When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for August 20, 2012
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scan
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Dr. Nora's Top Articles

1. “Patient Stun Gun Abuse Shows Flawed Care” --- As part of an investigation, California Watch has detailed how the state centers' internal police force, created by the state to protect the vulnerable residents at these state homes, often fails to conduct basic police work when patients are abused ... --- San Francisco Chronicle --- August 5, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/T6SqLR

2. “Montana's Institution for the Developmentally Disabled Faces Criticism ... --- “ Editor's note: The Montana Developmental Center in Boulder, Montana's institution for the developmentally disabled, is under scrutiny after the rape of a client by a staff member in 2010 and a decade of reports outlining treatment inadequacies. --- Billings Gazette --- August 5, 2012 (MONTANA) http://is.gd/h9dKqJ

3. “Deaf Woman Says She was Tased by Police, Jailed for 3 Days Without Interpreter” --- A deaf Tacoma woman who called police to report an assault in her home says she was instead tased by officers and jailed for three days without access to an interpreter, as required by state law. Lashonn White says the officers who responded to her 911 ... --- New York Daily News --- August 7, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/q8TonR

4. “Wrongful Convictions of Disabled Can be Prevented” --- In a study completed by the American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in 2008, a researcher discovered 53 cases of serious felonies to which people with intellectual disabilities confessed and were later legally exonerated. --- The Durango Herald --- August 7, 2012 (COLORADO) http://is.gd/bOWbf5

5. “Autism Group Calls for End to 'Infighting'” --- A leading national advocacy group is calling for a summit this fall in an effort to mitigate divisiveness within the autism community. The Autism Society wants to bring together all of the major autism organizations to establish a series of joint goals. --- Disability Scoop --- August 7, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/28iWBI

6. “Psychological Abuse Goes Undetected in Children” --- Have you seen a child being terrorized, corrupted, denigrated and belittled by his or her parents or caregivers? Or have you been a victim of such acts? How did these acts affect you? What do you do when you see a child being hurt psychologically? --- HealthEnclave --- August 4, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/WpB02Y

7. “Call for Care Closures After 260 Reports of Neglect and Abuse” --- Two disability charities have told the Government it must start closing large assessment and treatment units after a new report highlights 260 cases of abuse and neglect following the Winterbourne View scandal. Last year, the BBC's Panorama programme ... --- 24dash (press release) --- August 7, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/6F4ZDe

8. “In Japan, Child-Abusing Parents Retain Parental Rights” --- Several facts stood out to me from the recent report on the record-high number of child abuse cases in Japan in 2010. One was that in the previous three months, only seven petitions to temporarily suspend parental rights were presented to the court ... --- The Japan Daily Press --- August 6, 2012 (JAPAN) http://is.gd/6bTfO4

9. “UNICEF Warns of Impact of High Prevalence of Child Abuse in East Asia and the ...” --- “Child maltreatment has harmful long-term consequences, not only for the children suffering the abuse, but also for the families and societies in which they live,” … --- UN News Centre --- August 7, 2012 (ASIA) http://is.gd/aaK8SP


10. “Researchers Dig to Find what Became of Morningside Hospital Patients, Alaska's ...” --- It spans two centuries and two states, and it illustrates the evolution in mental-health care since the early 20th century, when Morningside Hospital, kitty-corner from the cemetery, brimmed with every Alaskan deemed insane. At least 3500 and perhaps ... --- OregonLive.com --- August 4, 2012 (ALASKA) http://is.gd/d6nn7k

11. “Man in Wheelchair Attacked, Family Seeks Help” --- The sister of a Newport Beach man, who uses a wheelchair to get around, is asking for the public's help in finding the man who punched her brother in the face and shattered his hip. Alan Halderman, 56, was attacked on Monday at about 3:15 p.m. on West ... ---- Patch.com --- August 8, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/6FpiQq

12. “Raul Barrientos Gets 30 Years for Raping Severely Disabled Woman at Fullerton ...” --- Raul Barrientos Gets 30 Years for Raping Severely Disabled Woman at Fullerton College. --- OC Weekly --- August 7, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/AqNKYE

13. “Bus Loses Child with Autism on the First Week of School” --- School has started in pockets of the country, and the first story of a child misplaced by a bus driver this year comes from Gwinnett County, Ga. Five-year-old Harrison Antone has autism, and when the Sugar Hill Elementary School bus dropped him at the ... --- Huffington Post --- August 8, 2012 (GEORIA) http://is.gd/ZjXyrW

14. “Father: Autistic 5-Year-Old Dropped off at Wrong Bus Stop” --- A Gwinnett County father tells Channel 2 Action News his 5-year-old son, who suffers from Autism, was found wandering in an apartment complex parking lot Monday after the first day of school. --- WSB Atlanta --- August 7, 2012 (GEORGIA) http://is.gd/NuVNf7

15. “Husband 'Beats Amputee Wife Unconscious with Her Own Crutch in Drunken Rage'” --- A Georgia man allegedly beat his amputee wife unconscious with her crutch during a domestic row at their mobile home in Athens, Georgia. Police say Robert Lee Austin punched his wife, who recently lost her leg, repeatedly in the face and attacked her ... --- Daily Mail --- August 4, 2012 (GEORGIA) http://is.gd/OTrmR0

16. “Lawsuit: Girl Scout Troop Was Disbanded over Deaf Member's Needs´”--- As WBBM Newsradio's Bob Conway reports, Megan Runnion, 12, is deaf, and ever since she joined in kindergarten, the Girl Scouts have paid for a sign language interpreter to allow her to take better part in scouting activities. --- CBS2 Chicago --- August 2, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/hjkdGI

17. “Police Say Rockville Man Tried to Rape Woman with Disabilities in Silver ...” --- A 55-year-old Rockville man has been charged with second-degree sexual assault in the attempted rape of a woman with mental disabilities in a wooded area in the Calverton area of Silver Spring, police report. --- Patch.com --- August 6, 2012 (MARYLAND) http://is.gd/EdwKeo

18. “NJ Teacher Fired for Unloading on Special Needs Student” --- New Jersey's Commissioner of Education backs the Gloucester County School District's decision to fire special needs teacher Steve Roth for unloading on a student. The student taped the rant with his cell phone, which NBC10 first ... --- NBC 10 Philadelphia --- August 7, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/1tzXGf

19. “AG's Office Won't Defend NJ Trooper Accused of Beating Disabled Man” --- The New Jersey attorney general's office will not defend a state trooper accused of beating an intellectually disabled man. Officials say they will not pay for the trooper's legal costs either. The case has dragged on for more than three years, but ... --- Newsworks.org --- August 7, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/ntKAQ9

20. “Arc of Hunterdon: Allegations of Neglect Are Unfounded, False” --- The allegations, which are being investigated by the Department of Human Services' Special Response Unit, include an incident of neglect without injury in May and another in April, a violation of Danielle's Law, which requires that staff immediately ... --- Hunterdon County Democrat - NJ.com --- August 7, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/RTYnwS

21. “Oregon Man's Facebook Post about Treatment of Disabled Man Sparks Airline ... --- Cameron Clark of Bend wrote to his Facebook friends Friday that he saw a disabled man miss a flight because numerous airline personnel refused to give him extra assistance, even after Clark intervened and asked employees to help. --- Fox News --- August 4, 2012 (OREGON) http://is.gd/LkhOHb

22. “Boy, 10, Charged with Robbing and Beating Disabled Woman in her Pa. Home, DA ...” --- A 10-year-old boy was charged in assaulting 51-year-old Minh Tran at her Pennsylvania home Tuesday, beating and robbing the disabled woman as she was sleeping in her bedroom, CBS Philly reports. Police said they are still ... --- CBS News --- August 8, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/ndvKJb

23. “Two Norristown Women Charged with Leaving Disabled Child Home Alone” --- According to a report from the Norristown Police Department, two women are facing charges including endangering the welfare of a child and giving false statement to police after it was discovered the two were responsible for leaving a disabled child ... --- Patch.com --- August 6, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/mjqn25

24. “Couple Charged with Abuse Death of Uncle with Disabilities Pleads Not Guilty” --- A Claiborne County couple accused in the death of a family member with physical and mental disabilities have pleaded not guilty. Johnny Monday Rhodes and his wife, Sharon Marie Smith, of New Tazewell are charged with first-degree…. --- WBIR-TV --- August 6, 2012 (TENNESSEE) http://is.gd/Ofhb2n

25. “Arlington Delegate Seeks Reparations for Sterilization Victims” --- Between 1927 to 1979, Virginia sterilized about 8000 people deemed unfit to reproduce for reasons such as mental illness, physical deformity or homelessness … --- Washington Post --- August 6, 2012 (VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/zLCCfA

Seeking Improved Support

26. “Stressful Times for Alabama Department of Mental Health” --- The center addresses the needs of the intellectually challenged, and individuals facing severe mental illness and/or substance abuse. Available are outpatient clinics and specialized day and residential programs. Talladega and Coosa counties are served ... --- Daily Home Online --- August 5, 2012 (ALABAMA) http://is.gd/Kufx2x

27. “Debit Card Company Sued for Anti-Deaf Discrimination” --- Debit Card Company Sued for Anti-Deaf Discrimination. AccountNow, a California-based debit card company, is being sued by a deaf man who claims the company insisted he communicate … --- AllGov --- August 9, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/CZF160

28. “New Technology Having a Big Impact on Assisting the Developmentally Challenged ... --- Thanks to new technology software applications with iPad2s, the worlds of these developmentally challenged individuals are a lot less isolated. OPARC was established in 1950 by a group of parents of developmentally disabled adults who simply wanted ... --- Contra Costa Times --- August 8, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/bNb37b

29. “County Jails Struggling with More Mentally Ill Inmates” --- "There's an increase in people coming to jail with mental-health issues, and the mental-health issues we're having to manage are more severe," said Bruce Haas, administrative commander for the Boulder County Jail. "We have people in disciplinary ... --- Denver Post --- August 4, 2012 (COLORADO) http://is.gd/uxdmyo

30. “Brain Imaging Study Sheds Light on Hoarding Disorder” --- The study was led by Dr. David F. Tolin, director of the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute of Living, a mental health center affiliated with Hartford Hospital. --- Hartford Courant --- August 6, 2012 (CONNECTICUT) http://is.gd/ElxTQB

31. “Delaware Law Helps Parents with Special Needs Children” --- Prior to the new law, children with special needs who were denied educational services had to go through a hearing process set up under federal and state law. During the process, parents and in some cases, guardians were required to hire an expert or ... --- Newsworks.org --- August 9, 2012 (DELAWARE) http://is.gd/jxQTOL

32. “ Fewer Lies = Better Mental, Physical Health” --- U.S. adults average about 11 lies per week, but if they made an effort to lie less, they may have better physical and mental health, researchers suggest. Lead author Anita E. Kelly, professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame ... --- UPI.com --- August 8, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/CjlIVw

33. “Idaho Developmental Disabilities Panel Names Chair” --- A northern Idaho woman who lobbied for a playground to serve children with special needs will now chair the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities. Denise Wetzel of Moscow will serve a one-year stint as head of the state panel ... --- Sacramento Bee --- August 5, 2012 (IDAHO) http://is.gd/9ROwwC

34. “Public Hearing for Single Mental Health Center Closure” --- Local community members are standing up and voicing their concerns about a state plan to close Singer Mental Health Center in Rockford. One by one, supporters of the Singer Mental Health Center took to the stage of the Coronado ... --- WIFR --- August 6, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/qiOlEe

35. “Follow-up on Illinois Medicaid Rationing to 4 Prescriptions” --- Democrats, President Obama, and others who think government can control universal healthcare costs, are doing so in Illinois by rationing Medicaid prescriptions to four. Anyone with common sense, logic and the most basic comprehension of mathematics ... --- Rockford Register Star --- August 4, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/Vhx0i8

36. “Demonstration Project to Support Adults with Disabilities Receives University ...” --- Across the U.S., adults with developmental disabilities are benefiting from the "longevity revolution," living longer than ever before. In Indiana, it is estimated that more than 15,250 adults with intellectual and developmental ... --- Indiana University --- August 6, 2012 (INDIANA) http://is.gd/R6b03s

37. “Child Protection Agency Overhauling Death Reviews” --- Kentucky's child-protection agency is overhauling the way it reviews the cases of children who die from abuse or neglect. The the changes at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services come ... --- NECN --- August 4, 2012 (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/Qk3DVh

38. “Montgomery Schools Expand Autism Services” --- Montgomery County schools will expand autism services this fall, bringing new resources to high school students as the school system works to increase the range of programs available to an exceedingly diverse and fast-growing part of the special ... --- Washington Post --- August 5, 2012 (MARYLAND) http://is.gd/CWon01

39. “Disabled Man Fired from $12 Week Job” --- Disabled Man Fired From $12 Week Job. Mark Stanganelli has worked the same job for 15 years. Even though he only made 12-dollars a week. --- KPLR 11 --- August 7, 2012 (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/KMk1BX

40. “Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton to Hire New Mental Health Workers” --- Veterans drawn to the Northampton area for the services available to them here will soon have even more as the VA Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System … --- MassLive.com --- August 7, 2012 (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/GJWa89

41. “Kids with Autism More Isolated” --- A Washington University researcher recently found that half of teenage students with autism spectrum disorders were significantly more likely than teens with learning disabilities, mental retardation and speech and language impairments to not be ... --- Chicago Parent --- August 9, 2012 (MISSOURI) http://is.gd/6qI4hE

42. “Autism Awareness Effort by 11-Year-Olds May Expand” --- Kevin was diagnosed in third grade with Asperger's syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder characterized by difficulties in … --- San Francisco Chronicle--- August 8, 2012 (MISSOURI) http://is.gd/TRE0gk

43. “Center for Disabled Patients under Microscope” --- But the problems and cost of the center for the developmentally disabled have prompted debate on its future. MDC has been in the spotlight since a staffer raped a patient in 2010. Allen Whetstone is serving a five-year prison term after pleading guilty ... --- KULR-TV --- August 7, 2012 (MONTANA) http://is.gd/Ap0q0Z

44. “If State Shutters Center for Developmentally Disabled, Residents will Likely ...” --- If Montana decides to downsize or close the state home for the developmentally disabled, its residents must go somewhere – and that “somewhere” is community-based providers. Yet while these nonprofit, private firms believe most of Montana's ... --- The Missoulian --- August 5, 2012 (MONTANA) http://is.gd/vhyQxp

45. “Temple Grandin Sees Things Differently” --- A professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., and renowned speaker on autism, Grandin has made revolutionizing contributions to animal welfare through her insights on animal behavior and innovations in livestock ... --- Lincoln Journal Star --- August 8, 2012 (NEBRASKA) http://is.gd/qkgvPg

46. “Nebraska Behavioral Health Services Fare Well in Survey” --- A new survey shows most adults who received Nebraska state behavioral health services last year were satisfied with their treatment. The state-commissioned report released Monday found that 84 percent were satisfied with the care they received in 2011, ... --- WOWT --- August 7, 2012 (NEBRASKA) http://is.gd/walvXw

47. “Biden Praises US Veterans for Their Sacrifices” --- He also says President Barack Obama is committed to making sure that veterans from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan get proper medical treatment and that the administration is working to reduce a backlog of disability claims. Biden spoke Saturday at Bally ... --- MyNews3 --- August 4, 2012 (NEVADA) http://is.gd/CrRMH6

48. “Study Examines Instance of Injury for Workers with Disabilities --- Researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University, both based in Columbus, Ohio, … --- Physical Therapy Products --- August 8, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/pgrUG7

49. “Developmentally Disabled Replace Union Janitors at State Buildings” --- Twenty-one workers hired through the union firm were told they no longer had jobs cleaning the 22-story building and were replaced by 24 developmentally disabled workers from the nonprofit Lott Industries... --- Youngstown Vindicator --- August 5, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/63FH9V

50. “Union Chief: Children Services Caseworkers Burned Out” --- In January 2010, Lorain County Children Services switched to a single worker model, combining its intake and protective services unit. The structure allows one caseworker to work continuously with a family instead of splitting up the work between an ... --- Chronicle-Telegram --- August 5, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/gSY1CO

51. “Work Shelters Provide Employment, Socialization Opportunities for Oklahoma's ... “ --- The State Use Program, started in 1979, aims to provide gainful employment opportunities to the state's disabled residents by connecting the shelters to several work contracts available through the state. Beverly Young, the executive director of Work ... --- NewsOK.com --- August 5, 2012 (OKLAHOMA) http://is.gd/aQsZ49

52. “Alaska Air Apologizes for Treatment of Disabled Flier” --- The witness – identified as Cameron Clark, "a longtime Oregon concert promoter" – alleged that numerous Alaska Airlines workers failed to assist the disabled man. --- USA TODAY --- August 6, 2012 (OREGON) http://is.gd/PKsucV

53. “Portland Charity Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Disabled Community” --- The Portland, Oregon branch of an international charity that uses interpersonal relationships to serve people with developmental disabilities will celebrate its 25th year of service in the area. “L'Arche is about creating a world where it is not just ... --- Catholic News Agency --- August 5, 2012 (OREGON) http://is.gd/ytD5oj

54. “Pennsylvania Meets Federal Requirements for Individuals with Disabilities” --- Pennsylvania has met the highest level rating possible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the U.S. Department of Education has determined. This year marks the fifth time in the past six years the state has received this rating ... --- CBS 21 --- August 7, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/RVtpBG

55. “Two Key Figures in Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Stay on Payroll” --- Two central figures in a probe of the sex abuse scandal at Penn State are continuing to draw salaries from the university, a spokesman said on Monday. While deposed President Graham Spanier and one-time Athletic Director Tim ... --- Reuters --- August 6, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/Eq3BO4

56. “County Committee Recommends a New Jobs Office for People with Disabilities” --- For nearly two years the Allegheny 365 Committee has been working to create a completely accessible county in regard to services, facilities, and jobs. --- Essential Public Radio --- August 6, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/zHRVOe

57. “State Attorney's Office Honored for Supporting People with Disabilities” --- A program developed by the State Attorney's Office for the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Jacksonville has expanded opportunities for people with disabilities in workplaces … --- Beaches Leader --- August 7, 2012 (TENNNESSEE) http://is.gd/yAQmyZ

58. “Texas Executes Man Despite Protests, Mental Disability Claims” --- Marvin Wilson, 54, who was condemned to death for a killing a police informant in 1992, was declared dead by lethal injection at 11:27 pm GMT (Tuesday), according to a release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The US Supreme Court rejected ... --- Mmegi Online --- August 9, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/xAdgSX

59. “Retarded—And Condemned to Die in Texas” --- At 6 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Aug. 7, Texas is scheduled to execute Marvin Lee Wilson, a 54-year-old man who was found guilty of a 1992 murder in Beaumont, Texas. Wilson has been on the state's death row for 20 years, but his lawyers and human ... --- Daily Beast --- August 7, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/eDSXal

60. “More Soldiers Seek Treatment for Behavioral Health Issues” --- Between the many different programs, the department of behavioral health, which includes social work, is averaging 3000 patient encounters a week, she said, with the department of social work seeing the biggest rise. In-patient beds show the slowest ... --- Killeen Daily Herald --- August 4, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/z4me4y

61. “Central Texas Veterans Face Nation's Longest Wait for VA Disability Claims” --- A disability rating can unlock a host of federal and state programs for veterans, from low-interest loans to hiring preferences for federal jobs to free tolls on Houston roads. Perhaps most importantly, some veterans can't access free medical care ... --- Austin American-Statesman --- August 4, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/2kX1NU

62. “Why Texans Need More Medicaid” --- Lately when state leaders talk about health care, one thing that almost never comes up is health. Every generation wants for the next one to have a longer, better life and the one before to meet dignity in aging. Medicaid does that for 3.5 million Texans. --- Austin American-Statesman --- August 4, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/O9igXw

63. “W.Va. Agencies Bracing for 7.5 Percent Budget Cuts” --- Most West Virginia agencies must cut spending by 7.5 percent for the 2013-2014 budget year, to avoid a deficit threat blamed on rising Medicaid costs, the sluggish national economy and slumping coal production, Gov. Earl Ray ... --- San Francisco Chronicle --- August 6, 2012 (WEST VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/aTKFfr

64. “Fewer Lies = Better Mental, Physical Health” --- U.S. adults average about 11 lies per week, but if they made an effort to lie less, they may have better physical and mental health, researchers suggest. Lead author Anita E. Kelly, professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame ... --- UPI.com

65. “Disabled Students Almost Twice as Likely to Be Suspended, Analysis Finds” --- According to a new analysis of Department of Education data, 13 percent of disabled students in kindergarten through 12th grade were suspended during the 2009-2010 school year, compared with 7 percent of students without disabilities … --- New York Times --- August 7, 2012 (U.S. -- NATIONAL) http://is.gd/04MZJG

66. “Disabled Workers More Likely to Experience Occupational Injury: Study” --- Workers with disabilities are significantly more likely to experience both nonoccupational and occupational injuries than those without disabilities, a new study revealed … --- Insurance Journal --- August 7, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/QjWYhN

67. “6 Million Projected to be Shut Out by States Rejecting Medicaid Expansion” --- The U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 28 that states can't be penalized by losing all their Medicaid funding for opting out of the law's Medicaid expansion that starts in 2014. Anticipating that some states as a result will choose not to expand their ... --- American Medical News --- August 6, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/rQ2WlL

68. “Autism May be Underdiagnosed in Girls Due to Gender Bias, Study Suggests” --- A new study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry explores the differences in diagnostic characteristics of autism between boys and girls, suggesting a gender bias in which girls with "high-functioning ... --- Examiner.com --- August 5, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/o3kFwq

69. “My Turn: Who Should Have Children?” --- The cases of the forced sterilization of many North Carolinians felt to be retarded, in what can only be described as a eugenics experiment gone wrong, begs a different sense of the same question: Who is fit to have kids? --- Salisbury Post --- August 5, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/XvDmDd

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

70. ”Lawmakers Seek Audit of Mental Health Initiative” --- Two lawmakers on Wednesday requested a detailed audit to determine whether the state has spent mental health funding from a 2004 ballot initiative the way voters intended. The request came in response to an investigation by The Associated Press ... --- San Francisco Chronicle --- August 8, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/WvYjTh

71. “Baltimore County Agrees to Pay $500,000 to Settle Federal Lawsuit” --- The government accused the county of "a pattern or practice of discrimination" in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act against eight uniformed and civilian employees and two job applicants. The government claimed the county subjected ... --- Baltimore Sun --- August 7, 2012 (MARYLAND) http://is.gd/0q7pxj

72. “Bound Youths Protest Social Service Cuts” --- A group of teens and social service advocates bound themselves with duct tape and pretended they were hostages to protest $7.3 million in youth social service cuts during Monday's Nassau County Legislature meeting. --- Newsday --- August 6, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/kCTdE4

International Articles

73. “Defence Minister Announces Better Conditions for Disabled Soldiers” --- The official was speaking at Funda Disabled Soldiers Centre, adding that the Government, under guidance of the commander-in-chief of the Angolan Armed Forces, José Eduardo dos Santos, is aware and will do its best to reverse the situation … --- AngolaPress --- August 7, 2012 (ANGOLA) http://is.gd/IaCxav

74. “Curriculum 'Failing' Autistic Kids” --- Judy Nelson worries about the future of her children every day and believes the current primary school curriculum is letting down her seven-year-old daughter Bronte. Ms Nelson, who asked that her and her daughter's names be changed to protect their ... --- Fraser Coast Chronicle --- August 9, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/7y6fSO

75. “Mother Put Disabled Daughter up to Sex Allegations: Son” --- The 34-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is charged with four counts of aggravated sexual assault against a victim with a serious intellectual disability and four counts of sexual intercourse with a victim with an intellectual ... --- Sydney Morning Herald --- August 7, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/VYsyMa

76. “Sydney Carer Robert Ayton Denies Stealing $87,760 from His Two Wheelchair Clients --- Robert Ayton, 54 is accused of stealing $87,760 from his two wheelchair-bound clients, who both suffer from cerebral palsy, and abandoning them on Christmas Day once their accounts had been emptied. Ayton was arrested at his Merrylands home on ... --- Herald Sun --- August 5, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/XVXERv

77. “Eye on the Hill: Panel to Help Workers with Disabilities Enter Labour Market” --- Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley announced the launch of the panel on labour market opportunities for persons with disabilities. --- Ottawa Business Journal --- August 7, 2012 (CANADA) http://is.gd/ZLCNra

78. “Winterbourne Author: Social Workers Must be Vigilant to Spot Abuse” --- Social workers performed two key roles in the case: as care co-ordinators reviewing the support received by patients, most of whom were detained under the Mental Health Act, and in a safeguarding capacity, responding to the 40 alerts received by South ... --- Communitycare.co.uk --- August 9, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/zBgltb

79 “Wrestler Downs Bottle of Tequila Before Subjecting Disabled Man and Boy, 17 ...” --- Taylor, 22, grabbed his disabled victim's bad leg in a lock and jumped on it, assaulting him to the point that the 21-year-old screamed and cried hysterically. --- Daily Mail --- August 7, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/fqBzGV

80. “Coroner Blasts Disabled Girl's Medical Care” --- A disabled girl died in hospital following a catalogue of errors by medical staff who provided a level of care that was “inadequate” and “simply not acceptable”, a coroner has ruled. --- Yorkshire Post --- August 7, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/70baxC

81. “Bus Company Pays After Road Works Strand a Disabled Man” --- The Stephensons bus company offered Geoff Fisher, of Yeomanry Yard, Bury St Edmunds, a £20 goodwill gesture to pay for the taxi he had to get because the bus could not get to his stop in Red Lodge. Mr Fisher, 51, is on disability benefits because he ... --- Bury Free Press --- August 5, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/YVOc5f

82. “Coroner to Decide whether Hospital Death of 12-Year-Old Girl was Caused by ... “ --- A coroner will decide tomorrow whether the death of a girl with a severe learning disability was caused by neglect from nurses and doctors at a Greater Manchester hospital. Emma Stones, 12, died from septicaemia, or blood poisoning, arising from a ... --- The Independent --- August 4, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/dEmJjA

83. “Drug Addict Gets Life Term for Killing Handicapped” --- A drug addict has been handed life imprisonment by a Delhi court for killing his handicapped friend for denying him smack. Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau passed the sentence on drug addict Bantoo, dismissing his pleas for leniency and ... --- Zee News --- August 5, 2012 (INDIA) http://is.gd/Pw7d5y

84. “3,400 Fake Disabled, Poor Found in Italy” --- More than 3,400 cases of people fraudulently claiming poverty and disability benefits have been uncovered in Italy this year, including one "blind" man who was caught chopping wood, officials said. --- Newstrack India --- August 7, 2012 (ITALY) http://is.gd/To4ZI5

85. “Kazakstan: Disabled Women Face Obstacles” --- Disabled women in Kazakstan face many obstacles in fighting for their rights, not least when it comes to accessing reproductive health services in the state sector. --- GroundReport --- August 9, 2012 (KAZAKSTAN) http://is.gd/28JVEU

86. “Centre to Improve Workers' Mental Well-Being” --- The mental well-being of working adults in Singapore is 13% lower than the general population, according to the Health Promotion Board (HPB) which conducted a survey with 1,000 respondents. To tackle this problem, State for Health Minister Dr Amy Khor ... --- Malaysia Star --- August 5, 2012 (MALAYSIA) http://is.gd/fsYr4q

87. “Creating More Employment Opportunities for Disabled People” --- While 25 per cent and 24 per cent of disabled job seekers are looking for clerical and elementary jobs respectively, a good number of others (16 per cent) have higher qualifications and would like to work as professionals, technicians and associate ... --- Malta Independent Online --- August 5, 2012 (MALTA) http://is.gd/zAObUl

88. “Parents' Fears over Special Needs Cuts” --- Parents of young people with special needs have voiced fears over cuts in funding at Elmwood College's supported learning department. They are worried that the forthcoming merger between Elmwood and three other Scottish colleges … --- Fife Today --- August 7, 2012 (SCOTLAND) http://is.gd/cUZ8QB

89. “Spain's Austerity Cuts Injure Elderly, Disabled and Their Caretakers” --- Spain's austerity cuts injure elderly, disabled and their caretakers. Madrid demonstrators protest … --- Huffington Post --- August 7, 2012 (SPAIN) http://is.gd/s2d9Kh

90. “7 Notorious Defendants Who Successfully Used the Insanity Defense” --- And in the case of Anders Breivik, the man accused of shooting 77 people to death in Norway, many of whom were teenagers, prosecutors had called for an insanity ruling, the Associated Press reported in June. --- Business Insider --- August 4, 2012 (INTERNATIONAL) http://is.gd/ihPY9b



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