When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for February 13, 2012
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scan
through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have a particular interest.

Dr. Nora’s Top Articles:

1.         “2 Arrested in Beating of Autistic Boy” --- The boy was described in the report as having "Asperger's autism." When deputies and detectives examined the boy they determined he had extensive … --- ABC15.com (KNXV-TV) --- February 9, 2012   (ARIZONA)   http://is.gd/hKJcUz

2.         “Police Investigate Alleged Sexual Assault” --- Cave Springs Police Chief Michael Caudill said officers are investigating a case of sexual assault involving a mentally challenged 20-year old woman. --- KHBS-KHOG Northwest Arkansas --- February 8, 2012   (ARKANSAS)    http://is.gd/aQR8bS  

3.         “Mentally Challenged Teen Rescued, Woman Arrested” --- Investigators say a missing mentally challenged teenager has been rescued after a Southern California woman befriended the girl and taunted her mother with cellphone texts. --- San Jose Mercury News --- February 10, 2012  (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/HWjoE6    

4.         “Employer Liable for Employee's Disability Harassment by Co-workers: Court” --- Orange County must pay a disabled juvenile hall corrections officer more than $820,000 for disability harassment, including statements co-workers posted on a blog, a California appeals court has ruled. --- Business Insurance --- February 10, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/dERA73

5.         “Man Accused of Raping Girlfriend's Disabled Daughter” --- A 61-year-old man was arraigned Tuesday on charges he raped the disabled daughter of his girlfriend. An 18-year-old woman told sheriff's deputies on Jan. 1 that she had been raped by her mother's boyfriend. --- Stockton Record --- February 8, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/xgLlpH

6.         “Former DART Driver Gets 10 Years for Sex Assault of Mentally Challenged Woman” --- A former Delaware Department of Transportation employee who molested a mentally challenged woman on his minibus in an Elkton-area neighborhood … --- Newark Post --- February 8, 2012  (DELAWARE) http://is.gd/7xm1gc

7.         “Man Says Burglars Tortured Him and Stole Van for Disabled Son” --- His son, Pleasure Herron — a wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy patient and a special education student at Whitney Young — was scared but did not understand what was happening, Gregory said. --- Chicago Sun-Times --- February 6, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/tPF6Y1

8.         “Former Administrator of Grafton Group Home Charged with Stealing $22K” --- The former residence director of a group home for developmentally disabled adults in Grafton was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail this week on charges of stealing nearly $22,000 from ... --- Worcester Telegram --- February 10, 2012  (MASSACHUSETTS)  http://is.gd/gwOcCr

9.         “Were Dearborn Police Officers Justified in Their Handling of a Mentally Challenged Man?” --- He's mentally challenged and says he just needed to take a walk to clear his head late one night. But instead of sorting through his troubles … --- WXYZ --- February 7, 2012   (MICHIGAN)   http://is.gd/UIFuCj   

10.       “Willard Man Accused of Abusing Developmentally Disabled Child Will Be Sentenced on Friday” --- A Willard man charged with repeatedly hitting his girlfriend's four year old son in the face, will be sentenced tomorrow morning. --- KSPR --- February 9, 2012   (MISSOURI)    http://is.gd/e3q4g2  

11.       “Northwoods Nurses Go to Trial” --- Three nurses and a physician's assistant, charged with failing to provide care for a severely disabled patient, are standing trial in Rensselaer County Court. --- WRGB --- February 9, 2012  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/It1Bma

12.       “New State Report Details Numbers of Abused Elderly, Disabled Oregonians” --- The victims: Women were nearly twice as likely to be reported victims as males; elderly more often than disabled adults. The abusers: In care settings, the direct caregiver was the most common abuser. --- OregonLive.com --- February 7, 2012  (OREGON)   http://is.gd/laVBOz   

13.       “School Bus Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Mentally Challenged Girl” --- A school bus driver was arrested after police said he sexually assaulted a mentally disabled girl. --- WPXI Pittsburgh --- February 9, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/0H7Ea2

14.       “Odem Mother Says School Bus Left Son at Sex Offender's House” --- "What is it going to take, a tragedy for this school district to start taking care of our children?" Menn said. Chase, who has autism and is bipolar, is meeting with Child Protective Services investigators, … --- KRIS Corpus Christi News --- February 6, 2012  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/jeuKb4

15.       “Autism: A Puzzling Disorder” --- When autism researchers arrived at Norristown State Hospital near Philadelphia a few years ago, they found a 63-year-old man who rambled on about Elvis Presley, compulsively rocked in his chair and patted the corridor walls. --- Vancouver Sun --- February 5, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/jzIG6U

16.       “The Arc Brings Issues Facing People with Disabilities to the White House ... “ --- Today, 150 leaders of The Arc from across the country met with a variety of senior White House officials at a Community Leaders Briefing to ask questions and discuss issues facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). --- San Francisco Chronicle (press release) --- February 11, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/KulPVI

17.       “Lori Brown: Forensic Interviewer Keys on Helping the Helpless in Child Abuse Case” ---  Authorities investigated and arrested her teacher on abuse charges. It was up to Lori Brown to find a way to talk to the girl about what happened. --- February 12, 2012  (GEORGIA)  http://is.gd/IzuPIx

18.       “Woman Steals Thousands of Dollars from Autism Nonprofit” --- Cynthia Pike, 47, a Lawrenceville resident, ran the Autism Society of America Georgia Chapter since 2007. --- WSB Atlanta --- February 7, 2012  (GEORGIA)  http://is.gd/YgpSNA

19.         “Springfield Vigil in Memory of Slain Mental Health Case Worker Stephanie Moulton Will Call for State Action” --- Those who are gathering at the vigils will rally to demand that the state take immediate action to protect them and to improve the quality of mental health services, organizers said in a prepared release. --- MassLive.com --- February 7, 2012  (MASSACHUSETTS) http://is.gd/nvVRmo

20.       “Bill Requires Volunteers to Report Child Abuse” --- Volunteers working with child advocacy groups would be mandated to report suspected child abuse under a bill working its way through the legislature. Senate Bill 154 will strengthen South Dakota's child abuse statutes, according to its prime sponsor ... --- Rapid City Journal --- February 9, 2012  (SOUTH DAKOTA)http://is.gd/qGeXB2

21.       “'Kimmie's Law' Passes; Expands Amber Alerts for Disabled Victims” --- Certain Amber Alerts will be sent out earlier in Washington from now on with the passage of "Kimmie's Law" at the State Capitol Friday. Kimmie's Law, Senate Bill 6162, was formed after the rape and murder of Kimmie Daily, 16, ... --- KING5.com --- February 10, 2012  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/LEn5pE

22.        “Wheelchair-bound Girl Pushed into River” --- A Halls Head man pushed a wheelchair-bound 16-year-old girl into the estuary on New Year's Eve and told her he did not want to go out with her anymore. The girl had spina bifida and had been seeing Joshua Michael Page (19) for about a year. --- inmycommunity --- February 8, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/0HkeR6

23.         “Mentally Disabled Alleged Victim of Sexual Assault Gets New Trial” --- A new trial has been ordered in the case of a mentally disabled alleged victim of sexual assault, whose testimony was dismissed during trial because of her --- Ottawa Citizen --- February 10, 2012  (CANADA) http://is.gd/mK9yqC

24.         “Ex-boyfriend Guilty in Murder of Mentally Challenged Mississauga Woman” --- Louie Rosella Torstar News Service A jury took less than five hours yesterday to convict a Mississauga man of first-degree murder in the death of his mentally challenged former girlfriend. --- Toronto Star --- February 9, 2012  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/D73d2e   

25.          “Abuse May Cause DNA Changes that Increase Suicide Risk” --- A discovery by researchers in Montreal suggests that some suicide victims may have taken their lives because past abuse led to changes in their very DNA. --- CTV.ca --- February 8, 2012  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/4DIVT9      

26.         “Date Set for Disabled Sex Assault Trial” --- A trial date has been set for a man charged with the sexual assault of a 29-year-old disabled man at his Red Deer home in August 2010. --- Calgary Herald --- February 8, 2012  (CANADA) http://is.gd/C6qWO6

27.         “UK & World News: Disabled Girl Kept as Slave Was Raped and Forced to Sleep in Cellar, Court Hears” --- A deaf girl of 10 was trafficked into the UK, repeatedly raped, kept in a cellar and treated as a virtual slave for almost a decade, a court heard today. ---           Scottish Daily Record --- February 9, 2012  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/rRk78k

28.       “ 'Give Disabled People Control, Not Cuts' “ --- Offering people with disabilities greater control over the budgets for their own care and support must not be a cover for cuts, according to the trade union Unison. The public-sector union is urging Scottish councils to continue progress towards ... --- Herald Scotland --- February 7, 2012  (SCOTLAND)              http://is.gd/CUlGaJ    

29.         “Parents Refuse to Take Disabled Baby Home” --- The parents of a baby boy who was born prematurely and has a disability have refused to take him home from a Dubai hospital since October, police said. --- UPI.com --- February 6, 2012  (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)   http://is.gd/XlHt4J                                        


1.         “Man Gets 5 Years for Tax Return Scheme” --- A Tucson man was sentenced to five years in prison for his part in a tax return scheme that used stolen identities of disabled people, the US Attorney's Office announced Wednesday. --- TucsonSentinel.com --- February 8, 2012  (ARIZONA)  http://is.gd/XKLwMS       

2.         “Autism Experts to Gather at USC Symposium” --- USC faculty and community experts are slated to convene on March 9 at the USC Occupational Science Symposium to share research … --- PhysOrg.com (press release) --- February 10, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/wtJqqc  

3.         “Modesto Thrift Store to Pay $50K to Settle Disability Lawsuit” --- A Modesto thrift store has agreed to pay a former employee with epilepsy $50,000 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported Tuesday. --- Modesto Bee --- February 7, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/NuEBXt

4.         “Man Arrested for Forced Sex Acts with Handicapped Housemate” --- Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Saturday they say forced sex acts with a victim with a mental handicap that lived in the same home. --- KTLA --- February 6, 2012   (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/gcSP3m  

5.         “Conn. Group Home Worker Charged in Fire Death” --- State prosecutors say an employee of a Hartford group home has been arrested and charged in connection with the death of a resident who set himself on fire. --- The Journal News | LoHud.com --- February 7, 2012  (CONNECTICUT)  http://is.gd/iSvjqQ  

6.         “Man Arrested in Viral Video Sues Metro Cops” --- A DC man is suing two Metro cops, saying they violated his civil rights and injured him when they threw him from his wheelchair during an arrest last spring. --- Washington Examiner --- February 6, 2012  (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA) http://is.gd/AVBNhS   

7.         “Man Arrested for Dumping a Disabled Man out of Wheelchair” --- A 30-year-old Fort Myers man was arrested after dumping a 50-year-old disabled man out of his wheelchair. --- Wink News --- February 10, 2012  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/WtAD0j  

8.         “St. Petersburg Police: Man Accused of Raping Disabled 17-Year-Old Girl” --- A 25-year-old man was arrested early Wednesday after he was accused of raping a mentally disabled 17-year-old girl who was walking home. --- Tampabay.com --- February 8, 2012  (FLORIDA)    http://is.gd/wTEadA

9.         “Illinois McDonalds Kicks Autistic Child and Her Service Dog Out” --- Despite being informed that Ranger is a certified service dog that is specially trained to help protect … --- Examiner.com --- February 8, 2012  (ILLINOIS)  http://is.gd/UFb38Y 

10.       “Valparaiso Police: Three Rob Senior in Wheelchair” --- Valparaiso Police are seeking the public's help in identifying three men who strong-armed an elderly man in a wheelchair on Monday … --- Chesterton Tribune --- February 7, 2012   (INDIANA) http://is.gd/NOt7KX    

11.       “Braintree: Disabled Man Stranded in Home Without Heat or Hot Water” --- A disabled man has been left stranded in his own home without heat or hot water for two weeks. --- Braintree and Witham Times --- February 8, 2012  (MASSACHUSETTS)  http://is.gd/uooswp   

12.       “City Settles Suit over Police Abuse of Diabetic Man” --- The Henderson City Council has voted unanimously to approve a $158,500 settlement to Adam Greene for civil rights violations at the hands of the Henderson Police Department. --- The Henderson Press --- February 9, 2012  (NEVADA) http://is.gd/Rs1mKE   

13.       “Brooklyn Man Hopes Rare Surgery Will Raise Awareness for Common Condition” --- A 36-year-old Brooklyn man has lived with a facial deformity his entire life. A port-wine stain, which was left untreated, caused tissue overgrowth … --- CBS Local --- February 9, 2012  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/b8HxDK  

14.       “Nurses on Trial in Neglect Case” --- Opening arguments begin Thursday in the trial against four nurses accused of neglecting a patient at the Northwoods Rehabilitation Facility. --- WXXA --- January 9, 2012  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/6IEnPO  

15.       “Cops: Autistic Boy, 6, Left on School Bus” --- A young boy with autism was left Monday morning in the back of a school bus, which departed the school before ... --- Newsday --- February 6, 2012   (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/9t3NLx  

16.       “NC Woman Charged in Wheelchair-bound Man's Death” --- Police in Winston-Salem have charged a 19-year-old woman with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a man confined to a wheelchair. --- MyrtleBeachOnline.com --- February 6, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/KtsiuS  

17.       “Upper Gwynedd Caretaker Sued for Stealing Disabled Man's House” --- “(The victim) is a disabled individual who has suffered severe medical problems since 2005 when he suffered a stroke leaving him partially paralyzed and dependent on others … --- The Times Herald --- February 7, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/txN1oR  

18.       “Woman Accused of Hurting Disabled Mother-in-Law” --- Prosecutors said McIntyre, who was supposed to be caring for her mother-in-law, did not give her food. The abuse was discovered when the mother-in-law's sister asked police to do a welfare check, investigators said. --- KPRC Houston --- February 9, 2012  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/swNftX  

19.       “Spring Man Accused of Beating Wheelchair-bound Brother” --- A Spring man is accused of knocking his paralyzed brother out of his wheelchair earlier this month and then kicking the disabled man in the face. --- Houston Chronicle --- February 8, 2012   (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/3GkQfK   

Seeking Improved Support

1.         “Budget Cuts Could Leave Mentally Disabled Homeless” --- Possible funding cuts by the state could have a huge impact on thousands of mentally challenged adults and their families across Alabama. --- WAFF --- February 6, 2012  (ALABAMA)  http://is.gd/KG7KD7  

2.         “Crowding Hampers LA County Hospitals' Handling of Mentally Ill” --- Psychiatric patients at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center often sleep on mattresses on the floor. --- Los Angeles Times --- February 11, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/VOvBuB  

3.         “A Day in the Life of a Person with a Disability” --- Clark, 47, of Mission Viejo, Calif. is one of the many students at CSUF who lives with a disability. He was born with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), which is a congenital birth defect caused by premature birth. --- The Daily Titan --- February 9, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/XAMPQZ  

4.         “UC Regents Hit with Disability Lawsuit” --- The lawsuit Andrew Stern V. Regents of University of California prevents disabled students under the Disabled Students Program from receiving university jobs. --- The UCSD Guardian Online --- February 6, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/0QJK4I  

5.         “New Conn. Budget Proposals Raise Medicaid Limit” --- Dannel P. Malloy's new budget is proposing to raise the eligibility threshold for low-income adults who apply for health insurance through Medicaid. --- Meriden Record-Journal --- February 8, 2012   (CONNECTICUT)   http://is.gd/i98CNH  

6.         “The Arc's Leaders Invited to the White House for High Level Briefings and to Advocate for People with Disabilities” --- Over the course of the day, leaders of chapters of The Arc, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), will … --- San Francisco Chronicle (press release) --- February 9, 2012   (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA)    http://is.gd/rXXxMy  

7.         “Florida House Looks to Limit Emergency Room Visits for Medicaid Recipients” --- Democrats peppered the House's health care budget chief Wednesday with questions about a plan to limit emergency room visits for Medicaid recipients to 12 each year. --- Florida Times-Union --- February 8, 2012   (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/plF1vK   

8.         “Abilities Expo, The Nation's Largest Event for People With Disabilities and ...” --- More than three thousand visitors--people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors, wounded veterans and healthcare professionals--are expected to … --- MarketWatch (press release) --- February 9, 2012  (GEORGIA)   http://is.gd/oKofrQ  

9.         “Closure of Illinois Centers Prelude to Union Battles” --- Pat Quinn rang the bell in the fall when he announced the closure of seven state facilities, two of which care for people with developmentally disabilities, because of a lack of funds. --- FOX Illinois --- February 7, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/uBeXcM  

10.       “Quinn's Plan to Close State Facilities Gets Cool Reception” --- Pat Quinn's push to overhaul care for people with mental illnesses and disabilities collided Tuesday with safety concerns, money worries and maybe a bit of wounded pride as lawmakers reviewed plans to close two state institutions. --- Peoria Journal Star --- February 7, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/dhzQpF  

11.       “Quinn Wants to Cut $2 Billion from Medicaid Budget” --- Pat Quinn says Illinois must cut its Medicaid budget by $2 billion to help solve the state's fiscal woes. The Democrat offered no details Tuesday … --- Chillicothe Gazette --- February 7, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/10nuSp  

12.       “Duluth Looking to Create Continuity in Disability Access” --- Human rights activists met in Duluth on Wednesday night, looking at ways to create a better dialogue about equal opportunities for people with disabilities. --- WDIO-TV --- February 8, 2012   (IOWA)   http://is.gd/KPDpdM  

13.       “Committee Hears Emotional Mental Health Testimony” --- Statistics presented during the hearing showed that most of them are receiving other mental health services. --- Topeka Capital Journal --- February 9, 2012  (KANSAS)   http://is.gd/QTABxR  

14.       “Report: Many in KY Unsure How to Find Mental-Health Help” --- Many people in Kentucky aren't entirely clear about where to get help for mental health issues. --- Public News Service --- February 8, 2012  (KENTUCKY)  http://is.gd/iJVDnn   

15.       “Medicaid Providers Complain of Managed Care Mismanagement” --- Kentucky's private Medicaid providers say they need immediate changes in the state Medicaid system. --- WFPL --- February 8, 2012  (KENTUCKY)  http://is.gd/sVkGQm   

16.       “Mental Health Agencies Face Budget Pressure to Work Together More Efficiently” --- After emerging from a private meeting with about two dozen behavioral health care authorities around the region, the city's top physician said Tuesday that the disparate system has little choice but to improve ... --- NOLA.com --- February 7, 2012  (LOUISIANA)  http://is.gd/jV2VJt  

17.       “State Cuts Put Disability Services in Jeopardy” --- In a commercial park near Mechanicsburg, some 200 people with intellectual disabilities work as fast and hard as their abilities permit. --- Patriot-News --- February 6, 2012  (MASSACHUSETTS)   http://is.gd/Wiowoo  

18.       “Feds Want Mentally Disabled Clinton Township Man Deported to Iran” --- A Macomb County judge has turned down the request of a 40-year-old mentally disabled Iraqi man who wants to erase his 2005 guilty plea to a crime as he seeks to avoid deportation. --- Royal Oak Daily Tribune --- February 6, 2012  (MICHIGAN)   http://is.gd/14ckHu  

19.       “ARC is Aiming to Provide Self-Advocacy for Autism in the Political Process” --- The Center of Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 110 American's are born with some type of autism. --- Northland's NewsCenter --- February 9, 2012   (MINNESOTA)   http://is.gd/qJwoWn  

20.       “Great Falls Family Uses Different Autism Therapies” --- But after months of a variety of different autism therapies, his family is seeing major improvements. --- KXLH Helena News --- February 7, 2012  (MONTANA)  http://is.gd/xXWghR  

21.       “Safety Vents Improperly Installed at Home for Elderly, Disabled” --- In a new Omaha apartment building with elderly and disabled residents, there were questions about how safety devices had been installed. --- WOWT --- February 5, 2012  (NEBRASKA)    http://is.gd/MlifpM  

22.       “Disability Advocacy Group Files Class Action Suit Against State” --- The state's leading group for those with disabilities launched a class action suit against Gov. John Lynch and the state for “needless institutionalization” of adults with serious mental illness. --- Nashua Telegraph --- February 9, 2012  (NEW HAMPSHIRE)   http://is.gd/mkTzWy  

23.       “Outcry over Disabled Girl's Transplant Care Renews Eligibility Debate” --- A parent's anguished online plea for an organ transplant for her developmentally disabled daughter and new research on kidney transplantation eligibility among … --- American Medical News --- February 6, 2012  (NEW JERSEY)  http://is.gd/Kwqtg5   

24.       “Film Fest to Bring Awareness to Those with Disabilities” --- The ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival will be making its way to Staten Island this week with three films played at the Joan and Alan Bernikow JCC in Sea View. --- SILive.com --- February 6, 2012  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/uNVFvu  

25.       “Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Video Conferencing Across North Dakota” --- Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force will meet Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm by the use of various video conference sites located in North Dakota. --- KSJB --- February 6, 2012  (NORTH DAKOTA) http://is.gd/eQMX29   

26.       “Mental-Health Care Services Face Cuts” --- Mental-health care providers and advocates are warning that looming cuts at the county's Mental Health & Recovery Services Board will mean tough choices and fewer services for the mentally ill and their families. --- Toledo Blade --- February 9, 2012  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/Pjz2M1  

27.       “What Does 'Employment' Mean When Assessing Access for Adults with Autism?” --- WHYY's Maiken Scott reported on a new study, released by Pennsylvania's Bureau of Autism Services in the Department of Public Welfare, that tried to find … ---Newsworks.org --- February 8, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/SOv3ne  

28.       “Former Erie Firefighter Wins Lawsuit Against City” --- With that finding in hand -- the city discriminated against Wolski in violation of the Americans with Disability Act -- US Judge Sean J. McLaughlin immediately ordered the remedy: Wolski, he said, will get her job back, with seniority intact, ... --- GoErie.com --- February 7, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/kapDgm  

29.       “Emergency Autism Legislation Signed to Make Way for Insurance Coverage” --- The Governor, this week, signed emergency legislation that fixed a flaw in a bill that provides insurance coverage for autism treatment. --- WDBJ7 --- February 9, 2012  (VIRGINIA)    http://is.gd/7HoN1q  

30.       “American Psychiatric Association under Fire for New Disorders” --- Shyness, grief and eccentricity could suddenly become mental health disorders if the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders goes through as planned. --- ABC News --- February 10, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/ePBNbx   

31.       “HBO to Air New Film Tackling Disability Caregiving” --- A new documentary chronicling one woman's experience as she assumes care of her sister with an intellectual disability is set to premiere on HBO later this month. --- Disability Scoop --- February 7, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/TD32Hs  

32.       “ABA Joins Disability Advocates in Pressuring Law School Admission Council” --- … 6 to adopt a resolution urging the council to "ensure that the exam reflects what the exam is designed to measure, and not the test taker's disability." --- The National Law Journal --- February 7, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/JFlbLC   

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

1.         “Sen. Negron Releases Health-care Budget Plan with $390 Million in Cuts” --- Joe Negron released a $30 billion health-care spending plan Wednesday that would cut state dollars in half for mental health and substance abuse programs … --- TCPalm --- February 8, 2012  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/EtL5Wr   

2.         “Senate: Change Law and Resume Iowa Care Facility inspections” --- Iowa would legally resume periodic inspections at care facilities for the disabled under a bill that unanimously passed the Senate this morning. --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- February 9, 2012  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/pVUVdK   

3.          “People Needed to Testify on Mental Health Services at Annapolis Budget Hearings” --- The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) firmly believes that telling your story to your Md. state legislators is the best way to educate them on the need for mental health services. --- Examiner.com --- February 5, 2012  (MARYLAND)   http://is.gd/fRkTBb  

4.         “Sen. Blumenthal Introduces Bill to Authorize Federal Assistance to State Adult Protective Services Programs” --- Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., has introduced legislation (S. 2077) to amend the Older Americans Act of 1965 to "authorize federal assistance to state adult protective services programs." --- Targeted News Service (subscription) --- February 8, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/vAPayJ  

5.         “McDonnell Signs Bill that Provides Insurance Coverage for Autistic  Children” --- Bob McDonnell (R) has signed a bill — again — to provide insurance coverage for families with autistic children, according to his office. --- Washington Post --- February 7, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL) http://is.gd/QAEle1  

International Articles

1.         “Disabled Teen Traumatised by State Transport Bungle” --- The first week at a new school was more traumatic than necessary for an Ashbury teenager with a vision impairment and intellectual disability. --- Cumberland Courier Newspapers --- February 8, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/nUFcyB  

2.         “Mentally Ill Living in Tents” --- Community workers say there is a shortage of housing in Esperance and mentally ill people with no place to live can only go to the crisis care hostel, which is often full. --- The West Australian --- February 7, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)   http://is.gd/sNm8Th  

3.         “Two Men Deny Robbing Disabled Man” --- Two men appeared in court today facing charges of robbing a disabled man. Treadwell Smith, 25, and Andre Tucker, 30, pleaded not guilty to using … --- Bermuda Sun --- February 9, 2012   (BERMUDA)  http://is.gd/L8TTSK  

4          “Province Says It's Not to Blame for Death in Winnipeg Hospital's Emergency Room” --- A 45-year-old double amputee -- died of a preventable bladder infection more than three years ago at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre. --- CTV.ca --- February 9, 2012  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/vwHDrP  

5.       “What Managers Should Know about Mental Health” --- Seventy-eight per cent of short-term disability claims in Canada were related to mental health issues in 2009-10, according to a Towers Watson report. --- CTV.ca --- February 8, 2012  (CANADA) http://is.gd/jOUc37    

6.         “5 Innovative Ways Mental Health Care is More Accessible” --- The mental health community is working to make treatment more accessible to Canadians through technology, art and changes in care. --- CTV.ca --- February 7, 2012  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/SujxsL  

7.         “Mental-Health Groups Call for More Access to Psychological Services” --- A coalition of groups in the mental-health sector are calling on governments to improve Canadians' access to psychological health care. --- Montreal Gazette --- February 6, 2012  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/yFsJDQ   

8.         “Queen's University Moves to Combat Mental-Illness Stigma” --- Queen's University, the very epicentre of campus mental-health concerns after enduring a series of student deaths since 2010, will host … --- Globe and Mail --- February 6, 2012  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/KDXHT3  

9.         “Fears Disabled Could Become Target of Abuse over Benefit Fraud” ---DISABLED people in Dorset are horrified at reports that they are becoming the target of abuse over benefit fraud. A group of charities including Scope, Mencap, the National Autistic Society and the Royal National Institute for the ... --- Bournemouth Echo --- February 7, 2012  (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/eqfjq4  

10.       “Ecuador, Peru to Share Experiences on Disabilities” --- The Ecuadorian Manuela Espejo Solidarity Mission on Monday reiterated its firm support for the government of Peru in the exchange of scientific and technical experiences on disability to be held ... --- Prensa Latina --- February 6, 2012  (ECUADOR)   http://is.gd/y3EdGP    

11.       “Helping the Disabled in Post-earthquake Haiti” --- And showing other disabled Haitians how to get back on their feet Dr. Koji Nakashima is with Partners in Health, one of the largest non-government healthcare providers in Haiti. "There is a common perception that disability is something that's ... --- CBS News --- February 5, 2012  (HAITI)   http://is.gd/p7lgoM  

12.       “French Film Ban Raises Autism Issue” --- The film, entitled The Wall, by Sophie Robert, critically examined the current dominant understanding and treatment of autism in France …. --- Irish Times --- February 9, 2012  (IRELAND) http://is.gd/819KEf   

13.       “Suspect Allegedly Head Butted His Wheelchair-bound Brother” --- A man who allegedly head butted and eye gouged his wheelchair-bound brother has been arrested by police. --- Pacific Daily News --- February 7, 2012  (GUAM) http://is.gd/zThJ5Z   

14.       “Plans to Establish Research Center for Disabled in Kuwait” --- The Kuwaiti representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Ambassador Ali Al-Tarrah discussed with UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova feasibility of establishing a regional center under the ... --- Kuwait Times --- February 8, 2012  (KUWAIT)  http://is.gd/8Vjiej  

15.       “More Efforts to Reintegrate Mental Health Patients in Community” --- Parliamentary Secretary Mario Galea yesterday inaugurated a new apartment in Marsaxlokk, to which three mental health community service users will be moving in the coming weeks. --- Malta Independent Online --- February 8, 2012  (MALTA)   http://is.gd/ePOqza  

16.       “Disabled Bus Traveller Gets Rough Treatment” --- Shane Cotter, Christine Samson and their daughter Ivy-Rose say their treatment from Mana Coach Services is, in general, uncaring. --- The Dominion Post --- February 7, 2012  (NEW ZEALAND)   http://is.gd/fbXUhS  

17.       “Who 'Deserves' Disability Benefits? Everyone in Physical Need” ---

Hostility towards those on disability benefits has been on the rise this week, evidenced by the reports of increased public abuse towards the disabled, and the outcry regarding the lottery-winning couple who still claim disability benefits.  --- The Guardian --- February 7, 2012  (UNITED KINGDOM) http://is.gd/fdCRkg              


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