When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for January 16, 2012
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scan
through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have a particular interest.

Dr. Nora’s Top Articles:

1.            “Rayne Couple Charged with Abuse of Mentally Challenged Woman” --- Rayne police arrested a couple accused of duct taping and hog-tying a mentally deficient family member for her money and prescription drugs. --- The Daily Advertiser --- January 13, 2012  (LOUISIANA)  http://is.gd/OdoOtN   

2.            “Death of Man at Bloomington Group Home Prompts Two Investigations” --- State authorities have opened two investigations into the sudden death in September of a developmentally disabled man living in a state-operated group home in Bloomington. --- Minneapolis Star Tribune --- January 11, 2012  (MINNESOTA)   http://is.gd/ZQqzVN   

3.            “State Acts Against Beatrice Abuse” --- Criminal charges are pending against five former Kennedy building employees in connection with the alleged abuse. --- Omaha World-Herald --- January 10, 2012  (NEBRASKA)  http://is.gd/v90gFc   

4.            “Trial to Begin for NY Man Charged in '94 Slaying” --- Testimony is set to begin in the murder trial of an upstate New York man charged with the 1994 slaying of an employee at a group home for the developmentally disabled. --- Wall Street Journal --- January 11, 2012  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/9rRzBG    

5.            “Federal Report Slams NY for Care of Disabled” --- The New York Times reports that the federal government has criticized the Cuomo administration for mishandling care for the developmentally disabled. --- Wall Street Journal --- January 11, 2012  (NEW YORK)    http://is.gd/Q72hEm   

6.            “Eugenics Task Force Recommends $50,000 for Victim Compensation” --- Many were mentally challenged or deemed sexually aggressive; others were sick, had become pregnant young or were simply poor. --- WCNC --- January 10, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)    http://is.gd/k82Spx   

7.          “Man Accused of Raping Autistic Woman We Was Supposed to Be Watching Over” --- Family members later told deputies the woman is "mentally retarded and autistic to a high end" and that she is "unable to care for herself." --- Bellingham Herald --- January 10, 2012  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/c9jYxK   

8.              “Disabled Sex Attack Victim's Death is Final Blow” --- Compensation paid to a disabled woman who was sexually assaulted by a serial offender will now be used to finance her funeral. --- Perth Now --- January 15, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/wvakmx  

9.            “LA County Jailers More Likely to Use Force on Mentally Ill Inmates” --- Roughly a third of the 582 deputy use-of-force cases in the jail system last year involved inmates with mental health histories, according to an analysis released Tuesday. --- Los Angeles Times --- January 11, 2012 (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/NBhY5t   

10.          “Minnesota Lawmakers Urged to Make Neglect a Felony” --- Caregivers who intentionally neglect the elderly or other vulnerable adults could face felony prosecution for the first time in Minnesota … --- Minneapolis Star Tribune --- January 13, 2012  (MINNESOTA)   http://is.gd/9Hie00   

11.          “Robber Allegedly Attacks Disabled Woman In NJ” --- Dicke let the man into her Monroe Township home around 1 am Friday, but instead of gratitude, Dicke says he ordered her to lay down and started attacking her 64-year… disabled daughter. --- CBS Local --- January 13, 2012  (NEW JERSEY)  http://is.gd/2WCkQU   

12.          “Indictment: Volunteer Stole from 9 Disabled Adults” --- She was a volunteer coordinator for GMR Exceptional Care, a North College Hill-based company that provides housing and other services for the developmentally disabled. GMR, which the company notes stands for … --- Cincinnati.com --- January 13, 2012  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/AhdY4k   

13.            “Collection of Children's Books Change Perceptions of Developmental Disabilities” --- Children's books dealing with developmental disabilities are not new, but the Harold B. Lee Library has a new collection that will provide greater access to these kinds of books. --- Universe.byu.edu --- January 14, 2012  (UTAH)    http://is.gd/maUFzd   

14.          “North Ogden Adjusting its Laws for Group Homes” --- The city is getting in line with the feds on rules and regulations for group homes. The change is coming after a business application for a group home in a residential neighborhood … --- StandardNet --- January 10, 2012  (UTAH)  http://is.gd/1FSPQS   

15.            “Hull Councillor Appeals Suspension for 'Retard' Tweet” --- Hull City council Tory group leader John Fareham is appealing against a 20-week suspension for calling protesters "retards" on Twitter. --- Hull Daily Mail --- January 13, 2012  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/LS8yyY   

16.            “Dwarf Left in Wheelchair After Being Thrown and Injured by Drunken Rugby Fan” --- A dwarf who was picked up and dropped on the floor while celebrating his birthday during the Rugby World Cup was told he will have to use a wheelchair as a result of his injuries. --- Mirror.co.uk --- January 12, 2012  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/TrXdYW    

17.            “Gang Strapped Disabled Man to Lamppost Before He Was 'Tarred and Feathered ...” --- A judge has slammed police for dismissing a 999 call about a brutal 'tar-and-feather'-style attack on a disabled man as an 'environmental health issue'. --- Daily Mail --- January 14, 2012  (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/wbSOOU   

18.          “Rapists Torment the Disabled, Young Girls” --- Women and Aids Support Network (Wasn) says it has unearthed several unreported rape cases of the disabled and young girls during an … --- The Zimbabwe Standard --- January 14, 2012  (ZIMBABWE)   http://is.gd/AQ3KKO

Abuse/Crime Related Articles

1.            “Deputies Punch Homeless, Mentally Ill Woman on Bus” --- Two Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs have been videotaped hitting a woman with unspecified mental health and other disabilities. --- Care2.com --- January 11, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/Wpokj5  

 2.            “Use of 'Scream Rooms' Questioned” --- In 1985 Falaro took a position as principal of New Haven's Celentano School which, at the time, served students who were called “moderately mentally retarded,” Falaro recalled … --- New Haven Register --- January 13, 2012  (CONNECTICUT)   http://is.gd/zoZGCK  

 3.            “Jury Awards $200 Million Verdict in Pinellas Nursing Home Death Case” --- Nunziata, still strapped in her wheelchair, was at the bottom of about 10 stairs. She died shortly after paramedics arrived. --- Tampabay.com --- January 13, 2012   (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/OWihDh  

 4.            “Granny Charged with Keeping 19-Year-Old Grandson Chained to Bed” -- A Coral Springs woman has bonded out of jail after being charged with chaining her 19-year-old mentally challenged grandson to his bed at night for the past three years. --- WTSP 10 News --- January 11, 2012  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/MlBvYA  

 5.            “Gainesville Man Accused of Attack on Mentally Disabled Victim” --- A mentally disabled man standing near his caregiver received multiple injuries at noon Monday in what police said was an unprovoked attack in downtown Gainesville. --- Gainesville Sun --- January 9, 2012  (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/lUB6nB  

 6.            “Ex-West Springfield Group Home Worker No-show for Assault Trial in Falmouth” ---- A former staff worker at a West Springfield group home for the intellectually disabled failed to appear for trial Monday in Falmouth. ---  MassLive.com --- January 11, 2012  (MASSASUSETTS)   http://is.gd/NBhY5t  

 7.            “Woman Accused of Robbing Disabled Sullivan Man” --- A Cohoes woman was charged with entering the home of a 56-year-old disabled man and taking his rent money and prescription drugs, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office said. --- Times Herald-Record --- January 9, 2012  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/MTAklm  

 8            “Report Critical of State's Care of Children with Disabilities” --- A new report put out by the group Disability Rights North Carolina alleges that families of kids with dual disabilities have no where to turn for care. --- North Carolina News Network --- January 12, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/5CKWXM  

 9.            “Durham Police Seek Suspect in Kidnapping, Assault Charges” --- He is charged with assault on a handicapped person, assault with a deadly weapon, communicating threats, kidnapping and assault on a female. --- News & Observer --- January 11, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/fgcYzl  

 10.          “Trial Delayed for Man Accused of Murdering Woman with Disabilities” --- A man charged with killing a young woman with learning disabilities won't meet his day in court for another few months. --- northwestohio.com --- January 10, 2012  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/1FSPQS   

 11.          “Man Charged in Lakemore Death” --- A Cuyahoga Falls man employed at a Lakemore group home has been charged with death of a developmentally disabled man in his care. --- Suburbanite --- January 9, 2012  (OHIO)  http://is.gd/du0w6B  

Seeking Improved Support

1.            “Disabled, Seniors Worry about Cuts to In-home Care” --- Jo Ellen Zerr pours water to clean the tracheotomy tube for her grandson, Anthony Muli, in their home in Loomis, Calif. Zerr provides 24 hour care to Anthony, 24, who was born with spinal muscular ... --- Washington Examiner --- January 10, 2012  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/JAvVQL  

 2.            “Downtown Fresno Rally Protests Rroposed Cuts to Health, Social Service Budget” --- Jerry Brown's proposed $2.5 billion cuts to state health and social services, saying Brown should look into increasing revenues instead of targeting assistance to children, the disabled and the elderly. --- Fresno Bee --- January 10, 2012    (CALIFORNIA)      http://is.gd/4sHjqf  

 3.            “State Agency for Persons with Disabilities Facing $40M Deficit” --- As the Florida Legislature draws up a 2012-13 budget, they likely will have to deal with about $40 million in deficits from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD). --- Sunshine Slate --- January 12, 2012  (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/kHvxPW   

 4.            “Some Disabled Georgia Residents Fear They Will Lose Services Under New Guidelines” --- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports (http://bit.ly/zVPMVN) the program has been a lifeline for thousands of elderly and disabled Georgia residents for the past 15 years. --- The Republic --- January 9, 2012  (GEORGIA)   http://is.gd/5ulhcW  

 5.              “Idaho's Mentally Ill Getting Help from Courts, Police” --- The numbers of “mental holds” — when police place someone in mandatory custody for mental health issues — increased by nearly 600 since 2009, from 3,746 to 4,338 in 2011. --- The Idaho Statesman --- January 15, 2012  (IDAHO)  http://is.gd/vPm6i3  

 6.            “Disabled, Undocumented — But No Longer Homeless” --- Pedro Azpur, an undocumented, developmentally disabled immigrant who has been living at Little Company of Mary Hospital for more than a year, finally has a new home. Avancer, a nonprofit organization that … --- Chicago Tribune --- January 11, 2012  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/fs4BtI  

 7.            “Crowded Agenda Awaits Kansas Legislators” --- Kansas legislators convene the 2012 session this week with a full agenda of initiatives, ranging from tax cuts to reforming Medicaid, school finance and state pensions. --- KCTV Kansas City – January 8, 2012  (KANSAS)  http://is.gd/bspJk2  

 8.            “Jefferson County Social Service Workers Buckling under Overwhelming Workloads” --- Laurie Jones, a 14-year worker in Jefferson County who investigates child abuse and neglect, agrees. --- Louisville Courier-Journal --- January 11, 2012  (KENTUCKY)    http://is.gd/wslTKU  

 9.            “Medicaid Report Sparks DHH Response” --- Medicaid is a major source of health care for Louisiana's large low-income and elderly population, but it's also an economic driver for the state, a report released Thursday by the Louisiana Budget Project shows. --- Alexandria Town Talk --- January 13, 2012  (LOUISIANA)   http://is.gd/lJ7viR  

 10.            “5 Plead Guilty in Health Care Fraud” --- Five people pleaded guilty Wednesday to participating in a Medicare and Medicaid fraud scam based out of clinics in Jefferson Parish, federal prosecutors said. --- NOLA.com --- January 11, 2012  (LOUISIANA)   http://is.gd/w3ghkf  

 11.            “Audit Cites Questionable Expenditures at State Agency that Helps Disabled People” --- A state agency that helps disabled people find jobs made many questionable expenditures, including buying a $31000 vehicle for a woman who only wanted to be a homemaker and didn't need a car for work, a state audit released ... --- Detroit Free Press --- January 12, 2012  (MICHIGAN)http://is.gd/VZ1tsU    

 12.          “Wait Time Critical in VA Care for Mental Health” --- But for veterans struggling with mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, the longer the wait for treatment, the worse things can become. --- St. Cloud Times --- January 14, 2012  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/6BwH0G  

 15.          “More than $40,000 in Mo. Food Stamps Spent in Hawaii, Data Show” --- Taxpayers reacted Monday to data from the Missouri Department of Social Services that reveal of the $1.4 billion Missourians spent in food stamp money during FY2011, more than $45 million of the money … --- January 9, 2012  (MISSOURI)   http://is.gd/Hdp3X5  

 16.          “Bill Would Stop State's Medicaid Cuts” --- An Omaha senator said Wednesday he would move to stop implementation of cuts to the Medicaid program announced last month by the state Department of Health and Human Services. --- Lincoln Journal Star --- January 11, 2012  (NEBRASKA)  http://is.gd/U6aKY2  

 17.          “Audit: NJ Owes Feds $145 Million Due to Medicaid Mismanagement” --- The state owes $145 million to the federal government after improperly overseeing Medicaid's patient-care services, according to a federal audit released today. --- NJ.com --- January 12, 2012  (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/sGejYB   

 18.          “2 County Residents to Receive MLK Award” --- In 1986 he joined Atlantic County government as a coordinator in the Office on Aging and become a supervisor in the Adult Protective Services Unit, where he helped protect residents from abuse, neglect and exploitation. --- Shore News Today --- January 11, 2012  (NEW JERSEY)   http://is.gd/mJzExD  

 19.          “Governor Cuomo's Medicaid Fix Puts Poor and Elderly in Peril” --- Critics are concerned that Governor Cuomo's Medicaid cost reduction effort may hurt seniors and disabled New Yorkers. --- New York Daily News --- January 13, 2012  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/6r9z4p  

 20.          “Long, 'Ugly' Wait for Social Services” --- Nassau County has cut heavily into its social services staffing during this year's layoffs, leaving residents frustrated and workers with ... --- Newsday --- January 11, 2012  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/caiHUj   

 21.          “Study Shows More Disabled Kids Sent Out-of-State” --- An advocacy group for people with disabilities is calling on North Carolina officials to better care for children who have both a mental illness and developmental disability, hundreds of … ---abc11.com --- January 11, 2012  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/64Hbu4  

 22.          “Ohio Announces New Contracts for Medicaid Program”--- Ohio is seeking bids from managed care organizations for state Medicaid contracts that provide health care services for more than 1.6 million poor and disabled people. --- FOX19 --- January 11, 2012  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/bXjpBO  

 23.          “Luzerne Authorities Seek New Ways to Handle Mentally Ill” --- Mental health officials from Luzerne County want to change this. To do so, they want to partner with local police. In March, they will. "The reality is, police are first responders. --- Scranton Times-Tribune --- January 15, 2012  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/ZD2gwF  

 24.          “NEW: Rep. Guthrie Calls for Restoration of Funding for Developmentally Disabled” ---- In legislation introduced last week, Representative Scott Guthrie is calling for restoration in the state budget of $12 million for programs and services for the state's developmentally disabled residents. --- GoLocalProv --- January 10, 2012   (RHODE ISLAND)  http://is.gd/L3FFn5  

 25.          “Candlelight Vigil to Show Support for Disabled and Elderly Fighting Budget Cuts” --- They say many will no longer be able to get support help, most of which are vulnerable adults who are either elderly or disabled. --- KNDO/KNDU --- January 9, 2012  (WASHINGTON)   http://is.gd/s7cjL1  

 26.          “Marysville's Dwoskin Advocates for Fellow People with Disabilities” --- At the age of 20, Preston Dwoskin has already accomplished a host of goals on a statewide scale, while also living with hearing and developmental disabilities, and even as his hearing continues to go down from its ... --- Marysville Globe --- January 11, 2012  (WASHINGIN)  http://is.gd/xM0mhb  

 27.          “America's “Mental Health Gulag” --- It must be to ignore the plight of the mentally ill in America's prisons. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's recent two-part series on serious mental illness highlights the shortcoming inherent in a failed system. --- The Crime Report --- January 10, 2012  (WISCONSN)  http://is.gd/HwOJs1  

 28.          “State Cuts in Mental Health Funding Put Counties to the Test” --- The CSBs are public agencies that provide mental health services, addiction treatment and services for people with disabilities. --- Fairfaxtimes.com --- January 13, 2012   (VIRGINIA)   http://is.gd/owCGrq  

 29.          “End Social Security Rule That's Unfair to Women” --- America's 1935 avant-garde promise to provide Social Security has progressed from protection for predominantly male private-sector workers to an expanding social safety net for … --- Gloucester County Times - NJ.com --- January 15, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/sD6k6s  

 30.          “It's Still the 'Age of Anxiety.' Or Is It?” --- According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders now affect 18 percent of the adult population of the United States, or about 40 million people. --- New York Times --- January 14, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/tnGzbM  

 31.          “Mental Health: Study Links Immigrating at Young Age and Higher Risk of Psychosis” --- A new study has found that among immigrants, younger age at the time of migration predicts a higher incidence of psychotic disorders. --- The New York Times --- January 13, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/Iti5IH  

 32.          “AT&T INC.: AT&T Earns Recognition as Top Employer for People with Disabilities” --- list of "Top 50 Employers" for people with disabilities. The list is the result of an annual survey mailed by the magazine to its readers asking them to list the top three companies or government agencies for ... ---  (press release) --- January 12, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/nTXJ77  

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

1.              “Autism Legislation in Michigan Could Gain Momentum in 2012” --- A national advocacy group for autism-treatment says Michigan tops its list of states it believes could require insurance companies to cover treatments for autistic children this year. --- Michigan Radio --- January 13, 2012  (MICHIGAN) http://is.gd/ePGc52  

 2.            “Freeman to Announce Bill to Protect Vulnerable” --- A new bill being introduced this session would make neglecting a vulnerable adult a more serious crime. --- The Republic --- January 11, 2012  (MINNESOTA)  http://is.gd/Y7LWBZ  

 3.            “Va. Assembly Will Have Pleas for More Mental Health Funding” --- Virginia is already in negotiations with the Justice Department, which in February issued a scathing report that said the state's system for people with disabilities is needlessly institutionalizing people in violation of the Americans ... --- Washington Times --- January 8, 2012  (VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/zyLLPd  

 4.            “Disability Law Should Cover Pregnant Workers” --- Workers covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, by contrast, can continue working despite their physical limitations. --- WFMY News 2 --- January 11, 2012  (U.S. – NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/qtlLI8  

International Articles:

1.            “ Jetstar Win Prompts Calls for Disability Law Reform” --- There are growing calls for changes to Australia's discrimination laws after the Jetstar airline won a case mounted against it by a wheelchair-bound passenger. --- ABC Online --- January 14, 2012  (AUSTRALIA)   http://is.gd/vT4uJo  

 2.            “Disabled People in Bolivia on the March in Quest for Equality” --- A group of disabled people in Bolivia is walking 1400km, from Trinidad to La Paz – a route taking in both tropical climates and snow-capped mountains – to demand state benefits and an end to discrimination. --- The Guardian --- January 14, 2012   (BOLLVIA)    http://is.gd/wbSOOU  

 3.            “Mental Illness Costs Economy $51 Billion: Report” --- Depression; anxiety and other mental health illnesses affect a portion of Canadians but a new study suggests that; without treatment; employees facing these conditions are burdening the economy. --- GlobalNews.ca --- January 12, 2012  (CANADA) http://is.gd/j4juoG   

 4.              “Security Guard Charged After Mentally Disabled Woman Sexually Assaulted at Civic Campus” --- A 42-year-old security guard is accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled patient at the Ottawa Hospital's Civic ... --- Ottawa Citizen --- January 11, 2012  (CANADA) http://is.gd/qJmVM4  

 5.            “Airline Discrimination Complaint Dismissed; Great Height Ruled No Disability” --- However, the agency dismissed his application in a written decision last week because Johnson didn't prove his height is a disability. Johnson is now looking at whether he can appeal the decision. --- Vancouver Sun --- January 11, 2012  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/pK884s  

 6.              “Montreal Man Shot by Police Exposes Cracks in Mental Health Care: Experts” --- On that, he has the agreement of an expert who has worked with homeless people with mental health problems for more than 20 years. "I get the impression the man wasn't stable," --- Montreal Gazette --- January 11, 2012  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/MrkQVl  

 7.            “Was Farshad Mohammadi Victim of Police Shooting — or Gaps in Mental Health System?” --- In a television interview Sunday morning, Francoeur hinted that Mohammadi may have suffered from mental health issues. --- Montreal Gazette --- January 8, 2012  (CANADA) http://is.gd/y9rZ57  

 8.            “Easyjet Loses Disability Discrimination Case in France” --- A French court finds low-cost British airline Easyjet guilty of discriminating against three disabled passengers in 2008 and 2009. ---  BBC News --- January 13, 2012  (FRANCE)   http://is.gd/rEensZ        

 9.            “Health Minister to Facilitate the Quick Passage of the Mental Health Bill” --- The Minister of Health, Mr Joseph Yeileh Chereh, on Friday pledged that the Ministry will vigorous pursue the passage of the Mental Health Bill when Parliament resume from recess. --- Vibe Ghana --- January 14, 2012  (GHANA)  http://is.gd/8gWxhU  

 10.          “Greece Recognizes Pedophilia as ‘Disability’ ” --- The government of Greece is catching flack over its decision to add some questionable categories to its list of recognized disabilities. --- The New American --- January 13, 2012  (GREECE)  http://is.gd/0UpZNY  

 11.            “Haiti Earthquake Anniversary Marked by Concerns” --- Leo is hoping to find a job with insurance that will allow him and his daughter to get mental health care. ---          MiamiHerald.com --- January 12, 2012  (HAITI)  http://is.gd/dRzIb1  

 12.            “Disabled Youth Lynched by Dad, Brother” --- A disabled youth was beaten to death by his father and elder brother at Bharajo village in Ichak on Thursday after he had asked for his share of crops from them. --- Times of India --- January 13, 2012  (INDIA)   http://is.gd/9zy62J   

 13.            “Benefits Fraud Crackdown Targets Widows and Disabled in Care Homes” --- Widows and people with a disability living in nursing homes are being targeted as part of a new benefits crackdown, the Irish Independent has learned. --- Irish Independent --- January 14, 2012  (IRELAND) http://is.gd/9UCpnY   

 14.          “Ireland's First Autism Conference Underway in Galway” --- Ireland's first ever autism conference is taking place in Galway today, with Minister for Health James Reilly addressing an … ---                 Galway Independent --- January 13, 2012  (IRELAND) http://is.gd/B6FTW5     

 15.            “Sinead O'Connor Crowd Sources Mental Health Help on Twitter” --- Sinead O'Connor attends the Giorgio Armani & Cinema Society screening of 'Albert Nobbs' at the Museum of Modern Art. For all their drinking and religious persecution, one would imagine the Irish … --- Dose.ca --- January 12, 2012   (IRELAND)   http://is.gd/Jicsu9  

 16.            “Orlev: Gov't Must Reform Mental-Health Services” --- The Treasury regards the mental-health service as a hostage until reform begins.” A 40 percent decrease in beds for minors in psychiatric hospitals … --- Jerusalem Post --- January 12, 2012   (ISRAEL)    http://is.gd/Tl3yln  

 17.            “Wheelchair Users Deprived of Right to Free Movement” --- Thousands of wheelchair users in the country are deprived of access to several public and private buildings owing to absence of proper facilities, mainly ramps, for the disabled. --- Pakistan Daily Times --- January 14, 2012  (PAKISTAN) http://is.gd/Qs6jDf  

 18.            “Disabled Staff Fear for Future” --- Disabled workers at a city factory have spoken of their fears over losing their jobs as they await a government decision on future funding. --- Edinburgh Evening News --- January 13, 2012 (SCOTLAND)   http://is.gd/6jpsCM      

19.            “Singaporeans More Accepting of People with Disabilities: Survey” ---Singaporeans today are more accepting of people with disabilities as part of the community, workplace and everyday life. --- Straits Times --- January 13, 2012  (SINGAPORE)  http://is.gd/yVkv2z   

 20.            “Uzbekistan “Abandoning” its Disabled Population” --- The Uzbek government has been accused of neglecting some of its most vulnerable citizens after it cut state benefits to disabled people at the end of last year and began to strip citizens of their disabled status. --- uznews.net --- December 12, 2012  (UZBEKISTAN) http://is.gd/H83qhP    


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