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News Summary for April 2, 2012
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

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Dr. Nora’s Top Pics

1.   "Two Teachers Caught Taunting Disabled Boy, 10, as 'Gross' and 'Disgusting ..." --- Two Alabama teachers were caught cruelly taunting and abusing a 10-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy after the boy's mother attached an audio recorder to his wheelchair. --- Daily Mail --- March 30, 2012  (ALABAMA)   http://is.gd/rdKMkm

2.   "Couple Allegedly Imprisoned Disabled Woman" --- A New York couple have been charged with imprisoning a disabled woman for more than a year and beating her while spending her benefits. Patrick Donovan, 42, and Mae Washington, 63, were being held without bail, ... --- UPI.com --- March 28, 2012  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/4qsA7Y  

3.   "Group Home Fined, Admissions Suspended After Girl's Death on School Bus" --- According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Cape Fear Respite Home, where eight-year-old Jamiah Batts lived, was fined $10,000. --- WWAY NewsChannel 3 --- March 27, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)   http://is.gd/YzrULk  

4.   "Church Janitor Pleads to Fondling Mentally Disabled Girl" --- An Oak Ridge man has pleaded guilty to fondling a mentally disabled girl on several occasions in 2009. Michael J. Skytta, 56, was indicted last year on four counts of aggravated sexual battery … --- Knoxville News Sentinel --- March 30, 2012  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/WE51rd  

5.    "Grand Jury Indicts Man on Felony Sex Assault Charge" --- A Bell County grand jury on Wednesday indicted a Marble Falls man on a felony accusation that he raped a mentally retarded man in 2010. Terrance Damon Young, 29, was charged with aggravated sexual assault. --- Killeen Daily Herald --- March 28, 2012  (TEXAS)  

6.    "New Autism Estimate a Wake-up Call for Employers" --- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention yesterday updated its estimate of autism incidence in the country to 1 in 88, a 23 percent increase from the last report in 2009. --- Phoenix Business Journal --- March 30, 2012  (ARIZONA)  http://is.gd/TBeuqW

7.   "Survey Finds 63% of Children with Autism Bullied" --- According to a new national survey, it's an especially big problem for children with autism and Asperger's syndrome. Complete Coverage of Latest Developments in Autism Researchers … --- CBS News --- March 30, 2012  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/yR4WCH  

8.    "Senators Consider Bill Giving Greater Protection for Service Dogs" --- What it is: A bill adds people with mental disabilities to the list of people who have the right to be accompanied by a service animal. Where it is: The bill had a hearing in the Senate's Health, Mental Health, Seniors and Families committee Tuesday. --- Springfield News-Leader --- March 30, 2012  (MISSOURI)   http://is.gd/pI9Jfr   

9.    "Cases of Autism on the Rise; What You Need to Know about the Disorder" --- The drowning death this week of a 6-year-old autistic child has shined a light on the disorder. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. --- KTVO --- March 30, 2012  (MISSOURI)   http://is.gd/UujbVv     

10.    "Funding Needed for Those with Developmental Disabilities" --- "When the state system doesn't take care of individuals with disabilities then it falls back on the local community to pick up the tab," he said. --- WALB-TV --- March 29, 2012  (GEORGIA)    http://is.gd/3XlIpq  

11.    "SU Vigil to Honor Autistic Man Shot by Mother, Other Disabled People Killed by Caregivers" --- Disability rights advocates are organizing a candlelight vigil on the Syracuse University campus 7 pm Friday to honor the memories of disabled individuals murdered by their caregivers and relatives ... --- Syracuse.com --- March 28, 2012  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/T2iv0C  

12.   "New Data Show Children with Autism Bullied Three Times More Frequently Than ... " --- Today, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN), www.ianproject.org , the nation's largest online autism research initiative and a project of the … --- MarketWatch (press release) --- March 26, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/q0H4Ug  

13.   "House Passes Tougher Vulnerable Adult, Child Neglect Penalties" --- People who willingly neglect a vulnerable adult could face a more serious criminal charge. So could those who mistreat a child. Sponsored by Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R-St. Cloud) and Sen. --- Twin Cities Planet --- March 28, 2012  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/UdtC6Y   

14.   "Health Care Aides' Pay Can Be Cut, Judge Says in Ruling" --- Personal care assistants who take care of their relatives face a 20 percent reduction in Medicaid-based payments. --- Minneapolis Star Tribune --- March 26, 2012 (MINNESOTA) http://is.gd/AnKmSK

15.   "Autism Awareness Day Should Spur Action to Combat Discrimination, Says Ban" --- The annual observance of World Autism Awareness Day should spur global action to combat the "unacceptable" discrimination, abuse and isolation that … --- UN News Centre --- March 30, 2012  (INTERNATIONAL)   http://is.gd/pLKIP3  


16.   "Widespread Deficiencies Found in LA County's Oversight of Abused Children" --- Assemblyman Henry Perea, the Fresno Democrat who called for the audit, said he would be sending a letter to California Department of Social Services Director … --- Los Angeles Times --- March 30, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/8nAtju  

17.   "3 Accused of Assaulting Disabled Man" --- Police said a teen befriended a disabled man and she and her friends robbed him. From left to right, Ashley Secore, Shataneka Brown and Darnell Stellmacher. --- NBC Connecticut --- March 30, 2012   (CONNECTICUT)   http://is.gd/JFbQjF  

18.   "Man Charged with Assault on Mentally, Physically Disabled Tenant in Suburban West Palm Beach" --- A man accused of fighting with a mentally and physically disabled tenant in suburban West Palm Beach was arrested Wednesday on abuse and battery charges. --- Palm Beach Post --- March 30, 2012  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/q9rMQg   

19.   "Con-artist Swindles Man in Wheelchair for $1,200 in Checks" --- A man calling himself "Donald LeMay" reportedly took cash, checks in the total amount of $1,200, house keys and a telescope from a wheelchair-bound man he met in front of his home in the 10200 block of Washington Avenue. --- Reporter Online --- March 29, 2012  (ILLINOIS)  http://is.gd/HcduEq  

20.   "Bus Driver Accused of Raping Mentally-Handicapped Student" --- The 18 year old Woodlawn High School student, who is classified as mentally handicapped, told the detective, Bordelon would pick her … --- KSLA-TV --- March 26, 2012  (LOUISIANA)   http://is.gd/2TUSXp  

21.   "It's Child Abuse Prevention Month" --- According to 2011 statistics gathered by Polk County Social Services, there were an estimated 287 reports regarding child abuse or neglect. Of those, 45 were found to be in need of child protective services. --- Crookston Daily Times --- March 30, 2012  (MINNESOTA)   http://is.gd/AAttc1  

22.   "Police Investigate Bathtub Death of Severely Handicapped 5-Year-old Brooklyn Girl" --- Police are investigating the bathtub death of a severely handicapped child in the New York City home of her foster parents. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Friday that the 5-year-old girl died Thursday night. --- The Republic --- March 30, 2012  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/oCG2gT  

23.   "Croton Caregiver Caught with 54 Pounds of Marijuana While Transporting Disabled Patients, Cops Say" --- Police display the 54 pounds of marijuana found in the van of a worker for a Croton residence for disabled people. --- The Journal News | LoHud.com --- March 29, 2012  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/4Hsyhv   

24.   "Cash Stolen from Disabled NC Boy" --- Police in Cary, NC, were looking for a man they say stole $250 from a disabled boy raising money to bring his wheelchair basketball team to his school. --- UPI.com --- March 25, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)   http://is.gd/17C2It  

25.   "Man Allegedly Left Wife Lying on Floor for 30 Days" --- Reports that a police officer and an Adult Protective Services worker found Mary Ann Scheuer on March 21 dehydrated and with an infected elbow and ulcers and sores on her back, buttocks and left breast. --- WKRC TV Cincinnati --- March 30, 2012  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/V5m3ki  

26.   "2 Workers Allegedly Stole from Developmentally Disabled" --- Burlington County authorities say two works at a center for the disabled stole and redeemed store vouchers for patients in their care. Prosecutor Robert D. Bernardi said the two "direct care" workers … --- Philadelphia Inquirer --- March 29, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/zQvLWE  

27.   "Mother of Disabled Man Says She Wasn't Notified about Bed Bugs" --- A Milwaukee mother says her developmentally disabled son was bitten by bed bugs repeatedly, and wasn't able to tell anyone what's wrong because he cannot speak. --- FOX6Now.com Milwaukee --- March 26, 2012  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/yMMh29   

Seeking Improved Support

28.   "Autism Care Provider Wellspring Goes Out of Business" --- A series of Southern California treatment centers for children with autism closed Friday without warning, leaving the parents of the young patients wondering what happened. --- KTLA --- March 28, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/DtgK8B  

29.   "Matthew Asner Named Southern California Director of Autism Speaks" --- Matthew Asner has been named Autism Speaks' Executive Director for Southern California. Asner, who has a nine-year-old son and a 23-year-old brother with autism, comes… --- Los Angeles Daily News --- March 26, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/JxhtM5  

30.   "Colorado Mental-health First-aid Program Wins National Award" --- Just as CPR can help someone save the life of a friend or neighbor, so will training in behavioral-health skills help protect people from serious mental-health issues in an increasingly stressed-out world. --- Denver Post --- March 29, 2012  (COLORADO)   http://is.gd/8DgSWu   

31.   "Boca Raton Woman's Focus on Adult Autistics Brings Her National Recognition" --- She has been involved in nonprofits focused on autism for nearly 20 years, including the Junior League of Boca Raton, Horses and the Handicapped and the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event as a team captain and fundraiser. --- Palm Beach Post --- March 29, 2012  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/TKVS9X  

32.   "The Financial State of Florida's Medicaid" --- Rick Scott and his key lieutenants have been saying for years that Medicaid will break Florida's budget. Leaders in Tallahassee have made cut after cut after cut to the so-called safety net of the poor. Still, financial cuts can only go so far, ... --- HealthyState.org --- March 29, 2012  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/ItQayk       

33.   "Medicaid Drugs Become Target for Illinois' Cuts" --- Medications for 2.7 million poor and disabled Illinoisans now cost the Medicaid program more than $1 billion annually. Medicaid covers drugs for a wide variety of illnesses, from asthma to schizophrenia, and … --- Rockford Register Star --- March 25, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/HawXYn

34.   "Former Director of Lewiston Home Care Business Pleads Guilty to Fraud" --- According to records obtained by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Decent Home Care first received state funds in 2006, the year it was … --- Lewiston Sun Journal --- March 30, 2012  (MAINE)  http://is.gd/gWRGvm  

35.   "Disabled People Needing Help Feel Maine Cutbacks" --- But a report from Estabrook to state lawmakers says the disabled man is listed as having no unmet needs. With the cutback in services, the wait list is expected to keep growing, said Estabrook. --- Deseret News --- March 28, 2012  (MAINE)  http://is.gd/UqAuGm  

36.   "Waltham Town Meeting Gives Disabled Advocates a Chance to Speak" --- The annual "Hear Us!" Legislative Town Meeting was a forum for individuals to lobby against potential budget cuts to disability support services and for program improvements and better pay for support staff. --- Wicked Local --- March 30, 2012  (MASSACHUSETTS)  http://is.gd/KIySRq  

37.   "Michigan's Autism Bill, Questions about Coverage and Funding" ---Yesterday, the Michigan Legislature passed a series of autism coverage bills  that will go to Governor Snyder. It was one of the first significant pieces of legislation to move … --- NPR --- March 30, 2012  (MICHIGAN)  http://is.gd/LqwO3a  

38.   "Medicaid Patients Complain of Doctor Shortage" --- The father of two is on Medicaid, and says only one doctor in Ingham County will accept new patients under his current plan. And in the meantime, Wilson is running low on bags. --- WILX-TV --- March 29, 2012  (MICHIGAN)         http://is.gd/mxW5fz  

39.   "Disabled Face Higher Jobless Rate" --- In 2010, the most recent full year for which figures were available, the state's unemployment rate for the disabled was 19.9 percent, versus 12.3 percent for the general population, according to census data. --- Jackson Clarion Ledger --- March 24, 2012  (MISSISSIPPI) http://is.gd/UbLrfq    

40.   "Budget Cuts in Social Services Spurs Two City Hall Protests" — Parents, advocates and lawmakers rallied at City Hall Thursday against the mayor's proposed $124 million in social service cuts in the 2013 budget, which will affect the Administration for Children's Services, … --- NY1 --- March 29, 2012  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/NQscUG  

41.   "N.C. Lagging on Insurance for Autism" --- Bringing to light a disability that has seen a rapid rise (in part because of better diagnoses), the conference may serve as a wake-up call that over 50,000 people in North Carolina and their families are now personally impacted by autism. --- Charlotte Observer --- March 28, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/s1JQvD     

42.   "Crisis Center Faces Cutbacks" --- Melissa Schaller takes information from a client at Rescue Inc., the area's only emergency mental health center. It faces a 15 percent cut from the county's Mental Health and Recovery Services Board. --- Toledo Blade --- March 27, 2012  (OHIO) http://is.gd/KvY1TD    

43.   "Okla. to Report More Accurate Account of Abuse" --- The state will ask for 200 additional child welfare specialist positions and supervisors and district directors to match the increase during the first two years of the proposal. --- Herald Times Reporter --- March 30, 2012  (OKLAHOMA)  http://is.gd/RGDnTQ        

44.   "Philly Conference Explores Diversity in Mental Health" --- How do culture and ethnicity relate to successful mental health treatments? Over 300 mental health professionals will discuss this question during a conference this weekend. --- Newsworks.org --- March 30, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/s0ny00  

45.   "Possible Cuts to Human Services Programs Worry Local Clients, Providers" --- Boyle is a 42-year-old outpatient client at the Mental Health Association of Northwestern Pa., 1101 Peach St., who struggles daily with anxiety, depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. --- GoErie.com --- March 29, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/nfryZr  

46.   "Mental Health System Faces Increasing Stress" --- Unemployment, returning veterans and the 2008 closing of Mayview State Hospital have heaped pressure on the region's underfunded mental health service providers. People with anxiety, depression or other less ...      --- Pittsburgh Post Gazette --- March 25, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/7yMFLS  

47.   "Speak Up rally to Raise Disability, Discrimination Awareness" --- The Student Council for Exceptional Children will host Speak Up, a rally that promotes disability awareness, March 31. The rally is scheduled to take place from 10 am to 2 pm on Tech's campus at Memorial Gym. --- Tennessee Tech Oracle --- March 29, 2012  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/lxLOIz  

48.   "Austin Living Center Downsizing Amid Problems" --- Aging buildings, a crumbling infrastructure and ongoing problems with resident care have spurred state officials to start downsizing Austin's state-run institution for people with intellectual disabilities. ---  Austin American-Statesman --- March 27, 2012  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/Jkg9Wx  

49.   "State to Send Help for CPS Investigator Shortage" --- Additional Child Protective Services investigators will arrive next month in Midland to help clear cases that have piled up amid a staffing shortage at the agency's local office. --- Midland Reporter-Telegram --- March 26, 2012  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/DyqeCh  

50.   "Utah Has Nation's Highest Autism Rate, CDC Report Says" --- One out of 47 Utah children have been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder, the highest rate in the country, according to new data released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. --- Salt Lake Tribune --- March 29, 2012  (UTAH)   http://is.gd/Bg6UAv  

51.   "The New Autism Reality" --- Part crazy, part retarded. Entirely lost and never to be found. I had seen the Dustin Hoffman movie "Rain Man" — while I was pregnant with Andrew, in fact. Thank God, it came out the year he was born. But this was everything I knew about autism. --- Salon --- March 30, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/znNLQy                                                                            

52.   "Autism Rates Higher Among Latino Children" --- Autism rates are on the rise and the prevalence of the disorder is considerably higher among Latino children, according to new findings by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). --- Fox News --- March 29, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/Is24Dv  

53.   "Survey: 80 Percent of Wounded Veterans Cite Mental Health Woes" --- In a survey of wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans conducted this year, nearly 80 percent reported having symptoms of combat-related mental health conditions, and roughly half said they had a traumatic brain injury. ---  Jackson Sun --- March 25, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/sJcFvc  

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

54.   "Fla. Leaders Fear Spike in Medicaid Costs" --- With Medicaid already a $21.4 billion program in Florida's $70 billion state budget, the GOP legislators who control both chambers say health coverage will command a titanic share of state … --- Palm Beach Post --- March 30, 2012  (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/Zn2EkP  

55.   "Senate Votes to Restore Medicaid Funding" --- Senate lawmakers have approved a 5.7 percent increase to the Medicaid budget, which also restores previously slashed services for the disabled. --- Idaho Press-Tribune --- March 27, 2012  (IDAHO)   http://is.gd/PIJEt2  

56.   "Illinois House Easily Passes Medicaid Verification Bill" --- The Illinois House today unanimously passed a measure designed to weed out Medicaid recipients who don't qualify under the system's income limits. ---  STLtoday.com --- March 30, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/wZ8Fh1  

57.   "Fort Dodge Hospital Settles Disabilities Case" --- A Fort Dodge hospital has settled a lawsuit with the federal government, agreeing to pay several deaf patients who claimed they were not provided with a sign language interpreter during hospital visits. --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- March 30, 2012  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/naIt9g  

58.   "Autism Bills Discriminate Against Other Mental Health Patients, Parity Advocates Say" --- Mental health advocates said Tuesday that bills mandating insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis and treatment should not have … --- MLive.com --- March 27, 2012  (MICHIGAN)  http://is.gd/nvZ576  

59.   "Neb. Bill Would Restore Caseworkers for Public Aid" --- Now, the 38-year-old from Crete endures half-hour waits on the phone to update her Medicaid coverage or get questions answered. More often than not, she says, calls go to the wrong department. --- Coshocton Tribune --- March 30, 2012  (NEBRASKA)   http://is.gd/QrfDhr  

60.   "Justice Department Joins Mental Health Rights Suit" --- The federal Department of Justice has joined a class-action lawsuit that accuses the state of cutting community mental health services and instead needlessly institutionalizing people at the state hospital and at a ... --- Concord Monitor --- March 29, 2012  (NEW HAMPSHIRE)     http://is.gd/CFoYoq  

61.   "Ruling May Affect NC Services for Disabled" --- There are 10,000 people statewide participating in a community alternatives program that helps keep developmentally disabled people in their homes, John Rittelmeyer, an attorney for Disability Rights, said Friday. "Federal regulations require adequate ... --- Winston-Salem Journal --- March 31, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/IH5aRz   

62.   "Restore Funding for Mental Health Programs" --- Tom Corbett is proposing a state budget that cuts 20 percent of community mental health funds and dumps the remaining money into a human service block … --- The Mercury --- March 28, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/R3SfZj   

63.   "Vermont's Mental Health Reform Plan on its Way to Governor" --- The Vermont House of Representatives voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse a compromise the details how the state will revamps its mental health system in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene. --- vt.Buzz --- March 27, 2012  (VERMONT)   http://is.gd/oghYXJ  

64.   "EEOC Wins Disability Discrimination Suit Against Payday Lender 'The Cash Store' " --- Today the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced a victory in one of its first disability discrimination lawsuits taken to trial concerning bipolar disorder. --- Jobmouse --- March 29, 2012  (WASHINGTON)   http://is.gd/FKRTuo  

International Articles

65.   "Woman Accused of Burning Wheelchair Man" --- The 41-year-old woman allegedly argued with the 69-year-old wheelchair bound man before he went to bed on March 12. Constable Ron Guascoine said the woman later went into the man's bedroom and poured the hot water on him. --- NTNews.com.au --- March 29, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)   http://is.gd/mbleSf  

66.   "Disabled Miss out on New Jobs Growth" --- The proportion of people with disabilities in the workforce over the past 20 years has remained constant despite the booming economy. --- The Australian --- March 29, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/O3OLZD   

67.   "Call to Legalise Sex Workers for People with Disability" --- Disability rights advocates are divided over a push in the South Australian Parliament to bring about the legal use of sex workers by people with a disability. --- ABC Online --- March 28, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)   http://is.gd/wSWxTa  

68.   "Private Mental Health Facilities Need More Resources: Court Told" --- The husband of a psychiatric patient who was killed by a train after she absconded from hospital says private mental health facilities need more resources. --- ABC Online --- March 27, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/gP4jxW  

69.   "The European Social Fund to Help Create New Jobs for the Disabled in Bulgaria" --- Disabled people in working age in Bulgaria are about 250,000 and only 10% of them are working, Nova TV comments. --- Focus News --- March 31, 2012  (BULGARIA)   http://is.gd/3fkcMN  

70.   "Reducing Barriers to Mental Health Services" --- The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) congratulates the Government of Canada for recognizing in its 2012 budget the importance of mental health issues. Mental disorders are a leading cause of ... --- Canada NewsWire (press release) --- March 30, 2012  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/fxV5sA  

71.   "Autistic Children in Need of More Care Service" --- China is in dire need of professionals to diagnose and train an increasing number of autistic children, experts said. "Autistic children who receive early treatment tend to relate better to others and assimilate well ... --- China Daily --- March 30, 2012  (CHINA)  http://is.gd/VpeAA3  

72.   "Prince's Disabled Gag 'in Good Humour' " --- Queen Elizabeth visiting the Krishna Avanti School in Edgware, London, on her Diamond Jubilee tour. Thousands of Londoners celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with the Queen yesterday as the Duke of Edinburgh ... --- Irish Independent --- March 30, 2012  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/2rBCiZ  

73.   "Autistic Teen Locked in Padded Room by Special School" --- A teenager with severe autism was locked in a padded room on a frequent basis in an attempt to control his behaviour, it has been revealed. --- BBC News --- March 30, 2012  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/J66g7D  

74.   "Sadistic Cousins High on Drugs ‘Laughed as They Beat Autistic Man with a Pool ...’ " Two cousins who beat an autistic man with a pool cue and smeared faeces on his face for their own 'sadistic amusement' have been jailed. The vulnerable victim feared he was going to be killed during his three-hour ordeal at the ... --- Daily Mail --- March 25, 2012  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/PLHCia  

75.   "Mentally Disabled Youth Sodomized" --- A mentally challenged youth was threatened with a blade and sodomized by an unidentified person near Itwari railway station under the Lakadganj police station jurisdiction on Monday afternoon. --- Times of India --- March 28, 2012  (INDIA)  http://is.gd/P2pFaJ  

76.   "Prisoner Mental Health Issues Revealed" --- A report from the Criminal Justice Inspection says progress in the treatment of prisoners with mental health issues in Northern Ireland has been slow. It revealed that 16% of those placed in custody meet the assessment criteria for mental disorder. --- U.TV --- March 29, 2012  (IRELAND)   http://is.gd/T3T7xM  

77.   "New Platform Addresses Plight of Disabled People" --- Government has put mechanisms in place to address the challenges faced by people living with disabilities in order to improve their well being, said Dr Richard Kamwi, Minister of Health and Social Services. --- AllAfrica.com --- March 30, 2012  (NAMIBIA)  http://is.gd/YxXN94  


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