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News Summary for April 30, 2012
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

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Dr. Nora's Top Articles

1. “Over Half of Children with Autism Bullied” --- Two-thirds of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are or have been bullied. That's the findings of a recent Interactive Autism Network study. Children with varying forms of Autism were three times more likely to have been bullied in the ... --- CBS42 --- April 25, 2012 (ALABAMA) http://is.gd/S1zP2N

2. “Arrests Made over Fight Videos Featuring Women, Disabled, Homeless Men” --- He was charged with two counts of aggravated abuse of a disabled adult, police said. "We had a great deal of concern about individuals, especially in the homeless community that fit this criteria and were being victimized," said police spokesman --- Tbo.com --- April 27, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/E6AJvv

3. “Head of State Agency for Developmentally Disabled Questioned by Senate” --- The head of the state agency that cares for developmentally disabled people today declined to say who in government sought to block a whistleblower's appearance before a Senate oversight committee examining abuses at her ... --- Buffalo News --- April 23, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/FDRmkF

4 “LA to Pay $2.1 Million in Legal Fees to Disability Group” --- The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to pay $2.1 million in legal fees for a group that had alleged that city officials had no strategy for evacuating people with disabilities after a natural disaster or terrorist attack. --- Los Angeles Times --- April 25, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/1TpEqq

5. “Gunther Reintroduces ‘Paula's Law’ Legislation” --- State Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (D-Forestburgh) has reintroduced a bill that is aimed at protecting developmentally disabled people in group homes. Called “Paula's Law,” the bill is named for 62-year-old Paula Liblick of Sullivan County, ... --- Mid-Hudson News --- April 25, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/8PVzbD

6. “Legislation Would Require Cameras in Group Homes” --- A bill was reintroduced Wednesday that would require the installation of surveillance cameras at all entrances and exits of state-run group homes. The measure would require facilities run by the state Office of People with ... --- WGRZ-TV --- April 25, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/fbwKmB

7. “Mentally Disabled Woman Found Chained and Cuffed in Backyard” --- Deputies responding to a report of a child crying for help in a Pensacola backyard found a 21-year-old mentally disabled woman handcuffed behind her back, bleeding from the mouth, and wearing a “sandwich” style ... --- Sun-Sentinel --- April 24, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/Wa6jFx

8. “Disability Advocates Criticize Botched Sexual Assault Investigation” --- Disability rights advocates are demanding change after a Department of Justice report recommended criminal charges against a state disability supervisor. The report addresses how state workers handled a sexual assault reported in 2010 at a state run ... --- NBC Montana --- April 27, 2012 (MONTANA) http://is.gd/74TJB5

9. “Why Autistic Children are Bullied More” --- But, as a new study finds, kids with autism spectrum disorder (AS D) may have an even harder time with bullying, being many times more likely than their neurotypical siblings to have experienced it in their lifetimes. Even more disturbing, autistic ... --- Forbes --- April 24, 2011 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/bgWWR8

10. “Autistic Bullying: What Parents Can Learn from Dad's Viral Video” --- For parents of autistic kids, who have difficulty communicating, this is a tough task. The now-viral You Tube video posted by single dad Stuart Chaifetz, which chronicles how his 10-year-old autistic son Akian was verbally abused by his school teachers ... --- msnbc.com --- April 27, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/3mGvnl


11. “Mother of Daughter Charged in Fire Dies” --- The mother of a developmentally disabled woman who has been charged with murder and arson in a fire that killed her father died today at Riverside Community Hospital. Linda Clark, 73, was taken to the hospital after suffering injuries ... --- Press-Enterprise --- April 27, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/WJPcYJ

12. “Huntington Beach Man Convicted of Kidnapping, Sexual Assault” --- A man was convicted today of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 7-year-old developmentally disabled girl. Daniel Vlas Flores, 30, Huntington Beach, was found guilty by a jury of one felony count each of sexual intercourse with a child 10 years old or ... --- Orange County Breeze --- April 27, 2012 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/Ekjh5H

13. “Was Mentally Disabled Man Beaten by Employee?” --- An employee at a Lake County facility that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities was jailed Thursday after allegedly beating a mentally disabled man on the head with a belt. Andre Mays, 39, of Orlando, initially tried to ... --- Daily Commercial --- April 22, 2012 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/ldvVtX

14. “Woman Accused of Beating another Woman in Wheelchair” --- Johnson Police were called to Hal Powell Apartments on Thursday after a woman beat another woman in a wheelchair with a cane in the elevator, according to a Richmond County Sheriff's Office incident report. According to the report, ... --- The Augusta Chronicle --- April 27, 2012 (GEORGIA) http://is.gd/dKC02Y

15. “Mayor Says He Can't Talk about Disabled Girl's Lawsuit against Police” --- A day after a federal court likened the Chicago Police Department's handling of a mentally ill woman to throwing her in a lions den, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he wants to talk about the issue but can't until Christina Eilman's lawsuit is closed. --- Chicago Tribune --- April 27, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/x9F6E2

16. “Man Claims Police Beat Him, Knocked Him Out of Wheelchair” --- A paraplegic man claims two Chicago Police officers beat him and knocked him out of his wheelchair during a confrontation at a Loop doughnut shop. As WBBM Newsradio's David Roe reports, Reginald Edwards, 32, claims he was eating ... --- CBS2 Chicago --- April 25, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/WWeuaJ

17. “Trial Starts in Death of Man in Group Home” --- A downstate trial began Tuesday in the death of a former Joliet man who was staying in a group home for the developmentally disabled. Paul McCann, a 1989 graduate of Joliet Township High ... --- Joliet Herald News --- April 24, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/1u1dnH

18. “Parents Object to Wonder Lake Police Treatment of Disabled Man” --- Family members of a disabled man involved in an altercation with Wonder Lake police say they believe officers overreacted when they arrested and shocked him with a Taser. Travis N. Tillman, 28, ... --- Northwest Herald --- April 24, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/RyzDKT

19. “Disabled Kentucky Man Found in Squalid Home” --- ... been left alone while Wilson was at work at an area hospital. Police contacted Kentucky Adult Protective Services to take custody of the brother. They also called in the city's building code enforcement department, which promptly condemned the house. --- UPI.com --- April 24, 2012 (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/5m2ZtG

20. “Mother Accused of Hitting Handicapped Son with Bowl” --- In St. Mary Parish, a Charenton woman is accused of hitting her handicapped son with a glass bowl. When deputies arrived at 121 Bayou View Dr., they found Dena Phillips' son bleeding from his left eyebrow, according to St. Mary Parish Sheriff Mark ... --- KATC Lafayette News --- April 27, 2012 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/sTmp8c

21. “Probe: Hospital Official Tried to Cover up Abuse” --- Reeder still works for the hospital for the developmentally disabled after state health officials cleared him of wrongdoing. "I never covered up anything," Reeder said Thursday in a brief interview. Department of Public Health and Human Services ... --- Huffington Post --- April 26, 2012 (MONTANA) http://is.gd/XrYYTS

22. “State of MT Report Details Sexual Abuse Investigation” --- The report states there are six people with disabilities who, in 2010, reported being sexually abused and assaulted by two staff members at the Center. Disability Rights Montana executive director Bernadette Franks-Ongoy says she hopes this report ... --- KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News --- April 26, 2012 (MONTANA) http://is.gd/4lHrbv

23. “NJ Teacher Put on Leave Amid Verbal Abuse Probe” --- A southern New Jersey teacher who oversees a classroom where a father says his autistic son was verbally abused by adults has been placed on paid leave, according to district officials. --- ABC News --- April 28, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/AdxOgP

24. “Dad Plants Bug on Autistic Son to Confirm School Mistreatment” --- A New Jersey man has launched a website to publicize what he calls "a culture of bullying" by teachers in his son's Cherry Hill classroom after sending the boy -- who has been diagnosed with autism -- to school with a ... --- CNN International --- April 26, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/VuEFAm

25. “Lawyer: Autistic Boy's Teacher Didn't Call Him 'Bastard' ” --- Stuart Chaifetz, the father of the autistic boy who was allegedly bullied by educators, tells msnbc's Thomas Roberts that he wants the head teacher fired. --- msnbc.com --- April 27, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/JXdJNn

26. “Father of Autistic Bullying Victim Speaks Out” --- Stuart Chaifetz is the father of a 10-year-old boy who's been diagnosed with autism. His son, Akian, was repeatedly sent home from school with notes from teachers complaining of violent outbursts. Chaifetz became suspicious because the behavior ... --- CNN --- April 26, 2012 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/HELPvi

27. “Should Group Homes Have Cameras?” --- Carol Kulp has four children in group homes. One was abused by another resident in a facility years ago. But Carol says cameras would not have prevented that abuse. "If someone wants to abuse another individual, it is going to happen ... --- 13WHAM-TV --- April 26, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/t45nXR

28. “Former Agency Worker Expected to Plead Guilty to Theft from Developmentally Disabled Clients” --- A former employee of a local agency that provides services for the developmentally disabled plans to plead guilty next week to felony charges that she took money from several clients, according to her attorney. --- Chillicothe Gazette --- April 27, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/Yzhu6o

29. “Special-needs Student Says He Was Beaten; 2 Aides Suspended” --- Two Columbus school-district aides have been suspended with pay after a special-needs student said he was beaten by one inside a seclusion room while the other watched. On March 28, the boy's mother took him to Beatty Park ... --- Columbus Dispatch --- April 26, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/Ipqrmu

30. “Portland Authorities Want Family of Autistic Boy to Explain Why He Was Alone ...” --- Portland police say this autistic boy was found alone on MAX Northeast Portland on Friday. Portland police say they have contacted the family of an autistic boy found alone on a MAX ... --- OregonLive.com --- April 28, 2012 (OREGON) http://is.gd/3CaZl 3

31. “State Briefs: ETSU Student Shot; Mental Patient's Death Investigated; TennCare ...” --- Authorities are investigating the beating death of a patient at a Nashville mental health facility. The Tennessean reported that James M. Hodge was attacked by another patient early Thursday morning at Middle Tennessee Mental Health ... --- Jackson Sun --- April 21, 2012 (TENNESSEE) http://is.gd/WWL6Vb

32. “Couple Charged with Assault on 63-Year-old Disabled Aunt” --- A Lynnwood couple is accused of repeatedly abusing a disabled older relative. She was staying with them, and she says she suffered terrible abuse. The two people charged are 26-year-old Melissa Flores and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Cotie Pifher. --- KING5.com --- April 24, 2012 (WASHINGTON) http://is.gd/2ljgdL

33. “Mason Co. Principal Accused of Abusing Special Needs Boy” --- A Mason County school principal allegedly forced an 11-year-old special needs boy off of a school bus in March. That principal is now being charged with felony child abuse, and the young boy's family is suing both the principal, and the Mason County ... --- WDTV --- April 27, 2012 (WEST VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/EjVaNC

Seeking Improved Support

34. “Arizona Foster-care System in Crisis; Not Enough Homes for Children” --- Many who leave say it's not necessarily the children who have caused them to turn in their license but their frustration with the system's inability to help them. State officials acknowledge that Child Protective Services is struggling to... --- Arizona Republic --- April 28, 2012 (ARIZONA) http://is.gd/EKM6kw

35. “Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down to Girl with Cerebral Palsy” --- Dina, who is also reportedly developmentally disabled, is usually frightened by the procedure. Her family reportedly requests that agents on hand take the time to introduce themselves to her. However, the agents on duty at the time began to handle her ... --- CBS Local --- April 25, 2012 (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA) http://is.gd/NYDF5U

36. “Group Says Medicaid Cuts Could Cost 38,000 Illinois Jobs” --- Pat Quinn's plan to cut Medicaid. The Responsible Budget Coalitions says Illinois would lose almost 38,000 jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity related to health care. --- Northwest Herald --- April 25, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/qwZHdF

37. “Autism Program of Illinois Aims to Spread Autism Awareness During April” --- The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) has announced it has mailed every pediatrician and family practice physician in Illinois to boost awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). April is traditionally observed as Autism ... --- The Rock River Times --- April 25, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/GooeVZ

38. “10 Arrested Outside Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic” --- Police arrested 23 Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic patients, workers and supporters who barricaded themselves Thursday behind steel gates and cement inside the facility. --- NBC Chicago --- April 24, 2012 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/9dom9v

39. “Hundreds Rally over Kansas Governor's Medicaid Overhaul” --- Hundreds of developmentally disabled Kansas residents and advocates for them have rallied at the Statehouse against part of Gov. Sam Brownback's plan to overhaul the state's Medicaid program. Participants in Wednesday's rally don't want services ... --- WIBW --- April 25, 2012 (KANSAS) http://is.gd/rzFeS4

40. Cuts force changes in mental health care The Times-Picayune Cuts to mental-health services at Interim LSU Public Hospital were “a punch in the stomach,” but they have forced necessary conversations and better identification of high-risk patients, according to city health ... --- NOLA.com --- April 25, 2012 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/vIFy5P

41. “State Study Cites Racial, Income Disparities in Special Education” --- A new study highlights significant disparities in how Massachusetts school districts identify students with disabilities and how they are taught, often cutting along class, racial and ethnic lines. Low-income students are more often ... --- Wicked Local --- April 24, 2012 (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/Tj9DP8

42. “Help is Limited for Michigan Adults with Autism” --- Nick Gammicchia, 20, is one of the thousands of Michiganders with autism spectrum disorder, commonly referred to as autism. The number of those diagnosed with autism has increased dramatically in the last 20 years, threatening to overwhelm the already ... --- Detroit Free Press --- April 25, 2012 (MICHIGAN) http://is.gd/5uJqE6

43. “State Must Close Gaps in Missing-Adult Alert System” --- She wasn't sick, but because our hospital provides unique mental/behavioral health services to the community, here she came and here she stayed. Martinez fell between the cracks. She had no identity and no place to go after being found wandering in ... --- Poughkeepsie Journal --- April 27, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/GnIYcP

44. “Assaults on Social Service Workers on the Rise: City Agencies” --- He said social workers are often on “the front lines,” and can find themselves in dangerous situations, especially during home visits. “These social workers are not trained to go in there to be police officers,” Golden said. “They're trained to work ... --- WNYC --- April 23, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/BrRLgW

45. “Midwest's Largest Long-Term Care Convention Held in Columbus” --- The Ohio Centers for Assisted Living (OCAL) and the Ohio Centers for Developmental Disabilities (OCDD), OHCA's affiliate organizations, also participate as sponsors of the event. The Convention features nearly 100 educational programs for long-term ... --- MarketWatch (press release) --- April 24, 2012 (OHIO) http://is.gd/UvQXMn 

46. “Facebook Bans Mother over Photos of Disabled Son” --- Facebook banned a mother from using her social media profile after photos of her mentally-disabled son were flagged as "inappropriate" and a violation of Facebook's terms of use. "Never upload any photos that contain hate speech, support for violent ... --- NewsOK.com --- April 24, 2012 (OKLAHOMA) http://is.gd/zEpfFI

47. “RI Assembly Urged to OK Funds for the Disabled” --- Rhode Island lawmakers are being urged to reverse $24 million in budget cuts to programs serving the state's developmentally disabled residents. Hundreds of relatives and caregivers for people with developmental disabilities ... --- NECN --- April 25, 2012 (RHODE ISLAND) http://is.gd/OpyQgR

48. “Students with Autism get Ready for Life After High School” --- Others are not able to speak or communicate without help and need to spend most of the school time in programs for children with severe disabilities. Many children and young adults with an autism spectrum disorder fall somewhere in between. --- Brattleboro Reformer --- April 27, 2012 (VERMONT) http://is.gd/pFSzog

49. “Court Records: Matoaca Woman First Shot Husband, then Strangled Son” --- A 70-year-old woman charged in a Chesterfield County double-murder told police she first shot and killed her husband and then strangled her mentally challenged adult son with a belt before calling 911, according to newly filed court ... --- Progress Index --- April 27, 2012 (VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/P5ePHS

50. “Feds Approve State Medicaid Cuts; 17,000 Adults Expected to Lose Coverage” --- The federal government on Friday approved state Medicaid cuts expected to cause about 17,000 adults to lose state health coverage and 3,0000 more to pay higher premiums. The changes are scaled back from a proposal that would have turned away nearly 65,000 ... --- Wisconsin State Journal --- April 27, 2012 (WISCONSIN) http://is.gd/fZjBSH

51. “VA Mental Health System Sharply Denounced at Hearing” --- The Department of Veterans Affairs' mental-health care system suffers from a culture where managers give more importance to meeting meaningless performance goals than helping veterans, according to testimony before a Senate committee Wednesday. --- Washington Post --- April 25, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/waxoQB

52. “Disability-Rights Advocates Worry Politics Delays Workplace Rule” --- Advocates for employees with disabilities said new guidelines on discrimination in the workplace from the US Equal Employment Commission are being delayed by political opposition from business. --- Bloomberg --- April 25, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/svyESR

53. “Autism Treatments Called into Question” --- Scientific journals' tendency to favor studies with positive test results may have skewed the understanding of how effective antidepressants actually are in treating repetitive behavior, a common symptom of autism. A review of recent trials, ... --- Huffington Post --- April 24, 2012 (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/5jjC0y

54. “Experimental Drug Improves Autism-Like Symptoms in Mice” --- Researchers have identified a novel compound that improved autism-like behaviors in mice, according to a new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Scientists from the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) and Pfizer ... --- ABC News --- April 25, 2012 (INTERNATIONAL) http://is.gd/puVvQQ

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

55. “Mental-Health Reform Clears House Despite Concerns that it Could Cause Cuts” --- After weeks of off-the-record negotiations, the Iowa House of Representatives today approved major reforms to the state's mental health system. The bill would replace the current county-by-county system with one in which counties would band together ... --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- April 24, 2012 (IOWA) http://is.gd/ahYHZY 

56. “Committee Delays Managed Care for Developmentally Disabled in Kansas” --- Long-term services for people with developmental disabilities won't be included in Gov. Sam Brownback's managed care plan until 2014 under a move approved by the House Appropriations Committee this morning. --- Kansas.com --- April 27, 2012 (KANSAS) http://is.gd/i2Qpss

57. “Mass. House Adds Money for Seniors, Mentally Ill” --- The House approved budget amendments today increasing funding for senior home care and senior center activities and put in additional funds for private hospital beds for mental health patients for ... --- Worcester Telegram --- April 25, 2012 (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/XGkvEy

58. “Congressional Hearing Today on Minn. Medicaid” --- Minnesota's Medicaid program for the poor and disabled will be under scrutiny at a congressional hearing on Wednesday. Republicans in the US House and Senate called the joint hearing saying that ... --- Minnesota Public Radio --- April 25, 2012 (MINNESOTA) http://is.gd/QGM8tt

59. “NY Court Limits Access to Records of Disabled” --- New York's top court has limited access by advocates to clinical records of the disabled in state care, following federal standards that generally require first getting permission from legal guardians or actively involved family ... --- Wall Street Journal --- April 26, 2012 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/KGCWqO

International Articles

60. “Disabled Denied Legal Support” --- Disabled people are being brought before SA's Guardianship Board without legal representation and ordered to undergo medical treatment. The Law Society of South Australia has complained about the practice to ... --- Adelaide Now --- April 23, 2012 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/4EvdGE

61. “Blind Legal Activist Chen Guangcheng Safe in Beijing, Group Says” --- Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng escaped house arrest in eastern China and is now safe at an undisclosed location in Beijing, a US-based rights group said in a statement. Chen escaped earlier this past week from his home in Shandong province where ... --- Bloomberg --- April 27, 2012 (CHINA) http://is.gd/4670fr

62. “Disabled Woman Forced to 'Live Like a Dog' in Little Venice Flat” --- A disabled ex-youth worker from Little Venice says she is living “like a dog” after being forced to drag herself around the floor of her unmodified flat which she has been unable to leave for 10 days. --- Ham&High --- April 26, 2012 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/esUmC2

63. “Social Workers Challenged with Assisting Confused Children” --- The Department of Social Services is celebrating Child Welfare Month that is held during the month of April. A conclave was held at the Foster B. Pestaina Center yesterday under the theme, ‘Every Child Matters.’ ” --- April 27, 2012 (GRAND BAHAMAS) http://is.gd/bKSSOb

64. “Two Teens Rape 16-Year-old Handicapped Girl, Arrested” --- A 16-year-old handicapped girl was raped by two teenagers at her house in Gomtipur on Thursday when she was alone. The duo was caught red-handed by the girl's parents when they came back home. Shocked by the incident the couple shouted out ... --- Times of India --- April 28, 2012 (INDIA) http://is.gd/eGiow7

65. “Disabled Granddaughter Death Trial Opens” --- An elderly couple accused of the manslaughter of their profoundly disabled granddaughter 11 years ago have denied the charges against them. We're sorry. This video is unavailable from your location. --- U.TV --- April 24, 2012 (IRELAND) http://is.gd/fSHNUq

66. “Disability Groups Decry Exclusion from Ceremonies” --- Thousands of people with disabilities will be shut out of public Remembrance Day ceremonies because of inaccessibility. As the nation gears up to collectively mourn its dead, for citizens with various disabilities, national Remembrance ... --- Jerusalem Post --- April 24, 2012 (ISRAEL) http://is.gd/A67G5u

67. “Autism on the Rise... Support Services under Pressure” --- Maureen Samms-Vaughn, professor of child health, child development and child behaviour at the University of the West Indies (UWI), has said the rapid rate of increase in the number of children with autism is continuing to overwhelm support services as ... --- Jamaica Gleaner --- April 27, 2012 (JAMAICA) http://is.gd/Dl74JN

68. “Autistic Patient Locked in Room” --- He is in the care of Capital & Coast District Health Board as a compulsory treatment patient, with autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, a mild intellectual disability and mental health problems. --- Marlborough Express --- April 28, 2012 (NEW ZEALAND) http://is.gd/2BfU7P

69. “The Name that Turns Men into Cowards” --- She is the mentally handicapped 17-year-old whose gang-rape ordeal elicited such public outcry and anger all over SA and the world. Her story even made CNN news last week. --- Independent Online --- April 27, 2012 (SOUTH AFRICA) http://is.gd/0m69PJ

70. “Grandson was Raped by Two Women – Claim” --- The family of Pule* – the 17-year-old mentally challenged boy who was allegedly raped by a teenage girl and her adult sister – are devastated. The boy said he was raped last Sunday at the house of his assailants, who live three ... --- April 23, 2012 (SOUTH AFRICA) http://is.gd/Gh8DLJ


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