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News Summary for March 10, 2014
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

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Dr. Nora's Top Articles:

1.   “Mentally Ill More Often Victims of Violence than Perpetrators: Study” --- Within a six-month period of time, nearly one-third of adults with a mental health disorder are victimized, the study revealed. The researchers also ... --- Philly.com --- February 27, 2014  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/ZCR2am

2.   “State Hit with Fines over Psych Hospitals” --- Perkins, a mentally ill woman, had been held in the County Jail on criminal charges. But when Perkins was transported to Napa State Hospital on Jan. --- Stockton Record --- March 5, 2014  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/eipLI5

3.   “Appeals Court Judge under Fire for Ordering New Rape Trial” --- “I had to go visit the Down syndrome woman who was the victim of the rape and tell her that even though a jury had convicted her assailant of the ... --- Atlanta Journal Constitution --- February 26, 2014  (GEORGIA)  http://is.gd/Y5cKmP

4.   “Louisiana Baptist Pastor David Lemley Accused of Raping Mentally Disabled Woman” --- A Baptist pastor has been arrested for allegedly raping a disabled woman who has a mental age of a seven-year-old at her father's request. --- Daily Mail --- March 3, 2014  (LOUISIANA)  http://is.gd/LmviKY

5.   “Ex-worker Accused of Abusing Disabled Adults at Beatrice Center Gets up to 15 Years in Prison” --- A former Beatrice State Developmental Center worker convicted of abusing developmentally disabled adults has again been ... --- The Republic --- February 27, 2014  (NEBRASKA)  http://is.gd/mgxm0L

6.   “Agency Sued in Sexual Assault of Autistic Man” --- The woman, who is a legal guardian for the developmentally disabled man from Lee, seeks compensatory damages arising from sexual assaults and ... --- Foster's Daily Democrat --- March 5, 2014  (NEW HAMPSHRE)  http://is.gd/JqFUBg

7.   “Abuse Not Tolerated, Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Says” --- The beating of Prince Bradley is one of 611 documented cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation of people with intellectual disabilities receiving ... --- The Tennessean --- February 27, 2014  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/zr7YyS

8.   “Fairer Treatment for Disabled Victims of Sexual Assault: Pilot Program” --- People with an intellectual disability struggle in the justice system, where they are often seen as unreliable witnesses. As a result many cases of ... --- ABC Online --- February 27, 2014  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/o3UtWE

9.   “Woman with Down Syndrome Wrongly Put in Facility, Family Says” --- A Toronto couple is asking for an apology and has plans to launch a human rights complaint after their 49-year-old sister with Down syndrome was ... --- CBC.ca --- February 26, 2014  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/c39Eg4


10.   “Woman Met Alleged Theft Victim at Church, Became Caregiver” --- Woman met alleged theft victim at church, became caregiver ... a disabled person met her alleged victim at church and then became his caregiver. --- WAFF --- March 4, 2014  (ALABAMA)   http://is.gd/QdLf15

11.   “Former Teacher Aide Admits to Harrassing Student” --- ... kicking the wheelchair, slapping, and becoming verbally abuse toward Jose Salinas, a Wicksburg High School student suffering from cerebral palsy. --- Dothan First --- March 3, 2014  (ALABAMA)  http://is.gd/B7EpSV

12.   “Responsibilities, Limitations for Protecting At-risk Adults” --- In 2012 Adult Protective Services (APS) responded to 11,000 reports of mistreatment or self-neglect of at-risk adults in Colorado ... --- Fort Morgan Times --- February 27, 2014  (COLORADO)  http://is.gd/55PGLd

13.   “Man Accused of Abusing 2 at Godfrey Group Home” --- A group supervisor at a southwestern Illinois home for people with developmental disabilities is accused of slapping two ... --- San Francisco Chronicle         --- March 1, 2014  (ILLINOIS)  http://is.gd/Y2iaOj

14.   “Consumer Alert: Couple Uses Disabled Woman, Disaster to Scam People” --- Laine's only sister, Leslie, was disabled and Laine took care of her. "It turned out someone had used her identification in a fraudulent activity, saying ... --- WKYT --- March 5, 2014  (KENTUCKY)   http://is.gd/HGQFOh

15.   “Bardstown Man Charged with Sexual Assault of Young, Mentally Handicapped Girl” --- Police classified the victim as "borderline mentally retarded." Neighbor Jerimiah Lamb was sickened to hear of the police report on the 20-year-old ... --- WLKY Louisville --- March 4, 2014 (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/wS2q34 

16.   “Shreveport Man Arrested for Stealing 401K of Mentally Handicapped Victim” --- A Shreveport man was arrested on Friday for stealing the retirement savings of a mentally challenged acquaintance, according Caddo Sheriff Steve ... --- KTAL --- March 3, 2014  (LOUISIANA)  http://is.gd/RGQhM1

17.   “Riverview Psychiatric Center Superintendent Fired” --- In October, the federal government yanked $20 million in funding from Riverview because federal officials say the hospital failed to comply with safety standards. --- WMTW Portland --- March 5, 2014  (MAINE)  http://is.gd/MrVqYd

18.   “Officer Helps Disabled Woman Who Was Stranded” --- Cpl. Adrienne Pugh responded to a call for an Anne Arundel County woman who has cerebral palsy and was neglected at a supposed group home in ... --- CapitalGazette.com --- February 28, 2014  (MARYLAND)   http://is.gd/H6R5Bb

19.   “Police Say Brockton Couple Took More than Money from Sharon Disabled Woman” --- The disabled women is confined to a wheelchair and relies heavily on ... Financial exploitation and abuse of the elderly and disabled have become ... --- Enterprise News --- March 5, 2014  (MASSACHUSETTS)  http://is.gd/Gs3IJT

20.   “2 Charged with Robbing Disabled Mass. Lotto Winner” --- Two people are held without bail after Worcester police they stole $400 in lottery winnings they saw a disabled woman collect at a convenience ... --- WLNE-TV (ABC6) --- February 28, 2014  (MASSACHUSETTS)   http://is.gd/chpziM

21.   “Video of Special Needs Boy Stuck in Classroom Chair Stirs Goodrich Controversy” --- A 53-second cell phone video and pictures of a special needs student stuck in a chair inside an Oaktree Elementary classroom are ... --- The Flint Journal --- February 28, 2014  (MICHIGAN)   http://is.gd/G6vElh

22.   “State Report Finds Deep Flaws in Care, Leaving Mentally Ill in Limbo” --- State report finds deep flaws in care, leaving mentally ill in limbo ... Public care for the mentally ill in Minnesota is deeply flawed, with patients cycling in ... --- Minneapolis Star Tribune --- March 3, 2014  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/M6TLts

23.   “Advocates for Minnesotans with Disabilities to Rally at State Capitol Tuesday” --- Many people with disabilities, along with families and advocates, will go to the Capitol Tuesday to urge Minnesota legislators to pass a bill that would ... --- MinnPost.com --- March 3, 2014  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/X36e5H

24.   “Man Sentenced for Hitting Vulnerable Adult” --- A 33-year-old McComb man will serve more than a year in prison after pleading guilty to charges of abusing a vulnerable ... --- SunHerald.com --- February 26, 2014  (MISSISSIPPI)   http://is.gd/prsd6n

25.   “Suit over St. Louis Priory Student's Death Goes to Trial” --- The 13-year-old seventh-grader at St. Louis Priory School had Asperger's syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, which meant he needed regular ... --- STLtoday.com --- March 4, 2014  (MISSOURI)  http://is.gd/0woR7X

26.   “ACLU: Montana's Mentally Ill Prisoners Are Mistreated” --- The American Civil Liberties Union of Montana said Friday that the state prison and hospital have a woefully inadequate system of treating ... --- Billings Gazette --- February 28, 2014   (MONTANA)  http://is.gd/n1VQgg

27.   “NY1 For You: Ambulette Fails to Transport Disabled Brooklyn Man” --- One disabled Brooklyn man is a prisoner is his own home since his ambulette service has left him stranded. NY1's Susan Jhun filed the following "NY1 ... --- NY1 --- March 4, 2014  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/upA1Jz

28.   “Ohio Defendant Says She Was Trying to Help Mentally Disabled Woman She's Accused of Enslaving” ---- One of two people accused of enslaving a mentally disabled woman in an Ohio home for two years with her child is denying ... --- Fox News --- March 5, 2014  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/UNgWOv

29.   “Eleven Foster Kids Forced to Sleep in Cages Reach $2.3 Million Settlement” --- Their adoptive parents, Michael and Sharen Gravelle, spent two years in prison for abusing some of the children. The Gravelles, who said they used ... --- Perth Now --- March 4, 2014  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/Ya0pkG

30.   “Retaliation Suit Filed Against Goodwill Industries” --- ... Industries of South Central Ohio, alleging that she was fired after reporting suspected abuse of physically- and developmentally-disabled employees ... --- The Pike County Daily --- March 4, 2014  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/TH8kX6

31.   “Woman's Big Mouth at Brother's Sentencing Lands Her Behind Bars” --- Harry Bailey's big mouth led to his February conviction of robbing and assaulting a developmentally disabled woman, but it was Bailey's sister's big ... --- Cincinnati.com --- March 4, 2014  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/JTzHOJ

32.   “Worker at Group Home Indicted for Murder” --- The only employee in a Mount Healthy group home when a resident with Down Syndrome was killed last fall was indicted Thursday for murder. --- Cincinnati.com --- February 27, 2014  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/ULDG5B

33.   “An 18-year-old Accused of Severely Beating a Mentally Disabled Lebanon Man Took a Plea Deal in ...” --- An 18-year-old accused of severely beating a mentally disabled Lebanon man took a plea deal in Linn County Circuit Court on Thursday morning, and ... --- Albany Democrat Herald --- February 27, 2014  (OREGON)   http://is.gd/nB9EBQ

34.   “Report Critical of Inmate Treatment” --- The Disability Rights Network called treatment of mentally ill inmates at the SCI-Cresson a “Dickensian nightmare.” It blamed the suicide of an inmate ... --- The Tribune-Democrat --- March 1, 2014  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/0mRxbE

35.   “Judson ISD: Special-needs Third-grader Leaves School, Gets Picked up by Stranger” --- The special-needs student at Spring Meadows Elementary had gotten upset 'over people telling him what to do,' so he walked out of class and out of ... --- February 28, 2014  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/pkIakA

36.   “Disabled Woman Pimped, Raped by Roommate for Several Years” --- A man accused of pimping two women — one of whom is severely disabled — now faces charges of prostitution and ... --- Q13 FOX --- March 3, 2014   (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/jS794v

37.   “Developmentally Disabled Woman Burned,Locked in Room Sues State” --- Laura Gholston is a 47 year-old developmentally disabled woman, but mentally has the capacity of a 3 to 4 year-old child. “She requires ... --- Q13 FOX --- March 3, 2014  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/aOB382

38.   “Teacher Faces Charges for Allegedly Assaulting Student” --- He is accused of choking a special needs student. Baylous says the alleged victim's mother made the complaint and that Taylor was arrested after an ... --- WHAG --- February 28, 2014  (WEST VIRGINIA)   http://is.gd/rGnxVa

39.   “Man Accused of Abusing Developmentally Disabled Adults” --- According to court documents, Williams, a caregiver, was fired in September by the owner of Agape Supportive Living Services who accused him of using drugs at work. --- WISN Milwaukee --- March 3, 2014  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/yZQ753

40.   “Racine Man Sentenced for Robbery of Paraplegic Man” --- A defense attorney said a Racine man was drunk with his friend when they attacked and robbed a paraplegic man in a wheelchair and that ... --- Journal Times --- March 3, 2014  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/zqZqon

Seeking Improved Support

41.   “Mayo: Crisis Intervention Team Training Gives Cops Better Understanding of Mental Illness” --- And in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, like many places around the country, the biggest mental-health provider isn't a hospital or ... --- Sun-Sentinel

42.   “Disabled Georgians Waiting Months for Job Training” --- Budget and staffing issues have left unemployed and disabled Georgians looking for job training waiting months for help from a state ... --- WRCB-TV --- March 2, 2014  (GEORGIA)   http://is.gd/qdsbmd

43.   “Mental Health Changes: Patients Stay for Days in the Emergency Room” --- Psychiatric patients are now starting to depend more on emergency departments, and they're staying longer to get the ... --- KCRG --- February 27, 2014  (IOWA)   http://is.gd/LXvKcS

44.   “Autistic Man, His Family Are Squarely Behind the Effort to Ban the 'R' Word” --- Scott has been called some version of “retard” or “retarded” so often he has a comeback at the ready. “I say to them: 'Do you even know what the word ... --- The Detroit News --- March 5, 2014  (MICHIGAN)  http://is.gd/19UPnl

45.   “Disability Advocates Seek Funding Increase” --- "Basically the disability community opened our veins, and we bled when the state said we don't have enough money, and now that they have enough ... --- Post-Bulletin --- March 5, 2014  (MINNESOTA) http://is.gd/z1WpbF 

46.   “Parents of Autistic Children Decry State's Long Wait List for Services” --- 6-year-old Anthony Ruiz, who suffers from autism, watches television from close range in his parents room at his home in Las Vegas on Thursday, Feb ... --- Las Vegas Review-Journal --- March 2, 2014  (NEVADA)  http://is.gd/02kBnc

47.   “Woman Says Mentally Disabled Brother Being Spurned by New VA Medical Center” --- Thursa Burton's brother, Rand, is a 100 percent mentally disabled Air Force veteran who is bipolar, diabetic and recently in danger of losing his toes ... --- Las Vegas Review-Journal --- March 2, 2014  (NEVADA)  http://is.gd/ePUNQR

48.   “Inundated by the Mentally Ill, Valley Emergency Rooms Close to Ambulances” --- Hospital emergency rooms throughout the valley are closing their doors to ambulances because the mentally ill are now occupying available beds at a ... --- Las Vegas Review-Journal --- February 26, 2014  (NEVADA) http://is.gd/0CEjKa

49.   “University of Rochester Works to End Hurtful Word” --- The University of Rochester is teaming up with the Special Olympics and the Golisano Foundation to end the use of the word "retarded." Members of ... --- News 10NBC --- March 5, 2014  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/uYcc6X

50.   “Autistic NYC Boy's Cause of Death Undetermined” --- The New York City medical examiner's office says the cause and manner of death for a 14-year-old autistic boy who was missing for ... --- Wall Street Journal --- February 26, 2014  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/UavTgT

51.   “Oklahoma Ranks Near the Bottom in New Mental Health Study” --- “The report is startling,” said Oklahoma Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Commissioner Terri White. “Oklahoma has the biggest problem ... --- NewsOK.com --- March 2, 2014  (OKLAHOMA)  http://is.gd/HARQCK

52.   “Editorial: Lack of State Funding Makes it Difficult to Meet Needs of Kids with Autism” --- Because of a lack of state funding for Early Foundations Family Outreach, it will be harder to meet the needs of families who have children coping with ... --- KOCO Oklahoma City --- March 1, 2014  (OKLAHOMA)  http://is.gd/SW8QWB

53.   “Va. Mental Health Inspector Quits over Deeds Report” --- Sen. R. Creigh Deeds (D-Bath) listens as the Senate Education and Health Subcommittee on Mental Health met at the General Assembly Building in ... --- The Virginian-Pilot --- March 5, 2014  (VIRGINIA)  http://is.gd/kPWcls

54.   “New Seattle Police Policy for the Mentally Ill” --- Seattle police have adopted a new policy this week for dealing with crisis situations involving people who are mentally ill or under ... --- San Francisco Chronicle --- March 4, 2014  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/FzD0dO

55.   “Is 'Retarded' Really Worse than 'Mentally Disabled'?” --- This usage tracks the Associated Press stylebook, which says that the preferred term for people of low intelligence is “mentally disabled” and not ... --- Los Angeles Times --- March 4, 2014  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/OR1hl0

56.   “Under New DSM, Autism Diagnoses May 'Significantly Decrease' ” --- The number of people diagnosed with autism could be reduced by nearly a third under new diagnostic criteria for the developmental disorder, ... --- Disability Scoop --- March 3, 2014  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/qdjMTC

57.   “Nearly 1 in 5 Had Mental Illness Before Enlisting in Army, Study Says” --- Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. soldiers had a common mental illness, such as depression, panic disorder or ADHD, before enlisting in the Army, according to a ... --- Los Angeles Times --- March 3, 2014  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/Qnvul8

58.   “Court to Reopen Debate over Executing Mentally Disabled” --- But while Florida and other states say the specific definitions were left up to the them, mental health and intellectual disability groups say the definition ... --- USA TODAY --- March 2, 2014  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/b10rJ9

59.   “Disability-related Films Get Oscar Nominations” --- AIDS, mental illness and cancer are the disabilities of some Best Actor nominees' characters. There is also a disability-related film nominated for Best ... --- ABC7Chicago.com --- March 1, 2014  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/c2WMy7

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

60.   “Bill Would Create Three Crisis Centers in Idaho” --- Many of the people in crisis are dealing with mental illness, and while Armstrong says mental health commitments have been flat, mental holds by ... --- KTVB --- March 2, 2014  (IDAHO)  http://is.gd/7Qi6ft

61.   “Measure Would Raise Pay for People Serving Developmentally Disabled” --- A measure in Maryland would ensure people who provide direct service to the developmentally disabled would get a pay ... --- The Republic --- February 27, 2014  (MARYLAND)  http://is.gd/4hWEI4 

62.   “An Examination of Quality-of-Care Among Developmentally Disabled Individuals in the N.J. ...” --- At a recent South Bergen meeting of parents and family members of developmentally disabled children and adults, Rosemary Wey, 85, shook her ... --- newjerseynewsroom.com --- February 27, 2014  (NEW JERSEY)  http://is.gd/SO5VBW

63.   “State House Plan Would Fund Bill Pushed by Parents of Mentally Ill Capitol Hill Man” --- It is directly aimed at House Bill 2725, which was pushed by the parents of Joel Reuter, a mentally ill man killed by police last July after firing at officers ... --- The Seattle Times --- February 26, 2014  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/Vjd0nN

64.   “State Lawmakers Propose More Money for Mental-health Care” --- Hunter's budget would fund 48 new mental-health treatment beds in King, Thurston and Mason counties, as well as in Eastern Washington; create ... --- The Seattle Times --- February 26, 2014  (WASHINGTON)   http://is.gd/PWztmg

International Articles

65.   “SA Woman Killed Disabled Husband: Court” --- A woman who hated her wheelchair-bound husband murdered him by setting fire to his bedroom and burning him to death, an Adelaide jury has been told. --- Ninemsn --- March 4, 2014  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/3uRFgD

66.   “Bus Attack: Two Women Charged with Assaulting Partially Blind Man” --- After the assault the elderly man can be heard telling other passengers that he couldn't see his attackers because he is partially blind. The victim, also ... --- The Guardian --- February 28, 2014  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/sXBZcg

67.   “Disabled Woman Wins Human Rights Case over $1.25/hour Pay” --- Terri-Lynn Garrie is photographed in front of 150 King St. where a re-consideration hearing with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal is underway on ... --- Sun News Network --- March 5, 2014  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/jF1S3O

68.   “Sudbury ER a Hot Spot for Mentally Ill, Alcoholic Patients: Study” --- Most of these people have chronic mental health and alcohol problems, Paquette said, and the Sudbury hospital emergency room is often their first ... --- CBC.ca --- March 4, 2014  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/UvQJsG

69.   “Disability Hate Crime Victim's Campaign Plea” --- A woman subjected to months of abuse because of her disability, is calling on people to report hate crimes. Rochelle Dawes, says she was made to ... --- Doncaster Today --- March 2, 2014  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/ME4aAg

70.   “Breaking News Ex-bursar Linda Whittaker Convicted of £18K School Fraud” --- Linda Whittaker, 65, swindled Osborne special needs school in Winchester out of £18,000 by paying a colleague for hours she had not worked, the ... --- Daily Echo --- February 28, 2014  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/UPqJOU

71.   “Mental Health Unit to Close after Criticism” --- A secure mental health unit in St Helens is to close after it was branded “not fit for purpose” in a damning report by NHS bosses. For more than 30 ... --- St Helens Today --- February 27, 2014  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/dUARR6

72.   “India's Disabilities Bill Raises Hopes of an End to Discrimination” --- For the 40-60 million people with mental and physical disabilities in India, discrimination and stigma are daily occurrences. In a country where social ... --- The Guardian --- February 26, 2014  (INDIA)  http://is.gd/eJLQ91 

73.   “We Can Do More for Victims of Crime with Disabilities” --- It hardly seems contentious to suggest that the communicative, social, mobility, emotional, and other requirements of people with disabilities who are ... --- Irish Times --- March 3, 2014  (IRELAND)  http://is.gd/PDGaWH

74.   “Police Investigate Abuse Allegations at Church Care Home for Vulnerable Kids” --- A church care home for vulnerable children is at the centre of an abuse ... and behaviour were “highly indicative of physical and/or sexual abuse”. --- Scottish Daily Record --- March 2, 2014  (SCOTLAND)  http://is.gd/o1wwp2

75.   “Syrian Doctors Struggle to Care for Mentally Ill, Traumatized” --- It was cold and dark in the psychiatrist’s office in downtown Damascus. The electricity had just gone out, a regular occurrence these days in the Syrian capital, and he wore a jacket and scarf for warmth. --- Pakistan Observer --- March 5, 2014  (SYRIA)  http://is.gd/8Bh1Oc

76.   “Survey Finds School System Failing Some Children with Down Syndrome” --- Down Syndrome Tasmania found there were many inconsistencies in the treatment of children with the genetic disorder in the public, private and ... --- ABC Online --- March 4, 2014  (TASMANIA)  http://is.gd/zChZLV

77.   “Some Special Needs Pupils Denied Education – Ombudsman” --- Some children with special educational needs are being left without education for significant periods, a local government ombudsman report says. --- BBC News --- March 4, 2014  (UNITED KINGDOM)  http://is.gd/P7OvZ7


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