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News Summary for September 19, 2011
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid


Dr. Nora’s Top Articles:

1.         "Sheriff Sued for Using Taser on Disabled Woman" --- An 18-year-old developmentally disabled woman filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Friday against the Alameda County sheriff's office, saying deputies used excessive force when they tackled … --- San Francisco Chronicle --- September 17, 2011  (CALIFORNIA)   http://is.gd/DDKWZs

2.        "Assault of Mentally-Disabled Brings 9-Year Prison Sentence" --- A former health care worker at Friends Care Community nursing home was sentenced … --- Dayton Daily News --- September 14, 2011  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/wy5wgj

3.        "84 Year Old Man Charged with Rape" --- We've been told the victim is mentally challenged and only has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old. An investigation started when the victim came forward. --- WAFF --- September 13, 2011  (TENNESSEE)    http://is.gd/42zcir

4.        "Man, 82, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Developmentally Disabled Girl" --- An 82-year-old Waukesha man is facing charges alleging he sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled 21-year-old woman after she invited him into her apartment. --- Patch.com --- September 16, 2011  (WISCONSIN)   http://is.gd/nhjZWW

5.         "Holmes Fights Mental Health Layoffs" --- … Robert Bentley to stop the layoffs of state employees at the Alabama Department of Mental Health, who he said were allegedly cut for budgetary reasons but are being replaced by contract workers. --- Montgomery Advertiser --- September 16, 2011  (ALABAMA)   http://is.gd/XOGouX

6.        "Transitioning to Adulthood with Autism" --- Justin Canha, seated, is among a generation of youths with autism who are the first to have benefited throughout childhood from more effective therapies and educational opportunities. --- New York Times --- September 18, 2011  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/QP7wbv

7.        "Asheville Filmmaker Debuts Autism Documentary as Benefit" --- Adam Larsen holds one of the educational tasks made by people with autism for use by people with autism at Asheville's Shoebox Tasks. Larsen's documentary, "Neurotypical," will debut this week in Asheville … --- Asheville Citizen-Times --- September 12, 2011  (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/fXLJST

8.        "Oregon's Mental Health Parity Law Improves Coverage at Minimal Cost" --- Oregon's mental health parity law, which prohibits commercial health plans from imposing limits on mental health and substance abuse services that are not also imposed on medical-surgical services, has improved … --- The Lund Report --- September 12, 2011  (OREGON)   http://is.gd/1luQc6

9.        "Maxim to Pay $150 Million to Resolve Allegations" --- Home health-care provider Maxim Healthcare Services Co. has agreed to pay $150 million as part of a settlement with federal and state ... --- Wall Street Journal --- September 13, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/CBljrf

10.        "Disabled Patients 'Bullied' " ---   Detectives in Britain are investigating alleged abuse by staff at an NHS care centre where severely handicapped patients have allegedly been locked in cupboards and bullied. --- Independent Online --- September 16, 2011  (ENGLAND)    http://is.gd/rKDm3r

11.        "Disability Hate Crime Begins with Verbal Abuse" --- Most people reading the account of the trial will be sickened and wonder where the culture of disability abuse has sprung from. --- The Guardian --- September 13, 2011  (ENGLAND)   http://is.gd/fJ8NWP

Abuse/Crime-related Articles:

1.         "Police Still Looking for Leads in Attack of Disabled ARC Employee" --- Police say they still need help from the public to find the man who sexually assaulted a disabled employee inside a thrift store earlier this month. --- 9NEWS.com --- September 16, 2011  (COLORADO)  http://is.gd/3HvqGq 
2.         "Asperger's Leaves Kids Vulnerable to Bullying" --- The brothers, clinically diagnosed with autism but functioning at the level of Asperger's, have long been the targets of bullying. --- Danbury News Times --- September 17, 2011  (CONNECTICUT)    http://is.gd/FAFrbQ
3.         "Group Home's License Suspended After Abuse Allegations" --- Melanie Etters with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities tells 10 News an emergency suspension of the facility's license was ordered Thursday … --- WTSP 10 News --- September 16, 2011  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/5bBEQl
4.         "Alleged Disabled Victim, Family Speak about Ant Bed Punishment" --- New details emerged Thursday surrounding group home employees who allegedly forced a disabled adult resident to stand in an ant bed as punishment. --- Central Florida News 13 --- September 15, 2011  (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/N0fiQp
5.         "Plant City Group Home's License Suspended After Worker's Arrest" ---  A Plant City group home has had its license suspended after an employee was arrested Tuesday and accused of punishing a 21-year-old mentally disabled resident by making him stand on fire … --- Tbo.com --- September 15, 2011  (FLORIDA)    http://is.gd/434Ior
6.         "State's 'Patient Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation' Unit Recieved Complaint that Led to Closure of Springfield Assisted Living Facility" --- The State Attorney General's Office "Patient Abuse Neglect and Exploitation" unit received the initial complaint. Since 2006 the Agency for Healthcare Administration has received 163 complaints about unlicensed assisted … --- WJHG-TV --- September 15, 2011  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/sd3fYS
7.         "Man with Down Syndrome in Clash With Cops" --- After Powell was finally handcuffed and questioned, the officers realized he was "mentally challenged, was not capable of understanding our commands, and that the bulge … --- NBC Miami --- September 14, 2011  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/cfT0HW
8.         "Mentally Disabled Man Forced to Stand In Ant Beds, Deputies Say" --- A caretaker at a Plant City group home punished a mentally disabled man by making him stand in several ant beds, according to … --- Tbo.com --- September 14, 2011  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/Txd5Zg
9.         "Bonita Springs Man Accused of Trying to Kill Disabled Wife" --- A Bonita Springs man was charged witrh battery, aggravated assault and aggravated abuse of a disabled adult Friday after he allegedly threatened to kill his bed-ridden wife. --- The News-Press --- September 12, 2011  (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/wTLV5w  
10.        "Prosecutors Want Higher Bail in Neglect, Animal Hoarding Case" --- Price is charged with criminal neglect of a disabled child, child endangerment and animal hoarding. Price, wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt and black jeans, hung her head and appeared to … --- Chicago Tribune --- September 14, 2011  (ILLLINOIS)    http://is.gd/FShqms 
11.        "Bond Set for Mom After Disabled Teen Dies in Squalid Conditions" --- A woman is charged with neglect after her mentally disabled 14-year-old son died last week in a filthy, insect-infested home filled with more than 100 cats and other animals, prosecutors said at a bond hearing Monday. --- Chicago Sun-Times --- September 12, 2011  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/cQSP8u
12.        "Man Arrested While Caring for Mentally Challenged Adults" --- The Laurel County Sheriff's Office says when they arrested 19-year-old Dustin Bice Wednesday, he was high on drugs and driving dangerously with three mentally challenged adults still in his care. --- WKYT --- September 15, 2011  (KENTUCKY)   http://is.gd/vujlRF 
13.        "Former Staff Member at Somerset Home for Disabled is Charged with Abuse" --- Officials say Burnside police arrested 33-year-old James S. Smith on Tuesday on a charge of knowing abuse of an adult. Smith was in jail in lieu of $20,000 bond. --- The Republic --- September 14, 2011  (KENTUCKY)  http://is.gd/GgQiMw
14.        "Drowning of Disabled Man at Braham, Minn. Group Home Probed" --- A criminal investigation and state review are underway after a severely disabled man drowned in a group home in Braham, Minn. --- FOX 9 News --- September 15, 2011   (MINNESOTA)    http://is.gd/pre3WJ
15.        "Nursing Assistant Arrested for Abuse" --- A certified nursing assistant has been arrested for felony abuse of a vulnerable person who was in her care. Attorney General Jim Hood says 42-year-old Darlene May of Gautier was arrested Monday. --- Houston Chronicle --- September 14, 2011  (MISSISSIPPI)   http://is.gd/1CNGay
16.        "Amputee Gets Scammed in Effort to Retrieve Stolen Limb" --- John Van Hoove loves racing motorcycles. Even with one arm, he still gets his thrill rides thanks to a special prosthetic limb. --- KLAS-TV --- September 13, 2011  (NEVADA)    http://is.gd/ntwkSe
17.        "Montgomery Officials Pay $3.6M to Senior Citizen Who Fell Off Municipal Bus" --- According to Paglione, the driver of the bus believed its handicap lift was broken, and others routinely helped the woman. --- The Star-Ledger - NJ.com --- September 13, 2011  (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/2iUkDO 
18.        "State Pays $13M to Send Disabled Kids to Controversial Clinics
Slapped with Accusations of Abuse" --- The city and state spend millions to treat severely disabled children in controversial out-of-state clinics - including two that have faced criminal probes for mishandling students. --- New York Daily News --- September 18, 2011  (NEW YORK)  http://is.gd/HQ1ENu
19.        "Disabled Iraq War Vet Sues McDonald's for Ejecting His Service Dog" --- It was something short of a hero's welcome that greeted disabled Iraqi war vet Sgt. Charles Hernandez when he entered a Times Square McDonald's last January. --- Examiner.com --- September 13, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/ag1YOW 
20.        "Bus Driver Accused of Duct Taping Mouth of Disabled Student" --- The Catholic school students are dropped off first then the disabled kids are driven to the Prospect Center, where they wait on the bus for school to start. --- WNYT --- September 12, 2011  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/y7rGYn
21.        "The Biological Mother of a Disabled 10-Year-Old Girl Who Was Murdered and ... " --- Witnesses told police of three instances in which Elisa Baker apparently abused Zahra, sometimes after the disabled girl accidentally urinated on herself, … --- Daily Mail --- September 16, 2011  (NORTH CAROLINA)    http://is.gd/6Qd1t0
22.        "Arraignment Delayed for North Carolina Woman Accused of Killing Disabled Stepdaughter" --- A North Carolina woman accused of killing her disabled stepdaughter is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Monday. --- Fox News --- September 12, 2011  (NORTH CAROLINA)  http://is.gd/Qwq0wy
23.        "Muskogee Woman Bound over on Neglect Charge in Sex Abuse of Disabled Granddaughter" --- A Muskogee woman was bound over for trial Friday on a child neglect charge involving her 4-year-old disabled granddaughter. --- Tulsa World --- September 16, 2011  (OKLAHOMA) http://is.gd/tenbdu 
24.        "Man, Woman Accused of Taking Advantage of Disabled Teen" --- A man and a woman, in separate incidents, are accused of taking advantage of a mentally disabled 18-year-old Cumberland woman who had run away from home more than a week ago. --- Turn to 10.com --- September 12, 2011  (RHODE ISLAND)    http://is.gd/0z1oVG
25.        "Medic: Texas Woman Told Attacker She Was Disabled" --- A firefighter has testified that the alleged victim of a Texas man accused of raping several older women tried telling her attacker she was disabled but that didn't stop him. --- Houston Chronicle --- September 14, 2011  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/wrdXI0
26.        "Police Arrest Fifth Teen in Connection with Assault of Mentally Disabled Teen" --- … beating of a teen with mental disabilities, Cedar Park police said Monday. Markus Mathis, 21, was arrested Saturday and charged with injury to a disabled person, police spokesman Jeffrey Hayes said. --- Austin American-Statesman --- September 12, 2011  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/KC4MEH
27.        "Man Cites Cocaine's Role in Murder of Disabled Friend" --- A San Antonio man who was arrested in December after he told police he stabbed to death his disabled former neighbor while high on crack cocaine tearfully … --- San Antonio Express --- September 12, 2011  (TEXAS)  http://is.gd/80W6B2

28.        "EEOC: Wis. Comp. Discriminated Against Deaf Worker" --- A federal workplace agency is accusing an Oshkosh catalog company of discriminating against a deaf worker. --- Chicago Tribune --- September 12, 2011  (WISONSIN)   http://is.gd/dthx0z
29.        "County to Settle with Family of Woman Who Died at Mental Health Complex" --- The documents show the county now says Anczak died from "an unpredictable medical illness" unrelated to her mental illness. The settlement costs for the county would add to the more than $331,000 paid by taxpayers to … --- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel --- September 12, 2001  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/ct4OAt
Seeking Improved Support

1.         "The Struggle to Find Disability Care" --- Hundreds of people turned out to the Disability Summit & Expo in Birmingham ... we caught up with two women who have struggled with finding disability care. --- CBS42 --- September 12, 2011  (ALABAMA)  http://is.gd/QCizbr  
2.        "Fort Bragg Manhunt Raises Mental Health Questions" --- Suspected killer's family and mental health advocates say the fugitive should have been compelled to undergo psychiatric evaluation and treatment years ago. --- Los Angeles Times --- September 18, 2011  (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/RizlkD
3.         "Autistic 'Elopers': Technology Helps Track Kids Who Bolt" --- Described by authorities as "severely autistic", Joshua was later found about a mile northwest of his school on Tuesday. --- ABC News --- September 14, 2011   (CALIFORNIA)    http://is.gd/Rzrz9f
4.        "Inspiring the Developmentally Disabled" --- The Arc of the United States has supported people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1950. The non-profit group is holding its 60th annual National Convention at the Downtown Denver Sheraton Hotel. --- 9NEWS.com --- September 17, 2011  (COLORADO)    http://is.gd/npfi7F
5.        "Mental Illness Should Not Be Treated like Terrorism" --- This is in regard to the federal government keeping a list of every person in the state of Delaware who has ever been involuntarily committed: To any state mental health facility or institution, including the Delaware … --- The News Journal --- September 17, 2011  (DELAWARE)   http://is.gd/th5dfb
6.        "D.C. Near Settlement in Mental Health Case" --- Stephen T. Baron, director of the city mental health department since 2006, expressed confidence in meeting the final terms. --- Washington Post --- September 13, 2011  (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA)   http://is.gd/fTHBvR
7.        "Judge Sends Medicare Offender to Prison for 50 Years" --- A federal judge on Friday slammed the mastermind of the nation's biggest mental health scam with a 50-year prison sentence — the longest term ever imposed on a Medicare fraud offender. --- MiamiHerald.com --- September 16, 2011  (FLORIDA)   http://is.gd/2jnbiw 
8.        "State Agency Proposes Further Budget Cuts in Services to Disabled" --- Florida is poised to again reduce or eliminate services to thousands of people with autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental and physical disabilities. --- The Ledger --- September 16, 2011  (FLORIDA)  http://is.gd/DDwRvk 
9.        "Clerk Bock Announces New Hotline to Report Guardianship Fraud in Palm Beach County" --- The Guardianship Fraud Hotline is the first of its kind in Palm Beach County and among the first in Florida. --- TCPalm --- September 12, 2011  (FLORIDA)    http://is.gd/Dw3J7a
10.        "Closing State Facilities May Be Good for Area" --- Pat Quinn's plan to close state facilities may actually benefit the people who live there, according to spokesmen of organizations that provide services for people with developmental disabilities in North Central Illinois. --- LaSalle News Tribune --- September 13, 2011  (ILLINOIS)   http://is.gd/hsgEfg

11.        "About 300 SRS Workers Taking Buyout Offers" --- About 300 employees have accepted a buyout offer from the state's Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. --- KSN-TV --- September 16, 2011  (KANSAS)  http://is.gd/nXKH0e
12.        "Kansas Ranks High for Serving Seniors, People with Disabilities" --- Kansas ranks ninth in a new AARP study examining long-term services and support for seniors and people with disabilities. Kansas ranked ninth among US states … --- Bizjournals.com --- September 12, 2011  (KANSAS) http://is.gd/2MNCbZ
13.        "Mental Health Advocate Cornelia Serpell, 94, Dies" --- She began lobbying for mental health services in the early 1940s. Cornelia Atherton Serpell, one of Kentucky's earliest and most powerful advocates for mental health services, died Saturday … --- Louisville Courier-Journal --- September 13, 2011  (KENTUCKY)   http://is.gd/hmcREt
14.        "Many Teachers Need Training in Autism Education, Study Finds" --- Nearly half of Michigan educators aren't using some of the most effective teaching methods for students with autism, according to a study being presented Tuesday to state officials. --- The Detroit News --- September 12, 2011  (MICHIGAN)   http://is.gd/W7sN7b
16.        "Be Careful When Writing about a Person in a Wheelchair" --- A story today about a fatal fire in Woodson Terrace wrongly used the phrases "wheelchair-bound" and "confined to a wheelchair" before they were edited out. --- STLtoday.com --- September 16, 2011  (MISSOURI) http://is.gd/JnZz5r
17.        "Help Support Families Affected by Mental Illness in Montana" --- It is also a state with a very big problem related to mental illness. Mental illness strikes one out of every 17 adults and children, and one in five families. --- Helena Independent Record --- September 14, 2011  (MONTANA)  http://is.gd/AWfTlR
18.        "Bad Grades on Long-Term Care" --- The rankings, published by AARP, the advocacy group for older Americans, the Commonwealth Fund and the Scan Foundation, incorporated data on 25 measures of long-term services for the elderly and the physically disabled, and on … --- New York Times --- September 12, 2011  (NEW YORK)   http://is.gd/8FDs1O
19.        "Man Gets Life for Killing Family" --- ... east of the Lucas-Ottawa County line. Liske also clubbed his stepbrother to death with a claw hammer. Liske, who lived in a group home in Sandusky, fled to the family's … --- Toledo Blade --- September 14, 2011  (OHIO)   http://is.gd/Twv5SW
20.        "State Hospital Patient Posted to Facebook Before Escape" --- They also learn the skills they need for a successful transition to a community placement, such as a secure residential treatment facility or group home. Internet access can be … --- kgw.com --- September 14, 2011  (OREGON)  http://is.gd/xnVrFR
21.        "Wave of New Disabilities Swamps School Budgets" --- In a time of tight budgets, public schools must consider how far to go to accommodate students with CFS and a range of so-called hidden disabilities that are difficult to observe, … --- Wall Street Journal --- September 17, 2011  (PENNSYLVANIA)    http://is.gd/weeifI
22.        "Advocates: TennCare Call-in Process Isn't Fair" --- Sizemore also pointed out that the state had a TTY system — a special text telephone for the deaf and speech-impaired — in place to take their calls. But the woman who heads the Tennessee Disability Coalition says … --- The Tennessean --- September 14, 2011  (TENNESSEE)  http://is.gd/xj4u7a 
23.        "Conference Aims to Change Perceptions of 'Disability' " --- The duo has put together an East Tennessee Disability Conference for 9 am-4 pm Saturday at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 6500 Northshore Drive. Along with exhibit space for nonprofit … --- Knoxville News Sentinel --- September 14, 2011  (TENNESSEE)    http://is.gd/91pHS5
24.        "Shelter Reaches Out to the Mentally Ill Homeless" --- Given the high rate of mental illness, plans are in the works to transform an existing men's dorm on the campus into an 80-bed mental health dorm for male courtyard residents. --- Austin American-Statesman --- September 17, 2011  (TEXAS)   http://is.gd/VemOVy
25.        "Utah Researchers Find No Link Between Income, Autism Disorders" --- A new study found no association between household income and intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders. That finding, published Thursday Autism Research, contradicts … --- Salt Lake Tribune --- September 16, 2011  (UTAH)    http://is.gd/GLb7aV
26.        "36 Years Ordered for Killing" --- Prior to the slaying, a previous girlfriend of Strandberg's told a counselor at Spokane Mental Health that he had threatened to kill her with a crossbow. --- The Spokesman Review --- September 13, 2011  (WASHINGTON)  http://is.gd/lskCL5 

27.        "Alcoholism Is Protected Disability, Sheboygan Mayor Says" --- Paperwork filed by the EEOC said "Alcoholism is a recognized disability under the American With Disabilities Act, and disability discrimination violates this federal law." --- WISN Milwaukee --- September 15, 2011  (WISCONSIN)  http://is.gd/tiWjag
28.        "Wyoming Panel Sets Public Meeting on Students with Disabilities Issues" --- The Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities will hold a public meeting by phone Friday to discuss proposed rules for student seclusion and restraint, among other issues. --- Casper Star-Tribune Online --- September 13, 2011  (WYOMING)   http://is.gd/bumy6M
29.        "Gap in Mental Health Care for Suicidal Teens" --- The American health care system segregates medical and mental health services, making for a flawed structure that limits health care access and the delivery of services. --- PsychCentral.com --- September 16, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/vV5p1f
30.        "Disability Advocate: Robertson Wrong to Justify Divorce for Alzheimer's" --- A Christian disability advocate is denouncing religious broadcaster Pat Robertson's statement that divorcing a spouse with severe Alzheimer's disease may be justifiable. --- WNCT --- September 16, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/BxOkKI
31.        "More Than 1 In 4 with Disabilities Living In Poverty" --- As the number of Americans living in poverty soars, people with disabilities are faring among the worst, new Census data shows. Nearly 28 percent of those with disabilities ages 18 to 64 were in poverty in 2010, according … --- Disability Scoop --- September 14, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)  http://is.gd/5p6SIr

32.        "Two-thirds of Medicaid Clients Now in Managed Care" --- About two-thirds of people covered by Medicaid, the US-state health-insurance program for the poor, were enrolled in private managed-care plans as of October 2010, the Kaiser Family Foundation said Tuesday. --- Arizona Daily Star --- September 14, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/QmIeKC
33.        "White House Seeking to Trim $2.1 Billion in Medicaid Waste" --- The Obama administration is targeting waste in government programs and announced a move to squeeze $2.1 billion out of the Medicaid program over the next five years by tracking down improper ... --- Bloomberg --- September 14, 2011  (U.S. -- NATIONAL)   http://is.gd/Mxlg9y

Proposed Legislation and New Laws

34.        “Mental Health, Disability Reform Face Deadlines” --- When Iowa legislators departed the Capitol this summer, they left behind a sweeping … --- Ames Tribune --- August 17, 2011   (IOWA)    http://is.gd/lV7beq
35.        "Humane Housing for the Mentally Ill" ---  Federal disability law forbids warehousing of the disabled and requires the states to house and care for them in the least restrictive setting. The aim is to integrate the mentally ill into … ---  New York Times --- September 15, 2011  (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/KJEpTb
International Articles:

1.        "Mentally Ill Man Denied Hospital Bed" --- A schizophrenic Aboriginal man was denied a bed in a Townsville mental health unit two weeks before his death, despite fears he could harm someone, an inquest has heard. --- Sydney Morning Herald --- September 14, 2011  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/WGoXrO
2.        "Qld Man Given Drugs Against Guidelines" --- Staff at a Townsville mental health unit violated guidelines by injecting an agitated schizophrenic Aboriginal man with powerful antipsychotic drugs twice in 17 minutes, an inquest … --- Sydney Morning Herald --- September 13, 2011  (AUSTRALIA)  http://is.gd/r392VQ
3.        "Janitor Jailed for Sexual Assault on Disabled Teen" --- Court heard the victim was so severely disabled she could not feed, clothe or bathe herself and was entirely dependent on staff at the home. --- Ottawa Citizen --- September 16, 2011  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/Np9SFO
4.        " 'There is No Place to Go' " ---  Facilities and programs to assist rural residents of all ages with disabilities can be few and far between. So, where do such individuals and their families turn for assistance? In November 2009, Barb and … --- Sault Star --- September 13, 2011  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/H71mHU
5.        "Mental Health Calls Irk Police" --- Vancouver's mental health authorities have done little over the last few years to treat those with chronic mental health issues, causing Vancouver police to become "de facto 24/7 mental health workers," said a new police … --- The Province --- September 13, 2011  (CANADA)  http://is.gd/wE1I3K 
6.        "Families Slam Aging, Overcrowded Psych Ward" --- "Even renovations at this stage aren't viable," said Lorna Howes, director of mental health services for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, which runs the hospital. --- CBC.ca --- September 13, 2011  (CANADA) http://is.gd/MRheMR
7.        "Alberta Mental Health Overhaul Unveiled" --- Health and Wellness Minister Gene Zwozdesky says further study is needed to see if the province needs to increase its budget for mental health and addictions. --- Calgary Herald --- September 13, 2011  (CANADA)    http://is.gd/skjJXO
8.        "Man Jailed for Sex With Mentally Challenged Girl" --- A convicted child molester, once the subject of a Niagara Regional Police alert, has been convicted of sexual interference involving a 15-year-old girl. --- Niagara Falls Review --- September 12, 2011  (CANADA)   http://is.gd/2vYrIT
9.        "Council Disabled Services Rated 'Bad' in Charity Report" --- Alex O'Dwyer, director of communications at Scope, said the council seemed to be "coping very badly in terms of meeting disabled people's needs". She said there had been an increase in charges for home care … --- BBC News --- September 14, 2011  (ENGLAND)    http://is.gd/ifawbl
10.        "Five 'Friends' of Disabled Woman Gemma Hayter Jailed for Killing Her and Dumping Naked Body" --- Five thugs who battered and stabbed a disabled woman to death and dumped her naked body on a disused railway line were jailed yesterday. --- Mirror.co.uk --- September 13, 2011  (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/fxHl2c  
11.        "Mental Health Society of Ghana Pledge to Advocate for Mental Patients" --- Members of Mental Health Society of Ghana (MEHSOG) have resolved to advocate for the inclusion and participation of people with mental illness and their primary careers in development planning at all levels of decision making in Ghana. --- GhanaWeb --- September 12, 2011  (GHANA)  http://is.gd/0XtD5M
12.        "Mentally Challenged Woman Gang-Raped" --- A 22-year-old mentally challenged woman was allegedly gang-raped in Haludbani area under Pursudih police station on late Thursday night … --- Times of India --- September 16, 2011  (INDIA)    http://is.gd/hpNlCH
13.        "Mental Health and Disability Stigmas Thrive in India" --- Almeida's experience is not an isolated case in India, with long-standing concern about attitudes towards the country's estimated 40-90 million people with mental and physical disabilities. --- AFP --- September 14, 2011  (INDIA) http://is.gd/SWfmk5 
14.        "Indonesia: Mentally Ill Still Live in Chains" --- A shortage of psychiatrists, limited mental health services, stigma and misinformation about mental illness are some of the reasons people here go without treatment. --- GlobalPost --- September 13, 2011  (INDONESIA)  http://is.gd/YSGqDN
15.        "Namibia: 'The Blind Must Access Braille' " --- Dedication toward empowering people with visual disabilities could arise in a revolution yet unseen in Namibia. Yesterday there was an event at which braille equipment … --- AllAfrica.com --- September 16, 2011  (NAMIBIA)  http://is.gd/Nkn5IX
16.        "Mental Health Bed Numbers May Be Cut" --- Bed numbers at Auckland's under-pressure mental health unit face cuts as nursing staff prepare for a two-hour stop work meeting on staff safety. --- New Zealand Herald --- September 18, 2011  (NEW ZEALAND)   http://is.gd/202YRG
17.        "Mother Says Mental Health Facilities Not Adequate" --- The mother of a teenage suicide victim says mental health facilities in regional New Zealand are inadequate. Corey Adams, who was 16, was found dead by his mother, … --- Radio New Zealand --- September 13, 2011  (NEW ZEALAND)  http://is.gd/wkYed7
18.        "Delight over Disability Workers' 'Sleepover' Win" --- A Levin disability worker who sparked a four-year legal battle over pay for "sleepover" shifts is overjoyed that a $150 million settlement has been confirmed. --- Stuff.co.nz --- September 13, 2011  (NEW ZEALAND)  http://is.gd/0yxKAr 
19.        "Mental Illness Strikes One in Ten Lankans: NIMH" --- One in ten people suffer from some type of mental illness or trauma in Sri Lanka, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) revealed today. --- Daily Mirror --- September 14, 2011  (SRI LANKA)   http://is.gd/NcsUw0 
20.        "Newport Council Ordered to Pay £160,000 After Disabled Man Suffocated at Home" --- A council has been ordered to pay more than £160,000 in fines and costs after a paraplegic man was fatally suffocated using a hoist designed to help him in his home. --- WalesOnline --- September 14, 2011  (WALES)   http://is.gd/Y9YYMg
21.        "Newport Council Fined After Disabled Man's Hoist Death" ---Newport council was today fined £100,000 by judges at Newport Crown Court after health and safety breaches over a case of a disabled man who died after being trapped in a hoist. --- South Wales Argus --- September 13, 2011  (WALES)   http://is.gd/0CdLZF
22.        "Disability Hate Crime 'Routine' " --- Many disabled people are victims of hate crimes on a routine basis, according to a report. It says some 100,000 disabled people in Wales were victims in 2009/10, and the four police forces all saw rises in reported … --- BBC News --- September 12, 2011  (WALES)  http://is.gd/F0KUqs
23.        " 'Shy' Children at Risk of Being Diagnosed with Mental Disorder" --- Children who are merely shy or sad are at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorders and given powerful drugs, experts warn. --- Telegraph.co.uk --- September 14, 2011  (UNITED KINGDOM)  http://is.gd/HdHO3t 
24.        "Celebrities and Historical Figures with Mental Health Disorders" --- I am sure this feature may be a little controversial, and whilst I am not in any way undermining or trivialising the awfulness of a mental illness, it has struck me often that many of the great and powerful today and in history have ... --- ww.mentalhealthy.co.uk --- September 14, 2011  (INTERNATIONAL) http://is.gd/1ybLIG



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