When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for August 10, 2015
Articles Compiled by Anne M. Kincaid
Commentary by Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D.

Articles are listed in alphabetical order by state, so you can easily scan through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have an interest.

As you will see, this week, like last week, there are over one hundred articles (106)!!!  To help direct your attention to those which may be of highest interest, I offer this analysis:

Type of abuse:

SEXUAL ASSAULT:8, 14, 19, 20, 37, 38, 45 (special ed teacher collects child pornography)

PHYSICAL ASSAULT: 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 22, 36, 47

FINANCIAL ABUSE/ROBBERY: 6 (stole a wheelchair [W/C]); 15, 21 (W/C), 23 (W/C), 26


NEGLECT: 46 (autistic teen left home alone accidentally shoots himself with one of 3 guns + drugs in the house)

PERSON IS MISSING:  11, 13, 34

EXPLOITATION: 33 (couple uses teens with disabilities to commit burglaries)

SOME LEGAL NEWS OF INTEREST: 3 (L.A. County jails now under court supervision for treatment of inmates with mental illness.  I do not know if they categorize inmates with I/DD as having mental illness.  If so this is good news for our folks.  If not, when do our folks get the special protection they need?)

Item 29 covers a school district that discovers three Special Education Supervisors do not have required Masters Degrees.

GOOD NEWS: 53 (USDOE awards $9.2 million to nine states to improve special education personnel training.)

79 (New Texas law mandates cameras in special education classrooms to reduce incidence of abuse.)

Location of abuse and relationship of victim to perpetrator:

Of the abuse that occurred at school, check # 1,2,10,37

Of the abuse that occurred at home, check # 9, 12, 22, 36, 47

Perpetrators include: teacher, “friend,” mother’s boyfriend, family friend, friend of wife of perpetrator, website lurker.


Cross reference item #2 with editorial #49

Cross reference #12 with #44.  Case occurred in Georgia, not Tennessee.

Cross reference # 2 with #40. Case occurred in Kentucky.

QUESTION:  What do you think of #20?  The perpetrator, a 58 year old man found his victim, a woman with I/DD living in a group home, on a website for abused women.  “He helped her escape from her group home,” then took her to his home and raped her.  What, if any, are implications regarding finding help as abuse victims?  Please let us/me know your thoughts.




1.   “Alabama Mother Recorded Teachers Mistreating Special Needs Son, but Loses Legal Fight” --- A lawsuit against Houston County Schools has been thrown out by a federal judge during a summary judgment this week, according to the Dothan ... --- AL.com --- August 6, 2015  (ALABAMA)  http://is.gd/5JcmIH


2.   “Deputy Sued by ACLU for Allegedly Handcuffing Special Needs Children” --- The organization also released video showing a 9-year-old girl, also a special needs child, receiving the same treatment after acting out during class. --- Tucson News Now --- August 3, 2015  (ARIZONA)  http://is.gd/0cla9X


3.   “LA County Jails to Be Under Court Oversight for Mentally Ill” --- The Justice Department originally opened its investigation in 1996 and found constitutional deficiencies related to the treatment of mentally ill ... --- ABC News --- August 5, 2015  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/KYBA8h


4.   “Family of Man Shot Dead by Police on Skid Row Files Lawsuit” --- In federal prison in Minnesota, Keunang was assigned to the mental health unit, ... Piovia-Scott said Keunang's family disputes that he was mentally ill. --- ABC News --- August 5, 2015  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/OaaIE0


5.   “Tulare County Nursing Home Operator Accused of Discriminating Against Disabled Employees” --- As the parents of a disabled child, my wife and I are sickened to read EEOC's inflammatory characterization of "systemic discrimination of ... --- ABC30.com --- August 5, 2015  (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/Gp3n1J


6.   “Problem Solvers: Disabled Woman Can't Get Around after Thief Steals Electric Scooter” --- A single, handicapped, mother who is bound to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy is at a loss for words after someone stole her ... --- FOX31 Denver --- August 6, 2015  (COLORADO)  http://is.gd/LFysGF


7.   “Federal Lawsuit Says Solitary Confinement in Delaware is 'Cruel and Unusual' ” --- Two Delaware nonprofits say the state Department of Correction is violating mentally ill prisoners' constitutional rights under current solitary ... --- Delaware First Media --- August 7, 2015  (DELAWARE)  http://is.gd/f9ks2d


8.   “Man Raped, Choked Disabled Woman, Brevard County Deputies Say” --- A Brevard County man remains jailed without bond after authorities say he sexually assaulted a mentally disabled woman at his home, Local 6 news ... --- WKMG Orlando --- August 7, 2015  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/92PaaW


9.   “State Orders Clay Group Home Closed, Pulling Medicaid Funding” --- The state Agency for Persons with Disabilities issued an emergency closure order Wednesday for an Orange Park-area group home that houses six ... --- Florida Times-Union --- August 5, 2015  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/A25mWX


10.   “Bus Video Shows Student Being Attacked While Monitor Knits” --- ... 2013, one student is seen walking past the bus monitor and -- according to the surveillance video -- appears to physically attack the autistic boy. --- WPBF West Palm Beach --- August 4, 2015  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/UBIb5B


11.   “Mentally Handicapped Man Missing in Coral Gables” --- Berry, who is diabetic and mentally handicapped, stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a mustache. If you have information on his whereabouts, please ... --- 7Online WSVN-TV --- August 3, 2015  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/QPW8lZ


12.   “Three Face Charges after Special Needs Child Was Found In Cage” --- Three people have been arrested on charges of cruelty to children and false imprisonment charges after a special needs child was found in a ... --- WRCB-TV --- August 7, 2015  (GEORGIA)  http://is.gd/7ONDIn


13.   “Autistic Boy, 3, Found Dead in Lake” --- Authorities say the body of an autistic 3-year-old boy was pulled Sunday from a lake in central Georgia after a frantic search for the ... --- KWTX --- August 2, 2015  (GEORGIA)  http://is.gd/ngpDL0


14.   “Huntingburg Man Charged with Sexual Battery of Mentally Challenged Teen” --- According to the Jasper Police Department, 25-year-old Robert Dale Blanford is accused of touching a 17-year-old mentally challenged teen in a ... --- 14 News WFIE Evansville --- August 7, 2015  (INDIANA)  http://is.gd/MESINw


15.   “Trio Assaulted Man with Autism, Police Say” --- Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said, "They actually targeted this victim based on his vulnerabilities and disabilities. It doesn't get any lower than ... --- KCCI Des Moines --- August 7, 2015  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/c9TShO


16.   “Franklin Police Searching for Missing Special Needs Teens” --- Camp wears glasses and was last seen wearing pink striped pajama pants, possibly wearing sandals. She has down syndrome and limited verbal ... --- WBKO --- August 7, 2015  (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/9jKHjz 


17.   “School Resource Officer Sued for Allegedly Handcuffing Disabled Children” --- ... the Kenton County Sheriff's Office and additional training for school resource officers in dealing with young children and children with special needs. --- CNN --- August 4, 2015  (KENTUCKY)  http://is.gd/dzTrK7


18.   “Bobby Jindal zeroed in on the fact that Houser escaped involuntary commitment to psychiatric treatment, meaning he wasn't in a federal ... --- The Advocate --- August 9, 2015  (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/g8blsc


19.   “Sex Offender Gets Five Years for Abusing Mentally Disabled Girl” --- A sex offender who played Santa Claus awaits transportation to state prison after he was convicted of sexually abusing a mentally disabled teenage ... --- Houma Courier --- August 7, 2015  (LOUISIANA)  http://is.gd/uTzRyy


20.   “Man Accused of Raping Disabled Woman from Group Home” --- A Massachusetts man accused of helping a disabled woman escape from a group home and then sexually assaulting her at his summer residence in ... --- NECN --- August 6, 2015  (MAINE)  http://is.gd/8PcKsP


21.   “Disabled 8-Year Old's Wheelchair Stolen on Ocean City Boardwalk” --- An eight-year old with a debilitating disease and confined to a customized wheelchair had the chair stolen at the Ocean City ... --- WBOC TV 16 --- August 5, 2015  (MARYLAND)  http://is.gd/ZWWwZw


22.   “Mom of Battered Autistic Boy Arrested; Abuse Charges Pending” --- The Washington County Sheriff's Office says the mother of a badly beaten autistic boy has been arrested on a fugitive ... --- WTRF --- August 4, 2015  (MARYLAND)  http://is.gd/AC8kR9

23.   “Provider of Mental Health Evaluations for Baltimore Police under Investigation” --- The investigation focuses on whether Lutherville-based Psychology Consultants Associated fulfilled the requirements of its $730,000, two-year ... --- Baltimore Sun --- August 5, 2015  (MARYLAND)  http://is.gd/ZUEGq0

24.   “Man Accused of Stealing Power Wheel Chair in Cambridge” --- A Cambridge man is accused of stealing a power wheel chair from an apartment in Cambridge, and attempting to re-sell it. --- WMDT --- August 4, 2015  (MARYLAND)  http://is.gd/m3aLaS


25.   “Springfield Landlord Disciplined for Not Providing Wheelchair Ramp” --- "Without a ramp, the tenant was required to carry her son and his wheelchair up and down several stairs and through multiple doors when entering or ... --- MassLive.com --- August 7, 2015  (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/gFO8iw 


26.   “Community Home Staff Member Cited for Spending Over $200 on Vulnerable Adult's Debit Card” --- A staff member in a St. Cloud-Sartell community home has been cited for allegedly taking a debit card from a vulnerable adult and spending ... --- WJON News --- August 5, 2015  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/4eMuHE


27.   “Disabled Girl Awarded $17M; Award Could Test Nebraska's Cap on Medical Malpractice Award Cap” --- A federal jury has awarded a 2-year-old girl a staggering $17 million, finding that subpar care at a Bellevue hospital led to her ... --- Daily Journal --- August 8, 2015  (NEBRASKA)  http://is.gd/FSijLm


28.   “Judges Reject Motions to Dismiss Charges Against Mentally Ill Inmates” --- That includes providing court-ordered psychiatric treatment to inmates within 14 days. "I have to balance the two issues — the interest of the ... --- Las Vegas Review-Journal --- August 6, 2015  (NEVADA)  http://is.gd/U7niuZ


29.   “Paterson Special Ed Supervisors Lacked Required Degrees, Report Says” --- Four of the five people who worked as special education supervisors in Paterson schools last year didn't have the master's degrees in ... --- NJ.com --- August 4, 2015  (NEW JERSEY)  http://is.gd/J7pazn


30.   “Women Accused by State of Abuse in Niskayuna Acquitted” --- For instance, the sole witness was — like the defendants — an employee of a group home for disabled people on Union Street in Niskayuna. --- Albany Times Union --- August 7, 2015  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/1vEOr8


31.   “Deaf Staten Island Woman's Lawsuit Against NYPD Can Proceed, Report Says” --- A judge is allowing a deaf woman from Staten Island to move forward with a lawsuit alleging that her civil rights were violated ... --- SILive.com --- August 7, 2015  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/JNDJjO


32.   “Suspects Attacked Wheelchair Bound Man, Pistol Whipped Another in Bronx Robbery, Cops Say” --- Police have asked the public for help in locating suspects wanted in connection with a robbery that took place in the Bronx.. --- CBS Local --- August 6, 2015  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/cOHAiw


33.   “Two Charged in Southern Ulster County Crime Spree Involving Mentally Disabled Teens” --- Two local residents have been been linked to a “crime wave” involving the coersion of mentally disabled teens, multiple burglaries ... --- The Daily Freeman --- August 5, 2015  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/LjAnVO


34.   “Man, 20, with Autism Missing in Brooklyn” --- A 20-year-old man with autism vanished in Brooklyn and police are asking for the public's help to get him home safely. --- New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV --- August 3, 2015  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/a5p9rK


35.   “Blind Woman Robbed in Broad Daylight” --- Walters is legally blind. Because of that, she can't drive, so she often walks to the convenience store on Craighead road in North Charlotte. --- WBTV --- August 7, 2015  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/5fyIam


36.   “Former Tenant Charged with Assaulting Handicapped Person” --- Nicole Roberson, 36, of 445 Second Ave. SE, Hickory, was charged with one misdemeanor count of simple assault on a handicapped person, one ... --- Hickory Daily Record --- August 4, 2015  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/dmF4KX


37.   “Board Seeks to Revoke Teaching License of Former Mandan Teacher” ---- The North Dakota Education Practices and Standards ... In July special education teacher Amanda Kolosky pleaded guilty to having a ... --- WDAY --- August 4, 2015  (NORTH DAKOTA)  http://is.gd/KBmtQC


38.   “Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Mentally Handicapped Woman” --- An Ashtabula-area sex offender who spent one year in prison after he was convicted of attempted gross sexual imposition toward two ... --- The Star Beacon --- August 4, 2015  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/tWSGwH


39.   “State Investigating How Girl Drowned at Day Camp” --- The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities is looking into the drowning death of a 5-year-old girl at Camp Allyn on Thursday. The department ... --- Cincinnati.com --- August 4, 2015  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/AOTBtl


40.   “Federal Lawsuit Targets Kenton County for Allegedly Mistreating Children with Disabilities” --- The Kenton County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Charles Korzenborn, and School Resource Officer Kevin Sumner are named in a federal lawsuit filed on ... --- WVXU --- August 3, 2015  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/3yrPgV


41.   “Lane County Announces Reduced Settlement in Inmate's Wrongful-Death Lawsuit” --- Lane County will pay $100,000 less than anticipated to settle a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the family of a mentally ill county jail inmate who ... --- The Register-Guard --- August 7, 2015  (OREGON)  http://is.gd/LPGPZt


42.   “Mother: Schizophrenic Son's Arrest 'a Failure of System' ” --- Donna Yocom was mortified to hear about her son's arrest for driving a car into his former dentist. Most upsetting: She believes the incident could have ... --- Sioux Falls Argus Leader --- August 7, 2015  (SOUTH DAKOTA)  http://is.gd/Q23YSm


43.   “Schizophrenia Not Always an Indicator of Violence” --- But mental health experts describe schizophrenia as a distorted view of reality that can result in a combination of hallucinations and delusions. --- The Tennessean --- August 7, 2015  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/TxeKr4


44.   “2 Women Face Charges after Special Needs Child Found in Cage” --- But nothing could have prepared investigators for what they found inside: Two makeshift cages that made two special needs children prisoners inside ... --- WSMV Nashville --- August 7, 2015  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/skz6qM


45.   “School Psychologist for Special-needs Students Charged with 25 Counts of Child Porn Possession ...” ---  Richard Pitcock, 51, from Ashland City - a licensed psychologist who works with special-needs kids in grades K-12 - is accused of being caught with ... --- Daily Mail --- August 6, 2015 (TENNESSEE) http://is.gd/wePT1l


46.   “Mother Jailed after Mentally Disabled Boy Accidentally Shoots Himself” --- The mother of a 13-year-old mentally disabled boy remained in jail Wednesday, one day after the boy accidentally shot himself. Shallon Sales was ... --- Chattanooga Times Free Press --- August 6, 2015  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/GFgUZ4


47.  “Warrant: Staff Member Abuses Disabled Man at Group Home” --- Police have issued an arrest warrant for a staff member accused of injuring a disabled patient at a group home. According to the warrant, ... --- KVUE --- August 7, 2015  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/jDpEgS


48.   “Bexar County Jail Has State's Worst Record for Jail Suicides Since 2009” --- An independent consultant found that officers weren't following protocol concerning mentally ill and suicidal inmates, a point of controversy when ... --- San Antonio Express-News  --- August 3, 2015 (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/u4H2a8


49.   “Why Handcuffing Children is a Really Bad Idea” --- The use of violent restraint and seclusion to enforce compliance on children with disabilities, especially children of color with disabilities, is a ... --- CNN --- August 5, 2015  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/Lj0doj


50.   “Is Handcuffing Special Needs Kids Acceptable Discipline? The Officer Who Did Now Faces Backlash” --- A federal lawsuit has been filed after a resource officer on different occasions shackled two children who have disabilities, using ... --- Deseret News --- August 5, 2015  (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/I5eB2V


51.   “Black Students Put Out, Arrested More Often, Website Reports” --- For one, students must have a professional's diagnosis to qualify for certain special education services under federal education law, yet many black ... --- NOLA.com --- August 3, 2015  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/ilbS65


Seeking Improved Support


52.   “Alabama Claims Highest Rate of Disability in Nation” --- Overall, Alabama leads the nation in disability rates, as nearly a third of Alabama residents require some assistance to negotiate basic daily life. --- AL.com --- August 5, 2015  (ALABAMA)  http://is.gd/1ZGeSt


53.   “Grant Awarded to Ark. to Improve Training Systems for Children with Disabilities” --- The U.S. Department of Education announced on Friday the award of $9.2 million in grants to nine states to improve personnel training systems to ... --- THV 11 --- August 7, 2015  (ARKANSAS)  http://is.gd/7L2BhQ


54.   “Report: Bridgeport Schools Still Failing Special Education Students” --- In the 21-page document, the center details numerous examples of neglect from the past school year, including the case of one special needs child ... --- CT Post --- August 8, 2015  (CONNECTICUT)  http://is.gd/O0PvLK


55.   “Budget Cuts End Program for Adults with Disabilities” --- But the program that helped her beat the odds at the national contest will vanish this school year, leaving at least 49 students with disabilities in the ... --- Sarasota Herald-Tribune --- August 4, 2015  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/7ulLBz


56.   “Floridians with Disabilities Are Underused Workforce Resource” --- Young people with disabilities may simply need some thoughtful help to transition into the workforce. People who are blind, deaf or non-verbal ... --- Sun Sentinel --- August 3, 2015  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/01HaY4


57.   “DeKalb Superintendent: Special Education Department 'Under Reconstruction' ” --- Some parents of children with special needs in the DeKalb schools are not satisfied with the service they get. The group said the district's Special ... --- WABE 90.1 FM --- August 3, 2015  (GEORGIA)  http://is.gd/LL1zUd


58.   “State Hospital Beginning to Feel Like a Jail” --- Service providers estimate 30 percent of the homeless have some sort of substance abuse or mental illness. With the state hospital full of criminals ... --- Hawaii News Now --- August 7, 2015  (HAWAII)  http://is.gd/Xy70mI


59.   “State Trails in Diagnosing Kids' Delayed Development” --- Indiana health care providers diagnose developmental disorders in children more than two years later than the national average, according to a group ... --- Fort Wayne Journal Gazette --- August 5, 2015  (INDIANA)  http://is.gd/TBccq0


60.   “More Mentally Ill People Expected to Reach Old Age” --- Society will need to add services for seniors with mental illnesses, because more people with those conditions are surviving into old age, a University ... --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- August 9, 2015  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/y8einZ


61.   “Ann Arbor Mayor Reaffirms Commitment to Implementing Americans with Disabilities Act” --- Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor reads a proclamation recommitting to fully implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act in Ann Arbor on Aug. --- MLive.com --- August 7, 2015  (MICHIGAN) http://is.gd/niGmqx


62.   “Parents of Oral Deaf Students Lobby Grand Rapids Schools for Staffing” --- KISD contracts with GRPS to operate the county's special education programming. There are 50 students in the Oral Deaf Program countywide who ... --- MLive.com --- August 4, 2015  (MICHIGAN)  http://is.gd/yMESle


63.   “World-Herald Editorial: Turnaround in Beatrice” --- The Beatrice State Developmental Center has suffered through a long period of tremendous upheaval, but it finally appears to have reached a positive ... --- Omaha World-Herald --- August 6, 2015  (NEBRASKA)  http://is.gd/7Es7sV


64.   “New York City Initiative Aims to Help Violence-Prone Mentally Ill People” --- Mental health experts will fan out to New York City's homeless shelters, into the streets and to other places to treat mentally ill people who exhibit ... --- New York Times --- August 6, 2015  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/VorqH2


65.   “Nearly 100 Gather to Voice Opposition to Funding Cuts for Disability Services” --- The cut equals $5.5 million less for the waiver payments on the state level for disability and aging services. Adding the loss of matching federal funds, ... --- Tulsa World --- August 7, 2015  (OKLAHOMA)  http://is.gd/5GBBQn


66.   “Waco VA Sees Progress in Claims Backlog; Advocate Raises Appeals Issue” --- The office's backlog now ranks fourth nationally; it used to lead the nation in backlogged disability claims and was criticized over how long it took ... --- Waco Tribune-Herald --- August 8, 2015  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/sBsUXa


67.   “Critics Say Cuts to Therapy for Disabled in Texas Based on Bad Data” --- Advocates of services for disabled Texans say the state's plans to cut Medicaid payments for physical therapy and other services were based on ... --- Austin American-Statesman --- August 5, 2015  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/y5t3sx


68.   “Riverside Psychiatrist Pleads Not Guilty in Medicare Scheme” --- She was reprimanded by the Texas Medical Board in 2009 for "recreating medical records for psychiatric patients significantly later than the time she ... --- Chron.com --- August 2, 2015  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/QPMGbz


69.   “New Psychiatric Facility Hasn't Solved Crisis in Care” --- It has been a year since the doors of the Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital opened, adding much needed beds for people in mental health crisis. --- vtdigger.org --- August 2, 2015  (VERMONT)  http://is.gd/NUS2wL


70.   “Photo of the Day: Obama Embraces Nigeria's Disability Rights Activist Grace Jerry” --- U.S. President Barack Obama embraces Nigerian disability-rights activist and musician Grace Alache Jerry after she introduced him during the Young ... --- The News --- August 4, 2015  (WASHINGTON, D.C.) http://is.gd/8LXffe


71.   “Shortage of Psychiatric Hospital Beds is Costing Eau Claire Co.” --- When police respond to mental health emergencies, County Board Supervisor Colleen Bates says it's up to the county to place patients at psychiatric ... --- WEAU --- August 3, 2015  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/FGivNp


72.   “Schizophrenia Not Always an Indicator of Violence” --- The reports include his mother's assertion that he was a paranoid schizophrenic, a diagnosis she told police he received in 2006 from a Murfreesboro, ... --- USA TODAY --- August 7, 2015  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/1d2wal


73.   “Task Force Urges More Research into Child Autism Screening” --- Doctors are supposed to routinely check if youngsters are meeting appropriate milestones or show signs of developmental disorders including autism. --- ABC News --- August 3, 2015  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/BVWPoa


Proposed Legislation and New Laws

74.   “Murphy Proposes Package of Mental Health Reforms” --- On the margins of a slew of mass shootings that have heightened awareness of mental illness, a growing stack of bills in Congress aim to overhaul the ... --- CT Post --- August 4, 2015  (CONNECTICUT)  http://is.gd/N0vVbB


75.   “After 3 Tries, Advocates Unable to Get Judge to Force Mentally Ill Woman into Treatment” --- It's an example of problems with our social services system, because the mentally ill owner of the home fell through the cracks for years. Court records ... --- Hawaii News Now --- August 3, 2015  (HAWAII)  http://is.gd/oqEdat


76.   “New Law Pushes Treatment for the Oft-jailed Mentally Ill” --- A chief challenge in treating serious mental illness is getting patients to recognize they need help, because people who have delusions generally ... --- Honolulu Star-Advertiser --- August 3, 2015  (HAWAII)  http://is.gd/RgxzL4


77.   “Illinois Offering New Savings Accounts for People with Disabilities” --- ... accounts to help families cover expenses for people with disabilities. ... accounts "will make a tremendous difference for individuals with disabilities." --- WPSD Local 6 --- August 7, 2015  (ILLINOIS)  http://is.gd/07W1CL


78.   “NC 'ABLE' Program to Help People with Disabilities Approved” --- North Carolina legislators have agreed the state should participate in a new federal program that allows for tax-advantaged ... --- Winston-Salem Journal --- August 3, 2015  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/r0ugdF


79.   “Law Will Require Cameras in School Classrooms” --- "Sadly the reason why is because unfortunately many families in Texas have been devastated because there child with a disability has been harmed ... --- FOX 29 --- August 7, 2015  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/mtOsIw


80.   “Advocates Say Mental Health 'Parity' Law Is Not Fulfilling Its Promise” --- Seven years after Congress passed a landmark law banning discrimination in the treatment of mentally ill people, many families and their advocates ... --- Kitsap Sun --- August 3, 2015  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/T0qOMJ 


International Articles


81.   “Cops Accused of Torturing Mentally Ill Woman Will Face Public Hearing” --- Two police officers accused of torturing a mentally ill woman arrested for being drunk will face public questioning after a Supreme Court ruling. --- Herald Sun --- August 7, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/M7lXP5


82.   “Two Men Found Guilty of Brutal Axe Murder of Victorian Autistic Boy” --- Two men have been found guilty of the sickening murder of a 14-year-old autistic boy who was attacked with an axe while trying to ... --- 9news.com.au --- August 7, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/IG5KSh


83.   “Man Jailed over Sex with His Ex-partner's Disabled Daughter” --- A man who had sex with his ex-partner's intellectually disabled daughter between 1993-1997 and again in 2002 has been jailed for more than eight ... --- Herald Sun --- August 7, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/C4d31h


84.   “Empowering Those with Disabilities” --- The Disability Human Rights Clinic is the first subject of its kind in Australia. Melbourne Juris Doctor students and researchers – many of whom have ... --- The Age --- August 7, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/yi9kqa


85.   “Calls for Background Checks on Disability Carers, Mandatory Abuse Reporting” --- Police background checks on disability carers and a mandatory abuse reporting scheme should be set up in Victoria, according to an interim ... --- Herald Sun --- August 6, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/88hNv8


86.   “Man Pleads Not Guilty to Manslaughter of Disabled Daughter” --- A Hunter Valley man has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in relation to the death of his severely disabled daughter. The nine-year-old girl, who ... --- ABC Local --- August 5, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/Y9qiYH


87.   “Disability Justice Centre Finally Opens for Mentally-Impaired Accused in Western Australia” ---  Western Australia's first Disability Justice Centre will finally provide civilised treatment for some of the community's most vulnerable ... --- ABC Online --- August 4, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/nuDC7u


88.   “Place for Mentally Impaired Accused Open” --- Lord Street Disability Justice Centre in Caversham has opened, to house mentally impaired people accused of crimes. There is now an alternative to ... --- Perth Now --- August 3, 2015  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/j69Ufh


89.   “Williams Lake Man Jailed 3 Years for Sexual Assault on Mentally Challenged Woman” --- A man who sexually assaulted a mentally challenged woman in a washroom at a Williams Lake hospital has been sentenced to three years in prison. --- The Province --- August 5, 2015  (CANADA) http://is.gd/c7bG4I 


90.   “Police Ask Fort Saskatchewan Residents to Look for Missing Disabled Man” --- RCMP in Fort Saskatchewan are asking residents to search their parked vehicles, garages and sheds for a missing 44-year-old disabled man. --- Edmonton Journal --- August 3, 2015  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/ObFQr6


91.   “Beijing Gets 1st Private Mental Hospital” --- China had 4.3 million severely mentally ill patients on government records at the end of 2014. But there is a severe shortage of trained doctors and ... --- Times of India --- August 3, 2015  (CHINA)  http://is.gd/kagze6


92.   “Social Care Regulators Receiving 150 Allegations of Abuse Towards Vulnerable Adults Every Day” ---  The rise comes after a report by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, which is made up of senior figures from local ... --- The Independent --- August 8, 2015  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/bzVgAC


93.   “Autistic Teenager is Attacked on Family Holiday” --- A mother from Surrey has started an online campaign to find out who attacked her autistic son on a family holiday. Thomas Attwater, who's 18, suffered ... --- ITV News --- August 7, 2015  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/k4BSVx


94.   “St Helens Mum Demands Answers after Mentally Ill Daughter Escaped Secure Unit and Jumped Off a Bridge” --- The mother of a mentally ill teenager from St Helens who managed to escape from a secure hospital and jump from a bridge  ... --- Liverpool Echo --- August 5, 2015  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/MiYiCG


95.   “Concern Grows for Autistic Man Missing from Lewes” --- Police are growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of an autistic man missing from his home in Lewes. Joshua Davey has not been seen since ... --- Sussex Express --- August 4, 2015  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/lxbXsZ


96.   “Childcare Officials Apologise to Half-blind, Neglected Boy Who Wrote 'Help Me' on Bedroom Wall” --- CHILD care professionals have said 'sorry, we let you down' to a vulnerable boy who ended up half-blind through neglect and wrote a ... --- The Northern Echo --- August 3, 2015  (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/2bwNhc


97.   “Psychiatric Nurses in Accra Declare Sit-down Strike” --- The psychiatric nurses say they have negotiated with the government over the payment of the arrears but despite the assurances, their situation shows ... --- GhanaWeb --- August 4, 2015  (GHANA)  http://is.gd/EoC13v


98.   “The Therapy that's Giving Hong Kong's Autistic Children a Fighting Chance” --- Friends used to tell Jai how blessed she was to have such a compliant, easy-going child who didn't throw any tantrums. It wasn't until her son was 2½ ... --- South China Morning Post --- August 4, 2015  (HONG KONG)  http://is.gd/eHxaxa


99.   “Delhi's District Courts Lack Facilities for Disabled” --- A day after TOI carried a report on the plight of a disabled accused who was forced to crawl on his hands to a fifth-floor courtroom, all six ... --- Times of India --- August 7, 2015  (INDIA)  http://is.gd/txvt2g


100.   “Psychiatric Patients Feel Coerced into Hospitalisation” --- Psychiatric patients are up to five times more likely than their families to feel they were forced into a hospital admission than their families, a new study ... --- Irish Examiner --- August 8, 2015  (IRELAND)  http://is.gd/kXusNU


101.   “An Evangelical Christian Ministry Which Says Gay People Have ‘Special Needs’ is in Dublin” --- An international evangelicals Christian ministry which belies that homosexuals are “immoral” and have “special needs” is due to perform a ... --- thejournal.ie --- August 4, 2015  (IRELAND)  http://is.gd/ylNqHR


102.   “Carer Criticised for Leaving Autistic Man before Fatal House Fire” --- A support worker told police he acted "irresponsibly" when a 20-year-old autistic man he was caring for died in a house fire while he left to go and get ... --- Stuff.co.nz --- August 3, 2015   (NEW ZEALAND)  http://is.gd/tabF69

103.   “Ask a North Korean: How Do You Treat Mental Illness?” --- In an ongoing series, NK News poses a reader's question to a defector who fled the DPRK. Here, the poor state of psychiatric care comes under ... --- The Guardian --- August 6, 2015  (NORTH KOREA)  http://is.gd/YSCMYR

104.   “Deaf, Mute Indian Girl Stuck in Pakistan for 14 Years” --- Bollywood hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan may be a work of fiction, but in Karachi it is a real life story of a deaf and mute Indian girl stuck in Pakistan for 14 years, ... --- Daily News & Analysis --- August 3, 2015  (PAKISTAHN)  http://is.gd/Q7klBY


105.   “Man Jailed after Attacking Carer and Robbing Disabled Man” --- A heartless thief has been locked up after he attacked a carer and robbed a disabled man. Charles Skinner appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court ... --- Aberdeen Press and Journal --- August 4, 2015  (SCOTLAND)  http://is.gd/iDK9VX


106.   “Korean Firm to Train Vietnamese People with Disabilities” --- A Korean corporation has opened a centre to provide training courses on information technology to Vietnamese people with ... --- Viet Nam News --- August 5, 2015  (VIETNAM)  http://is.gd/0dzDzQ




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