When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.

Listserv Guidelines

Being on a listserv has benefits as well as challenges!  Here is some guidance for new and veteran members alike.

The goal of the Disability and Abuse Project’s listserve is to provide a forum for professionals working in the area of crimes including abuse of children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to share and solicit information to improve risk reduction (prevention) and response efforts for abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Subscription to the Disability and Abuse Project listserve is restricted to professionals working in the field so that participants will have a secure environment for free and open discourse.  The following professionals are eligible for subscription: child and adult protective services practitioners and administrators, disability services providers, sexual assault and abuse program administrators, educators, health professionals, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, policymakers, and researchers. 

The Disability and Abuse Project listserve is a private listserve and only subscribers can receive, send, and/or retrieve messages to it.

Participation Guidelines:

1)    It is best to take the time to address your response to an individual.  Do not hit “reply all” when you’re saying something that’s only for the person who posted a question to the list (e.g., “Here is the name of a great lawyer in Pittsburgh” Or “I agree!”).

2)    However, if the initial query was general enough and your answer could educate the listserve members, it is useful to reply all (e.g., “The Long-term Care Ombudsman is the best person to report this kind of problem to…” Or “Here’s a reference to a report that discusses this question…”) 

3)    Additionally, it’s OK to post to the whole list if the content of the original post motivated you to think about an issue differently or to think of a related issue and you want to get feedback from others (e.g., “Speaking of physical abuse in schools by teachers in special education programs, I’ve seen cases where the child’s injuries are ignored or attributed to the disability rather than assault by the teacher.  Is this something that others have seen?”)

4)    Sometimes when the listserve topic is not something we ourselves are particularly interested in, the volume of emails may feel onerous.  Please keep in mind that others are appreciating the conversation. 

5)  Also, please know that if things get out of hand, it is our job as administrators to provide gentle reminders about listserve protocol.  If you feel as if we’re not doing that, please feel free to email me directly.  We’re all in this together.  Thanks!

To be added to the listserv, unsubscribe, register complaints, or make suggestions, please contact Dr. Nora Baladerian at: nora@disability-abuse.com