When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for May 21, 2012
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scan
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Dr. Nora's Top Articles
1. “Husband in Case of Missing Wife Leads Police to Body” --- Police said the woman disappeared after threatening to expose a fraud scheme in which her husband was accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a developmentally disabled man who inherited millions from his parents. --- The Republic --- March 16, 2012 (ALASKA) http://is.gd/tOa3Oq
2. “Social Worker Charged with Sexually Assaulting Student with Special Needs” --- A Social Worker at a public school in Vineland has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a student with special needs. Stacy Johnson, 44, of Bridgeton, was arrested Tuesday on charges she engaged in sexual intercourse multiple times with a ... --- NBC40 --- May 2, 2012 (COLORADO) http://is.gd/KmpPkg
3. “Disabled Woman Starved, Tortured, Beaten, State Attorney's Office Says” --- The State Attorney's Office filed new charges against three people Friday accusing them of beating, starving and torturing a disabled woman in their care. Escambia County deputies found a 21-year-old woman handcuffed, bleeding from the mouth and ... --- Pensacola Business Journal --- May 18, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/ld0yGE
4. “Judge Will Announce Verdict Tuesday for Laclede County Couple Charged in the ...” --- The fate of a Laclede County couple charged with the death of a handicapped teen will be announced on Tuesday. Judge Kenneth Hayden is expected to announce his verdict tomorrow in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Ronda and Robert Shrout. --- KSPR --- May 14, 2012 (MISSOURI) http://is.gd/tnrKDL
5. “Disabled Boy Put in Box in Class, mom Says” ---- A North Carolina mother says her disabled son was put in a cardboard box by one of his teachers as punishment for acting out in class. Joy Amatuccio's son Jacob is mentally and physically disabled after a traumatic brain ... --- UPI.com --- May 17, 2012 (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/zHhvna

6. “Settlement over NC Mental Health Could Cost State Millions” --- The issue stems from a justice department report last summer that found that the state's mental health system needlessly institutionalized thousands of mental health patients, segregating them from the community and impeding their interaction with ... --- WRAL.com --- May 5, 2012 (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/TzXqGh
7. “Closing Arguments Begin in the Cargill Capital Murder Trial” --- Hardin testified that Cargill was upset because Walker was mentally challenged and said the babysitter was going to ruin her. "Hardin's testimony is some of the most damning in this case," Bingham said. "She showed you a lie with a capital 'L.'" --- KYTX --- May 18, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/yNd5es

8. “Treatment of Special Needs Students Stirs Controversy” --- There appears to be a growing concern among parents with special needs children about their child's well being while in school. And it's no different here in San Antonio. “The safety of our child was number one,” said Mike ... --- KENS 5 TV --- May 12, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/EG9uPw

9. “Dog Owner Arrested After Allegedly Ordering Animal to Attack Man in Wheelchair” --- A man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly ordered his dog to attack a man in an electric wheelchair. --- Deseret News --- May 16, 2012 (UTAH) http://is.gd/mgR80o

10. “High School Student Accused of Raping Girl with Special Needs” --- A high school student is accused of raping a special needs student inside of a classroom. By Fox59 A high school student is accused of raping a special needs student inside of a classroom. Danny Roads, who is also a special needs student, ... --- Fox 59 --- May 17, 2012 (INDIANA) http://is.gd/lChhsO

11. “Group Home Memos Allege Patient Neglect, Staff Insubordination” --- The department also noted that it had been left to Jonkay Jacobs to investigate sensitive, internal complaints of alleged abuse and neglect against staff members, despite his arrest in March 2008 on domestic-violence charges. --- Hartford Courant --- May 17, 2012 (CONNECTICUT) http://is.gd/WVpMVH
12. “Mental Health Protesters March to Emanuel's Home” --- Protesters marched to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home protesting closures of mental health facilities Saturday. The protesters, many of them affiliated with Occupy Chicago, are angry with the mayor over his decision to close ... --- ABC7Chicago.com --- May 19, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/00cZMZ
13. “Iowan's Struggle Brought Greater Disability Rights” --- Katie Beckett, whose case led to kids with disabilities being allowed to live at home, dies at age 34. Katie Beckett and her mother, Julie, relax in Katie's room in 1991. Katie died Friday morning. --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- May 18, 2012 (IOWA) http://is.gd/MUJMoz

14. “Autistic Urbandale Teen Who Was Tased had Earlier Encounters with Police Say Reports” --- The 15-year-old autistic Urbandale boy who was shocked with Taser at a Johnston movie theater this month has had two violent emotional meltdowns in the past year, according to police records. The teen is accused in Polk County ... --- Patch.com --- May 17, 2012 (IOWA) http://is.gd/dIwcxY

15. “Experts: Better Reporting of Child Abuse Needed” --- By law all medical workers who treat suspected abuse or neglect must report it to the state, but some warnings are being ignored. When a child shows up in the emergency room or at the doctor's office with a suspicious injury any medical care provider ... --- WCSH-TV --- May 17, 2012 (MAINE) http://is.gd/lvMSjj
16. “Mom Gets 9 Years in Ohio Teen's Malnutrition Death” --- The mother of a 14-year-old girl who had cerebral palsy and weighed 28 pounds when she died of what authorities called nutritional and medical neglect is going to prison for nine years. --- Dayton Daily News --- May 18, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/f3nzSG
17. “Children Still Being Abused, Dying under State's Protection” --- Two years ago a KOMO 4 Problem Solver investigation revealed shocking news that more than 100 children had died of abuse or neglect while under the state's watch. At that time new Department of Social and Health Services leaders promised change and ... --- KEPR 19 --- May 17, 2012 (WASHINGTON) http://is.gd/zdI66L
18. “Vulnerable Adult Abuse Often goes Undetected” --- The arrest of two Charles Lea Center employees for allegedly abusing a vulnerable adult by leaving a 39-year-old woman to lie in her own feces for 20 hours over the Easter weekend is just part of a larger pattern of abuse and neglect ... --- Journal Watchdog --- May 18, 2012 (SOUTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/UTsuYd
19. “Agency for Disabled People Rates Fla. Providers” --- The state has updated its Medicaid provider ratings for Floridians with developmental disabilities. The Agency for Persons with Disabilities posted the new rankings on its website Wednesday. They are part of an effort by all state agencies to increase ... --- MiamiHerald.com --- May 17, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/lxsDMm
20. “Advocates Laud Settlement in Mental Health Case” --- Calling it a “historic opportunity,” mental health advocates are awaiting a judge's approval of a settlement agreement that would improve the lives of thousands of Virginia's intellectually disabled citizens. US District Judge John Gibney Jr. is ... --- PotomacLocal.com --- May 18, 2012 (VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/RRxWlf
21. “NY Senate Passes Bill to Protect the Disabled” --- And it would have a hotline, statewide incident database and a list of employees banned from working with the disabled because of abuse. The Assembly has been reviewing the bill, which Cuomo says he wants enacted in the remaining weeks of this ... --- Wall Street Journal --- May 7, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/X9QJM6
22. “Mental Health Investigates Deaths of 2 Clients” --- The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is investigating the recent deaths of two Mental Health clients, including one of the plaintiffs in a landmark lawsuit in the District Court of Guam to improve services, the department's director ... --- Pacific Daily News --- May 16, 2012 (GUAM) http://is.gd/wqOqur
23. “Accrington Family Jailed for Cruelty and Violence Towards Relative with Disability” --- ... Judge Jonathan Gibson said: “I am satisfied that this is a case where your frustrated reactions to Mr Hussain's poor behaviour, as you saw it, overflowed. “And the poor behaviour was clearly, it seems to me, as a result of Ghalib Hussain's disability.” --- Lancashire Telegraph --- May 16, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/1Tku0N
24. “Number of Hate Crimes Increases” --- The number of charges linked to race, religious aggravation, disability and sexual orientation all rose across Scotland, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service said. The increase between 2010-11 and 2011-12 was explained in part by increased ... --- The Press Association --- May 17, 2012 (SCOTLAND) http://is.gd/ii8XnM

25. “Families Sue over Fatal Care-home Fire” --- The families of three developmentally disabled adults killed in a fire at a Monterey County residential care center have sued the owners and operators of the business, claiming negligence and inadequate ... --- San Francisco Chronicle --- May 17, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/eIes0I

26. “Fullerton City Council Hears from Beaten Man Kelly Thomas's Father; City ...” ---
The death of mentally challenged man Kelly Thomas, 37, was discussed at tonight's Fullerton City Council meeting. Kelly Thomas died on July 10, 2011, five days he was involved in a violent altercation with officers that was captured on cell phone and ... --- 89.3 KPCC --- May 15, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/FFmxE9
27. “Teacher Denies Molesting Special Needs Students” --- Vollmer's attorneys tried to intimate that Hall lied to school officials in order to avoid having to follow one special needs middle schooler to high school after she was assigned to be his one-on-one paraprofessional. --- WSB Atlanta --- May 15, 2012 (GEORGIA) http://is.gd/IZas0d
28. “Catalytic Converter Thefts Threaten Rides for Elderly, Disabled” --- A rash of catalytic converter thefts has a Johnson County agency struggling to provide critical rides to the elderly and disabled. A driver for Access Johnson County arrived at work Tuesday morning to find catalytic converters ... --- WRTV Indianapolis --- May 17, 2012 (INDIANA) http://is.gd/2ukZQ8

29. “Sister Allegedly Exploits Sick Brother” --- According to the arrest warrant, 40-year-old Jennifer Reardon was awarded guardianship of her brother from August 2009 to November 2011. Police said she was put in charge of her brother and his finances due to his numerous health issues. --- WAVE --- May 16, 2012 (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/0F52CU
30. “Family Says Man Slain at Cahokia jail was Disabled” --- They said he was in the jail for trying to steal a motorized cart from a Walmart, Mike Glisson, an Alton attorney representing Timothy E. Johnson's family, said “they are concerned because he was physically disabled, that maybe the incident could have ... --- STLtoday.com --- May 17, 2012 (MISSOURI) http://is.gd/PlH6xB
31. “As the Times Looks at Orthodox Sex Abuse, Critics Say It Should Credit Others ...” --- Among the examples they cite: The Times series opens with the story of Mordechai Jungreis, a Brooklyn man who learned that his mentally disabled son was being molested in a ritual bathhouse. Jungreis's story was first reported by CBS on March 28, ... --- Village Voice --- May 15, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/Ix7m3Y
32. “Bill Would Remove Most County Oversight of Groups that Manage Mental Health ... “ --- A draft bill before the General Assembly would remove most county oversight from the groups that manage behavioral-health services in North Carolina. It also would allow managed-care organizations (MCOs) to be treated similarly to a public authority, ... --- Winston-Salem Journal --- May 18, 2012 (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/rVR8P1
33. “Care Provider Says it Got False Reports” --- Multiple people provided false reports about the well-being of a disabled 14-year-old girl to Exclusive Home Care Services, whose ability to provide Medicaid-funded, in-home care is ... --- Dayton Daily News --- May 17, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/wTFcEo

34. “Police: Phony Contractors Swindled Disabled Vet, Cut Holes in His Roof” --- Officers went to the house in Lumberton and charged two men and a 17-year-old boy with swindling a victim, described as an elderly disabled veteran, out of thousands of dollars and leaving him with two gaping holes in his roof. --- phillyBurbs.com --- May 13, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/09HxrK

35. “Developmentally Delayed Man Beaten at Cannon Park” --- Spokane Police need your help finding three men who beat a developmentally disabled man Monday afternoon. Police say he was transported to a local hospital where he remains in ICU. As a result of 27he attack, the victim suffered head injuries. --- KXLY Spokane --- May 15, 2012 (WASHINGTON) http://is.gd/UH9bVy

36. “Cabell Man Charged with Murder of Wheelchair-bound Man” --- A Cabell County man has been officially charged with the murder of a wheelchair-bound man. Edward "Jessie" Dreyfuse, 45, was charged with killing Otis Clay with a baseball bat in April. He was charged with murder and burglary today in Cabell County ... --- WOWK --- May 16, 2012 (WEST VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/SEmAdr

37. “Waupun Parent Questions Tactics Used on Autistic Son” --- Asperger's: Mandy Rennhack with her son Ty, in a video from Rennhack's Facebook page showing characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Mandy Rennhack of Waupun with her 10-year-old son, Ty, who has Asperger's Syndrome. --- The Oshkosh Northwestern --- May 16, 2012 (WISCONSIN) http://is.gd/dlnRQb

Seeking Improved Support
38. “State's DC Delegation Demands Answers from VA Concerning Disability Claims” --- In addition, 39 percent of the 90 disability claims inspected in Oakland were incorrectly processed. The other two California facilities were not much better. At the Los Angeles office, 80 percent of claims reviewed in that report were unnecessarily ... --- San Jose Mercury News --- May 18, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/o6sEOW

39. “In-home Care Providers' Identifying Information Lost in Mail” --- The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is warning in-home care providers paid by the state their personal identifying information may be compromised. Data with provider names, Social Security numbers, case numbers, ... --- News10.net --- May 17, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/U2lMU7
40. “Treating the Homeless Mentally Ill” --- Homelessness is a huge problem in California, and when it's combined with mental illness, it's almost unsolvable. Almost. Fortunately, thanks to Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act passed in 2004, a steady stream of funding amounting to $1 ... --- Chico News & Review --- May 17, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/IO3Pxh
41. “Thousands Turn out to Support Autism Awareness Month at Pasadena's Rose Bowl” --- The autism community took part in a 3-mile walk on Saturday to support Autism Awareness Month. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Autism Speaks, 28,000 families and 150 support groups from across thecountry came … --- Valley Star --- May 16, 2012 (CALIFORNIA)http://is.gd/hewat0
42. “City to Tackle Shelter Waiting Game for Disabled and Older Homeless” --- The health of homeless people — especially older and disabled ones — is endangered by a time-consuming wait they endure daily when reserving a bed in San Francisco's public shelter system, advocates and city officials said recently. --- SF Public Press --- May 15, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/VsfKW1
43. “Delays in Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders” --- A new University of Miami (UM) study shows that one in three children who have an older sibling with an Autism Related Disorder (ASD) fall into a group characterized by higher levels of autism-related behaviors or ... --- Counsel & Heal --- May 18, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/VIGU57
44. UCP-Land of Lincoln Expands to Serve More Adults with Disabilities” --- UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) has moved to a larger facility in Bloomington and is expanding its programs and hiring additional staff to serve more adults with physical and development disabilities, including developmental delays, mental illness and ... --- Bloomington Pantagraph --- May 19, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/geSLwJ
45. “Study Says Cuts to Home Care Lead to Rising Costs Elsewhere” --- Pat Quinn wants to cut $11 million in Medicaid spending on home health care and, according to a new study, the move could lead to higher costs in nursing homes and hospitals. The Chicago-based Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, a health-care ... --- Illinois Statehouse News --- May 17, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/RnGZDR
46. “Madigan Sues Illinois State High School Association over Barring Disabled ...” --- The Illinois High School Association is violating the rights of disabled students by not allowing them to compete in state athletic events, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. The federal lawsuit seeks to ... --- Chicago Tribune --- May 16, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/yvVosn
47. “$270 million in Cuts Threatens Services for the Mentally Ill and Disabled” --- The threatened cuts to state health services, especially for the mentally ill and the disabled, keep getting worse. The House has failed to budge when it comes to spending one-time money to balance the budget and many worry. --- FOX 8 News WVUE-TV --- May 15, 2012 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/zpIE8u
48. “Politicians Concerned Sex Offenders Will be Discharged upon Taunton State Hospital Closure” --- Pacheco this week said he's “extremely concerned” the Department of Mental Health is “moving forward” to prematurely discharge long-term patients, instead of having to transfer them to facilities in Worcester or Tewksbury. Pacheco claims that reliable ... --- Taunton Daily Gazette --- May 11, 2012 (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/IS420w
49. “New Research Could Help Identify Children with Autism Earlier” --- A new study takes a novel approach to identifying autism among low-income and minority children in medically underserved areas by training teachers in day cares and preschools to recognize the disorder. --- Patch.com --- May 18, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/7EwX7E
50. “Autistic Children in Six N.J. Communities Need More Attention, Experts Say” --- A family holds hands during a special liturgy for children with autism and their family members held at Caldwell College last year. Three-year-old Brooklyn Thompson just froze ... --- The Star-Ledger - NJ.com --- May 16, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/hmQJER
51. “Work Can Be Hard to Find for Autistic And Disabled Adults” --- Confidence he gained from the LIVES program, a program at SUNY Geneseo that helps those with mild to severe intellectual disabilities further their education and land a job. “They have different needs than others,” said Kelly Keegan with the LIVES ... --- 13WHAM-TV --- May 18, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/AWzQOn

52. “Amherst Family Can't Hear But that Doesn't Stop Them” --- It's dinnertime at the Wantucks and it looks just like every other household only at the Wantuck's everyone is deaf. They communicate by sign language, even with the family dog. Each family member was born deaf but has a different ... --- WKBW-TV --- May 17, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/LB7hiB

53. “Parents Plead to Preserve Schools for Developmentally Disabled” --- Parents upset about a plan to phase out much of the school-age program provided by the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities say they doubt their local districts can provide comparable education and care. --- Columbus Dispatch --- May 18, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/9gpUOS

54. “Oklahoma DHS' Federal Funding isThreatened” --- The Oklahoma Department of Human Services could lose its federal funding because it has released information about past accusations of abuse or neglect in cases where children later died or nearly died. --- NECN --- May 13, 2012 (OKLAHOMA) http://is.gd/O8m0fY

55. “Keep Funding for Mental Health Services” --- Corbett's proposed funding for mental health services in his proposed budget. It calls for a 20 percent cut. This will require a curtailment of some services such as the CHIPPS program, which members of my family have used. --- York Daily Record --- May 16, 2012 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/9rPi88

56. “Texas School District Apologizes for 'Retarded' Comment in Yearbook” --- Administrators in Texas apologized after special needs students at a high school in Mesquite were described as "mentally retarded" in a yearbook. All copies of the Mesquite High School yearbook distributed earlier this week were ... --- FOX 4 News --- May 19, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/N9NbIC

57. “East Texas Woman Convicted in Baby Sitter's Murder” --- An East Texas woman faces a possible death sentence after being convicted of capital murder for killing her mentally challenged baby sitter. Kimberly Cargill of Whitehouse was convicted on Friday after several hours of ... --- Houston Chronicle --- May 18, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/43WtRC

58. “Autism Website Prioritizes Law Enforcement Issues” --- Autism After 16, a website on adult autism issues, has added a Police Officer to its writing team to help build dialogue between law enforcement personnel and families of autistic adults. Police Lieutenant Jerry Turning's first contribution focuses on ... --- Albany Times Union --- May 15, 2012 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/4yJAyd

59. “Many Parents of Kids With Autism Don't Put Faith in Pediatricians” --- Many parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder don't feel they can turn to their pediatricians for advice on treatments, a new study finds. Likewise, many pediatricians don't think ... --- U.S. News & World Report --- May 16, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/zuJE5m

60. “Mental Ills Top Reason US Troops Now Hospitalized” --- “Mental disorders accounted for more hospital bed days than any other morbidity category and two-fifths (40.1%) of all hospital bed days.” (Check out the complete list here.) In fact, mental ills account for the most hospitalizations of US active-duty ... --- TIME --- May 16, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/VEo0XX

61. “How Will New 'Psychiatric Bible' Change Mental Illness Diagnosis?” --- A doctor diagnosed him as having autism when he was 3 and by age 6 after intensive therapy, he can say single words. (MPR Photo/Lorna Benson) The American Psychiatric Association met last week to discuss new changes to the psychiatric "bible… " --- Minnesota Public Radio --- May 14, 2012 (MINNESOTA) http://is.gd/3iFkUH

62. “New Autism Test Is as Easy as Picking Up Your Baby” --- Doctors are now saying there is a simple, new way to test 6 month olds for autism and other growth delays. A study by the Kennedy Krieger Institute found children with a high risk for autism also had weak head and neck control. --- RedOrbit --- May 18, 2012 (INTERNATIONAL) http://is.gd/cYnmgB

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

63. “State Agrees to Provide Mental Health Services” --- State officials signed a deal Thursday with mental health advocates that could finally end a 31-year-old lawsuit against the state. The agreement spells out a litany of services the state health department has promised to use its "best ... --- Arizona Daily Sun --- May 18, 2012 (ARIZONA) http://is.gd/dFuSch
64. “Disabled Employment Bill Passes State House, Heads to Senate” --- A bill designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to work side-by-side with non-disabled Delawareans is headed to the state Senate for a vote after passing the House Thursday. House Bill 319, sponsored by Brandywine Hundred ... --- WDEL 1150AM --- May 17, 2012 (DELAWARE) http://is.gd/luHKJE
65. “Federal Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Jefferson Parish Schools” --- Claiming that Jefferson Parish public schools have pushed a disproportionate number of black students and students with disabilities into alternative schools, the Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a federal civil rights complaint ... --- The Republic --- May 17, 2012 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/tD9ZGi
66. “Mass. Senate Proposes Budget Plan with No Tax Hikes” --- The Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers said the Senate budget included “stunning reversals for key disability programs''and no annual raise for direct support professionals, despite assurances from Murray, “who earlier pledged to do ... --- Boston Globe --- May 16, 2012 (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/SSbnrN

67. “Suit Seeks Coverage of Behavioral, Mental Problems” --- A lawsuit was filed Friday on behalf of two Nebraska children who were denied Medicaid coverage for their severe behavioral and mental health problems. The suit challenges a state policy that bars coverage of certain types ... --- Omaha World-Herald --- May 19, 2012 (NEBRASKA) http://is.gd/VuHooT

68 “Senate Panel Discusses 'Tara's Law,' Calling for Tighter Rules for Adult Foster Law in N.J.” --- ... Aileen Rivera of Wayne holds up a photo of her son Daniel Rivera as she testifies during a Senate Health Committee hearing on the bill, Tara's Law, that would require tougher scrutiny of group homes for people with developmental disabilities. --- The Star-Ledger - NJ.com --- May 18, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/6Xpajg

69. “Bully Tenured Teachers Would Be Fired Easier under NJ Legislation” ---- Stu Chaifetz says, “They (bully teachers) can really destroy lives. I saw my son changing. I saw the light leaving his eyes.” The attorney for the teacher involved in the Chaifetz matter denies the allegations. Julio Artuz says he was bullied by a ... --- New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio --- May 17, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/LhGg9S

70. “Vt. Governor Vetoes Increased Reporting by Adult Protective Services Division” --- Shumlin's veto of the measure calling for increased reporting by the state's Adult Protective Services division came five months after groups representing the elderly and disabled sued Vermont, saying the state had a backlog of hundreds of ... --- The Republic --- May 16, 2012 (VERMONT) http://is.gd/ZRISyT

71. “State Supreme Court Rules Alzheimer's Patients Can't Be Lumped in with ...” --- The Wisconsin State Supreme Court rules patients with Alzheimer's disease can't be lumped in with mentally challenged patients. The Wisconsin State Supreme Court rules patients with Alzheimer's disease can't be lumped in with mentally ... --- Pierce County Herald --- Wisconsin --- May 19, 2012 (WISCONSIN) http://is.gd/OZieq1

72. “Solitary Confinement for the Mentally Ill Challenged in Courts, Report Says” ---
The US Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that executing mentally retarded criminals amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. In 2007, the high court found that courts weighing execution need to consider whether a condemned inmate is so out of touch with ... ---
NOLA.com --- May 17, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/Su8fer

International Articles
73. “Mental Health Funding Freeze Questioned” --- Mental health practitioners in north-west Victoria are upset about a freeze on funding for a growing mental health program. The Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program aims to increase the number of mental health nurses across the country and fill ... --- ABC Online --- May 18, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/Wb1oke

74. “Western Australia Introduces Court for Mentally Ill” --- The West Australian Government plans to introduce a specialist court to deal with offenders suffering from mental illness. WA Mental Health Minister Helen Morton says the state government will draw on the experience of other jurisdictions for its ... --- ABC Online --- May 19, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/bSgQwI

75. “Young Mental Health Carers 'Struggling to Cope' ” --- A survey has found a high number of children under the age of 16 are caring for relatives with mental health problems, and many of them are struggling to cope with the burden. More than 1000 Australians were interviewed for the Wesley Mission report, ... --- ABC Online --- May 14, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/Ffboag

76. “Loss of Addictons Counsellors Potential Crisis for CFB Petawawa Brass” --- CFB Petawawa's two civilian addictions counsellors are leaving just two weeks after a damning internal clinicians report slammed the lack of mental health treatment for Afghan veterans, calling the situation 'a crisis. --- Ottawa Citizen --- May 18, 2012 (CANADA) http://is.gd/LFZ6Lz

77. “Disabled Young Adults Still Face Cuts Despite Promises” --- Young adults with developmental disabilities are still facing severe cuts in services once they turn 19, despite the BC government's promise to fix the problem, a group of Victoria families say. The parents say their sons and daughters have been well ... --- Canada.com --- May 17, 2012 (CANADA) http://is.gd/yXBSnC

78. “Mugger Shoves Woman's Wheelchair, Steals Wallet” --- A woman in a wheelchair was violently shoved across a road and mugged in New Westminster Tuesday, just days after a similarly appalling robbery in neighbouring Burnaby. Police say the 53-year-old victim was crossing the street at 6th Avenue and 7th ... --- CTV.ca --- May 17, 2012 (CANADA) http://is.gd/ORoTux

79. “Country's Mental Health Services Lacking” --- Psychiatrist Yao Xueyang says he has been overloaded with work ever since he started at Yichang Mental Health Center six years ago. "We have about 30 doctors here, with four to five working in the outpatient ... --- China Daily --- May 15, 2012 (CHINA) http://is.gd/zpIE8u

80. “Cut Disability Hate Crime in Hampshire” --- Stand by Me commits Hampshire Constabulary to working with vulnerable victims of crime. is joining a campaign to tackle disability hate crimes. The campaign asks the police to commit to ten promises that complement the work the constabulary is already ... --- Eagle Radio --- May 19, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/Ruv3qY

81. “ ‘Merciless’ Pair Tried to Decapitate Disabled Borehamwood Teen with Axe” ---
Two "merciless" thugs who tried to execute a disabled teenager by chopping his head off with an axe were jailed for a total of more than 36 years today. Jamie Healey, 23, pinned 17-year-old Luke Demetriou to his bed while Ronald Dwyer, 22, ... --- Borehamwood Times --- May 17, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/08UEiq
82. “Carers 'kicked and slapped their clients' ” --- A severely disabled wheelchair-bound man was also hit across the head, left in bed in his pyjamas during the day, and was not fed properly, the court heard. The 44-year-old woman and 39-year-old man, who need 24-hour care, were being looked after in ... --- The Bolton News --- May 16, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/SmeTOJ

83. “French Autistic Kids Mostly get Psychotherapy” --- In most developed countries, children with autism are usually sent to school where they get special education classes. But in France, they are more often sent to a psychiatrist where they get talk ... --- WNCT --- May 18, 2012 (FRANCE) http://is.gd/Kv1g9q

84. “Disability and Social Justice in India” --- India has 2.2 crore persons with various types of disabilities as per Census 2001. The Government has taken several steps, including legislative measures, to integrate them fully with society. They are seen in all walks of life, discharging not only ... --- isikkim --- May 17, 2012 (INDIA) http://is.gd/0m7mZI

85. “Punjab: Hostel Warden Booked for Molesting Mentally-challenged Minor Girl” ---Within days of more than 90 kids being rescued from a shelter home in neighbouring Haryana, police have registered a case against a school warden here for allegedly molesting a mentally-challenged minor girl. --- Indian Express --- May 14, 2012 (INDIA) http://is.gd/d5LyOD

86. “Man Charged with Abusing Mentally Ill Mother” --- A Rishon Lezion man subjected his mentally ill mother to severe abuse, including beating and strangling her, according to an indictment filed in the Central District Court on Thursday. Victor Chernish, aged 42, was his mother Nina ... --- Jerusalem Post --- May 17, 2012 (ISRAEL) http://is.gd/aqu4gN

87. “Tel Aviv's Last Hostel for Mentally Disabled Faces Closure” --- The management of the Abarbanel Mental Health Center and the Health Ministry are seeking to close down the Jaffa hostel for rehabilitation of the mentally disabled which has 12 residents. The Health Ministry says that the structure isn't safe and ... --- Ynetnews --- May 17, 2012 (ISRAEL) http://is.gd/KazfxI

88. “Allocation in Budget to Assist the Disabled” --- For this fiscal year, the Government will seek to strengthen its efforts to improve the lives of the country's disabled population. This will be facilitated through funds set aside in the 2012/13 Estimates of Expenditure, currently before the House of ... --- Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Information Service --- May 17, 2012 (JAMAICA) http://is.gd/auGMob

89. “Jordan's Disabled Children Abused at Care Homes” --- King Abdullah II orders government to probe reported abuse of children with physical, mental disabilities at centres. King Abdullah II on Monday instructed Jordan's government to probe reports of abuse at homes for children with physical and ... --- Middle East Online --- May 15, 2012 (JORDAN) http://is.gd/spRoBH

90. “Mosque Workers Probed for Molesting Retarded Juvenile” --- Two Asian mosque employees in Jahra have been detained for interrogation for allegedly molesting a mentally retarded Kuwaiti juvenile, reports Al-Anba daily. The men were taken into custody after the victim's father filed a ... --- Arab Times Kuwait English Daily --- May 20, 2012 (KUWAIT) http://is.gd/7BObPV

91. “Parents of Disabled Children Win Court Battle” --- Parents of disabled children have won a battle after a court found they were being discriminated against by the Health Ministry. The Court of Appeal today dismissed the Ministry of Health's appeal against a finding that its current policy of not ... --- Stuff.co.nz --- May 14, 2012 (NEW ZEALAND) http://is.gd/cQkXyw

92. “Alleged Rape Victim Receives Counselling” --- Police say, a mentally disabled teenage boy who was allegedly raped by two young women in Soweto, is still receiving treatment after the incident. The two allegedly drugged the boy, before they raped him in … --- Eyewitness News --- May 19, 2012 (SOUTH AFRICA) http://is.gd/2QVfq3

93. “500,000 to Lose Disability Benefits” --- Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he was determined to introduce radical reforms to disability allowances which could slash the annual cost by £2.24 billion. Around 500,000 people in the UK who receive disability living allowance (DLA) ... --- WalesOnline --- May 14, 2012 (WALES) http://is.gd/t1Tfqp

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