abuse scandal: no charges against senior council figures.” Local MP condemns finding that no senior managers should face any action despite ‘substantial organisational failings’---theguardian.com, September 6 (UK) https://is.gd/98qeYJ


86.                        “Systemic problem with special needs provision.” John Harris is absolutely right to state that the implementation of special needs reforms and the introduction of education health care plans, and the ensuing lack of proper support for children with SEN, is “a big story”. theguardian.com, September 7 (UK) https://is.gd/lrtbG9




87.                        “Remarkable Couple Gets Engaged at the Naturals Game.” During Wednesday's Naturals game, one remarkable Fayetteville couple took the spotlight. It's a moment they've waited for years to happen, and they finally got to share it in front of thousands of fans. --- nwahomepage.com September 7 (Arkansas) https://is.gd/7oTT9m


88.                        “10 Best Jobs for Adults with High-functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.” If you have someone who lives with autism and needs a job, keep reading about the best jobs for adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger syndrome. ---stocktalkreview.com, September 5 https://is.gd/Xwym7g


89.                        “The elderly sometimes need help to help themselves.” Elder self-neglect is a more prevalent dilemma than most people recognize ---clearwatertimes.com, September 4 https://is.gd/7myAMe


90.                        “Changing the disability narrative.” Our cognitive ability distinguishes us from animals. We can think about things which we have not seen, touched and smelt. ---thenews.com.pk, September 2 https://is.gd/CBZyAy


91.                        “Jerry Lewis missed how views changed on disabilities.” We lost Jerry Lewis Aug. 20. He is best known for his movies and appearances with Dean Martin, and, of course, the annual telethon. Less known is that the disability rights movement community has always been angry at him. ---timesunion.com, September 3 https://is.gd/x8tZs9


92.                        “After 17 years, greeter at SLO Amtrak station is as reliable as the trains he loves.” It’s hard to know exactly why Joshua Phillips is so fascinated with trains. It could be their rhythm, enormity or, maybe, their constancy of daily arrivals and departures. ---sanluisobispo.com, September 2 (California) https://is.gd/WAZpMc


93.                        “Beechview man, 23, ordered to stand trial in group home coworker's slaying.” Defense attorneys for a 23-year-old man who fatally shot a 50-year-old coworker on Aug. 4 laid the groundwork for self-defense during a preliminary hearing in City Court, Downtown on Friday. ---post-gazette.com, September 4 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/JmGFLK