Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee
Judicial Council of California
San Francisco / November 14, 2014


 Statement of Thomas F. Coleman
and Statement of Nora. J. Baladerian
in Support of a Proposal for a
Task Force on Limited Conservatorships
(The Need, Areas of Inquiry, Possible Outcomes)

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The Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee of the Judicial Council of California had a public meeting to discuss our proposal for a statewide Task Force on Limited Conservatorships. (The proposal was made in our May 15 letter to the Chief Justice.)

In addition to a presentation by Thomas F. Coleman, a short video on voting rights violations was shown and presentations were made by Dr. Nora J. Baladerian, Director of the Project, and Co-Director Jim Stream who is the Executive Director of The Arc of Riverside.

Following the meeting, Mr. Coleman submitted a list of 10 Statewide Concerns with the Limited Conservatorship System.

Letters to the Chief Justice
May 15, 2014

September 22, 2014

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To access our reports, conference materials, and background papers, click here.

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