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News Summary for May 6, 2013
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

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Dr. Nora's Top Articles:

1.  “Arizona's Disability Services Rank 1st” --- Arizona's Medicaid program continues to lead the U.S. in providing cost-effective, high-quality services to people with developmental disabilities, according to a national survey. --- azcentral.com --- May 2, 2013  (ARIZONA)  click here

2.   “Editorial: Lawmakers Must Provide Tools to Investigate Abuse in Group Homes” --- A special session for lawmakers means they will have time to enact a crucial bill so state investigators can better respond to allegations of abuse against intellectually disabled citizens living in group-home settings. House Bill 1574 ... --- The Seattle Times --- April 29, 2013  (WASHINGTON)   http://is.gd/geC9FU

3.   “Discriminative Wording about Disabled Removed from Turkish Laws” --- Expressions such as “handicapped,” “gimp” and “faulty” that have been deemed hurtful and humiliating to people with disabilities have been officially removed from over 95 Turkish laws after the regulation … --- Hurriyet Daily News --- May 3, 2013  (TURKEY)   http://is.gd/xviYG5

4.   “Nevada Sends SF Trove of Public Records Related to ‘Patient Dumping’ ” --- To many Californians, perhaps the only thing more outrageous than the idea of Nevada dumping hundreds of mentally ill patients into the Golden State is the idea that Nevada's Governor would have the audacity to deny it. --- SF Weekly --- May 1, 2013  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/hWwdcw

5.   “Iowa View: What Atalissa Taught Iowa about Journalism” --- Mentally disabled workers for Henry's Turkey Service were subjected to abuse and neglect for decades at this bunkhouse in Atalissa, while many looked the other way. --- Shreveport Times --- May 4, 2013  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/KRKnCA

6.   “Bus Driver Accused of Attacking Special-needs Kindergartener” --- A school bus driver was freed on bond after being arrested on charges she assaulted a 5-year-old special-needs student, KHOU reported on Tuesday. --- Houston Chronicle --- April 30, 2013  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/XnIvuz


7.    “Investigator Hired to Look into School Complaints” ---  The Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind is set to hire a private eye to investigate complaints against its superintendent. --- MyFox Phoenix --- May 1, 2013  (ARIZONA)   http://is.gd/qon3QK

8.   “Furloughed Inmate Gets 20 Years in Teen's Rape” --- A state prison inmate accused of raping a teenage mentally-challenged girl while out on furlough pleaded guilty to felony rape Monday in Benton County, according to county law enforcement officials. --- 5newsonline.com --- April 29, 2013  (ARKANSAS)  http://is.gd/JlZZoy

9.  “Special Needs Student Assaulted by Classmate, Mother Says” --- Some alleged incidents of sexual abuse have parents at an Inglewood elementary school concerned. A mother tells KTLA exclusively that her son, who has autism, was sexually molested by another special needs student. --- KTLA --- April 30, 2013  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/MyowHB

10.   “Jury Convicts Man in 1994 Colorado Springs Killing” --- Nearly 20 years after the rape and murder of a mentally disabled woman in Colorado Springs, a jury returned sweeping convictions against the man suspected by police from the beginning. --- Colorado Springs Gazette --- May 3, 2013  (COLORADO)  http://is.gd/slNID6

11.   “Aide Charged with Nursing Home Molestation for Second Time” --- A Citrus County man is under investigation for the second time this year on charges of molesting mentally challenged women. --- Bay News 9 --- May 2, 2013  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/jVVsOr

12.   “Lawsuit: Church to Blame for Rape” --- Gameros' daughter is developmentally disabled; she has the mental capacity of a preteen. As such, she couldn't legally consent. Five years later, the man having long ago been convicted of rape and deported, what happened to Gameros' daughter at the ... --- USA TODAY --- May 5, 2013   (INDIANA)   http://is.gd/TISueF

13.   “Guilty Plea in Death of Woman Stuck to Chair” --- A Lawrenceburg woman accused in the disturbing neglect death of her sister is pleading guilty. Vickie Holdcraft allegedly allowed her physically disabled sister … --- Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH --- May 3, 2013  (INDIANA)   http://is.gd/kjDqT1

14.   “Juror: Landmark EEOC Verdict in Iowa Sends Message” --- This Feb. 11, 2009 photo shows personal items belonging to residents of a former school near Atalissa, Iowa that housed 21 mentally disabled men while they worked at West Liberty Foods in West Liberty, Iowa until the state of Iowa closed down the facility. --- The Star Democrat --- May 3, 2013  (IOWA)   http://is.gd/Gt8HnW

15.   “$240 Million a Small Price Tag for Callousness” --- He's the owner and president of Henry's Turkey Service, a Texas-based company convicted of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Federal prosecutors charged the company with four decades of exploitation and abuse of mentally and intellectually ... --- Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier --- May 3, 2013  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/yps9q9 

16.   “Experts: $240M Judgment for Disabled Men 'Stunning' ” --- In a decision that legal experts are calling "stunning," an Iowa jury this morning awarded $240 million to the 32 mentally disabled men who faced decades of discrimination and abuse while working for Henry's Turkey Service in Atalissa. --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- May 1, 2013  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/pjsTXF

17.  “Texas Company Owner Denies Striking Mentally Disabled Man as Federal Trial ...” --- The owner of Henry's Turkey Service testified during a trial in federal court that he didn't strike a disabled man who worked for him. Kenneth Henry spoke Monday during the trial in Davenport, where … --- The Republic --- April 30, 2013   (IOWA)   http://is.gd/zYXJYX

18.   “Disabled Woman Found in Deplorable Conditions” --- A joint investigation between Adult Protective Services, the Wichita County District Attorney's Office and the WCSO was launched in response to the discovery when a team of deputies went to the home to make a warrant arrest. --- Times Record News --- May 3, 2013  (KANSAS)   http://is.gd/1hLWRu

19.   “Schools Adopt New Restraint Policies Bad Behavior:” --- In December 2011, Mercer County mother Sandra Baker was called to school to retrieve her son, Christopher, after the school determined he was out of control. When she arrived, Baker told reporters later, she found her son in a large, green gym bag ... --- Central Kentucky News --- May 4, 2013  (KENTUCKY)   http://is.gd/bWnGd3

20.   “Deaf Man Settles Lawsuit with St. Paul Police” --- The St. Paul Police Department will take additional steps to accommodate people with hearing problems under the terms of a new legal settlement that goes before the city council this week. --- Minnesota Public Radio --- May 5, 2013  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/4B1ClS

21.   “Nevada Psychiatric Hospital's Busing of Mental Patients Was Disturbing to Workers” --- The sheer scope of the busing program has raised questions in California and elsewhere about whether Nevada was systematically "dumping" indigent mentally ill patients across state lines … --- Sacramento Bee --- May 5, 2013  (NEVADA)   http://is.gd/sjNdeZ

22.   “Man with Psychosis Recalls Nevada 'Patient Dumping' ” ---  Although Brown had never been to Sacramento, he says he was told he would get better mental health care there. Brown was driven to a Greyhound bus station with a $306 one-way bus ticket, six Ensure … --- ABC News --- May 3, 2013  (NEVADA)  http://is.gd/Bs5XdC 

23.   “Some Losing Jobs amid Alleged Nev. Patient Dumping” --- Brian Sandoval earlier in the day announced the firings and said his administration is looking for a national expert in the mental health field to review all the state's facilities "to ensure best practices are being implemented and followed." --- Seattle Post Intelligencer --- April 30, 2013  (NEVADA)   http://is.gd/2EiWbx

24.  “Former Caregiver Not Guilty of Assault in Scuffle at Adult Day Care” --- A Franklin County jury deliberated for less than an hour yesterday before acquitting a former caregiver of assaulting a developmentally disabled man in a West Side adult day-care program. --- Columbus Dispatch --- May 2, 2013  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/f2TLS7

25.   “Allentown Man Charged in Rape of 16-Year-old” --- A 22-year-old Allentown man has been charged with raping a 16-year-old girl who has Asperger's syndrome, according to court documents. --- Pittsburgh Post Gazette --- May 2, 2013  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/2flx2v

26.  “Man with Down Syndrome Sues for $18 Million after Picture Altered Online” --- Adam Holland, who has Down syndrome, became the centre of insulting backlash on the Internet over a photo that traces back to 2004. He was participating in an arts class at Vanderbilt University for students … --- Toronto Star --- May 1, 2013  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/tL8Ank  

27.   “Five Former Henry's Plant Workers Suing State of Texas” --- The court action is part of a proposed class-action lawsuit that could have a profound effect on states that routinely institutionalize mentally disabled people rather than offer them community-based … --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- May 4, 2013  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/edbf6S

28.   “ 'Bad Granny' Suspected of Stealing from Disabled Woman” --- Channel 2 reports the older woman first started making small talk with a disabled 54-year-old woman — who was also recovering from a recent stroke — in a Ross store. --- News 92 FM --- May 4, 2013  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/S3TSt9

29.   “Community Rallies around Wheelchair Theft Victim” --- Anthony Barrera is on the move again in a temporary replacement wheelchair after someone stole his from his front porch on the 200 block of Barrera Street Monday by cutting through the locks and removing the chain. --- KSAT San Antonio --- May 1, 2013  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/MAtuI4

Seeking Improved Support

30.   “Disability Crisis: Aid Recipients Fight Stigma” --- 'So many people don't understand' that 'not all disability is the same,' says Donna Bowden, who works as a vocational rehabilitation specialist in Alabama's Department of Rehabilitation Services. --- Montgomery Advertiser --- May 5, 2013   (ALABAMA)  http://is.gd/bXWzuF  

31.   “Senator Calls for Action for the 10,000 Alabama Veterans Waiting on Disability ...” --- Of the almost a million veterans waiting on claims decisions from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 10,000 are Alabamians who face delays of almost a year before they learn the outcome of their cases. --- al.com --- May 1, 2013  (ALABAMA)   http://is.gd/cFpBB9

32.   “Challenges for Patients as Pomona's Lanterman Center Closes” --- As of April 24, the developmental center had 184 patients, down from about 400 in 2010 when the state announced plans to close the 86-year-old facility because it was becoming too expensive to operate. --- Press-Enterprise --- May 3, 2013  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/WFKsM7

33.   “Temple Grandin on How the Autistic 'Think Different' ” --- Grandin, 65, a longtime professor of animal science at Colorado State University, is considered an important voice on autism because of her ability to describe her experience to a mainstream audience. --- USA TODAY --- May 1, 2013  (COLORADO)  http://is.gd/ERpWsb  

34.   “ 'I Am Adam Lanza's Mother' Writer Signs Book Deal” --- The Idaho mom who wrote a widely read essay about her worries concerning her mentally ill son in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings has signed a deal to write a book about her issues with the mental health-care system. --- Today.com --- May 2, 2013  (IDAHO)  http://is.gd/qqvoKg  

35.   “Finding Meaningful Employment a Challenge for Those with Developmental Disabilities” --- Lawrence man Ryan Banning is in every sense of the word an entrepreneur. For more than a decade, Banning, 36, has operated his own business, Ryan's Vending Service, managing a dozen … --- The Republic --- May 4, 2013  (KANSAS)  http://is.gd/9fZMTu

36.   “Without Medicaid Reform, Mentally Disabled Will Suffer Even More” --- Expanding Medicaid to cover an estimated 500,000 Michigan residents without medical coverage can provide mental health care for thousands who without treatment could end up homeless, receiving expensive emergency rooms care or in prison, mental ... --- Oakland Press --- May 2, 2013  (MICHIGAN)  http://is.gd/AaCqZV

37.   “Budget Cuts Seen as Threat to Mental Health Aid for Staten Island Kids” --- "It's up to us to make sure a safety net still exists," said Fern Aaron Zagor, president and CEO of the Staten Island Mental Health Society. --- SILive.com --- May 3, 2013  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/b6wN41 

38.   “Lost Not Found: How Some Missing Mentally Ill Never Return” --- Nassau and Suffolk counties in recent years have been taking preventative measures to mitigate cases of missing people who are mentally ill. --- Long Island Press --- May 1, 2013  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/fubOpD

39.   “Paterson: 'Painful' Discrimination Inspired Advocacy for Blind” --- Paterson, who was both the only black and visually impaired governor of New York, visited the state capital to thank the state Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped. Paterson credited the commission with helping him to advocate for himself ... --- Press & Sun-Bulletin --- April 30, 2013  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/SsropW

40.   “In 'No-man's Land,' the Mentally Ill Pile Up in Jails” --- North Carolina has struggled with mental health reform since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1999 that states had to treat people in less-restrictive settings. The state has reduced institutional … --- News & Observer --- May 4, 2013  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/ydOitz

41.   “Portland Police Announce Behavioral Health Unit” --- The Portland Police Bureau announced Thursday that it has a new Behavioral Health Unit. The group oversees how police respond to people having a mental health crisis. --- OPB News --- April 30, 2013  (OREGON)   http://is.gd/U9ZqeP

42.   “DOJ: Wisconsin Must Do More for Disabled Students” --- It came in response to a complaint filed in 2011 by the ACLU, its state chapter and Disability Rights Wisconsin saying the voucher program in Milwaukee discriminated against disabled students. --- La Crosse Tribune --- May 2, 2013  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/vmXXbD

43.   “More Kids Diagnosed With Mental Health Disabilities, Study Finds” --- - Philly.com Disabilities that impair a child's day-to-day living have risen 16 percent, with the greatest increase seen in richer families, according to the study. Conditions such as autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder appear to lie behind the ... --- Philly.com --- May 5, 2013  (U.S. – NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/aZPRyA

44.   “What Happens When Asperger's No Longer Exists?” --- Being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome makes a big difference to some people's lives—providing them with an identity and an explanation for their daily challenges. --- ABC Local --- May 2, 2013  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/eFW8Za

45.   “Autistic Kids Who Run Away Often Beat the Odds” --- In 2011, the largest manhunt in Virginia history took place more than six days as volunteers and rescuers scoured a dense forest looking for Robert Wood Jr., an 8-year-old with severe autism. --- ABC News --- May 2, 2013  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/cHvpcY 

46.   “The Reality of Finding a Job with Autism” --- Smiling is something 30-year-old Sarah Still constantly has to remind herself to do, especially when she is going into a job interview. Still has Asperger's, a high-functioning form of autism. --- CNN --- April 30, 2013  (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/tJDfxW  

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

47.  “Task Force Watching Veterans Homes” --- A newly formed task force should look into patient care at state-run veterans homes now that abuse and neglect have come to light, said a sponsor of the bill that created the group … --- Northwest Arkansas News --- May 5, 2013  (ARKANSAS)  http://is.gd/FE6Q1y

48.   “Assisted Living Facility Reforms Fail to Pass” --- A last-ditch attempt to pass legislation to reform the state's assisted living facilities, measures sought since a 2011 Miami Herald investigation revealed neglect, abuse and death of ALF residents, failed on the last day of Florida's legislative ... --- MiamiHerald.com --- May 3, 2013  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/CkgmTi

49.   “Assembly Approves Bill Reversing Developmental Center Closures” --- A state task force issued a binding decision in August to close the North Jersey Developmental Center in Totowa and the Woodbridge Developmental Center in Middlesex County, which have a combined 750 residents. --- NorthJersey.com --- April 29, 2013  (NEW JERSEY)   http://is.gd/e0OHeB

International Articles

50.   “What a Difference $1 a Day Makes for So Many” --- Load off: Evelyn Scott, with her daughter Kylie, 33, who has Down syndrome, says news of the levy is an enormous relief. --- The Age --- May 2, 2013  (AUSTRALIA)   http://is.gd/2LyOhW

51.   “Guilty Plea from Care Worker in Attack on Boy with Autism” --- Simard, 31, was accused of a vicious attack on a 12-year-old autistic boy from Waterloo Region. Last September, when the attack took place, the boy was staying at a specialized health care facility in London where Simard was employed. --- CTV News --- May 3, 2013  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/LClrNI

52.   “Social Worker Pleads Guilty to Trying to Kill Autistic Boy” --- A 24-year-old man pleaded guilty to attempted murder Friday in the savage beating of an autistic boy in his care.--- Toronto Sun --- May 3, 2013  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/aLOJuL 

53.   “Ottawa Teen with Autism Finds Place to Stay” --- A teenager with autism whose parents said they couldn't care for him anymore has found a semi-permanent place to stay. Amanda Telford left her 19-year-old son Philipp at a provincial Developmental Services Ontario office on Tuesday, saying his family ... --- CBC.ca --- May 3, 2013  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/WaePpP

54.   “Parents of Autistic Children Battle Bureaucracy of Health System” --- An Ottawa mother's decision to leave her severely autistic son in the hands of a provincial services office has not only highlighted the difficulties of raising a disabled child, but also a growing frustration among parents with the governmental ... --- CBC.ca --- May 3, 2013  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/j5BDKN 

55.   “Human Rights Conference Tackles Bullying” --- Mr. Wayne MacKay, chair of the Nova Scotia Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying, will provide insight and 18-year-old Alisha Virmani will recount her experiences with bullies. Other topics up for discussion range from disability rights to ... --- TheChronicleHerald.ca --- May 3, 2013  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/IZrwd8

56.   “Calgary Crowd Vents about Disability Program Cuts” --- The minister in charge of services for people with disabilities faced hundreds of angry people who packed a northeast Calgary conference centre to get answers about cuts to programs announced … --- CBC.ca --- May 2, 2013  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/vcJiPy

57.   “As Autism Rates Rise in Canada, Doctors Search for Answers” --- The number of children with autism has increased significantly in Canada and the United States, but the cause – whether it's environmental, genetic, or a result of better diagnostic … --- CTV News --- May 2, 2013  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/bSkCe8

58.   “Thousands Wait for a Place for Their Disabled Adult Children” --- Social worker Amanda Telford dropped her adult son Philippe at a government office because she and her husband are too exhausted to handle him. --- Ottawa Citizen --- May 2, 2013  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/lOTFBl

59.   “Autism: Mother's ‘Brutal Decision’ to Leave 19-Year-old Autistic Son” --- Amanda Telford, who worked as a social worker with the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, played high five with her son at the door of the DSO Ottawa office as she reminded him how much his family loved him. --- Toronto Star --- May 1, 2013  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/wxsInM

60.   “China Bans Forced Mental Hospital Detentions: Media” --- A new law has taken effect prohibiting Chinese from being committed to mental hospitals without their consent in an attempt to prevent "forced detentions", state-run media said Thursday. --- AFP --- May 2, 2013  (CHINA)  http://is.gd/kPKYJf

61.   “Landing a Job for Mentally Challenged a Tough Task” --- Living on a government subsidy and support from his parents, Cao is in a training program in Beijing's Changping district, which helps people who are mentally challenged recover at home. --- Chinadaily USA --- May 2, 2013  (CHINA)  http://is.gd/zxfoFk

62.   “Jailed: Conman Who Defrauded Disabled Man and His Family out of £64k” --- A man has been jailed after defrauding a disabled man and his family out of £64,000 to fund a lifestyle of gambling and massage parlours. --- Manchester Evening News --- May 3, 2013  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/WwNG7b

63.  “20 Indian Prisoners Reportedly Mentally Ill in Jail where Sarabjit Singh was ...” --- Twenty out of 36 Indian prisoners lodged in Lahore's infamous Kot Lakhpat jail, where Sarabjit Singh was fatally attacked, have developed psychological problems and not been taken to any hospital for proper medical care, an India-Pakistan ... --- NDTV --- May 5, 2013  (PAKISTAN)   http://is.gd/TGgdck

64.   “Vulnerable Adult Harm Reports Rise” --- The number of reports of vulnerable adults being harmed in the Scottish Borders has risen sharply, according to a social work report. Concerns include physical, psychological and financial abuse. --- BBC News --- May 1, 2013  (SCOTLAND)  http://is.gd/rmMSLB

65.   “Girls with Autism May Need Different Treatments than Boys” --- Fortunately, more research is beginning to focus on autism in girls, said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer of Autism Speaks, with two such studies set to be presented Saturday at the International Meeting for Autism Research … --- Philly.com --- May 1, 2013  (SPAIN)   http://is.gd/Jg9Idc

66.  “Comment of the Week: My Six-Year-old Son Was Diagnosed with Asperger's” --- My six-year-old son was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in November last year. I can't tell you how fed up I am of people asking why isn't he like Rain Man or is he gifted at this, that or the other?  --- The Guardian --- May 3, 2013  (UNITED KINGDOM)  http://is.gd/aGm6FG

67.  “Failings in Hospital Care which Led to Death of Disabled Care 'Down to Under ...” --- Failings in the care of a disabled man who died at Swansea's Morriston Hospital were down to under staffing and “people not knowing what they were supposed to do” a senior nursing official told an inquest today. --- WalesOnline --- May 2, 2013  (WALES)   http://is.gd/s6i82m


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