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News Summary for August 29, 2011
Prepared by Anne M. Kincaid

Dr. Noras Top Picks:

1. "Insurers Must Cover Mental Illness on Par With Physical, Court Rules" --- But, the court said, the 1999 Mental Health Parity Act requires insurers to provide coverage of all medically necessary treatment for nine severe mental disorders, including eating disorders. --- Los Angeles Times --- August 26, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/OE7rum

2. "7-Month-Old Disabled Boy Thrown Off Roof of Parking Garage Dies from His Injuries" --- Hermosillo (below) is accused of throwing her 7-month-old disabled boy off the roof of a parking garage in Southern California --- New York Daily News --- August 25, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/qpqsQG

3. "Fighting Back: Disabled Child Fights Group That Tried to Rob Him" --- He becomes a normal kid, no more worries about his autism, about being deaf, about being different. It's his escape. --- WHO-TV --- August 24, 2011 (IOWA) http://is.gd/WaqHtC

4. "Pastor Testifies in Murder for Hire Scheme" --- Attorneys said he also discussed plans to attack a former boyfriend and claimed that a hired hit man, whom he paid $50,000 in church funds, came looking for other jobs shortly after killing a legally blind group-home resident named ---Baltimore Sun --- August 25, 2011 (MARYLAND) http://is.gd/tVZ0OV

5. "Fourth Nurse Pleads in Neglect Case" --- Sousie was one of nine nurses and aides at the facility named in a 175-count indictment charging them with neglecting a 53-year-old patient identified as "SB" during six weeks in --- Albany Times Union --- August 25, 2011 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/7lPypz

6. "Man Arrested for Allegedly Raping His Mentally Disabled Daughters" --- An 80-year old Austrian man has been taken into custody for allegedly sexually abusing his wife and his two mentally disabled daughters for more than 40 years, police and a prosecutor said Thursday. --- CNN International --- August 25, 2011 (AUSTRIA) http://is.gd/3W0V2U

7. "Revealed: The Shocking Truth of Domestic Abuse of Disabled Women" --- Domestic abuse affects one in four women in their lifetime, but very little is known about the effects and frequency of attacks on disabled women. What is known is this: disabled women are reportedly twice as likely --- Peterborough Today --- August 26, 2011 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/5Uu9hK

Abuse/Crime-related Articles:

1. "Husband of Woman Who 'Threw Baby Off Roof Because of His Deformity' Doesn't Blame Wife" --- The husband of a woman accused of throwing her disabled seven-month-old son from the fourth storey of a parking garage has defended his wife and said he 'doesn't blame her' for the incident. --- Daily Mail --- August 25, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/3XpAkb

2. "Southern Calif. Woman Accused of Tossing Infant Son Off Hospital Garage is Mentally Ill" --- A mother suspected of tossing her 7-month-old son from the fourth floor of a Southern California hospital parking garage was treated for depression after the child was born with a physical deformity and --- Washington Post --- August 24, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/xPAojH

3. "State: Hartford Schools Did Not Provide Required Services for Those with Learning Disabilities" --- The state Department of Education has found that the Hartford public school system has failed to provide proper educational services to students with learning disabilities. --- Hartford Courant --- August 26, 2011 (CONNECTICUT) http://is.gd/RPEbYJ

4. "DOJ Probe Finds Problems at Miami-Dade Jails" --- A Justice Department investigation has found numerous medical and mental health problems in Miami-Dade County jails. --- MiamiHerald.com --- August 27, 2011 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/lnbg9I

5. "Lee Hoarder Task Force Marks One Year with Some Examples of Success" --- A mental health counselor and member of the Lee County Task Force on Hoarding, Chidley spends his work days helping people who fill voids in their lives with objects and animals. --- Naples Daily News --- August 25, 2011 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/X0NO6n

6. "Illinois Woman Found Guilty in Murder of Handicapped Husband" --- On Tuesday, an Illinois woman was found guilty by a St. Clair County jury for the murder of her 72-year-old handicapped husband. --- KMOV.com --- August 24, 2011 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/IaQCot

7. "Salina Man Arrested, Accused of Abusing Dependent Adult" --- the woman back into her room and threw her on her bed, sometimes missing. Investigators believe this happened on multiple occasions. --- KWCH --- August 25, 2011 (KANSAS) http://is.gd/ctyCkz

8. "Man Accused of Kidnapping, Raping Mentally Challenged Teen" --- Police arrested a man Saturday for allegedly kidnapping and raping 18-year-old mentally challenged teen. --- Richmond Register --- August 28, 2011 (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/dl0w2k

9. "Trial of Lexington Man Accused of Rape, Other Charges Ends in Hung Jury" --- Three hours after a jailhouse interview with LEX 18, jail officers added charges of indecent exposure and harassment, and McGhee was also later charged with robbing a wheelchair bound amputee. --- LEX18 Lexington KY News --- August 24, 2011 (KENTUCKY) http://is.gd/XDr8vm

10. "Woman Accused of Stealing from Mentally-challenged Clients" --- A woman accused of stealing from the accounts of her mentally challenged clients was arrested Thursday. Maletta Price, 37, 213 Acklen Ave., Houma, was employed by --- Houma Courier --- August 26, 2011 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/PtHF23

11. "La. Man Indicted on Murder Charge in Disabled Son's Beheading; Lawyer Seeks Mental Exam" --- An attorney for a Louisiana man who allegedly confessed to beheading his disabled 7-year-old son claims his client --- Washington Post --- August 24, 2011 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/MXYY7D

12. "Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 60 Year-old Partially Disabled Woman" --- A man is charged with sexual assault after Michigan State Police say he fondled a partially disabled woman. The suspect, 60 year-old Karl Vroman from Wolverine. --- UpNorthLive.com --- August 24, 2011 (MICHIGAN) http://is.gd/0Oj0m0

13. "Judge Continues Case for NH Woman Charged with Hitting Disabled Person" --- A New Hampshire woman charged with hitting a mentally disabled woman under her care at an Irving gas --- The Daily News of Newburyport --- August 26, 2011 (NEW HAMPSHIRE) http://is.gd/7XpvtO

14. "Swastika Branding Hate Crime Victim Witness to Tormentors Guilty Plea" --- Kee, who is mentally disabled as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome, waited outside the courtroom as his adoptive mother, relatives and victim advocate attended the hearing --- Examiner.com --- September 26, 2011 (NEW MEXICO) http://is.gd/DgmMgI

15. "Disabled Infant Thrown from 4-Story Roof by Mother Dies" --- A 7-month-old child thrown from the roof of a parking garage at the hospital where he was being treated died of his injuries yesterday, the New York Daily News reports. --- Examiner.com --- August 25, 2011 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/kpDYWt

16. "Man Accused of Beating Disabled Dad" --- Tim Houser is handicapped because of back problems. Warrants for Matthew Houser's arrest were issued the next day. He was picked up Friday and charged with felony assault on a handicapped person, misdemeanor --- Gaston Gazette --- August 23, 2011 (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/MR1FPe

17. "Safety of Group Homes Hard to Check" --- The state Agency for Persons with Disabilities oversees residential licensing and eligibility for group home placement. A person must have been diagnosed with either spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism, ... --- Daytona Beach News-Journal --- August 28, 2011 (OHIO) http://is.gd/PsB88B

18. "2 Ex-employees Indicted in Theft" --- Authorities said Mr. Henry worked as a supervisor in the agency's supported living section, which provides services for those living in group homes. If convicted, he faces up --- Toledo Blade --- August 26, 2011 (OHIO) http://is.gd/hI0gHV

19. "Woman in Wheelchair Dragged After Car Wreck" --- Police in Pittsburgh are investigating an incident that ended with a woman in a wheelchair being dragged by a car. --- WTAE Pittsburgh --- August 25, 2011 (PENNSYLVANIA) http://is.gd/Ela6LD

20. "Woman Allegedly Exploited Disabled Man" --- An arrest warrant has been issued for a Fort Gibson woman charged with taking $150 from a disabled man. --- Tahlequah Daily Press --- August 23, 2011 (OKLAHOMA) http://is.gd/GbUNbK

21. "Man Convicted of Shooting Mentally Handicapped Men" --- A Richmond man was convicted Thursday of shooting two mentally handicapped men, killing one of them, in a robbery that followed an argument in a bar involving a woman. --- Richmond Times Dispatch --- August 26, 2011 (VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/n65rF0
Seeking Improved Support

1. "Alabama Agencies Cutting 1,100 Employees" --- The state Department of Mental Health is looking at a total of 582 layoffs, including 400 from the closure of Partlow Hospital in Tuscaloosa, or about one-fourth of its staff. --- BusinessWeek --- August 23, 2011 (ALABAMA) http://is.gd/Xd7zxC

2. "California Workers Wasted State Funds, Audit Says" --- An auditor's report revealed the latest ways California public employees have squandered thousands of taxpayer dollars - starting with the state Mental Health Department executive who --- San Francisco Chronicle --- August 26, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/dFOMsx

3. "Patient Assaults Atascadero State Hospital Technician" --- At Tuesday's hearing, Blakeslee had called on Department of Mental Health officials to expedite the creation of special units for the most violent patients and to send those who are too violent to treat to prison. --- Los Angeles Times --- August 26, 2011 (CALIFORNIA) http://is.gd/k3Riwo

4. "Pettis: Two Great Reads on Temple Grandin" --- How she has achieved success despite having autism is a remarkable story. The book covers three areas: 1.) Grandin's personal life, schooling, and spiritual and emotional growth. 2.) Her work with animals and in the stockyards. --- Broomfield Enterprise --- August 28, 2011 (COLORADO) http://is.gd/qVRjXB

5. "Police Offer Call-in Program to Elderly or Disabled Residents" --- The Temple Terrace Police Department is starting a new program for elderly and disabled residents who live alone. The Elderly/Disabled Call-In Program will provide a safety net and sense --- Patch.com --- August 24, 2011 (FLORIDA) http://is.gd/7RCTuv

6. " 'Grace Project' helps Aging Disabled Population" --- Many agencies working with people with disabilities are facing a new challenge: they must accommodate the aging developmental disabilities population. --- ABC7Chicago.com --- August 28, 2011 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/pqOjjj

7. "Illinois Medicaid's Managed Care Effort Stumbles" --- Many doctors and hospitals are refusing to join the new Medicaid program, which the state hopes will better coordinate care and lower costs for some of its neediest recipients. --- Chicago Tribune --- August 26, 2011 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/O6io6B

8. "County Looks for More Cuts" --- The cuts could mean additional hardships for social services and public safety. But the reductions aren't expected to be as severe as feared even earlier in the day, thanks in part to frugal spending by --- The Register-Guard --- August 25, 2011 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/ABCPMx

9. "Family-to-Family Program Aims to Help Families of Mentally Disabled" --- FHN Family Counseling Center and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) are sponsoring an educational program for family members of adults with mental illness. --- Freeport Journal-Standard --- August 24, 2011 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/T5SHPW

10. "Kansas Legislators Question SRS Changes" --- Members of a Kansas legislative oversight committee have asked Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services officials to explain changes --- Houston Chronicle --- August 24, 2011 (KANSAS) http://is.gd/4ORwLS

11. "Pinecrest Parents Fear Impact of State Budget Cuts" --- DHH also has announced it will privatize state-run group homes for developmentally disabled people. Of the 31 group homes that will be privatized, six are affiliated with Pinecrest. --- Alexandria Town Talk --- August 27, 2011 (LOUISIANA) http://is.gd/Jl9oou

12. Shake-up Continues at Maine DHHS --- Commissioner Mary Mayhew notified DHHS employees by email late Wednesday that the heads of the Adult Mental Health Services, Elder Services and Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities programs were let go --- Houston Chronicle --- August 25, 2011 (MAINE) http://is.gd/KKvCSW

13. "Murder-for-Hire Trial Begins in Killing of Blind, Disabled Man" --- ... brothers accused of carrying out a murder-for-hire scheme orchestrated by Baltimore pastor Kevin Pushia, who pleaded guilty to ordering the death of a legally blind and mentally disabled --- Baltimore Sun --- August 22, 2011 (MARYLAND) http://is.gd/BKbNIG

14. NY Seeks Salary, Compensation Data from Nonprofits --- New York state is starting to seek data on salaries at nonprofit social service agencies that receive state funding and tax breaks while some of them are paying six-figure salaries. --- Wall Street Journal --- August 25, 2011 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/Dy40xR

15. A Gathering Like No Other --- There are many organizations geared toward helping individuals with disabilities. Some help raise funds. Others help raise awareness. Others try and help make their lives a little easier. One of those organizations is The World Congress on ... --- NJ.com --- August 25, 2011 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/ZpcMAQ

16. "Task Force Bill that Would Close Developmentally Disabled Center Is conditionally vetoed by Gov. Christie" ---He also set a 90 to 180 day timeline for the commission to submit a plan to the governor, and changed the criteria the task force will consider to include more of how well communities are --- The Star-Ledger - NJ.com --- August 25, 2011 (NEW JERSEY) http://is.gd/IvWhXo

17. "NC Seeks More Time from Feds on Adult Home Care" --- About 40 adult care homes also may be in danger of losing Medicaid reimbursements, while other residents could lose help for things like bathing and dressing. --- Houston Chronicle --- August 25, 2011 (NORTH CAROLINA) http://is.gd/vrFaMl

18. "State Health Care Workers Go Weeks Without Paychecks" --- Cole Triplett, 10, was born with a condition called CHARGE Syndrome, which left him deaf, blind and on a feeding tube, 10TV's Glenn McEntyre reported. He needs constant care, which he gets --- 10TV --- August 24, 2011 (OHIO) http://is.gd/G8pQts

19. "Jail No Place for the Mentally Ill" --- Local law enforcement agencies have teamed up with the Community Partnership on Mental Health, a 25-member organization in Lauderdale County, to address this issue. --- Houston Chronicle --- August 26, 2011 (TEXAS) http://is.gd/XoVfFU

20. "Deep Budget Cuts Coming for Utah's Mentally Ill" --- Thousands of poor, mentally ill Utahns may not receive help this year as the flow of federal stimulus dollars ends, forcing changes in Medicaid. --- Salt Lake Tribune --- August 26, 2011 (UTAH) http://is.gd/RrVKRO

21. "Utah's Medicaid Not the Budget-buster You Might Think" --- Medicaid is under fire, with political leaders blaming the health safety net for state budget woes and runaway health-care spending. Much of the angst stems --- Salt Lake Tribune --- August 24, 2011 (UTAH) http://is.gd/Bo6I9p

22. "County Seeks Grant to Prevent Disabled from Becoming Homeless" --- The Housing and Essential Needs Grant is a housing voucher program for people with some level of disability who don't qualify for government disability benefits. --- KNDO/KNDU --- August 23, 2011 (WASHINGTON) http://is.gd/9xMy6E

23. "Fines Recommended for Overcrowding at State Hospitals" --- As part of an ongoing case in Kanawha County Circuit Court about the way West Virginia administers mental health services, Sudbeck regularly tracks conditions --- Charleston Gazette --- August 25, 2011 (WEST VIRGINIA) http://is.gd/6i2zoF

24. "Social Security Disability Budget" --- Social Security Disability Budget Flooding claims for the Social Security disability program benefit pushes the system to the brink of insolvency. --- Solaria Sun --- August 25, 2011 (U.S. -- NATIONAL) http://is.gd/O2DtwC

25. "No Link Between Vaccines and Autism, Federal Panel Reiterates" --- Yet another panel of scientists has found no evidence that a popular vaccine causes autism. But despite the scientists' best efforts, their report is unlikely to have any impact on the frustrating --- New York Times --- August 25, 2011 (U.S. -- NATIONAL) http://is.gd/0fznff

New Laws:

1. "Quinn Signs Law in Effort to Protect Those Living in Group Homes" --- Lois McCann of Joliet is grieving after her son died in January at a downstate group home for the developmentally disabled. --- Chicago Sun-Times --- August 23, 2011 (ILLINOIS) http://is.gd/Pt4T17

2. "Laura's Law Gaining Steam" --- lawmakers on Monday continued their effort to reform the role of government agencies in abuse cases in light of the rape, torture and murder of a mentally handicapped North Collins --- Tonawanda News --- August 22, 2011 (NEW YORK) http://is.gd/QD20d5

International Articles:

1. "Man in Wheelchair Punched, Tipped Over at Shopping Centre in Blacktown" --- A MAN allegedly punched a wheelchair-bound man several times and caused his wheelchair to tip over at a shopping centre in Sydney's west yesterday. --- The Daily Telegraph --- August 26, 2011 (AUSTRALIA) http://is.gd/dscesH

2. "Disabled Homes' Abuse Lawsuit Certified" --- Beginning of Story Content A class-action lawsuit by former residents of two institutions for developmentally disabled people in Ontario can go ahead. The institutions are Rideau Regional Centre in Smiths Falls --- CBC.ca --- August 24, 2011 (CANADA) http://is.gd/iHt5Q8

3. "1 in 4 Mental Health Patients Controlled with Drugs, Restraints" --- Despite being intended as procedures of last resort, a significant proportion of patients admitted to mental health beds in Ontario are subjected to behavioural control --- CTV.ca --- August 23, 2011 (CANADA) http://is.gd/PLHs7X

4. "New Voting Technology to Aid Disabled" --- Ontario is promoting some new technology that will allow people with disabilities to vote independently. --- CBC.ca --- August 24, 2011 (CANADA) http://is.gd/ERO97a

5. "Fujian Gives Disabled People Priority to Public Servant Jobs" --- Fujian provincial government has promulgated the outline of the 12th Five-year Plan for the Disabled in Fujian Province. --- China Daily --- August 25, 2011 (CHINA) http://is.gd/pMZwnY

6. "Care Home Worker Guilty of Assault" --- A care worker used a mentally handicapped patient's shoe to hit her in the face, a court has heard. Phoebe Lorraine Smith, 54, was the key worker --- The Northern Echo --- August 26, 2011 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/bZPzDB

7. "UK Police to Apologize to Man Dragged Out of Wheelchair" --- British police say they will apologize to a young man with cerebral palsy who was hauled out of his wheelchair and struck with a baton during a London --- Toronto Star --- August 25, 2011 (ENGLAND) http://is.gd/9ozSzh

8. "2 Rape Cases Registered in a Day in Faridabad" --- In the first case, an 11-year-old mentally challenged girl was raped repeatedly for nearly a month in Rajiv Nagar. The case, however, was filed only on Wednesday at the Sector 31 police station. --- Hindustan Times --- August 25, 2011 (INDIA) http://is.gd/vIx90I

9. "Behavioral Health Standards and Competencies" --- Standards and Competencies Initiative' was a national consensus building project that brought together over 200 consumers, providers, clinicians, mental health and substance abuse experts, ... --- Tehran Times --- August 26, 2011 (IRAN) http://is.gd/fJBivi

10. "Learning Disability Crime Studied" --- "This report is about helping to ensure that disability hate crime is reported and that the best procedures are in place for combating it. --- Belfast Telegraph --- August 23, 2011 (IRELAND) http://is.gd/BAHU3t

11. "Businessman Jailed for Raping Handicapped Woman" --- A prominent Waikato businessman has been jailed for 10 years for the rape and indecent assault of a intellectually handicapped woman. The man -- who has name suppression -- was sentenced --- Otago Daily Times --- August 26, 2011 (NEW ZEALAND) http://is.gd/s32XK1

12. "Mental Health System Creates Welfare Dependence and Suicide" --- Suicide Prevention group CASPER is highlighting the contribution the mental health system makes to illness, disability, welfare dependence and suicide in the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day. --- Scoop.co.nz (press release) --- August 25, 2011 (NEW ZEALAND) http://is.gd/1eVZ0Z

13. "Man Beat Victim With Bat Leaving Him Severely Disabled over 20 Debt" --- A man who left a 21-year-old severely disabled after beating him with a wooden bat has been jailed for 12 years. John Black, 20, along with his friends --- stv.tv --- August 24, 2011 (SCOTLAND) http://is.gd/3qq1Na

14. "Disabled Kids Denied School Admission" --- Inadequately trained teachers, inaccessibility of schools and lack of access to health care were some other factors that kept disabled kids away from school, said the report. --- Himalayan Times --- August 24, 2011 (TIBET) http://is.gd/8OCKFB

15. "Sony Pioneering 'Subtitle Glasses' for Deaf Moviegoers" --- In the future, deaf people might be able to go in the same movie theaters as everyone else. --- TG Daily --- August 26, 2011 (INTERNATIONAL) http://is.gd/FjHK7f



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