Disability and Abuse Newsfeed

Week of August 11 to August 17, 2017

Articles Compiled by Jennifer Palmer

Editing and Commentary by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., 

Posting by Thomas F. Coleman


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Accident, Laws & Legislation, Improved Supports, International, and Miscellaneous.

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article. 


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Accident, Laws & Legislation, Improved Supports, International, and Miscellaneous.

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article.  


Sexual Assault: 3, 10, 11, 79
Physical Abuse: 5, 6, 8, 12, 63, 64, 77
Emotional/Verbal Abuse:  68
Neglect:3, 7, 87, 89                         
Murder:   1, 4, 9, 13                           
Financial abuse: 2, 3, 12       


Who dun it?   

School: 8, 11, 63, 64      

Stranger: 2, 12, 79                 

Caregiver: 1, 3 (a couple), 7, 10, 87, 89

Law Enforcement: 5, 68

Family: 3, 4, 13, 77

Men: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 13, 79    

Women:   3       


Good News: 

18 (Judge orders funding for disability services);

25 (Feds to review DHHS services to people with disabilities);

26 (increase in accessible buses ordered by lawsuit);

30 (Target to sell accessible clothing); 36 (Hotline to report abuse of accessible parking);

37 (increase in workforce diversity mandate includes people with disabilities);

38 (police radio transmitters helps locate wanderers with disabilities);

57 (School board reviews restraint/seclusion policies/procedures);

61 (Recommend new law to compel clergy to report sexual abuse revealed in confessional);

66 (Supermarket begins “quiet hour” for shoppers with autism;

73 (Supreme Court of India affirms woman with a disability has sovereignty of her own body!)


Bad News: 

22 (limits on Medicaid services for people with disabilities);

24 (DHHS failed to investigate deaths/abuse of residents with disabilities); 29 (Teachers seen on video dragging male student will NOT be charged); 46 (New standards may keep students with disabilities from graduating);

52 (Ride sharing program excludes riders with disabilities);

59 (Soccer Board votes to exclude players with Down syndrome);

82 (Verbal abuse by Uber driver of potential riders with disabilities;

83 (BE AWARE: “Boyfriend model of sexual abuse” tricks naďve girls into trafficking);

85 (airlines are breaking passenger’s wheelchairs)


WINNER OF THIS WEEK’S most derogatory decision: Article 29 (see above). They get the prize for most egregious “You don’t matter” message.


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1.    “Patterson man says 2-year-old girl fell. Pathologist said that’s not how she died.” A judge has ordered a Patterson man to stand trial, accused of murder in the death of a 2-year-old girl who had a developmental disability. ---modbee.com, August 13 (California) https://is.gd/PjZgla


2.    “Family: Criminals stole wheelchair van, robbed woman with special needs of her freedom.” The family of a woman with special needs said criminals stole their wheelchair-accessible van, robbing the woman of her freedom to explore the community. And now her family can't afford to replace the vehicle. ---kdvr.com, August 13 (Colorado) https://is.gd/q10r5J


3.    “Husband and wife charged with neglect of vulnerable adult.” Sumter County Sheriff's Office arrested a husband and wife on Tuesday for separate charges in connection with neglect of a vulnerable adult. According to a news release from the sheriff's office, Barbara Ann Wright, 56, of 2110 Rose Drive, is charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult for allegedly using the victim's bank account without the victim's consent between January and March---theitem.com, August 11 (Florida) https://is.gd/WO2emy


4.    “She weighed 68 pounds when she died. Her husband is in jail.” After an autopsy and numerous medical tests, a 74-year-old man was arrested in connection with his wife’s death earlier this year. ---bradenton.com, August 15 (Florida) https://is.gd/LX1Nw2


5.    “CPD sergeant stripped of police powers after shooting autistic teen.” A Chicago Police sergeant has been indefinitely relieved of police powers after shooting an autistic 18-year-old in the arm during an off-duty confrontation early Sunday in Morgan Park. ---chicago.suntimes.com, August 14 (Illinois) https://is.gd/7nEt1i


6.    Man accused of strangling Branson 6-year-old moves toward trial.” The case against John P. Roberts was moved toward trial at a Wednesday preliminary hearing for allegedly killing 6-year-old Jasmine Miller in Branson in 2015. ---news-leader.com, August 16 (Missouri) http://www.news-leader.com/story/news/crime/2017/08/16/man-accused-strangling-branson-6-year-old-moves-toward-trial/574111001/


7.    “Maggots Infested Man’s Throat at Group Home, Raising Care Concerns.” In his bed at a New York state group home for the severely disabled, Steven Wenger lay helpless against a silent invader. ---sacramento.cbslocal.com, August 11 (New York) https://is.gd/ih03jo


8.    “Teachers who dragged autistic boy by ankle won't be charged.” Two kindergarten teachers seen on video carrying an autistic boy down hallways and dragging him on the floor by an ankle won't be criminally charged but still face disciplinary proceedings. ---abcnews.go.com, August 11 (Ohio) http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/teachers-dragged-carried-autistic-boy-charged-49159961


9.    “Man in wheelchair shot overnight on East Avenue in Akron.” A wheelchair bound man was shot in the head while sitting on the front porch of a home on East Avenue in Akron late Thursday. ---news5cleveland.com, August 11 (Ohio) https://is.gd/vv8Wds


10.“Danger in R.I. group homes.” Prostitution. Assaults arranged by a staff member. A clandestine overnight visit by a teenage girlfriend as the police searched for her. A paralyzing injury. Investigators say they’ve found all this and more connected to group homes —---providencejournal.com, August 12 (Rhode Island) https://is.gd/B65lbe


11.“High school special education aide faces child sex charges.” A South Carolina high school special education aide has been charged with criminal sexual conduct with a child. ---charlotteobserver.com, August 11 (South Carolina) https://is.gd/pA8QDd


12.“Wheelchair-bound man attacked and robbed outside convenience store.”  man was hit in the head with a metal object and knocked out of his wheelchair during a robbery outside a Memphis convenience store. ---fox13memphis.com, August 15 (Tennessee) https://is.gd/9x6976


13.“Verdict: Man guilty of fatally torturing girlfriend's autistic son.” Matthew Christenson, accused of torturing his girlfriend's autistic teen so to death and abusing her younger son, was found guilty on all seven charges against him Thursday morning. ---komonews.com, August 10 (Washington) https://is.gd/cgCu3w



14.“Fight must go on to save lives, livelihoods of people with disabilities.” On July 26, the Senate narrowly defeated a health care bill that would have ended life as they know it (or for some, life period) for many people with disabilities across the nation. It was the end of a hard-fought battle, but the war over Medicaid isn’t over. ---durangoherald.com, August 11 https://is.gd/77I0k2


15.“Menifee man who scammed businesses on handicapped violations is sentenced to 20 years.” A Menifee man who scammed tens of thousands of dollars out of businesses in Riverside County by threatening them with lawsuits over Americans with Disabilities Act violations has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for committing 143 felonies. ---pe.com, August 16 (California) https://is.gd/I1ukyV


16.“Disability Advocates See Danger in Rejection of Real Estate Class Action.” A federal appeals court has upheld the denial of class certification in a case disability advocates claim could make it more difficult to bring class actions over civil rights violations. ---therecorder.com, August 10 (Colorado) https://is.gd/WzBFnb


17.“Special education, Georgia Milestones results lead school board work session agenda.” The Muscogee County School Board is expected to receive an overview of special education programming in the school district at a work session Monday night. ---ledger-enquirer.com, August 13 (Georgia) https://is.gd/6QpZH0


18.“Federal judge orders Illinois to find way to pay for disability services program.” A federal judge has ordered the state to figure out how to pay more toward a program that helps people with developmental disabilities live and participate in their communities. ---chicagotribune.com, August 15 (Illinois) https://is.gd/fK3dRm


19.“State funding shortages still threaten autism services.” Because of financial help from Benjamin Williams’ grandparents and great-grandparents, lingering state funding gaps won’t cause the 4-year-old to lose access in the short term to therapy at the Autism Clinic on Springfield’s south side. ---sj-r.com, August 15 (Illinois) https://is.gd/S20Tw6


20.“School board candidates weigh in on seclusion rooms and bond vote.” Candidates in the Iowa City Community School Board race Wednesday addressed key topics at a forum organized by El Trueque Latino Magazine. ---press-citizen.com, August 10 (Iowa) https://is.gd/U7boDi


21.“School board approves special education delivery plan revisions.” The Burlington School Board on Monday approved a special education delivery plan revision presented by Director of Special Services Brenda Mitchell. Revisions of the delivery plan must be made every five years. ---thehawkeye.com, August 15 (Iowa) https://is.gd/dW8wSt


22.“Disabled Iowans don't have limitless rights to Medicaid services, state lawyers say.” Disabled Iowans do not have a legal right to Medicaid-financed services beyond what is spelled out in law, state lawyers contend in their formal response to a lawsuit filed against Iowa’s governor and human services director. ---desmoinesregister.com, August 14 (Iowa) https://is.gd/SlgwgA


23.“Kansas agency may privatize state psychiatric hospital working to regain federal funds.” The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services is considering privatization for a troubled state psychiatric hospital that has now passed an initial step toward regaining some federal funding. ---cjonline.com, August 16 (Kansas) https://is.gd/qM4sz3


24.“Federal audit: DHHS failed to investigate deaths, suspected abuse of disabled adults.” The Maine Department of Health and Human Services failed to investigate the deaths of all 133 people with developmental disabilities who died between January 2013 and June 2015 while under the care of community-based providers across the state, and, as a result, failed to report suspicious deaths to law enforcement agencies to determine if crimes had been committed, according to a federal audit released Thursday. ---sunjournal.com, August 10 (Maine) https://is.gd/rHpqJT


25.“Federal officials to review audit critical of DHHS services to developmentally disabled Mainers.” The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which funds services for the disabled, could require the state to change the way it responds to reports of abuse and other critical incidents. ---pressherald.com, August 12 (Maine) https://is.gd/IwnWC5


26.“Peter Pan buses to be more handicapped accessible after lawsuit settlement.” Peter Pan buses will be more handicapped accessible after the company settled a lawsuit with the Department of Justice. ---wwlp.com, August 16 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/Qas9Zh


27.“Parents ask CCSD trustees to avoid budget cuts to special education.” Parents of special education children issued a heartfelt plea to the Clark County School Board on Thursday night to avoid any cuts to special education in this year’s budget. ---reviewjournal.com, August 10 (Nevada) https://is.gd/xVpLWI


28.“State to pay another $3 million for mental health delays – fines could go up.” After being hit with nearly $25 million in contempt fines for making inmates with mental health issues wait too long for evaluations, Washington may see future fines double. ---spokesman.com, August 11 (Washington) https://is.gd/rmYuBz




29.“Why Your Child Needs a “No Consent” Letter for Restraint and Seclusion.” wo Ohio teachers caught on video dragging an Autistic boy will not be criminally charged. ---inclusionevolution.com, August 15 https://is.gd/KBHvIU


30.“Target Unveils Clothing For Kids With Special Needs.” Target is rolling out a collection of sensory-friendly apparel for children and says adaptive clothing for those with disabilities is on the way too. ---disabilityscoop.com, August 17 https://is.gd/vopnAC


31.“Baby Siblings Could Hold Clues to Autism Diagnosis.” Studies of infants at risk for the disorder could someday yield a test for it ---scientificamerican.com, August 17 https://is.gd/PvO3cE


32.“Netflix, ABC Portrayals Of Autism Still Fall Short, Critics Say.” Like a lot of kids in high school, Sam worries that he doesn't fit in. ---npr.org, August 11 https://is.gd/3gnfQ8


33.“What Netflix comedy Atypical gets right and wrong about autism.” The series avoids certain cliches yet still falls victim to a certain inauthenticity, following in the footsteps of so many other films and TV shows ---theguardian.com, August 14 https://is.gd/BQ35vs


34.“New app can help screen for Asperger’s.” Asperger’s syndrome is often described as a mild form of autism. They often aren’t diagnosed until they’re adults, which can cause a lifetime of difficulties. ---wndu.com August 10 https://is.gd/Jaau9g


35.“New savings hopes for those with disabilities.” It likely comes as no surprise that most Americans aren't saving money for their future. According to a survey conducted by America Saves, only 40 percent of households are making good or excellent progress in saving, and more than 27 percent report no progress at all ---is.gd, August 11 https://is.gd/Jzzd10


36.“Arkansas establishes hotline, website to report abuse of handicapped parking.” While certainly tempting to grab the spot closest to the door, a new state law has established both a website and hotline to report able-bodied Arkansans robbing the handicapped of the parking reserved for them. ---katv.com, August 11 (Arkansas) https://is.gd/7c1jwx


37.“Amid push for workforce diversity, campaign works to include Bay Area residents with disabilities.” Even as California’s unemployment rate has sunk to record lows in recent months, the population of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities has struggled with high levels of unemployment or underemployment. ---mercurynews.com, August 11 (California) https://is.gd/Xm1uN1


38.“How wearing radio transmitters helps vulnerable people who wander.” Folsom police are using wearable radio transmitters to help return vulnerable people who wander to their loved ones, the Folsom Police Department announced. ---sacbee.com, August 16 (California) https://is.gd/AipnuC


39.“School to guide autistic children toward interacting with society.” Special kids require special schooling, and that’s what Tyler Anaya is proposing for Kent County. ---milfordbeacon.com, August 17 (Delaware) https://is.gd/GDUV7i


40.“Overcoming the odds: Deaf student remains in choir, cheer squad.” Mercedez Linton’s natural affinity for languages took her all the way to Crestview High School’s honors French II class, but when her grades began to fall it really made her mother, Rebekah, wonder. ---nwfdailynews.com, August 16 (Florida) https://is.gd/V1hYTX


41.“Countries eliminate Down syndrome through abortions.” When Emily Bukow gave birth to her daughter, Grace, it was a blessing that also came with unexpected challenges. ---cbs12.com, August 17 (Florida) https://is.gd/uJyQSO


42.“Carnival opens quietly to delight of special-needs group.” The roar of the carnival barker, pounding thump of the music, blinding strobe lights and jostling crowds all took a break Thursday afternoon when Windy City Amusements along with the Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce hosted an afternoon for special needs kids and their families on Thursday. ---newstrib.com, August 10 (Illinois) https://is.gd/r1GAaa


43.“Advocate pushes Peoria to be more wheelchair accessible.” Don’t tell Roger Sparks that you can’t fight City Hall. ---pjstar.com, August 12 (Illinois) https://is.gd/KxbzEe


44.“Agency doesn’t plan review of juvenile offenders school.” The state human services director doesn’t plan to order a review of the Iowa school for juvenile offenders after allegations that staffers inappropriately use restraints and seclusion on teens with mental illness. ---newtondailynews.com, August 11 (Iowa) https://is.gd/GEyZsR


45.“Biddeford day camp meets children with autism on their terms.” The city, parents and school officials join forces to offer the structure and calmness necessary to helping these youths thrive. ---pressherald.com, August 13 (Maine) https://is.gd/MK87Tl


46.“Educators, Advocates Fear New Standards Could Keep Students With Disabilities From Graduating.” Educators and advocates are speaking out about proposed changes to Maine’s law on proficiency-based diplomas. At a public hearing on Monday, they said new rules proposed by the state Department of Education may violate federal law and could keep many students with disabilities from graduating. ---mainepublic.org, August 15 (Maine) https://is.gd/rUGg9D


47.“Providers resort to cops for kids with disabilities.” Maine youth with severe mental illness come into contact with police for the same behaviors for which they're receiving treatment, according to a recent report released by an advocacy group for individuals with disabilities. ---dailyprogress.com, August 16 (Maine) https://is.gd/2JDMxn


48.“The right stuff: Maryland charity matches special-needs kids with vital gear.” It would have taken a belt sander and some coarse grit sandpaper to wipe the smile off 5-year-old Jackson’s face. His mother had settled him down into an oversized stroller and said, “That’s yours now, Jackson.” ---washingtonpost.com, August 14 (Maryland) https://is.gd/MccMxc


49.“Starshine Theatre Workshop helps Dearborn-area developmentally challenged youth.” A cast of 27 developmentally challenged youth shined brighter than the stage lights Aug. 7 to 11, gaining confidence and self-esteem on stage during the eighth annual Starshine Theatre Workshop. ---pressandguide.com, August 14 (Michigan) https://is.gd/topoRX


50.“Wiping out the ‘R’ word a slow process.” It used to be just another word, but over the decades, ‘retarded’ has become loaded with negative connotation. Scrubbing the language, official and casual, is taking time, but it’s happening. ---goerie.com, August 13 (Michigan) https://is.gd/zg6BTw


51.“At pond near Elkhorn, kids with special needs hone their fishing skills.” Before reeling in the bluegill she dubbed “Mike,” Addison Adams bent her knees a bit and tugged hard as her dad, Mike Adams — the fish’s namesake — cheered her on. ---omaha.com, August 13 (Nebraska) https://is.gd/dqO3mT


52.“Rochester flocks to ridesharing but wheelchair users left out.” While Rochester rallied to take advantage of Uber and Lyft on June 29, wheelchair users were left waiting curbside. ---democratandchronicle.com, August 16 (New York) https://is.gd/0LZg6q


53.“Big bill highlights concerns over special education funding.” Very few students with special needs live at a private school like Woods Services of Langhorne, Bucks County, which sued the Hazleton Area School District over a student’s bill. ---standardspeaker.com, August 14 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/OxQ7JY


54.“Moncks Corner installs street signs warning drivers of autistic children.” Following a story first covered by the Berkeley Independent showing Berkeley County Council members could not move ahead with street signs warning drivers of autistic children — there have been some changes. ---berkeleyind.com, August 14 (South Carolina) https://is.gd/uua9IX


55.“Nonprofits Explore Benefits of Music Therapy for Texans With Cognitive Disorders.” Dan Cohen always believed that music could “open a back door” to the brain, but when he surveyed the more than 16,000 long-term care facilities in the U.S., he discovered that none utilized any form of music in its care. ---dallasobserver.com, August 14 (Texas) https://is.gd/xbAu8f


56.“Deaf Film Camp students hone their skills for possible careers.” It’s your typical summer camp scene: The sun is shining, the water sparkling, there are teenagers scattered all over the grounds with smiles on their faces as they participate in various activities. ---timestelegram.com, August 13 (Washington DC) https://is.gd/ENiPyj


57.“School board reviews restraint program.” Southview Elementary had 25 incidents during the 2016-17 school year that prompted the use of either seclusion or restraint, the Chippewa Falls School Board will hear in a report at its 7 p.m. Tuesday meeting at the Administration Building, 1130 Miles St. ---chippewa.com, August 14 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/lo7zBu


58.“Grant lets county ‘empower’ those in need.” Oconto County has been awarded a large grant to help those in need to become more self-sufficient. The grant, from the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, will provide up to $236,500 over three years to fund the Community Resource Empowerment Program. ---greenbaypressgazette.com, August 15 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/VIyNwP




59.“Soccer governing body tells club to remove extra on-field player with Down syndrome following complaints.” A teenaged footballer with Down syndrome has been told he is no longer allowed to play as an extra on-field player for his team after a complaint to the sport's governing body from an opponent. ---abc.net.au, August 15 (Australia) https://is.gd/9aSMGd


60.“'It's not Josee having Down syndrome that we find hard, it's the negative stigma': Mother who was repeatedly asked if she would terminate her baby speaks up about controversial test that could 'eliminate' the condition.” On Sunday night, a report aired on 60 Minutes about the controversial new Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Test that some say could 'effectively end Down Syndrome' in Australia ---dailymail.co.uk, August 14 (Australia) https://is.gd/jg0GWf


61.“Australian Report Into Child Sex Abuse Wants to Break Confessional Seal.” An Australian report into child sex abuse on Monday recommended new laws to compel clergy to report sex abuse allegations they hear in religious confession. Current laws in most Australian states uphold the confidentiality of the religious confession. ---nbcnews.com, August 14 (Australia) https://is.gd/5sF1CN


62.“Intellectually disabled Ingleburn man Turia Travelon Vaine Keu remains missing after leaving home after breakfast 11 days ago.” DESPITE reported sightings in Richmond, intellectually disabled Ingleburn man Turia Travelon Vaine Keu remains missing after leaving home following breakfast with his mum 11 days ago. ---dailytelegraph.com.au, August 10 (Australia) https://is.gd/r9BM9Q


63.“NSW schools using restraints and isolation against guidelines, Ombudsman finds.” A primary school student with autism was restrained by teachers and locked in a time-out room for more than an hour, during which time the student wrapped an electrical cord around their neck, a NSW Ombudsman's report reveals. ---smh.com.au, August 11 (Australia) https://is.gd/1WBIMd


64.“Disabled victims of abuse in school ‘failed’ by education department.” NSW schools are failing to report horrific cases of abuse against disabled and special needs students, as a parliamentary inquiry yesterday heard the state had “failed these kids”. ---dailytelegraph.com.au, August 11 (Australia) https://is.gd/xsDGTP


65.“Doing More For People With Disabilities Is Doing More For Canadians.” People with disabilities still make up a disproportionate number of professionals working in jobs that are below their skills level. ---huffingtonpost.ca, August 11 (Canada) https://is.gd/xdF3fk


66.“Supermarket brings in 'quiet hour' designed to help autistic people.” Supermarkets are often bustling places, meaning it can be overwhelming for people on the autism spectrum and those who care for them. ---mashable.com, August 17 (Canada) https://is.gd/3mTphq


67.“Robot lends people with disabilities a helping arm.” Aether enters the living room and seems to greet the two people sitting there, spinning several times before gliding toward the kitchen in search of a doughnut. ---vancouversun.com, August 12 (Canada) https://is.gd/2zzug9


68.“Toronto police officers who mocked girl with Down syndrome appear at disciplinary hearing.” Two police officers who were recorded on a dashboard camera video mocking a woman with Down syndrome appeared before a police tribunal Tuesday morning. ---globalnews.ca, August 15 (Canada) https://is.gd/dhdJuH


69.“Australian volunteers making a difference for people living with disabilities in Fiji.” While much has been done to address stigma towards people with disability in the Pacific island nation, education and important services remain beyond the reach of many. ---abc.net.au, August 14 (Fiji) https://is.gd/JEZwyo


70.“Behind the Lens: Iceland’s Down syndrome dilemma.” It's 10:00 p.m. in downtown Reykjavik, and the sun is just starting to set. The light grey hue that has stamped the sky all day now has soft streaks of orange. ----cbsnews.com, August 11 (Iceland) https://is.gd/0BSRiY


71.“State, have mercy on them.” The state secretariat will witness an agitation on Monday which will pose a question not only to the government but also to every Keralite who thinks his state is number one in the country: close to 3,500 special school teachers, along with over 70 special needs students who are above 18 years age along with their parents, will stage a fast there seeking festival allowance for Onam, which they would have got had the government implemented a decision it had taken one-and-a half years ago. ---deccanchronicle.com, August 14 (India) https://is.gd/yPMOdu


72.“NAB organizes camp for visually-impaired children. The National Association for Blind (NAB), a voluntary organization that helps in inclusive education for visually impaired and other disabled children, Thursday organized skill development camp for these children at Pratap Park in Lal Chowk. ---dailykashmirimages.com, August 10 (India) https://is.gd/aMUOga


73.“Supreme Court upholds rape victim’s sovereignty over her body.” A rape victim who was wrongly disallowed by authorities in Bihar from terminating her pregnancy was awarded Rs 10 lakh as additional compensation by the Supreme Court on Thursday. ---newindianexpress.com, August 17 (India) https://is.gd/9t1bAR


74.“NGOs question govt’s commitment to disability rights law.” Ninety-five disability rights groups across Indonesia have rejected the government’s plan to issue only one government regulation (PP) to enforce Law No.8/2016 on people with disabilities. ---thejakartapost.com, August 11 (Indonesia) https://is.gd/YS1iMd


75.“Blind and deaf denied disabled parking stickers.” BOTH the blind and the deaf are not entitled to getting parking stickers for the disabled under the current regulations set by several local councils. In light of this, the affected group hopes the local councils will at least provide more priority parking bays for their convenience and that of their carers. ---thestar.com.my, August 15 (Malaysia) https://is.gd/d78Vfr


76.“To Help Minds For Minds Unlock The Cause Of Autism.” As part of ChangeDay 2017, Geneva Healthcare encourages everyone to join their pledge to help fund the ground breaking work by the Minds for Minds Charitable Trust by buying a limited edition Minds for Minds T-Shirt. ---scoop.co.nz, August 14 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/1lmpQ5


77.“Aunt reveals abused state of nephew.” The woman was testifying in the High Court at Rotorua where two people are on trial facing 25 charges, all but one relating to an intellectually impaired man. ---nzcity.co.nz, August 17 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/zujvtB


78.“Special education students, Smart Nation projects honoured at Special Awards.” Special education students, and students who have made contributions towards Singapore's Smart Nation vision were among the 163 who were recognised at the Ministry of Education's Special Awards ceremony on Thursday. ---channelnewsasia.com, August 17 (Singapore) https://is.gd/t9TvvF


79.“Man abused handicapped boy.” A man suspected to have sodomised a handicapped schoolboy was hauled into court on Tuesday. The unemployed Asian man, 34, allegedly took advantage of the 18-year-old Indian’s mental condition to pick him up and transport him to a dark location where he molested and assaulted him on Feb.23. ---gulftoday.ae, August 16 (UAE) https://is.gd/3hJzfY


80.“Man ‘raped mentally impaired teenager in car after offering him Dh10’.” Jobless man is accused of luring the boy into his car, driving him to a remote area and raping him, a Dubai court heard. ---thenational.ae, August 15 (UAE) https://is.gd/CZGtoH


81.“Keep Safe Cymru card will help make vulnerable people more aware of their personal safety.” A card designed to make vulnerable people more aware of their personal safety, to encourage reporting of a crime – especially hate crime – and to seek help if they need it has been launched by North Wales Police. ---deeside.com, August 16 (UK) https://is.gd/DApuiX


82.“Double amputee, 33, told to ‘f*** off’ by Uber driver in London who refused to take her home claiming she was drunk’.” Clare Brown, 33, who has survived both meningitis and a stroke, had been on a night out in Uxbridge, West London, when she ordered a taxi home with husband Chris. ---thesun.co.uk, August 14 (UK) https://is.gd/cniJWW


83.“Urgent research needed into 'boyfriend model' of sex abuse, say experts.” Calls are being made for urgent research into the “boyfriend model” of sex abuse that was used by the Newcastle sex trafficking network and others in high-profile grooming scandals. ---theguardian.com, August 10 (UK) https://is.gd/wIgS2R


84.“How a Child-Rapist Was Paid by Cops to Spy on an Asian Grooming Gang.” Nineteen people are behind bars for a series of horrific sex crimes. But were U.K. police right to pay a convicted child-rapist with family ties to the gang for information? ---thedailybeast.com, August 11 (UK) https://is.gd/VoIWMK


85.“'Airlines keep breaking my wheelchair'.” The stress of air travel has increased this summer, with long queues reported across Europe because of tighter security and immigration checks. ---bbc.com, August 12 (UK) https://is.gd/cgfumT


86.“Liz Sayce: ‘The UK thinks it is a leader in disability rights. But it has a long way to go’.” As disability rights campaigners head to Geneva to challenge the government’s record, long-time advocate Liz Sayce says policies promoting disabled people’s full participation in society are urgently needed ---theguardian.com, August 15 (UK) https://is.gd/yLWrT4


87.“Hospital probed over shocking care of MS patient stuck in foetal position for more than two years.” Ex-soldier Billy Barclay was left in crippling pain during his time at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride, which has now been given an “adult protection order” because of his treatment. ---dailyrecord.co.uk, August 15 (UK) https://is.gd/ySWnKJ


88.“Stretched NHS staff made elderly patients wear adult nappies because they were 'too busy' to help.” The report by Gransnet and the Health Service Ombudsman warned that the elderly are often too afraid to voice any complaints and are left to "suffer in silence" at NHS hospitals across the country. ---mirror.co.uk, August 17 (UK) https://is.gd/igWhh2


89.“Vulnerable pair locked in car for 45 minutes as carers shopped in Clydebank.” The victim and another vulnerable adult were found so distressed they were “thrashing” in the back seat of the car as its windows steamed up. ---clydebankpost.co.uk, August 17 (UK) https://is.gd/niTAMp




90.“An App Aims To Help People With Disabilities Find Friendship And Love.” Today's dating scene can be emotionally exhausting and puts a premium on physical attraction. However, people with disabilities can have an especially difficult time finding a relationship. ---news5cleveland.com, August 16 https://is.gd/CdYPuN


91.“UGA student with Down Syndrome to appear on billboard in Times Square.” The young man with Down Syndrome, who melted hearts all across the Internet with his sweet reaction to getting accepted into the University of Georgia, will soon see his name in lights in the Big Apple! ---11alive.com, August 15 (Georgia) https://is.gd/n7Q31T


92.“Area wrestlers go to the mat to help girl, 5, get new wheelchair for Disney World trip.” Cheers of “Go Brandon, go!” echo through The Arena on a Saturday night in Jeffersonville, Indiana, as wrestler Brandon “The Big Ticket” Ables climbs into the ring. The loudest cheers come from 5-year-old Grace Aikin. ---courier-journal.com, August 14 (Indiana) https://is.gd/wWkOcX


93.“Biloxi mom doubles as coach for those with special needs. ‘I love to see them happy.’” Olina Nelson decided while growing up in foster care that she never wanted to have children. Looking back, she laughs at herself and feels humbled by the life she leads today. ---sunherald.com, August 11 (Mississippi) https://is.gd/1nM1d3


94.“‘We Have 14 Black Deaf Americans With Ph.D.s—14’.” A conversation with a deaf-studies professor and a student she’s been supporting throughout his academic career ---theatlantic.com, August 16 (Washington DC) https://is.gd/oPAmLl




95.  “Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by a car…” A 64-year-old man in a wheelchair died after being struck while on a sidewalk by a car that was in a chain-reaction, authorities said. ---ocregister.com, August 15 (California) https://is.gd/V6UhRh