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Week of August 4 to August 10, 2017

Articles Compiled by Jennifer Palmer

Editing and Commentary by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., 

Posting by Thomas F. Coleman


Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state within each category, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest. International articles are near the end. The categories are: Abuse and Neglect, Accident, Laws & Legislation, Improved Supports, International, and Miscellaneous.

Check the categories below for a guide to types of abuse.  The categories are indicated by type, and the number of the article. 

Type of Abuse:


Sexual Assault: 1, 62

Physical Abuse: 2, 4 (and 5), 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 28, 69, 70, 75, 80, 83

Emotional/Verbal Abuse:  2, 28, 80

Neglect: 10, 12, 72, 85

Suicide: 76

Murder: 3  

Attempted Murder: 6    


Kidnap:  70


Financial abuse: 7, 11, 15, 18, 26


Guardianship: 18, 19, 26       


Discrimination: 24, 63



WHO DUN IT?  (Listed by # of article)


School:  1, 13      


Family: 8, 10, 15, 72, 75


Stranger: 6, 7, 9   


Bullies: 83


Caregiver: 2, 3, 4/5, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 62, 29, 80


Men: 3, 6, 9, 62   


Women: 1, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 69, 75



Other Topics:


Special Education: 20, 25 (no more legally mandated services), 74, 77


Statistics on Abuse: 37 (Update by BJS), 56 (Update by NCA on elders)



Good News: 28 (Wrongful seclusion of 7-year old lawsuit won); 35 (new app to increase access at public venues); 36 ( “Forced Intimacy” raises awareness of this aspect of life for many with disabilities); 39 (sexuality and disability explained); 41 (ongoing services assured for those leaving state hospital); 42 (increased services for family supports); 52 (increased special education teachers for Navajo Nation); 55 (new law allows drivers to identify Deaf of Hard of Hearing status); 58 (Driver training for people with disabilities); 60 (reduction by 77% in five years of seclusion and restraint)


Bad News: 2 (sympathy for abusers who lost their jobs!); 24 (deaf potential juror denied right to serve); 27 (no funding for people with disabilities); 29 (no service providers available due to low pay offered by the state); 30 (state cut pay for needed treatment, Governor petitioned to reverse cut); 32 (disregard for ADA accommodations); 33 (proposal to end right to sue nursing homes for abuse/neglect, sexual assault); 34 (abrupt reversal of DOJ to protect people with disabilities from employment discrimination/ADA); 45 (Maine cuts programs for crisis care and group homes for people with disabilities by reducing funding); 47 (insufficient funding increase risk of loss of services); 67 (housing not available for 7600 individuals with disabilities).


INTERESTING: 81 (A kiss by a primary student of co-student causes alarm)


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    1.          “Married special education teacher 'had sex with teenage pupil in car', say US police.” A special education teacher and married mother accused of having sex with her 18-year-old student may have slept with at least three other pupils, police in the US state of Connecticut allege. ---independent.co.uk, August 4 (Connecticut) https://is.gd/jw7UhC


    2.          “6 lose jobs at Idaho treatment center after abuse claims.” Six employees at a treatment center for people with severe disabilities have lost their jobs after an investigation concluded that some staffers physically and psychologically abused residents, Idaho's welfare agency said Tuesday. ---charlotteobserver.com, August 8 (Idaho) https://is.gd/yKKgY2


    3.          “Man formally charged in suspicious death investigation.” A 48-year-old man died earlier this week under suspicious circumstances, and investigators are still trying to figure out if anyone was to blame. ---wndu.com, August 4 (Indiana) https://is.gd/qeMn2o


    4.          “Iowa Disability Rights releases report on the Eldora Boys State Training School.” A new report is accusing a boys training school in Iowa of using harmful punishment methods on residents who suffer from mental illnesses ---kwqc.com, August 10 (Iowa) https://is.gd/IgdbME  


    5.          “Iowa school uses full-body wraps, denies mental care.” An Iowa school for juvenile offenders subjects the boys to restraints and seclusion rooms and denies them essential mental health care, a federally funded nonprofit organization alleged Monday in a report that threatened legal action unless the state makes significant changes. ---wtop.com, August 7 (Iowa) https://is.gd/SC9a13


    6.          “Springfield man taunted handicapped men picking up cans, then attacked them with machete, prosecutor says.” A Springfield man is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly ridiculing two handicapped brothers for picking up cans before assaulting them and their sister with a machete. --- masslive.com, August 4 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/5Zwl9z


    7.          “Recently released Michigan prisoner punches woman in wheelchair, stabs another.” A woman recently released from prison was arrested after a crime spree where she robbed two women, including punching one in a wheelchair and stabbing another. ---wxyz.com, August 8 (Michigan) https://is.gd/ba2FX2


    8.          “Woman faces charge for malicious punishment.” An Albert Lea woman who allegedly physically abused her stepdaughter last October made her first appearance on a charge on Thursday in Freeborn County District Court. --- albertleatribune.com, August 4 (Minnesota) https://is.gd/fvMKyw


    9.          “Lincoln man gets prison time for assaulting man in wheelchair, threatening to kill him.” A 24-year-old Lincoln man went to prison this week for drunkenly pulling an older man from his wheelchair and kicking him more than a dozen times. ---journalstar.com, August 3 (Nebraska) https://is.gd/fJq8ur


10.          “Mom abandoned 10-year-old 'special needs' boy in woods.” A 10-year-old “special needs” boy found alone in woods in New Jersey last week is in the care of state officials and his mother has been charged with child endangerment, authorities say. ---usatoday.com, August 8 (New Jersey) https://is.gd/KBbRaZ


11.          “State: Woman diverted group home food funds to self.” A former supervisor at a group home for developmentally disabled residents admitted Thursday to taking food stamp benefits from residents to benefit herself, the state Inspector General's Office said. --- dailygazette.com, August 3 (New York) https://is.gd/pL2lFI 


12.          “New York state group home maggot case gives rare look at neglect probes”. In his bed at a New York state group home for the severely disabled, Steven Wenger lay helpless against a silent invader. ---jacksonville.com, August 10 (New York) https://is.gd/Y64DwQ


13.          “CCSD special education teacher accused of shaking student.” When asked by his mother who left the red marks on his arms, the 4-year-old special education student replied, “Ms. Katie did it.” ---reviewjournal.com, August 2 (Nevada) https://is.gd/ClnGXQ


14.          “Former DDSN employee charged with abuse of vulnerable adult.” The State Law Enforcement Division has arrested a female employee of a state disabilities facility and charged her with abuse of a vulnerable adult at the center. ---greenvilleonline.com, August 8 (South Carolina) https://is.gd/lANYM7


15.          “Johns Island woman accused of pouring bleach on 71-year-old mother, stealing her money.” A Johns Island woman is accused of pouring bleach on her 71-year-old mother and stealing her money while she cared for her. ---postandcourier.com, August 5 (South Carolina) https://is.gd/NsCYRx


16.          “Disabled man reportedly assaulted at group home.” A disabled man living in a local group home was repeatedly hit with what police think was a belt, Denton police spokesman Shane Kizer said. --- dentonrc.com, August 3 (Texas) https://is.gd/VntIEA




17.          “Disability Rights Advocates Are Fighting the Wrong Fight on School Choice.” Many respected national groups have recently set their sights on school choice as the new battlefront for disability rights. ---the74million.org, August 6 (California) https://is.gd/lmO0nN


18.          “Jury hits lawyers with $16.4M for doing senior wrong in guardianship.” Advocates for guardianship reform clamored in vain for years that Florida’s system failed to properly protect incapacitated seniors, that its primary purpose had been perverted to line the pockets of greedy attorneys and professional guardians with the hard-earned life savings of the elderly. --- mypalmbeachpost.com, August 4 (Florida) https://is.gd/qCPlME


19.          “Issues for Elders: Guardianship should only be sought as a last resort.” Guardianship is a process whereby a person is deemed legally incapacitated to make certain or all decisions and another person or persons is appointed to make decisions on the legally incapacitated person’s behalf. ---naplesnews.com, August 8 (Florida) https://is.gd/LCZTL2


20.          “Equity, special education and bond issue highlighted at Community Rocks rally.” Iowa City Community School Board candidates shared views on equity, special education and other topics at a rally Saturday evening. ---press-citizen.com, August 5 (Iowa) https://is.gd/zlvt9o


21.          “Reynolds Expresses Confidence in Her Administration to Address Complaints at Boys' School.” Governor Kim Reynolds threw her support behind her appointee to head the Iowa Department of Human Services following complaints about the State Training School for Boys at Eldora. ---iowapublicradio.org, August 8 (Iowa) https://is.gd/vot6n9


22.          “Registry listing abusers is needed to protect disabled.” You may never have heard of the Disabled Persons Protection Commission. It is a state agency in Massachusetts charged with investigating reports of abuse of disabled adults. ---enterprisenews.com, August 8 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/0CC1uz


23.          Warren and Markey stood up for people with disabilities.” Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey supported the millions of people across the country, including 785,118 in Massachusetts, with disabilities by voting to oppose the Health Care Freedom Act (known as the "skinny repeal") ---sentinelandenterprise.com, August 7 (Massachusetts) https://is.gd/EZ7GAM


24.          “Excluded from a Minnesota grand jury, deaf man sues for the right to serve.” Mark Valimont was eager to comply when he received a summons to serve on a southern Minnesota grand jury in late 2015. But Valimont, who is deaf, soon learned that he had been excused from duty after he requested an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter to help him participate. ---startribune.com, August 10 (Minnesota) https://is.gd/sYbqnz


25.          “Schools Accused Of Denying Special Education Services.” The nation’s largest school district is being accused of failing to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy and other legally-mandated services to students with disabilities. ---disabilityscoop.com, August 2 (New York) https://is.gd/V1ugKP


26.          “Reforms starting for guardianship system.” More than 100 adults, including incapacitated and disabled people, are alleged to have suffered combined losses of at least $8 million at the hands of New Mexico guardians and a trust company that were supposed to be watching over their finances. ---.abqjournal.com, August 5 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/gh8gJr


27.          “Ohio budget bill ended cash assistance program for people with disabilities.”  Gov. John Kasich and state lawmakers last month quietly eliminated a state safety net program that provided cash benefits to about 6,000 disabled Ohioans with little or no income.--- cleveland.com, August 7 (Ohio) https://is.gd/1Ih158


28.          “Springfield School District settles school ‘scream room’ lawsuit filed by student’s grandfather.” The Springfield School District has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged that his 7-year-old granddaughter had wrongfully been secluded in a campus “scream room” as punishment for misbehavior. According to the suit, the case stemmed from a January 2012 incident in which officials at Riverbend Elementary School had placed the girl inside a 6-foot-by-8-foot room after she acted out in class. ---http://registerguard.com, August 9 (Oregon) https://is.gd/wMekYT


29.          “Advocates ask federal government to intervene in treatment of SC autistic children.” A "large" number of South Carolina children suffering from autism are not getting access to medically necessary treatment they need because the state pays the lowest therapy rates in the nation, a lawyer representing advocates and organizations has told federal Medicaid officials. ---greenvilleonline.com, August 6 (South Carolina) https://is.gd/qANeVQ


30.          “House asks governor to consider reversing therapy cuts for special needs kids.” The House voted unanimously Friday to give final approval to a bill that sends a message to the governor that he should add a $70 million bill to reverse cuts to a therapy program for children with disabilities. --- chron.com, August 4 (Texas) https://is.gd/aiItVc


31.          “Father Builds $51 Million Theme Park for Daughter With Disabilities “ Back around 2007, Gordon Hartman was watching his daughter, Morgan, playing in a pool. ---theepochtimes.com, August 5 (Texas) https://is.gd/52nUly


32.          “How Donald and Mitch and the Boys Paid Tribute to the ADA.” It may appear as if nothing in the White House is functioning properly. But that’s not entirely true. ---progressive.org, August 3 (Washington DC) https://is.gd/5Pymqe


33.          “Fight over right to sue nursing homes heats up.” Consumer groups are making a last-ditch effort to stop the Trump administration from stripping nursing home residents and their families of the right to take facilities to court over alleged abuse, neglect or sexual assault. ---thehill.com, August 6 (Washington DC) https://goo.gl/XyacK9


34.          “Trump’s Justice Department drops its support for an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit.” The U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) sudden about-face in a case involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is adding to concerns about the Trump administration’s commitment to protecting civil rights, according to an article published in the Daily Beast. ---littlevillagemag.com, August 7 (Washington DC) https://is.gd/MsD1Hl




35.          “Making People with Disabilities Feel Welcome.” Pollstar spoke with Gavin Neate, founder of Neatebox, a company that has created an app called Welcome that helps people with disabilities to communicate with a point of contact at shopping centers, theaters, airports and venues of all kinds and receive a bespoke service when arriving onsite. ---pollstar.com, August 8 https://is.gd/WjxkOp


36.          Forced Intimacy: An Ableist Norm.” “Forced Intimacy” is a term I have been using for years to refer to the common, daily experience of disabled people being expected to share personal parts of ourselves to survive in an ableist world. --- leavingevidence.wordpress.com, August 6 https://is.gd/iQXtwh


37.          “In the US, people with disabilities are three times as likely to be victims of serious violence.” People with disabilities who live in the US are two-and-a-half times as likely to be victims of violent crimes than those without disabilities—and three times as likely to be targets of rape, robbery, or aggravated assault. --- qz.com, July 14 https://is.gd/spH1qi


38.          “From the Streets to the Stage: Singer and Attorney Sri Panchalam Advocates for Disability Rights.” Public interest attorney with Disability Rights California, an advocacy group dedicated to various legal aspects surrounding disability rights and ableism ---colorlines.com, August 8 (California) https://is.gd/QfFDIg


39.          “At Creativity Explored, Adults with Disabilities Express Their Own Sexuality.” “Everybody has a sexual nature to them,” curator Amy Auerbach explained during a phone conversation. ---huffingtonpost.com, August 4 (California) https://is.gd/sJDXkQ


40.          “Let’s abolish the California Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind.” People who are blind or have low vision have been using guide dogs to travel independently for a century. ---sacbee.com, August 8 (California) https://is.gd/frJ5cy


41.          “Fairview site provides infrastructure to continue helping those in desperate need.” The Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa is a remnant of a recent past when people with developmental disabilities were essentially warehoused and kept away from mainstream society. ---latimes.com, August 7 (California) https://is.gd/GuqcGZ


42.          “Autism Delaware expands family support.” Autism Delaware announced the expansion of its statewide family support program. Families who call for help and resources are connected to a support team that includes two new family navigators and long-time resource coordinator — for northern Delaware — Heidi Mizell and family service coordinator — for southern Delaware — Dafne Carnright. ---hockessincommunitynews.com, August 9 (Delaware) https://is.gd/HemFlX


43.          “Making the Grade: Bartow program pairs special needs students, jobs.” Internships and on-the-job experience have become critical resume builders for students of all ages. But when those students have special needs, finding a good fit for that experience can be a challenge. ---ajc.com, August 8 (Georgia) https://is.gd/sWoHd6


44.          “A special gathering: Topeka iCare Mass designed for people with disabilities.” People with developmental disabilities may not always feel welcome at traditional religious services. ---cjonline.com, August 5 (Kansas) https://is.gd/xJAdle


45.          “Maine is failing to care for people with disabilities.” In the span of a little more than six months, Maine drastically reduced its capacity to care for people with disabilities in crisis, potentially by as much as two-thirds. ---bangordailynews.com, August 8 (Maine) https://is.gd/2FgN8F


46.          “Documentary focuses on Missoula group home for people with intellectual disabilities.” Two recent University of Montana digital filmmaking graduates are at work on a documentary that gives an inside look at the lives of three Missoula men with intellectual disabilities. ---missoulian.com, August 6 (Montana) https://is.gd/PGz6Ew


47.          “Special needs workers in Thief River Falls want a raise.” The concerned mother of a child with special needs is speaking out, saying her daughter isn't getting the care she needs as an organization dedicated to helping people living with disabilities finds itself in the middle of an employee contract dispute. --- wdaz.com, August 3 (Minnesota) https://is.gd/tfstiI


48.          “Advocates worry diploma elimination will edge out special-ed students.” Chuck Hathcock has been thinking about his son Zach's future for a long time. And with Zach set to start high school this week, Hathcock’s thoughts of what comes next have ramped into overdrive. ---clarionledger.com, August 6 (Mississippi) https://is.gd/siCbOd


49.          “Norfolk breaks ground on park with handicap-accessible play equipment.” Embrace Park will soon be a reality. Ground was broken last week at the park site — City of Norfolk land west of the Norfolk Family YMCA — which means construction is full steam ahead. ---omaha.com, August 6 (Nebraska) https://is.gd/Dg8veJ


50.          “South Orange’s JESPY House Receives Grant for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities.” JESPY House of South Orange, a nonprofit organization that enables adults with learning and developmental disabilities to lead independent lives, received a grant of $193,388 from The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey for its Aging in Place Initiative. ---villagegreennj.com, August 6 (New Jersey) https://is.gd/kxS3hc


51.          “City partnership gives deaf young adults opportunity to gain work experience.” It is a community that often struggles to find employment. This summer, a partnership between the City of Albuquerque and a local youth organization is expanding work opportunities for young adults who are deaf. ---krqe.com, August 5 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/gPSNQN


52.          “Navajo Nation partners to support special education training.” Navajo students aspiring to become special education teachers will now have an additional avenue to do so, thanks to a new program created jointly by the Navajo Nation, the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance, Diné College and Western New Mexico University. ---abqjournal.com, August 7 (New Mexico) https://is.gd/f2hLP4


53.          “Study casts doubt on music therapy for kids with autism.” Ethan Jones thinks he was playing the piano. "I was with someone, and we were in a room, and we were just playing a piano," Jones, 23, a resident of New York, said of his first music therapy session. ---cnn.com, August 8 (New York) https://is.gd/sQTvy1


54.          “Young Albany-area playwright gets inside his autistic brother's head.” When 18-year-old Joshua Kenna’s English teacher nudged him to write his first play, the high school senior knew what he wanted to create: words to help understand what his older brother Joe was going through as they grew up. ---timesunion.com, August 7 (New York) https://is.gd/KXil9Y


55.          “How a deaf man’s death led to a change in DMV law.” Durham firearms examiner Donna Jackson has taught her stepson Adam DeVenny, who is profoundly deaf, what to do if he is stopped by a law enforcement officer. --- heraldsun.com, August 3 (North Carolina) https://is.gd/kGVivc


56.          “Caregiver support group aims to reduce elder abuse.” Someone who loves you isn’t supposed to hurt you, but in about 60 percent of elder abuse and neglect incidents, the abuser is a family member, according to a study cited by the National Council on Aging. ---richlandsource.com, August 9 (Ohio) https://is.gd/xU0Au3


57.          “University of Pennsylvania program helps students with disabilities.” Joselito "Josie" Torres is 19 years old, but until recently he had never made a purchase at a store by himself. He never rode the subway, nor had he bought a ticket to a museum on his own. But when Torres attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education VAST LIFE program for teenagers with disabilities, that all changed. ---http://thenotebook.org, August 4 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/VUnqx4


58.          “Waco: Driving program designed for people with special needs.” The Central Texas Driving School located in Waco recently launched a new program designed for people with special needs to help them get their license. ---kwtx.com, August 5 (Texas) https://is.gd/n85vpW


59.          “Their Voice: Utah organization reflects on 30 years of history serving developmentally disabled.” In 1957, author Allen Saunders profoundly wrote, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” This is an appropriate way to summarize the story of Gerald Nebeker and RISE Services. ---heraldextra.com, August 5 (Utah) https://is.gd/J1jO13


60.          “Janesville School District seclusion and restraint numbers are down.” In the last five school years, the use of seclusion and restraint in Janesville elementary schools has gone down 77 percent. ---gazettextra.com, August 8 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/DdrQmM


61.          “The Case for More Doctors with Disabilities.” Gregory Snyder was at the end of his third year of medical school when he broke his back in a hiking accident. He spent the next year in rehab but was left paralyzed from the waist down. ---wpr.org, August 8 (Wisconsin) https://is.gd/3PVSFA




62.          “Self-described 'carer' jailed for sex offences on intellectually disabled woman.” The woman was 24 with an IQ of 40 and the man 40 years her senior when he started to take advantage of her. He had known the woman since she was 9, and he was fully aware of her intellectual limitations, a court has heard. ---canberratimes.com.au, August 7 (Australia) https://is.gd/32aQtZ


63.          “Ontario woman told she can't donate blood because of intellectual disability fights back.” Yanhong Dewan was literally born into adversity, her first years spent in an overcrowded Chinese orphanage with little to eat and less human comfort. ---nationalpost.com, August 3 (Canada) https://is.gd/dyf0UW


64.          “Halifax marks first with special needs lacrosse club.” The first sanctioned, special needs lacrosse club in Canada has opened in Halifax, borne from the same idea that brought HRM the first special needs hockey club, last winter. ---thechronicleherald.ca, August 4 (Canada) https://is.gd/jOFPsq


65.          “Mentally disabled thrive if given a chance.” To get a cup of coffee at Hang­zhou’s Wisdom Tree Cafe, customers need to wait much longer than in usual coffee hous­es, but nobody minds because it’s all for a good cause. The baristas, cashiers and bakers are mentally impaired. ---shanghaidaily.com, August 6 (China) https://is.gd/P9RrNa


66.          “NGO begins job-oriented vocational training for autistic persons.” With an increasing number of its mentally challenged and autistic students completing their functional academics, Sahayika, an NGO working in the field of disability, has started vocational training programmes to open livelihood opportunities for such students. ---assamtribune.com, August 5 (India) https://is.gd/hRVhYv


67.          “More than 7,600 with disabilities on social housing waiting lists.” Disability rights groups have expressed concern at figures showing more than 7,600 people with disabilities are on social housing waiting lists. ---irishtimes.com, August 9 (Ireland) https://is.gd/dvvefx


68.          “Penang govt to help school for mentally retarded children obtain funds.” The Penang government will assist the school for Mentally Retarded Children to obtain funds as the school has not received federal funding since May 2016. ---thesundaily.my, August 10 (Malaysia) https://is.gd/016Yle


69.          “Mentally disabled man chained up like dog.” Chained up and used as a punching bag, an intellectually compromised man thought he was going to die. The 34-year old made the claim during a video interview played to a jury in the High Court at Rotorua trying Leneith Moeke, 36, and Gene Karauria, 29, on a raft of charges. ---home.nzcity.co.nz, August 8 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/2qbBP6


70.          “Mentally disabled man abused, court told.” The kidnapping of an intellectually impaired man led to many months of physical abuse, a jury's heard. ---newshub.co.nz, August 7 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/2qXE6w


71.          “Pair on trial for alleged abuse of intellectually impaired man.” The kidnapping of an intellectually impaired man led to many months of him being physically abused, a jury has heard. ---nzherald.co.nz, August 7 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/bo3W4P


72.          “Parents sentenced for willful neglect of autistic son.” Parents of an autistic boy who frequently ran away from home failed to report him missing during an afternoon out drinking. The Taranaki couple have been sentenced for the willful neglect of their autistic son who often smashed windows and was found by police in dangerous situations, including running through traffic and playing near the water, the summary of facts said. ---stuff.co.nz, August 7 (New Zealand) https://is.gd/HhOclY


73.          “Home Office accused of abandoning vulnerable Syrians after figures show just 5% of resettled refugees are disabled.” The Government’s flagship refugee programme is under fire for failing to accommodate the most vulnerable people fleeing the Syrian War ---independent.co.uk, August 8 (Syria) https://is.gd/eziZ8b


74.          “One in five children with special needs left in limbo without secondary school place.” Almost one in five primary school children in England with special educational needs have been left in limbo after local authorities failed to provide them with a secondary school place, experts have said. ---independent.co.uk, August 7 (UK) https://is.gd/Gr5aXc


75.          “Mum-of-three ‘used bleach enemas on young son to cure him of his autism and revealed her chilling method on a secret Facebook group’.” A MUM is being investigated by cops after allegedly using a potentially fatal bleach enema on her young son to “cure” his autism. ---thesun.co.uk, August 7 (UK) https://is.gd/1ZMIoS


76.          “Tragic teenager should have been diagnosed with Asperger's BEFORE he took his own life.” Nathan Wilson's mum and dad speak of their plans to make sure he is remembered ---liverpoolecho.co.uk, August 4 (UK) https://is.gd/nR1Jjs


77.          Bury 'two years behind' on special needs provision, Ofsted says.” A local authority has been condemned for not having a strategy for children with special educational needs and for being "two years behind". Information sharing among agencies in Bury, Greater Manchester, was also "antiquated", according to an Ofsted and Care Quality Commission report. --- bbc.com, August 4 (UK) https://is.gd/ez1JeV


78.          “Peterborough families of children with disabilities struggling with cost of home retrofits for accessibility.” Jenn and Mike Fulford of Havelock have two sons with disabilities, aged 5 and 7. Parker, 5, has cerebral palsy and is legally blind and deaf. Ayden, 7, was adopted by the Fulfords when he was 18 months old; he has fetal alcohol syndrome. ---thepeterboroughexaminer.com, August 5 (UK) https://is.gd/7H5C7u


79.          “One in five children with special needs left in limbo without secondary school place.” Almost one in five primary school children in England with special educational needs have been left in limbo after local authorities failed to provide them with a secondary school place, experts have said. ---independent.co.uk, August 8 (UK) https://is.gd/Gr5aXc


80.          “Four in ten care homes are not fit for purpose: At least 70,000 vulnerable people at risk as families tell how relatives were grabbed by the throat, thrown on beds and sworn at by carers.” Social care is in such crisis that four in ten homes fail inspections. ---dailymail.co.uk, August 7 (UK) https://is.gd/gTj0GP


81.          “‘I was told that my learning-disabled son would have better care than in India’.” When Parmi Dheensa’s son Callum kissed a classmate on the cheek not long after starting at a special needs primary school, a teacher asked his mother if this was “culturally appropriate”. ---theguardian.com, August 8 (UK) https://is.gd/V96U63


82.          “Councils forced to overspend by £600m to protect vulnerable children as cuts push services to 'breaking point'.” Funding cuts have pushed children’s social services to “breaking point” with action only being taken to protect youngsters once they are at imminent risk of harm, council leaders warn today. ---independent.co.uk, August 9 (UK) https://is.gd/Egw3I3


83.          “Autistic boy needs hospital treatment after ‘bullies’ leave plank of wood impaled in his head.” An autistic boy was left with a one inch nail embedded in the back of his head after he was attacked by a group of “bullies” on his way home from school. ---independent.co.uk, August9 (UK) https://is.gd/oADMiI


84.          “Boveridge House to open as special needs college.” A college that gives people with special needs the chance to gain employment is to open in Dorset. Boveridge College, in Cranborne, will offer courses to people aged 16 to 25 who have Asperger's Syndrome, anxiety disorders and mental health issues. ---bbc.com, August 9 (UK) https://is.gd/eXa1Ka


85.          “Care home neglect - residents dressed in wrong clothes amid rotting plants and 'filthy' rooms.” Elderly care home residents are being dressed in other people’s clothes and left languishing without exercise for five weeks at a time, a new investigation reveals. ---telegraph.co.uk, August 10 (UK) https://is.gd/iYZzWU




86.          “Netflix’s “Atypical” is offensive, but that’s not its real problem.” I could forgive the new Netflix series “Atypical” if it were merely offensive to autistic people. Its chief sin, however, is that it’s trite. There’s no forgiving that. ---salon.com, August 8 https://is.gd/EctWcQ


87.          “Increased risk of dementia in people with Down Syndrome.” Emerging research from a Trinity team has shown those with Down Syndrome are more likely to develop dementia and to do so at an earlier age ----trinitynews.ie, August 5 https://is.gd/VP6SkA


88.          Tim Tebow hits homer after emotional embrace with autistic boy.” One young fan gave Tim Tebow the magic touch to help him hit another minor league home run. ---nypost.com, August 10 https://is.gd/34fhFs


89.          “This is what it's like to shop for a wedding dress if you use a wheelchair.” For most brides-to-be, finding the perfect wedding dress can be as daunting as it is exciting. But for 24-year-old Julie McMillian, the task proved to be an even greater challenge. ---today.com, August 4 (Georgia) https://is.gd/S8ldCd


90.          “Ms. Wheelchair Illinois, from Naperville, vies for broader advocacy role.” Shannon Webster sat at the Abilities Expo in Schaumburg, crown on her head, sash across her shoulder, greeting little girls in wheelchairs who wanted to see "the princess." ---dailyherald.com, August 7 (Illinois) https://is.gd/hiwg8I


91.          “Film Camp Teaches Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities How To Make Movies – And More.” Darrell Pullie is standing on a film set between the camera and actors holding a clapperboard, the black and white object you see in film outtakes that mark the start of a new scene or take. ---wesa.fm, August 4 (Pennsylvania) https://is.gd/eHFajR


92.          “Meet the deaf nutritional coach who’s fighting for greater accessibility in fitness.” Who isn’t a wellness influencer these days with a penchant for avo toast and #coffeebeforecardio selfies? But India is a blogger with a difference. She was born deaf, and is using her online fame to try and make the fitness industry more accessible to people with similar disabilities. ---metro.co.uk, August 9 (UK) https://is.gd/TTRUEM