This curriculum guidebook was developed by Nyla McCarthy and Douglas Timms in the Office of Investigations and Training of the Oregon Department of Human Services.  The curriculum forms the foundation of a training program for providers of services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The training program consists of 12 sessions, each of which takes about one hour to cover. The sessions may be conducted by one facilitator or more.  The guidebook recommends that the number of participants should range from three to 10.  It says that "the smaller the group, the richer the discussions are likely to be."

It also recommends that "facilitators should be comfortable in discussing personal and intimate subject matter in a blameless and fact based manner."  It encourages the use of humor.

The intent of the guidebook is "for participants to be able to learn about and discuss topics often considered 'taboo' for adults with developmental disabilities," such as sex, love, and romantic relationships.

Because personal experiences of the participants may come into play, the concepts of trust and confidentiality are introduced at the beginning of the training program.

The following links provide access to sections of the guidebook:

Introductory Pages


1.   Beginnings

2.   Feelings

3.   People in our Lives

4.   Safe Person

5.   Our Bodies

6.   Starting a Personal Relationship

7.   Touching

8.   What is Love?

9.   Building and Keeping a Relationship

10. Privacy and Intimacy in a Relationship

11. Health and Safety

12. Health and Life



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