When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for November 7, 2011
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scan
through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have a particular interest.

Dr. Nora’s Top Articles:

1.        "Time to Ban ALF Caregivers Who Abuse, State Is Told" --- Now, the leaders of Florida's disabilities agency are recommending that administrators or caregivers who are held responsible for the abuse or neglect of a resident be… --- MiamiHerald.com --- November 4, 2011  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/En00GI

2.       "Scant Scrutiny of 1,200 Deaths in State Care" --- A 2009 fire at a group home in Wells, NY, that killed four disabled residents revealed shortcomings in staff training and safety standards. --- New York Times --- November 5, 2011  (NEW YORK)    http://is.gd/1qYVf6

3.       "Disabled Vet: I Was Forced to Sit in Urine-Soaked Clothing After Crew Denied Request to Exit Plane" --- An Army veteran who uses a wheelchair said she was forced to urinate on herself Saturday after an American … --- Fox News --- November 2, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/yZZQqe

4.       "Attorneys Differ over Mental Health Cases" --- In the last two weeks, two Luzerne County residents were kept in mental health institutions against their will, even though … --- Wilkes Barre Times-Leader --- November 5, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/atCrhf

5.       "Judge OKs Seizing Fugitive's Trust Fund for Possible Restitution for Disabled Victim" --- As an international manhunt continues for an Upper Gwynedd woman who allegedly stole more than $300,000 in cash and property from a disabled Hatfield man, a judge ruled … --- The Mercury --- November 4, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/nUc06z

6.       "Guardians for the Elderly and Disabled Paid Millions" --- Under a court-ordered guardianship, 86-year-old widow Helen Hale was plucked from the house she and her husband had built on wooded acreage in Cypress for their retirement … --- Houston Chronicle --- November 3, 2011 (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/8twOKd

7.       "Drivers Allegedly Abused Disabled Woman" --- Two Dallas Area Rapid Transit drivers trusted to transport those who can't take care of themselves have been accused of taking advantage of a mentally disabled woman. --- FOX 4 News --- November 2, 2011  (TEXAS) http://is.gd/qeoWdO 

8.        "Removing the Stigma of Mental Illness" --- Now, in the 21st century, we still have a situation where the words “mental illness” have negative connotations, leading to stigma surrounding anyone diagnosed with … --- Santa Maria Times --- November 4, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/eDlmaC

9.        "For Disabled Adults, a Question about Where to Live" --- Connecticut is one of 18 states that has a dual public-private system to provide housing for the developmentally disabled, and of those states, only New York has more people … --- Ct Post --- November 6, 2011  (CONNECTICUT)  http://is.gd/U9SLAR  

10.       "University of Kansas Awarded $7.5 Million for Research on Online Learning for Those with Disabilities" ---  The University of Kansas' Center for Research on Learning received a $7.5 million grant to study the effectiveness … --- October 31, 2011  (KANSAS)    http://is.gd/BLFKZo

11.       "Bergen County Salutes Its Disability 'Champions' " --- The Bergen County Division on Disability Services held its annual Salute to Champions ceremony on Friday, honoring … --- NorthJersey.com --- November 2, 2011  (NEW JERSEY)   http://is.gd/VOdhbi

12.       "Adoptive Parents Raise Awareness about FASD" --- FASD is caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and its devastating effects can cover a wide range of symptoms, ranging from mild emotional impairments to severe brain damage and physical deformity. --- Rapid City Journal --- November 5, 2011  (SOUTH DAKOTA)   http://is.gd/FAPcqx

13.       "Those Affected by Health Cuts Take Chance to Talk to Legislators" --- At least one Republican in the Legislature is willing to consider voting in favor of a tax increase if it means avoiding life-threatening cuts to services for people with developmental disabilities. --- TheNewsTribune.com --- November 4, 2011  (WASHINGTON)    http://is.gd/IFpQD3

14.        "Abuse of N.J.'s Developmentally Disabled Continues" --- Senator Jennifer Beck introduced “Tara's Law”, after investigating the abuse of a 29-year-old woman in a group home who died from such abuse and neglect, weighing just 43 pounds … --- newjerseynewsroom.com --- November 3, 2011  (NEW JERSEY)    http://is.gd/MwpD01

15.       "People with Autism Superior in Many Areas" --- Many people with autism have qualities and abilities that may exceed those of people who do not have the condition, Canadian researchers say. Dr. Laurent Mottron at … --- UPI.com --- November 4, 2011  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/FDu7Jv

16.       "Disabled People's Rights… Lawmakers Definitely Needed a Booklet on That" --- The Network of Organisations Working for People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP), an initiative of the Aga Khan Council for Pakistan, has released … --- PakistanToday.com.pk --- November 3, 2011  (PAKISTAN)   http://is.gd/yT7Ovx

Abuse/Crime-related Articles:

1.        "Colo. Supreme Court Turns Down Boulder DA's Request for New Rochester Exam" --- According to police and court records, Rochester initially told investigators she killed Rylan because she thought he had autism and caring for a disabled child would "ruin" her life. --- Daily Camera --- November 1, 2011  (COLORADO)   http://is.gd/F9Rhas
2.        "Parents Arrested After Son with Autism Found Wandering" --- Many children with autism are prone to wandering, but one Connecticut couple may pay a price after their 4-year-old with the developmental … --- Disability Scoop --- November 2, 2011  (CONNECTICUT)    http://is.gd/z1L3UE
3.        "Ex-cop Gets 20 Years for Molesting Girl, 12, with Developmental Disability" --- A veteran police officer assigned to a middle school took a child with a slight developmental disability for an hours-long ride, molested her and asked her to … --- Examiner.com --- November 5, 2011 (GEORGIA) http://is.gd/fqCSHG  
4.       "Inspectors See Improvements at Nursing Home Where Maggots Were Found In Catheter" --- He acknowledged that the state forced the nursing homes to take corrective action, but he said the neglect should have been reported to Adult Protective Services or law enforcement … --- AnnArbor.com --- November 3, 2011  (MICHIGAN)   http://is.gd/Mk3wnd
5.       "Concerns about Naples Mental Health Hospital" --- Off camera, patients alerted us to a situation inside that the Agency for Health Care Administration openly describes as "persistent." The Willough at Naples is a mental health … --- Wink News --- November 2, 2011  (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/90aiIe
6.       "Police: Woman Ran Up $900 Bill in Name of Mentally Handicapped Uncle" --- A woman whose mother is charged with abusing mentally handicapped relatives faces criminal action herself … --- Eagle Tribune --- October 31, 2011  (MASSACHUSETTS)   http://is.gd/BKys3j
7.       "Father Fights Delay in Disability Payments: Terminally Ill Daughter Died Before Social Security Benefits Arrived" --- Heather's fight with Social Security began around the same time as her fight against cancer — her first application for disability insurance came back denied … --- Foster's Daily Democrat --- November 6, 2011  (NEW HAMPSHIRE) http://is.gd/91ZieN
8.       "Deaths in Care: 16 Cases" --- Each entry shows what the State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, an agency that investigates care issues in state-licensed facilities, determined to be the “manner of death.” --- New York Times --- November 5, 2011  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/iEXYxq
9.       "NY Vietnam Vet Sentenced for Stealing from Groups" --- Authorities say he stole the funds from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion posts in Gloversville and the local chapter of the Disabled American … --- Wall Street Journal --- November 4, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/jiHGwR   
10.       "Crimes Nearby: Caregiver at Home for Disabled Arrested Again" ---The check belonged to a disabled resident at the Aid to the Developmentally Disabled Home in Riverhead, according to a police report. At the time of the incident Leggon … --- Patch.com --- November 2, 2011  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/4rwdfa
11.       "Wall Street Protester: Young Deaf Man Allegedly Raped At OWS Protest" --- In a video posted on YouTube Monday, a woman identifying herself as an Occupy Wall Street protester says that a young, deaf man was allegedly raped at New York's … --- Examiner.com --- November 1, 2011  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/aSiJZn
12.       "Group Home in Wilmington Being Investigated for Abuse and Neglect" --- Skill Creations Incorporated Coastal House in Wilmington is being investigated for accusations of abuse and neglect. --- WECT-TV6 --- November 2, 2011  (NORTH CAROLINA)   http://is.gd/JMOVzo
13.       "3 Men Rob Man In Wheelchair In Greensboro" --- Greensboro police said a man in a wheelchair was robbed by three men at a parking lot on High Point Road. --- WXII The Triad --- November 2, 2011  (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/khAXqs
14.       "Obtaining Reliable Background Checks" --- Police say Jeffers then sexually assaulted the girl who is mentally challenged. Jeffers' DNA linked him to the DNA from the sexual assault exam. --- KOKI FOX 23 --- November 1, 2011  (OKLAHOMA)   http://is.gd/lntk5I
15.       "Detective: Caregiver Steals From Group Home Residents" --- A Portland man faces 96 felony charges for allegedly stealing money from six developmentally disabled residents of a group home he was paid to care for. --- KPTV.com --- November 1, 2011  (OREGON)   http://is.gd/zTvMOB
16.       "Hanover Police Make Arrest in Home Invasion Case" --- Police say Nicholas Gorman targeted his victim, and what makes this case even more disturbing is that victim is mentally challenged. Gorman is from … --- CBS 21 --- November 3, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/R7IWuv
17.       "Judge Orders Mental Health Evaluation of Alleged Ringleader in Philly Basement-Captive Case" --- A judge on Wednesday ordered a mental health evaluation of the alleged ringleader of what … --- Washington Post --- November 2, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/xEk92e
18.       "Judge Issues Gag Order in Tacony Dungeon Case" --- Her then-lawyer said she was mentally retarded and suffered from epilepsy and other disorders. Also today, Neifield granted a motion by Weston's current … --- Philadelphia Inquirer --- November 2, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/ANg71H
19.       "Boiling Springs Man Enters Plea in Indecent Assault of Two Mentally Disabled Women" --- A Boiling Springs pilot admitted last week that he inappropriately touched two mentally disabled women last year, thus saving both women from having to testify during a trial … --- Carlisle Sentinel --- November 1, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/ThQ9CT
20.       "Palmyra Woman Accused of Stealing From Disabled Father" --- A federal grand jury has indicted a Palmyra woman on charges she stole thousands of dollars of her father's Department of Veterans … --- Lebanon Daily News --- November 1, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/sZnaqd
21.       "Man Accused of Posing as Social Worker Re-arrested" --- Seven adults were placed into emergency protective custody with the Department of Social Services. They included military veterans. --- Charlotte Observer --- October 31, 2011  (SOUTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/BzMp3V
22.       "TennCare Official Defends State's Response in Rehab Facility Deaths" --- Chief Medical Officer Dr. Wendy Long said TennCare acted appropriately by informing other state agencies — the Department of Mental Health… --- The Tennessean --- November 3, 2011  (TENNESSEE) http://is.gd/viBsau  
23.       "Texas Judge Defends His Abuse of Daughter" --- After a couple of minutes of intense beating, both parents leave the room and shut the door but return a minute later to continue the abuse. --- Ninemsn --- November 6, 2011  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/ZyjA2G
24.       "Judge Admits Abuse: Adams Says He Lost His Temper" --- Judge William Adams has admitted hitting his disabled daughter after a shocking video appeared to show him whipping her with a leather belt. --- ITN NEWS --- November 3, 2011  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/IWBlBg
25.       "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Disabled Child? The Hillary Adams Beating Video" --- It shows a Texas County Court-at-Law Judge, William Adams, who mainly presides over cases involving children, sadistically beating his 16-year-old disabled… --- Forbes --- November 3, 2011  (TEXAS) http://is.gd/qD4o5M
26.       "Disabled Teen Beating Sends 2 to Prison" --- Two men involved in the beating of a mentally disabled teen in September have been sentenced to four years in prison. --- Austin News --- November 2, 2011  (TEXAS) http://is.gd/rDInSL
27.       "Man Accused of Injuring Wheelchair-bound Girlfriend in Fight over Money" --- He then allegedly picked up Webster out of her wheelchair, punched her and threw her to the ground. Webster told police she's afraid of Boudreaux because … --- abc13.com --- October 31, 2011  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/9BAvZO
28.       "State Police to Pay Man $7,000 to Settle Taser Complaint" --- The Vermont State Police have paid $7,000 to settle a complaint about the use of a Taser on an uncooperative man with Down syndrome and other disabilities. --- The Republic --- November 4, 2011  (VERMONT) http://is.gd/xuq5hv
29.       "Burlington Man Accused of Raping Disabled Boy" --- A man accused of raping a developmentally disabled boy at the Mount Vernon Boys and Girls Club pleaded not guilty Thursday in Skagit County Superior Court. --- The Seattle Times --- November 4, 2011  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/3lL7bl
30.       "Driver with Disability Says He Wants Harassment to Stop" --- A West Bend man driving with a severe disability said he keeps getting pulled over by police, and he wants what called harassment to stop. --- WISN Milwaukee --- November 4, 2011  (WISCONSIN)   http://is.gd/4hq2Jh
31.       "Area Man Charged with Defrauding Disabled Woman" --- An area man is charged with defrauding an elderly disabled woman out of her life savings. Thomas Trubshaw of Cornell is … --- WQOW TV News 18 --- November 1, 2011  (WISCONSIN)   http://is.gd/RNx7Cp

Seeking Improved Support

1.        "Counselling Directory Wants to Get People Talking about Mental Health" --- With an estimated one in six adults suffering from a 'significant' mental health problem each year*, talking about mental health is more important than ever before. --- San Francisco Chronicle (press release) --- November 3, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/XNoCiY
2.        "Rallies Protest Cuts to Adult Day Care" --- Hundreds of health care workers, senior citizens and disabled adults rallied Monday, shouting and chanting their frustration over Gov. --- Contra Costa Times --- November 1, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/yocRNa
3.        "Special Events Lined Up for the 2011 National Autism Conference" --- Next week will kick off the sixth National Autism Conference (NAC) where experts are set to convene and cover the latest trends in therapies, research and interventions ... --- Sacramento Bee --- November 1, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/XoeGZK
4.        "More Delawareans Dependent on Aid" --- In September, nearly 204,000 Delawareans were enrolled in Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor, a 30 percent increase over three years. With the national and … --- The News Journal --- November 4, 2011  (DELAWARE) http://is.gd/1dZWLN
5.        "Sisters Get 14 Years in $9 Million Medicare Scam" --- Two former fugitive sisters have been sentenced to 14 years each for their role in a $9 million Medicare scam. Caridad and Clara Guilarte (Gill-AR'-tay) were sentenced … --- MiamiHerald.com --- November 3, 2011  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/tjP8TS
6.       "Idaho Still Hasn't Been Paid for $10 Million Medicaid Goof" --- Idaho paid about $9.6 million for Medicaid services that should have been covered by a federal Medicare program … --- The Idaho Statesman --- November 3, 2011 (IDAHO)     http://is.gd/tEl128
7.       "Advocates Plead Their Case Against Closing Tinley Park Mental Health Center" --- Wearing a T-shirt printed with a self-portrait of her daughter, Marianne Bithos asked a state panel at a public hearing … --- Chicago Tribune --- November 2, 2011  (ILLINOIS)    http://is.gd/Rn8wSX
8.       "Palatine Man Puts Spotlight on Firefighters' Mental Health" --- In an effort to educate firefighters, emergency medical service personnel and their families about mental health — and combat what Dill calls an alarming increase in suicides … --- Chicago Daily Herald --- November 1, 2011  (ILLINOIS)    http://is.gd/0zGBZB
9.       "Adults with Autism Speak Out" --- When Tom Fields-Meyer was shopping around his book proposal about raising a son with autism, many publishers passed, saying they … --- USA Today --- November 6, 2011 (INDIANA)    http://is.gd/FARnYM
10.       "Ind. Group for Disabled Pushes Improved Services" --- Some facets of the plan would require change at the Family and Social Services Administration, not just in the way it does business, but in the agency itself. --- BusinessWeek --- November 1, 2011  (INDIANA)  http://is.gd/2qgxzl
11.        "Iowa Disability Rights Group Drew State Scrutiny After Leader Criticized Branstad" --- Terry Branstad's chief of staff made specific inquiries as to how the state could essentially shut down Disability Rights Iowa, a privately run, federally funded agency that advocates for the disabled. --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- November 1, 2011  (IOWA)  http://is.gd/ok9Xcd

12.       "Overhaul of Kentucky's Medicaid Program Takes Effect" --- Plans to overhaul Kentucky's Medicaid program by enrolling the state's roughly 560.000 Medicaid recipients into managed care plans will take effect today, according to a Herald … --- Becker's Hospital Review --- November 1, 2011 (KENTUCKY)   http://is.gd/iFB9eI
13.       "Louisiana Social Service Programs Cut by $17M" --- The goal of the supplemental funding, a DCFS official said, was provide cash assistance to needy families, to keep children at home, provide assistance so parents can work … --- Alexandria Town Talk --- November 4, 2011 (LOUISIANA)  http://is.gd/YjMYEZ
14.       "Disabled Struggle for State Help" --- Mark Thomas knows firsthand the struggle many local families face with obtaining services for loved ones with developmental disabilities. He's the assistant secretary for … --- Monroe News Star --- November 1, 2011  (LOUISIANA)   http://is.gd/8DecRp
15.       "Town Tackles Growing Problem: Hoarding" --- It's not just a poor person's problem," said mental health expert Rebecca Wolfe. "In our training, we learned it's actually more prevalent than Alzheimer's disease," she said. --- WCVB-TV --- November 4, 2011  (MASSACHUSETTS)  http://is.gd/OIp71I
16.       "Testimony Seeks End to Limits on Medicaid Mental Health Services" --- Genzler, an advocate for families of children with mental, emotional and behavioral problems, used her experience to plead… --- Grand Island Independent --- November 4, 2011  (NEBRASKA)   http://is.gd/8jxgTj
17.       "New York City Disabled Students More Likely to Be Suspended from Public Schools" --- Disabled kids accounted for just over 31% of public school suspensions in the 2010-11 school year, but only about 16% of the student population. --- New York Daily News --- November 2, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/sv8mgV
18.       "Perspectives: Lack of Funding Means Decrease in Mental Health Programs" --- As its available funding has decreased in recent years, so have the programs and services offered … --- Marietta Times --- November 5, 2011  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/aS4cfc

19.       "Perspectives: Teens Often Left With No Options for Mental Health Services" --- Mental health services are available for teenagers in Washington County but those services come at … --- Marietta Times --- November 5, 2011  (OHIO)    http://is.gd/pS0SIB

20.       "Mental Health Levy Will Fund Care for Many Neighbors" --- Almost daily, people in our community seeking help with mental health issues or addiction are turned away because they do not have insurance and cannot pay. --- Marietta Times --- November 1, 2011  (OHIO)    http://is.gd/MG7hRR
21.       "Pa. Begins Assembling Long-term Strategy for Aging Population" --- Pennsylvania is just beginning to devise a long-term approach to ensuring quality care for aging and disabled residents. Brian Duke, secretary of the state Department … --- Newsworks.org --- November 6, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/jLjx0c
22.       "Seeking Shelter from the Coldhearted" --- In Pennsylvania, 17,000 intellectually disabled adults are on a waiting list for services that would at least provide them a case manager, who'd then be on the hook to provide oversight of their care. And even though the Adult Protective Services Act ... --- Philadelphia Inquirer --- November 3, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/bvtsZk
23.       "Deaf Awareness Panelists Describe Discrimination, Quest for Acceptance" --- The first observation of Deaf Awareness Week on this campus began with a panel discussion exploring the obstacles faced by people who are deaf and... --- The Ranger --- November 3, 2011  (TEXAS) http://is.gd/tEO1Jz  

24.       "Palmview Medical Supply Company Accused of Fraud, Identity Theft" --- Rather than deliver the power wheelchair prescribed by the patient's physician, the company allegedly sold them less expensive models but billed the federal government for the more expensive model. --- Monitor --- November 2, 2011 (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/huTEhO
25.       "Self-published Book about Autism Aims to Raise Public Awareness" --- Nicole Gomez, Ashley Garza, Alexandra Guerra and Lynette Salazar wrote "The Missing Piece" intending to raise awareness about autism and make autism spectrum disorders … --- Brownsville Herald --- November 2, 2011  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/wWyJri
26.       "Autism Advocate Temple Grandin in Utah" --- Best-selling author and autism advocate Temple Grandin was in Utah Thursday to accept an award for helping shape the perception of disabilities and to speak about her life … --- Fox 13 Now --- November 3, 2011  (UTAH)    http://is.gd/bROSTu
27.       "CBS 6 Investigation: Officials Say Jails Are Dumping Ground for Mentally Ill" --- "I do have a mental problem," said Taylor. It's a mental health problem that Richmond Sheriff CT Woody says is hurting communities. --- WTVR --- November 2, 2011  (VIRGINIA)   http://is.gd/thyjeq
28.       "Mother, Daughter Share Autism Stories" --- The daylong Family is Important autism conference, featuring Dr. Temple Grandin and her mother, Eustacia Cutler, will be … --- The Spokesman Review --- November 2, 2011  (WASHINGTON)   http://is.gd/hYfC6Q
29.       "Disabled Workers Targeted in Budget Cut Proposal" --- Chris Gregoire's proposal to fill a $2 billion hole will affect many services in Washington, including some that help the disabled get back to work and keep a job. --- KNDO/KNDU --- November 1, 2011  (WASHINGTON) http://is.gd/j9YUao
30.       "Was Autistic Man Really a Marine? Military Court to Decide" --- Los Angeles native Joshua D. Fry had been diagnosed as autistic and was living in a group home for people with mental disabilities when a Marine Corps recruiter signed him up for service. --- The Bellingham Herald --- October 30, 2011  (WASHINGTON)   http://is.gd/kjXD4f
31.       "One US Veteran Attempts Suicide Every 80 Minutes: Hidden Tragedy of Afghanistan and Iraq Wars" --- In a staggering indictment on the lack of mental health programmes in the US military, the report reveals 1868 veterans made suicide attempts in 2009 alone. --- Daily Mail --- November 3, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/2p2y3w

32.       "Iowan to Lead Disabilities Group" --- A Glenwood, Iowa, woman has been elected to lead a national organization that advocates for people with intellectual disabilities. Sybil Finken, 61, will serve as … --- Omaha World-Herald --- November 4, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/hE0pOc

33.       "Which States Have the Highest and Lowest Rates of Mental Illness?" --- Data from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency (SAMHSA) suggests 20 percent of American adults — 44.5 million people — experienced some sort of mental illness over the last year. --- KOWB --- November 2, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/HCgxQR

34.       "Rights Gone Wrong" --- In 1995, after his son was diagnosed with ADHD, Freston enrolled him in the prestigious Stephen Gaynor School, which specializes in students with learning disabilities. --- Slate Magazine --- November 2, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/1vvzuo

35.       "Filmmaker Kurt Miller Shows that Disabilities May Not Limit" --- "The Movement" is a film about how people with physical disabilities are not nearly as limited as some might assume. It's about a movement to erase stereotypes and tear … --- Deseret News --- October 30, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/Fn8Zem

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

1.        "Colo. Supreme Court Nixes Attorney-Client Privilege for Children in Guardianship Cases" --- "Because a child who is the subject of a dependency and neglect proceeding is not the client of a court-appointed guardian ad litem, neither the statutory attorney-client privilege … --- ABA Journal --- November 3, 2011  (COLORADO)    http://is.gd/0zjZ2N
2.        "Autism Coverage Now Law in New York State" --- … that requires health insurance providers to offer coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder for both children and adults. Cuomo said the legislation should … --- Bizjournals.com --- November 2, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/vg8gN7
3.        "Legislation Prohibiting Death Penalty for Mentally Challenged Moves in State Senate" --- “As long as the state is not imposing the death penalty on anyone that might qualify as mentally disabled, [the lack of guidelines] isn'ta problem. But as soon as they get close … --- Essential Public Radio --- October 31, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/S03hAM
4.        "RI Lawmakers to Review New Autism Insurance Law" --- Rhode Island lawmakers are looking for ways to improve a new state law requiring insurers to cover autism treatments. A panel of House lawmakers plans … --- NECN --- November 6, 2011  (RHODE ISLAND)  http://is.gd/Eb1sjz

International Articles:

1.        "Assault Victim Says Hospital Failed to Tell Police" --- One of Victoria's biggest mental health services has been accused of covering up an alleged rape of a young female patient. The woman said she had just … --- The Age --- November 7, 2011   (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/5H475a
2.        "Nurse Working With Mentally Ill After Misconduct and Suspension" --- When asked why it was employing Mr Wright to work with mentally ill patients given his past conduct, a Southern Health spokeswoman told The Age … --- The Age --- November 7, 2011  (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/NbAIWw
3.       "Nurses Lose Patience over Mental Health Care Safety at Flinders" ---Nurses are taking the action to highlight concerns over staff and patient safety that they believe are yet to be properly addressed by SA Health. --- ABC Online --- November 4, 2011  (AUSTRALIA)   http://is.gd/4ikJOY
4.        "DHS Failed Autistic Boy Who Died: Coroner" --- Victoria's child protection agency failed a young autistic boy who died after swallowing his father's medication, a coroner has found. The four-year-old, known as Rory, died … --- Sydney Morning Herald --- October 31, 2011  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/O4v379
5.       "Four Winnipeggers Charged in Disability Tax Scam" --- Four Winnipeggers -- including an elderly doctor and her son-in-law -- have been charged in connection with a tax scheme that netted millions of dollars for Winnipeggers … --- Winnipeg Free Press --- November 3, 2011 (CANADA)  http://is.gd/KHbcEB
6.        "Man Set Fire to Home of Disabled Child" --- Setting fire to the home where his ex-girlfriend was caring for a severely disabled child has landed a local man the equivalent … --- London Free Press --- October 31, 2011  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/QOsI37
7.        "Cancer Patient Denied Disability Payment" --- A Canadian woman struggling with breast cancer says she was denied long-term disability payments, despite having disability insurance through her … --- UPI.com --- October 31, 2011  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/AXXrTv  
8.       "Half Adult Abuse 'happens in home' " --- Almost half of alleged abuse towards vulnerable adults takes place in their own homes, research suggests. An NHS Information Centre report found that of 94,500 such … --- The Press Association --- November 4, 2011  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/aPLaR4  
9.       "Vulnerable Adult Abuse Reported" --- Some 96,000 cases of alleged abuse against vulnerable adults were reported in England last year, statistics show. Figures on such cases have been released … --- BBC News --- November 3, 2011 (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/r9gSWK
10.       "Adult Abuse and Neglect" --- Many adults in a vulnerable position either due to age or due to an illness are being abused in their own homes according to recent reports which speak of nearly 500 … --- MedIndia --- November 6, 2011  (INDIA)    http://is.gd/05dywb
11.       "Campaign to Create Awareness about Rights for Disabled People" --- One of biggest problems that disabled people face, he says, is commuting. This confines them to their homes for most of their lives. To create awareness about the rights of disabled … --- Times of India --- November 4, 2011  (INDIA) http://is.gd/lY3Pft
12.       "Shackling Trauma of Indonesia's Mental Health Patients" -- Indonesian Sukidi was brought to Lawang Mental Hospital, in Malang in East Java, a month ago suffering from severe mental health problems, … --- BBC News --- October 31, 2011  (INDONESIA)  http://is.gd/5oZwtB
13.       "Students Beat World Record to Raise Mental Health Awareness" ---
The Union of Students Ireland (USI) together with Trinity Students' Union, See Change, and Fighting Words, have succeeding in breaking a Guinness World Record in an … --- University Observer Online --- November 2, 2011  (IRELAND)   http://is.gd/2CWUt3  
14.       "Japanese Film on Disability Wins Asia Pacific Child Rights Award" --- Iori and her younger brother were each born with disabilities. Their story is a compelling tale of resilience and optimism. "In Japan, children with disabilities tend to be bullied. --- Indiantelevision.com --- November 3, 2011  (JAPAN) http://is.gd/WmD64W
15.       "Beirut Unfriendly City for People with Disabilities" --- In recent months, the ministries of health and social affairs have been renewing their calls to implement the disability rights law of 2000, which is designed … --- Global Accesibility News --- November 2, 2011  (LEBANON) http://is.gd/VPOex5
16.        "Libya's Invisible Wounds: A Battle for Mental Health" --- While the 6.4 million Libyans try to recover from nine months of bloodshed, they also have to cope with the psychological aftermath of nearly 42 years of repression, leaving … --- TIME --- November 1, 2011  (LIBYA)  http://is.gd/lMVh6z
16.        "One Voice: Support For the Learning Disabled" --- The year 2001 was a watershed for the learning disabled community in Malaysia. It marked the birth of One Voice, a monthly column provided by The Star for the learning disabled. --- Malaysia Star --- November 2, 2011 (MALAYSIA) http://is.gd/f5FoeC
17.       "Fund to Help People with Autism" --- Almost £14m in public money is being used over the next four years to improve services used by people with autism and Asperger Syndrome. --- BBC News --- November 2, 2011  (SCOTLAND)  http://is.gd/ZUiRxd
18.       "Training Improves Mental Health Relations in Wales" --- The Mental Health First Aid training course is improving the confidence of people dealing with mental health patients in Wales, according to new research. --- Barchester Healthcare --- November 2, 2011  (WALES)    http://is.gd/fVnOgX
19.       "Minister to Fight for Disabled Workers' Factories" --- ... said he accepts Remploy needs to change to reflect the changing economic and labour market conditions but believes there are alternatives to closing the factories … --- South Wales Argus --- November 2, 2011  (WALES) http://is.gd/vvvKY5
20.       "Tackling Disability Discrimination Takes More than Wheelchair Ramps" --- The late 1960s and early 70s saw action taken for infrastructure to adapt to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities and encourage inclusion. --- The Guardian --- November 4, 2011  (UNITED KINGDOM) http://is.gd/sXflPF  


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