When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

News Summary for October 31, 2011
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scan
through the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have a particular interest.

Dr. Nora’s Top Articles:

1.         "Mentally Challenged Teen Locked Away by Mother" --- Police say the boy is mentally challenged and may have been severely neglected for years. His mother, Amanda Jolliff and boyfriend Richard Smith are now facing child abuse … --- KKCO-TV --- October 23, 2011  (COLORADO) http://is.gd/Ue56vq   

2.        "Safety Concerns Raised After Back-to-Back Patient Killings at Perkins" --- Even after two patients were killed in the span of a week by fellow patients at the state's maximum-security mental … --- Baltimore Sun --- October 29, 2011  (MARYLAND)   http://is.gd/SaW0GE

3.        "Rape Trial Looks at Definition of 'Mentally Defective' Victim" --- Whether the victim, a mentally challenged woman who was 29 years old when the alleged assault occurred in August 2008, falls into that category remains to be seen. --- The Union Leader --- October 26, 2011  (NEW HAMPSHIRE) http://is.gd/3UBM97 

4.        "Caretaker Beat Handicapped Boy, Stole Disability Checks for Years, Police Say" --- A caretaker has been illegally swiping a mentally handicapped teen's disability checks for the last 5 years – and not providing care for the Charlotte boy … --- WBTV --- October 25, 2011  (NORTH CAROLINA)   http://is.gd/7KJNFv

5.        "When Crime Rings Target the Disabled" --- Philadelphia has been reeling over horrific details of four disabled adults being held captive while their Social Security checks were allegedly cashed by a criminal ring. --- NPR -- October 25, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/XrpDAz

6.        "Perry Downplayed Allegations at Centers for Disabled" --- Yet during his decade-long tenure in the governor's office, Perry and his staff repeatedly downplayed the severity of abuse and neglect allegations at Texas' state-run institutions … --- Texas Tribune --- October 24, 2011    (TEXAS) http://is.gd/dV46xt

7.        "Disabled, Seniors Being Exploited More, Officials Say" --- The high-profile case of city resident Herbert Knowles and several others who were allegedly kidnapped for their Social Security checks is nothing … --- The Virginian-Pilot --- October 30, 2011  (VIRGINIA)   http://is.gd/iqo1Ri

8.        "Autism Experts to Gather in Florida for the 2011 National Autism Conference" ---  Autism experts will convene at the National Autism Conference (NAC) in Florida next month to cover everything from cutting-edge research to dietary … --- MarketWatch (press release) --- October 25, 2011  (FLORIDA)    http://is.gd/K9CxLm

9.        "ARC Reaches Out to Hispanics with Disabilities" --- Ochoa and Vicky are part of a growing population of Hispanics who either have, or care for, a person with a disability. They often don't have the same access to services as their … --- Southern Maryland Online --- October 27, 2011  (MARYLAND)  http://is.gd/lo3KAZ

10.        "Not Dead Yet Applauds PBS Documentary 'Lives Worth Living' " ---Produced and directed by Eric Neudel, “Lives Worth Living” combines rare historical footage with interviews of individuals with disabilities who led the development of the disability rights movement. --- DigitalJournal.com (press release) --- October 28, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/BRxuzf

11.        "South Korea Toughens Penalties for Abusers of Disabled" --- South Korea's National Assembly on Friday passed a bill toughening penalties on criminals who abuse or harm disabled people, particularly children … --- Wall Street Journal --- October 28, 2011  (SOUTH KOREA) http://is.gd/dVx6AY

Abuse/Crime-related Articles:

1.         "Disabled Man Claims CHP Left Him Stranded in Wheelchair" --- A disabled man claims that CHP officers left him stranded in his wheelchair after pulling him over in Orange County. Jamal Aldaoudi is paralyzed … --- KTLA --- October 28, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/F7bnFn

2.         "Man Jailed After Alleged Wheelchair Assault" --- An Aspen man faces allegations that he pushed a paraplegic war veteran out of his wheelchair and later spit in an officer's face. --- Aspen Times --- October 25, 2011  (COLORADO)    http://is.gd/SFn8qZ

3.         "Cousin Accused of Bilking Disabled Twins in Palm Coast" --- The 59-year-old cousin of two disabled men became involved in their financial affairs after their mother died and stole … --- Daytona Beach News-Journal --- October 29, 2011  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/fWqkZu

4.        "Police: Molester Taped Sex With Child" --- Anderson police said Henry Parkhurst, 68, told them that he committed a sex act with an 8-year-old child and admitted having intercourse with a mentally challenged 20-year-old … --- WRTV Indianapolis --- October 27, 2011    (INDIANA)     http://is.gd/nSXDLq 

5.        "Hobart City Officials Close Down House; Homeowner Taken to Hospital" --- Boruff, while at the hospital, will meet with adult protective services representatives who will work with health officials toward an assessment, officials said. --- nwitimes.com --- October 25, 2011  (INDIANA)  http://is.gd/MLPuUH

6.        "Capital Murder Trial Moved" --- The capital murder trial for a Whitehouse woman accused of killing her mentally challenged babysitter is reset. --- KYTX --- October 28, 2011  (KENTUCKY)  http://is.gd/BoIksv

7.        "Police Homicide Unit Investigates Assault on Deaf Couple" --- Neighbors said the couple that have lived in the home for several years is deaf. They had just recently rented one of their rooms to another man, who several neighbors said … --- WLKY Louisville --- October 24, 2011  (KENTUCKY)  http://is.gd/OAtXLS

8.        "Man Accused of Beheading Son Taken to Psychiatric Hospital" --- A man accused of beheading and dismembering his son has been taken to a psychiatric hospital, according to a statement from the … --- WWL First News --- October 30, 2011  (LOUISIANA)    http://is.gd/d6Xa5E

10.        "Billings Man Charged with Hammer Attack on Disabled Man" --- A Billings man is charged with hitting a disabled man in the head with a hammer a dozen times before robbing him of $48 and his cellphone. --- Great Falls Tribune

11.        "Exclusive 5 On Your Side Investigation Reveals Nurses Aides Named on 'Abuse List' " ---  An exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation reveals the names of more than 1,700 state-tested nurses aides or STNAs accused of abuse, theft and neglect. --- NewsNet5.com --- October 27, 2011  (OHIO) http://is.gd/8dkIeu 

12.        "Oklahoma City Man Accused of Beating Amputee Mother with Bat" --- An Oklahoma City woman told police she crawled through a window and abandoned her wheelchair after her son beat her with a baseball bat. --- NewsOK.com --- October 29, 2011  (OKLAHOMA)   http://is.gd/Hygjq1

13.        "New Charges in Philadelphia Captives Case" --- fraud plot in which police say mentally disabled people were kept in a basement now face additional … --- Wall Street Journal --- October 28, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/BjFSfD

14.        "Suspect in Philadelphia Captive Case 'Shocked' by Charges" --- A woman who is among those accused of locking four mentally challenged adults in a Philadelphia basement dungeon is shocked … --- Reuters --- October 26, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/1Ow7UB

15.        "Philadelphia Police Probe 2005 Death of Woman Living With Accused Serial Abuser" --- At the time, her lawyer said she was mentally retarded and suffered from epilepsy and other disorders. --- Bellingham Herald --- October 26, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/1PYN7s

16.        "Gardners Woman Sentenced for Stealing Money from Mentally Disabled Adults" --- A Gardners woman who stole almost $30K from a program for mentally disabled adults is facing two separate cases in Cumberland County. --- Carlisle Sentinel --- October 26, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)   http://is.gd/fG72oQ

17.        "Hearing Set for 4th Person in Philly Captive Case" --- The daughter of a woman accused of being the ringleader in an alleged Social Security fraud plot in which mentally disabled people were held captive in … --- CBS News --- October 26, 2011   (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/7v2LTC

18.        "Philly Defendant 'Shocked' by Charges" --- The Philadelphia woman charged along with her mother and two others for allegedly keeping four disabled adults captive in a dank basement is "shocked" by the charges against her, her lawyer … --- CNN --- October 26, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)  http://is.gd/u6pnRM

19.        "Daughter 'Was Her Mother's Helper' in Keeping Tacony Captives, Aunt Says" --- So the four mentally handicapped adult captives her mother, Linda Ann Weston, had brought … --- Philadelphia Inquirer --- October 26, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)     http://is.gd/8f8rjb

20.        "Alleged 'House of Horrors' Ringleader May Not Understand Seriousness of Charges, Lawyer Says" --- The suspected ringleader of an alleged Social Security fraud scheme in which police say mentally disabled people were held … --- Fox News --- October 24, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/BumlHo 

21.        "Hermitage Man Charged with Rape Arrested through DNA Evidence" --- DNA evidence led police to arrest a Hermitage man on charges he raped a 25-year-old mentally challenged Nashville woman in March 2010, according … --- The Tennessean --- October 25, 2011 (TENNESSEE) http://is.gd/vTEhoJ  

22.        "Police: Dad Severely Abused Disabled Toddler" --- Jerold Morgan, 27, and Alexandra Gatlin, 25, were arrested Oct. 12 for injury to a disabled child, a first-degree felony punishable by five to 99 years in prison. --- San Marcos Mercury --- October 27, 2011  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/fT7JaG

23.        "Disabled Man Reports Assault" --- A disabled man reported being assaulted by two other men while sitting in his pickup truck in New Braunfels and city police are investigating, … --- Herald Zeitung --- October 25, 2011  (TEXAS)      http://is.gd/s8mJzG

24.        "2 Charged in Death of Disabled Port Angeles Woman" --- Clallam County prosecutors say they will seek an exceptional sentence of up to life in prison if a 22-year-old man is convicted of second-degree murder in the death of a mentally disabled Port Angeles woman. --- The Seattle Times --- October 26, 2011  (WASHINGTON)     http://is.gd/PFakh6

Seeking Improved Support

1.         "Audit Finds Sex Offenders Living, Working in Foster Care Homes" --- The report identified a number of factors imperiling children at risk, including a failure to thoroughly and promptly investigate reports of abuse and neglect. --- Sacramento Bee --- October 28, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/D1SXaI

2.         "Sac State Psychological Conference Shines Light on Autism Research" --- For example, one study looked at how effective listener training can help autistic children to develop stronger skills in acquiring the names and categorization of day-to-day objects. --- StateHornet.com --- October 28, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/4Ilj8x

3.         "California Medicaid Tries to Recover Millions in Fees" --- California's Medicaid agency plans to recoup millions of dollars in fees it paid in the past year for dental, chiropractic and podiatry services, but at least one group of affected health … --- American Medical News --- October 28, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/D1TgxL

4.         "Cutting Medicaid by 5% Would Spur Loss of Nursing Home Jobs, Economists Say" --- Cutting the state-federal Medicaid program by 5% could result in the loss of thousands of jobs in nursing homes and other healthcare-related industries, a new report finds. --- McKnight's Long Term Care News --- October 28, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/c4UO5w

6.         "Budget Cuts Erase a Daily Lifeline for the Elderly and Disabled" --- More than 150 people, many of them too frail to stand, had gathered to protest the elimination of the centers, which serve about 35,000 elderly and disabled … --- New York Times --- October 27, 2011  (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/LoSdqB

7.         "San Francisco Mayoral Candidates and Mental Illness" --- David Chiu claims to support the intention, but not the law because he is following the lead of San Francisco public health director, Mitch Katz, who opposes the law. --- Huffington Post --- October 26, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)  http://is.gd/2VjzhM

8.         "Malloy Speaks in Groton to Young People on Compensating for Disabilities" --- Malloy, 56, initially was diagnosed as mentally retarded, he said, but with the help of audiotapes for the blind was able to graduate from college and law school. --- TheDay.com --- October 27, 2011  (CONNECTICUT)    http://is.gd/7EUbjH

9.        "Disability Claims Surge" --- Then she got laid off in 2009, and after six months of job searching she listened to family and friends and applied for Social Security Disability Insurance. --- Atlanta Journal Constitution --- October 29, 2011  (GEORGIA)   http://is.gd/Vuf9TB

10.        "Barriers to Finding Work Proving Hard to Overcome for Disabled Man" --- These days, Borgaard, 63, has found that doesn't matter, nor does nearly 20 years of management experience, as disabled Americans who want to work face the dimmest … --- Chicago Tribune --- October 28, 2011  (ILLINOIS)    http://is.gd/f08TSu

11.        "New Trier Township Observes National Disability Employment Awareness Month" --- The Evans', owners of Lad & Lassie in Wilmette, were honored with the Friend of the Township Award for their dedication to the disability community through … --- TribLocal --- October 25, 2011  (ILLINOIS)    http://is.gd/9bKOD7           

12.        "Expo Raises Awareness, Provides Information for Disabilities" --- The expo aims to provide services for those who have physical, developmental, emotional or mental disabilities. It was designed to raise awareness and to remove the … --- Daily Illini --- October 23, 2011  (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/ylVBu8

13.        "Actress Patty Duke Raises Awareness about Mental Health" --- But it was her bestselling autobiography "Call Me Anna" in 1988, and in 1990, the made-for-TV movie of the same name with Duke starring as herself, that opened a new … --- nwitimes.com --- October 28, 2011  (INDIANA)   http://is.gd/A8Ikyj

14.        "Regional Setup Advised for Mental Health Services" --- Improve assessments of people with brain injuries and determine whether they're eligible for special Medicaid programs before they are placed on long waiting lists. --- DesMoinesRegister.com --- October 26, 2011  (IOWA)   http://is.gd/wc7u9Z

15.        "Non-profit Agencies in Manhattan Risk Losing Social Services Funding in 2013" --- Non-profit agencies in Manhattan could lose social services funding in 2013 as the city starts looking at reductions. These possible budget cuts could also … --- KSNT --- October 27, 2011  (KANSAS)   http://is.gd/d6xCyU

16.        "Man Sentenced to Psychiatric Hospital Out On the Streets Until a Bed Opens Up" --- A local man sentenced to Riverview Psychiatric Hospital in Augusta on Monday after a Superior Court judge found him not guilty … --- Bangor Daily News --- October 25, 2011  (MAINE)  http://is.gd/JpaUUQ

17.        "Back-to-Back Patient Killings at Perkins Raise Safety Concerns" --- After two patients were killed in the span of a week by fellow patients at the state's maximum-security mental hospital, mental health advocates say safety … --- Baltimore Sun --- October 29, 2011(MARYLAND) http://is.gd/SaW0GE  

18.        "Silver Spring Man Allegedly Killed by Fellow Patient at Maryland Mental Health Hospital" --- A man accused of second-degree rape for molesting an 11-year-old girl in Montgomery County was killed Thursday evening … --- Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online --- October 28, 2011  (MARYLAND)   http://is.gd/dhtLAw

19.        "Mass. to Revamp Health Care for Disabled Adults" --- Massachusetts is planning to streamline the way it provides health care to more than 100,000 low-income and disabled adults, who often have trouble navigating a … --- Boston.com --- October 27, 2011  (MASSACHUSETTS)  http://is.gd/LJOy3X

20.        "Adding Autism Coverage Saves Michigan Money" --- But that's precisely what opponents of autism insurance reform would suggest with their opposition to the proposal by Gov. Rick Snyder to incorporate critical coverage for the treatment … --- The Detroit News --- October 27, 2011  (MICHIGAN)  http://is.gd/DgUSBD 

21.        "2 Hospitals, Several Medical Offices to Refuse Medicaid" --- Two area hospitals and several medical offices will stop treating patients on Medicaid in the upcoming weeks, LRG Healthcare officials said. --- WMUR Manchester --- October 26, 2011  (NEW HAMPSHIRE) http://is.gd/NRqPBJ

22.        "NH Gets Grant to Improve Mental Health Services" --- The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has received a $300,000 grant to improve mental health services for children and their families. --- Boston.com --- October 24, 2011  (NEW HAMPSHIRE)  http://is.gd/pHxtdW

23.        "Wealthy Medicaid 'Frauds' " --- Four well-heeled couples from Staten Island defrauded Medicaid out of tens of thousands of dollars in benefits -- even though they resided in million-dollar homes … --- New York Post --- October 28, 2011  (NEW YORK)    http://is.gd/8KDczH

24.        "State Could Eliminate Medicaid Service Coordinators for Developmentally Disabled Individuals" --- Thousands of developmentally disabled individuals in Central New York could lose their Medicaid case workers. --- YNN --- October 28, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/SgrQUZ 

25.        "Development Disabilities Institute Breaks Ground in Huntington" --- That was the rallying cry among Development Disabilities Institute executives, parents and elected officials as the nonprofit organization broke ground … --- Patch.com --- October 27, 2011  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/W5VC3s

26.        "Feds Arrest 11 People Connected to Multimillion Dollar LIRR Pension Scam" --- A $1 billion disability scam for retiring Long Island Rail Road workers was exposed Thursday with the arrest of 11 people - including a pair of crooked doctors … --- New York Daily News --- October 27, 2011  (NEW YORK)    http://is.gd/PTAPJ0

27.        "Cass County Social Services Has Budget Shortfall" --- Social services officials in North Dakota's most populous county are dealing with a shortfall of more than a million dollars next year due to the end of economic … --- NECN --- October 27, 2011  (NORTH DAKOTA)    http://is.gd/fwUmTm

28.        "Parity in Mental-Health Care Lags, Critics Say" --- When state and federal lawmakers created separate mental-health parity laws, advocates were thrilled that people with mental-health issues would … --- Columbus Dispatch --- October 30, 2011  (OHIO)    http://is.gd/Ix4iW3

29.        "Oklahoma City Mayor's Committee Names Disability Concerns Award Winners" --- The Oklahoma City Mayor's Committee on Disability Concerns honored outstanding Oklahomans with disabilities and their advocates. --- NewsOK.com --- October 27, 2011  (OKLAHOMA) http://is.gd/5DHaIe 

30.        "Planned Cuts at Phila. Library for the Blind Opposed" --- Officials at the Free Library of Philadelphia and others are fighting against state plans for cutting services at Philadelphia Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and shifting .. --- Philadelphia Inquirer --- October 27, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/mtcTJC

31.        "National Meeting on Disabilities (NADD) Annual Conference, Nov. 2 - 4" --- All Day; NADD, a national organization of persons with developmental disabilities or mental health needs, is holding its 28th Annual Conference and … --- Vanderbilt University --- October 30, 2011  (TENNESSEE) http://is.gd/RWrrfU

32.        "Harris County Deputies Work With Mental Health Professionals in Crisis Intervention" --- A new initiative launched this week is aimed at getting the mentally ill the help they need instead of a trip to jail. --- KHOU --- October 29, 2011  (TEXAS)    http://is.gd/wCS9iQ

33.        "Utah Launches Campaign to Educate Parents about Developmental Delays" --- When it comes to worries about autism, doctors should have the child evaluated for hearing loss, diagnosed for the disorder and referred to the early intervention program … --- Salt Lake Tribune --- October 26, 2011  (UTAH)    http://is.gd/qw9H5t

34.        "Research Links Autism Rate to Low Birth Weight" --- Finn was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. "When we first got the diagnosis we were talking about whether he could learn to talk, and whether he could learn to communicate," said Patrick Okell. --- KING5.com --- October 25, 2011  (WASHINGTON)    http://is.gd/414TpG

35.        "Big Drugmakers Delaying Access to Generics" --- Such pay-for-delay arrangements hurt consumers and increase costs for Medicare and Medicaid, according to the report, a copy of which was obtained by the editorial board. --- Fort Wayne Journal Gazette --- October 28, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL) http://is.gd/4Mfk08 

36.      "Adult Day Services Growing Source of Long-term Care" --- As the number of older adults and individuals with disabilities increases, the financial, social and personal costs of caring for these persons will continue to grow. --- Wisconsin Rapids Tribune --- October 28, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/o0frtA

37.        "Study: Medicaid Is Mounting Strain on State Budgets" --- Medicaid's burden on the states is swelling rapidly, leaving them scrambling for ways to make cuts. States are heading into 2012 saddled from … --- The Hill --- October 27, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/U6rOO7

38.        "Moratoriums Not Being Used to Stop Medicare Fraud" --- Under the Affordable Care Act, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was granted broad power to impose moratoriums in regions where fraud is rampant or for certain … --- Wall Street Journal --- October 26, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)    http://is.gd/x1caNg

39.        "Kids' ER Visits for Psychiatric Care Inching Up" --- Emergency room doctors are seeing more and more kids for mental health problems, and many of them are uninsured, researchers … --- Reuters --- October 24, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/GkN20V

40.        "More States Limiting Medicaid Hospital Stays" --- A growing number of states are sharply limiting hospital stays under Medicaid to as few as 10 days a year to control rising costs of the health insurance program for the poor and disabled. --- Tucson Citizen --- October 23, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/YWDdwC

41.        "Disabled Hail Opportunity to Narrow Employment Gap" --- Disabled Americans lose jobs six times faster than those without disabilities, and fewer than one in five work, Department of Labor statistics show. --- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review --- October 24, 2011 (U.S. -- NATIONAL) http://is.gd/vn5lLv

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

1.         "Blind Law School Grad Wins Case for Tech Aids to Take Bar Exam" --- US District Judge Charles Breyer issued a summary judgment Monday finding that the National Conference of Bar Examiners violated the US Americans with Disabilities … --- The San Francisco Appeal --- October 26, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/epxjwy

2.         "Casey to SSA: Protect Benefits of Disabled" --- Bob Casey says he wants the Social Security Administration to enforce a law that prohibits felons from collecting benefits on behalf of physically and mentally disabled people. --- Philadelphia Daily News --- October 28, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/fohqBY 

International Articles:

1.         "Detention of Mentally Ill Must End: Groups" --- A coalition of health groups is calling on the federal government to release vulnerable asylum seekers from immigration detention following reports of increasing self harm and mental illness. --- Ninemsn --- October 28, 2011  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/aMFAUS

2.         "Stroke Services Not Up to Scratch - Report" --- Hundreds of Australians are dying or being left disabled because they cannot access hospital stroke units, a major audit has found. --- NEWS.com.au --- October 28, 2011  (AUSTRALIA)     http://is.gd/Htauwa

3.         "Court Hears Man Preyed on Disabled and Elderly" --- A 40-year-old car thief, who preyed on the disabled and elderly by stealing their cars and selling them for scrap, is facing a restitution bill of more than $30,000. --- Geelong Advertiser --- October 25, 2011  (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/L3a9OO 

4.         "Home Care for Disabled Went Awry, Report Says" --- The BC government's recent push to place developmentally disabled adults in family homes went off the rails at a private agency on the Lower Mainland, a report obtained by … --- Victoria Times Colonist --- October 30, 2011  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/p1M7ny

5.         "Autistic Girl Wins Apology over Service Dog Ban" --- A young girl with autism and her mother received an apology from the Winners retail chain for barring the girl's service dog from its west Edmonton … --- CBC.ca --- October 28, 2011  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/pPMXwo

6.         "Scugog Volunteer Charged for Sexually Assaulting a Handicapped Female" --- On Thursday October 13, 2011 the victim, a handicapped female senior who lives alone in Scugog, called the suspect and asked him to deliver vitamins. The suspect was … --- Oye! Times --- October 27, 2011  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/7r4CLb

7.         "Disabled Senior Assaulted After Home Invasion in Loon Lake, Sask." --- RCMP are looking for a suspect after an elderly, physically disabled woman was assaulted in her apartment during a home invasion early Monday morning in Loon Lake … --- Global Saskatoon --- October 26, 2011  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/ukn6HP

8.         "Medical Researchers ID Potential New Drug Target that Could Stop Debilitating Effects of MS" --- Medical researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered a potential new drug target for Multiple Sclerosis that could prevent physical disability associated … --- EurekAlert (press release) --- October 26, 2011  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/YxObGZ

9.         "Many Canadians with Disabilities Remain Unemployed" --- October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and according to stats from BMO Financial Group, 70 per cent of Canadians with disabilities are unemployed. --- 660 News --- October 25, 2011  (CANADA) http://is.gd/uNXUPZ 

10.         "Central China Court to Rehear Case Involving Mentally Disabled Man" --- A court in central China's Henan Province announced on Monday that it will retry the case of a mentally disabled man who was imprisoned for … --- Xinhua --- October 24, 2011  (CHINA)   http://is.gd/bIC42j

11.         "China Mulls New Law to Prevent Abuse of Compulsory Mental Illness Treatment" --- China's top legislature on Monday started to read a draft law on mental health, which will require strict conditions and procedures for compulsory … --- Xinhua --- October 24, 2011  (CHINA)  http://is.gd/6oxI2O

12.        "Fresh CCTV Appeal over Rape of Deaf Woman" --- Lincolnshire Police refreshed their appeal for information surrounding an alleged rape in Lincoln, after revealing the woman was in fact deaf. A 22-year-old profoundly deaf woman was .. --- The Lincolnite --- October 28, 2011  (ENGLAND)  http://is.gd/XDOpuu

13.        "Sussex Mental Health Services 'At Full Stretch' " ---  The trust running mental health services in Sussex has said it is at "full stretch" as it seeks to meet increased demand and balance the books. --- BBC News --- October 26, 2011  (ENGLAND)    http://is.gd/by2X5f 

14.        "Isle of Wight Council Accused of Ignoring Vulnerable Disabled Adults" --- Isle of Wight Council ignored the impact on disabled adults when it implemented cut back its provision for social care, the High Court has heard. --- BBC News --- October 25, 2011  (ENGLAND)    http://is.gd/lfL8hv

15.        "Natasha Dignum Who Robbed Disabled Man in Openshaw Jailed" --- A woman who robbed a man with cerebral palsy at a cash machine has been jailed for four years. Natasha Dignum, 20, … --- BBC News --- October 24, 2011  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/xHPI9T

16.        "Protestors Fight Cuts to Disability Benefits" --- More than 1,000 of the region's most vulnerable people have rallied against Government cuts to disability benefits and services. --- The Northern Echo --- October 24, 2011  (ENGLAND)    http://is.gd/HELWeS

17.        "Hardest Hit Rally in Birmingham Protests Against Cuts for Disabled People" --- Demonstrators staged a large rally in Birmingham city centre in protest against welfare cuts for disabled people. --- Birmingham Mail --- October 24, 2011  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/FY86Hu

18.        "Disability Centre Cuts in Spotlight" --- There were 240 parents over 70 years in the State caring at home for a son or daughter with an intellectual disability, … --- Irish Times --- October 27, 2011     (IRELAND) http://is.gd/k9oaRz

19.        "Amputee Worker Awarded Millions in Damages" --- The Supreme Court has awarded $25 million with interest in damages to a man, who lost his arm when a machine fell on it at his workplace. Omar Wilson, a machine operator … --- Go Jamaica --- October 26, 2011  (JAMAICA)  http://is.gd/fcCcWM

20.        "Operator of Care Home for Handicapped Ordered to Compensate Sisters for Molestation" --- The Tokyo District Court has ordered the operator of a care home for the mentally handicapped and a former employee to pay about 6.7 million yen in compensation … --- Mainichi Daily News --- October 29, 2011  (JAPAN)    http://is.gd/e3QoXY

21.        "Japanese Robot that Can Dress Handicapped People" --- A uniquely designed robot has recently been developed to help handicapped people put their clothes on. The robot was invented by Associate Professor Tomohiro … --- The Tokyo Times --- October 26, 2011  (JAPAN)   http://is.gd/hzHKNg

22.        "Nigeria: Mental Illness On the Rise" --- Lagos State government recently put the number of its population living with mental illness at 2 million. The state's commissioner of health, Dr Jide Idris, said at … --- AllAfrica.com --- October 27, 2011  (NIGERIA)   http://is.gd/jvdorc 

23.        "Zimbabwe: Rapist, 92, Dies in Hospital" --- A 92-year-old prisoner who was serving six years for raping a mentally-challenged relative died last week at Parirenyatwa Hospital before completing his sentence. --- AllAfrica.com --- October 25, 2011  (ZIMBABWE)   http://is.gd/oSArB7

24.        "Facial Characteristics Could Help Find Origins of Autism, Researchers Hope" --- Researchers are trying to link distinctive facial characteristics found in autistic children with the origins of the baffling disease. --- New York Daily News --- October 21, 2011 (INTERNATIONAL)  http://is.gd/OUpIEO



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